Renu the Tormentor

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Reminiscences of a Slut – Renu, the Cock Throb-Part 1.

21 year old Renu was feeling extremely hot in the month of December that too in Ranikhet which is known to be chill cold in winters. She took off her pink shirt and started feeling her self. Her mind started drifting, the guy Babu across in the Chitrakoot Block was an irritant, and he was after her pussy.

She was in no mood to oblige but did not mind teasing him anytime, either with her body movements or drying her hair after a long luxurious bath or by wearing the tight sleeveless salwar slung with thin shoulder straps over and over again.

She knew that he got really turned ‘ON’ watching her in that dress and would strain his neck on his window at his house, ogling at her eternally in that dress.

She knew the level of frustration he was going through and could easily visualise, what he would do after she went back into the house, he would go to the loo and masturbate, she was not aware that once, while watching her in that dress Babu shagged on the wall just before his dick, below the window.

Her armpits were wet with sweat, moist pussy lips with lot of cream dried up lying in the folds since late last night when she had frigged herself, craving for her fingers again. She was the daughter of an officer in the Plantations, had a big brother sitting in the house doing nothing and two more still studying.

She took off the sweatshirt and went into the Bedroom. She was alone that Tuesday, the whole family had gone to the market and the regular temple visit at Kishangarh. Suddenly lights went off and she was further encouraged to take liberty with her tormenting body, took off the black trousers and tore (literally) off her flimsy panties. Now the angel pussy, the little thing, which was itching the whole day (Renu used to bathe once in a week during winters), was up for grabs.

The Bell Rang!

Renu was not sure what this meant. Her fingers were dripping and the strong aroma of the fresh pussy juice mixed with the left over of the night was overwhelming, she was holding the dried up cum in pieces mixed with the pussy juice flowing unabated from her cunt. Slowly but reluctantly she removed her hands reached for her dirty trouser (panty was not in sight) and opened the door.

Renu was stunned with the figure in front of her, it was silent and was staring at her fingers in the dim light coming from the camp fire down below, slowly the figure reached for the fingers and started smelling the same, she could feel the pounding of an impending orgasm within her hot pussy. The figure was enjoying the smell, it belonged to a cunt which was a very well known pussy in the locality, a pussy which was the desire of every 21 yr. old or any age wanting to give anything and everything, for this warm and pulsating pussy.

Reno snatched Avcılar Escort the fingers away from the figure and tried to close the door but she was in for a surprise, a hand came out of the darkness, held the door with one hand and the figure holding her fingers got in through the door holding onto the hand and surprisingly had the other holding her left breast. Once he got in, the door got closed from outside, the lock was pushed in and Renu was left with the figure.

Suddenly the lights came on and there was a loud voice just outside the Window ” Babu, enjoy the pussy ‘, she is your present for the next 1 hour, we are holding her folks to a good traffic entertainment, down town “.

Renu slowly came back to senses. She realised her mistake, her sexual cravings were very well known to all these guys, a few months back while watching a movie in the Auditorium, she was subjected to a good boob massage, given to her by a local baddie who inturn reported the incident stating her full acceptance to his ministrations which was true.

Renu, not knowing who it was, in fact gave herself totally to the pounding she received that day in the hands of the baddie and had to wash her panty for an hour to remove the stench which she had managed to accumulate on account of the continuous pussy dripping for 3 hours.

Slowly but surely, Babu took the hand into his mouth nibbled at the chunks of dried up cum and started licking off the pussy juice, Renu was shaken but also could see she had no choice, this boy was determined to break into her pussy and her friends who were waiting for her to go down to the Temple would know but they would not wait, they knew her desires and will go away, so she finally gave up.

Babu looked into her face and passion filled him up, this 21-yr old pussy was a torment. He must have shagged at least 1000 times in the last 21 months thinking of this face AND mouth, sucking his cock.

He was a few months younger to Renu but old enough to enjoy the girl.

He was sure he would give her from all he knew of sex and his immediate act was to take a go at her pussy, he wanted to eat her.

He had been reading a lot of ‘Anonymous’ stuff for years now from where he came to understand that the sweetest of all fruits in the World is a cunt and pussy provides the max pleasure and tasty copious slurp juice.

She turned around and went into her room and fell on the bed, hoping to reconcile and hoping against hope to have him out of the house which she knew was not possible, he was waiting for this moment and had been watching and waiting for her for more than2 years now and she knew his obsession.

He was waiting for this chance and now she had to deliver. Slightly distanced Renu placed her fingers over her tongue, licked them and let them linger, Babu got Avcılar Escort bayan the cue, moved over and took the same moist fingers and placed them on his throbbing naked cock. Renu jumped and wanted to remove her hand but it was difficult, he held it on strongly and with the other hand yanked her trousers off the torso.

Her fair white Punjabi body was glowing in the lit room from a streetlight adjacent to the room outside.

She was nude, a sight Babu was waiting to see since ages.

In a matter of 5 secs, Babu had her pubic hair tearing to give his tongue, the way into the grotto and invasion was imminent.

Renu was spread out on her back, legs sprawled and eagled across on the floor with the room smelling of her dirty but aromatic cunt. Babu was not bothered of the hygiene, for him she was a pussy, which had tormented him for long, and he had waited like a vulture for this day to arrive.

And he will have her today any which way possible.

He applied his tongue on the upper portion of the pussy and slowly after having dripped saliva on the matte patch of hair, the tongue reached the clit which was pissy but smooth and erect, after licking off the left over piss, the clit tasted like a cone of ice cream and Renu was screaming ” OOh, OOh, OOh Ooh …leave me..OOH ‘.

In a few minutes of cleaning up the clit, Babu descended his tongue on to the grotto ‘the temple of his love Goddess’ who had jilted him in love and fallen for a guy whom he had challenged ‘she is not an easy prey to get into love’.

He remembered that Babu started eating the pussy with gusto. Renu couldn’t believe that, this was something much better than what she wanted her hands to do an hour back.

The itch and the tingly sensation on the pussy due to the cramped cum and the thin tight panty, made her cravings more acute.

Babu started on the outer labia, and slowly he started licking the inner lips and in no time he had her whole pussy in his mouth. At 7:30 in the evening Renu was enjoying her first pussy eating experience at the hands of a guy whom she had been avoiding for 21 long months and was now for sure going to be his slave as long her sex life lasted.

He grabbed her bleached hair and pointed her face to his cock,”O.K. Renu darling, take my dick out and slurp on it, squeeze it and drip your saliva on it, while I watch my house window from where all these days you were giving me the heart breaks of my life.” and this he said with a lot of authority.

Renu reached out and put her hand in his pants to find his dick, he was not wearing underwear. She wrapped her hand around it and brought his prick and his balls out through the opening. She stared at it, her fair fingers with pink nails gave a good contrast to the dark flesh of his dick, her gold finger ring Escort avcılar rested against the pubescent rod.

Finally, he had her as his prize.

Babu took his cock from her and rubbed it over her face, her cheeks, her eyes and her lips.

“Where do want me to put this, my dear Renu…?” he asked.

Renu ran her fingers up and down the dick and moved her hands to the soft tissue sack of twin globules hanging below the cock and gently caressed them, she moved her face to his cock-head.

“In my mouth.” she uttered not believing her own words, “in my mouth.” Her mind was lost in erotic bliss as she felt his cock massaging her lips.

Renu was amazed it was so soft yet hard at the same time and moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the cock into her throat as possible,it was about to erupt when she kept her hand on it, pulled her head back so she could see its full length.

It was much larger than the baddie Shankar’s who had trampled the boobset on her body just the other day, requiring her to apply all kinds of balms on them for several days in course sharing the truth with her MoM, who came to her aid.

Very few were aware that on that night Renu also received the first taste of a male cock in her mouth, behind the auditorium she was forcefully tied up and made to taste the dick of Shankar. Not very surprising, Babu and gang did not get a clue of this incident.

Back to this incident with Babu, Renu had no trouble swallowing the whole prick and intelligently alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down to the base. When she next got to the base, she moved her mouth over to his balls and sucked one in along with his dirt laden curly pubic hair.

After sucking his balls while returning her mouth to the cock head,Babu took her head in his hands and directed her mouth in front of his cock. He pushed his dick in between her open lips and moved her head back and forth on his prick for her. Her tongue laved the underside of his prick with her saliva while his hands guided her cocksucking rhythm.

On each stroke, he pushed more of the shaft into her throat and after a few minutes the entire cock was buried unto the balls. Renu had his entire crotch including the balls in her mouth.

Her mouth and her nose were deeply buried in his pubic hair, Babu was overwhelmed with this awesome display. His queen of heart and once upon time dream girl whom he wanted to marry was here, his cock which had erupted multiple times dreaming of this pussy now fucked her accepting mouth for more than half an hour.

Babu enjoyed driving his cock deep in to Renu’s throat whose hands were holding his ass cheeks while her fair skinned mouth filled completely with the comfortable round dick and prick meat.

Babu could not hold it any more and finally his prick exploded in her mouth, filling it with his cum, Renu finally tasted his cum, she had to finally accept fate’s decision.

Today was Babu’s day.

He got to taste the first woman in his life.


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