Roger the IT Guy

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Roger had joined the company as head of IT around ten years ago. Though we worked in different departments, we had worked on a few projects and over time had become good friends at work but not really having any contact outside of it. More recently, changes in the company had meant our working relationship was much closer.

I’m in my mid 40’s, carrying a bit of winter weight but six foot and broad so I carry it well. I go to the gym and swim but I’m not an addict and I like my food and wine too. It’s all a balance. Cropped salt and pepper hair and rarely more than a stubbly chin. I’m openly gay and partnered in an open relationship. We’ve been together seventeen years and play together and alone. It suits us and we don’t rub each other’s faces in anything we get up to.

Roger was a bit younger than me, in his mid-thirties, about five foot ten and slim built. He had cropped brown hair and normally a trimmed beard. He was a good looking man with a great smile and a nice personality to match. I knew he was happily married with a beautiful wife and had two kids.

Early December Roger, a few other colleagues and I met up with some ex-employees for a pre-Christmas drink and a catch-up in a few London bars. I was a little late arriving and it was clear that a few of the others had been a little early and were well ahead of the game. I joined the drinking and it was turning in to a good night with plenty of chat and laughs. To be honest, though we chatted, I spent more time with a few of the guys I’d not seen in a while than Roger.

Around 10:30 Roger casually asked if I was staying locally. I told him I was in a hotel near the office, one of the other guys was staying there too and we were getting a cab back.

“I might need to crash in one of your rooms.” Rog said. “I think I’m going to miss my last train.”

“No problem,” I said “I’m in the office tomorrow anyway and there’s a sofa bed.” It was all pretty casual and we got back to the beer.

A little later Rog asked again if it was OK to stay. “Sure, not a problem” I replied and being honestly totally innocent about it.

So the evening pushed on and I knew Roger had called his wife to let her know he wouldn’t be home. We finished drinking and went for a very unhealthy late-night greasy snack to soak up some of the booze. Then Roger, the other colleague and I headed back to the hotel.

We said goodnight to the other guy who was on a different floor and went up to the room. I got a sheet and spare pillow out of the wardrobe and threw them on to the sofa for Rog. We chatted about work stuff while I stripped to my briefs, then I went for a shower. While in the shower I did think it was interesting he’d picked my room but Roger’s straight and he knows me well enough….

I headed back in to the room with a towel round my waist. I’d put my briefs back on, I normally sleep in the buff but that seemed inappropriate. “There’s a spare towel and help yourself to shower gel and stuff.” I told him.

“Cheers.” Roger said and headed off to the bathroom.

When he was taking a piss I could hear it was shooting out fast and I thought to myself that he must have a really big piss hole. Of course, that got me thinking about his cock, but no, Roger is straight.

Rog was fitter than I expected, when he returned half wrapped in a towel. His torso was trim and a couple of nice pecs which were covered in hair that led a T shaped trail to his waist. He threw off the towel to reveal his tight Lycra boxers holding his firm backside and tidy package. His legs were slim, defined and hairy. It was a nice view if only brief as he threw the sheet over himself and settled on the sofa.

“You going to be OK on there, you’ll get cold?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Roger replied.

“OK, but jump under the duvet if you get cold.” I said.

“No, I’ll be OK” He replied.

We chatted a bit longer then I turned the light out and I quickly fell asleep.

A little later I woke a bit as I noticed the table lamp get switched on. For a minute I wondered what was going on, then remembered Rog was there. I heard him trying to find the bathroom light then the sound of that fierce flow of piss. As my eyes adjusted to the light in the room, I noticed Roger’s boxers on the floor. Interesting I thought. As Roger headed back in to the room, the light went out and I feigned sleep but had an eye half open. I was on the far side of the bed, I always sleep that side. As Roger passed the window I could see in the silhouette not only his cock but that it was at least semi hard. Then he slowly got in to the other side of the bed.

I pretended to stir and said “You alright?”

“Yeah.” Rog replied “You’re right though, fucking freezing!”

“Ha ha, no worries” I said, then joked “You just stay on your side though, I don’t want you having your wicked way with me.” That was a lie of course, I was rock hard now and my cock was pushing so hard at my briefs that it was aching. I’m a decent size, about seven and a half thick inches, cut with heavy balls and there just isn’t that much room in a pair of Calvin’s.

Roger joked back “Like this?” suadiye escort and ran his hand down the side of my body, it brushed passed my cock which twitched as he did. He must have noticed.

“Like this, pervert!” I joked back and rand my hand flat down his chest, stopping at his abdomen but low enough to know there were certainly no boxers. My hand hit his pubes and as I lifted it away, the top of my fingers hit his rigid dick.

OK, what’s going on here I thought. It was like a couple of young lads playing about at a sleep-over.

Roger laughed then said “Can I ask you something personal?”

“Course.” I said “but I might not answer.”

“No, forget it.” He said.

“No, what is it, I’m pretty upfront you know that, you can ask me anything?”

“Alright.” He replied “What do you get up to? You know, you and your partner, what is it you actually, do? I’ve always wondered.”

At the last bit I could tell he was a little embarrassed. “All much the same as you really.” I said “Just the one significant difference and we tend to be a bit more adventurous.

“Really, it can’t be that similar?” Rog said.

“Well OK, we do all the stuff you’d want your wife to do to you all the time but we explore more options.” I was being intentionally vague. “I’ve had girlfriends when I was much younger, they’re not that good with a cock because, we’ll they don’t naturally understand what’s going to feel good.”

“Yeah, but what about fucking?” Came an abrupt response.

“Well, from the top’s point of view it’s not much different. Great for the bottom though.” I responded.

“How do you mean?” He asked.

“Well there’s an important bit of you that’s not as accessible. Your Prostate is up your arse, ever had it massaged?”

“I had a doctor check it once.” He replied.

“Uh, no, not the same thing” I said. “Some women are good at it and a lot of straight guys like a finger up there when they cum. You can get toys for it.”

“Really!” He said.

“Yep, makes it really intense when you cum and a lot of guys can cum just by having it rubbed. Same thing happens when you’re fucked” It was like I was doing gay sex education now. The passion was waning for me but he was clearly interested.

“But how does it feel, it’s got to hurt?” He asked.

“Well it can a bit at first but you relax in to it. Most guys can take a dick as big as their own pretty easily and over time you learn to relax and can take more. To be really crude, it feels similar to that really satisfying bit when you’ve been dying for a shit and it finally starts to come out.” More education.

He roared with laughter at that and we fell quiet for a bit.

“So, what did you mean about exploring more?” Roger eventually asked.

“Well, gay guys tend to be more open to trying new and kinky things. A lot of gay guys are what we call vanilla, but there are lots of things you can try and some guys really push the limits.”

“What are your limits?” Came a very direct question.

“Scat!” A direct answer. “That’s playing with shit. No! I don’t even want my shit on me.”

More laughter “But, surely, you know, if you’re fucking a guy.”

“Well sometimes, but if you’ve had a decent dump there won’t be much of anything up there and you can douche with water.” Me teaching again and now despite the topic, completely limp as it had all become a bit technical.

“Oh right?” Roger replied quizzically.

“Yeah I have a douche in my travel case, want to see?”

“Really, ha ha, go on then.” He replied.

I flicked the light on, went and rummaged in the end of my case and pulled out my douche, an orange/beige rubber bulb with a white tube on one end. As I turned to the bed I could make out Roger’s arm under the duvet, leading to his groin where there was a distinct bulge.

“Fucking hell, I thought you were joking.” He exclaimed. “What else do you travel round with?”

“Rubbers, Lube, Poppers, Dildo, Massage oil….” I listed for him with a dry wry smile.

“Massage oil?” He enquired. “I love a massage.”

Clearly matters were going to take a different turn now and clearly Roger wanted me to take the lead. I would describe myself as a power-bottom, non-passive and a forceful taker and pleaser. I can flip though and happy to top for the right guy. I had a feeling that tonight would need both sides of me. He looked really sexy and innocent laying there. His tanned skin, dark hair, chiselled jaw and cheeky grin against the clean white bedding. I could feel my cock starting to engorge again and press against my pants, and I could feel Roger’s eyes which had drifted down my body now lingering on my swelling manhood.

“I did a course a few years back, was considering a career change but nothing came of it. Come on then, lay face down.” I said as I took my little bag of toys and climbed on the bed. Roger was now face down with his head to one side and eyes closed. I pulled the duvet down so I could just see his arse crack then straddled his legs just below his butt. I warmed some oil on my hands and set to work on his shoulders. He was tense. yakacık escort “Relax” I said. I pulled his right arm to his side and holding the wrist shook it up and down. “No, you need to relax, let your arm go floppy.” He did and I worked on each arm for a few minutes, right down to his fingers which I always think is really intimate, then returned to his back. He had nice strong shoulders and they felt warm and supple under the oil. I worked my way down towards his arse and dropped the covers a little more. He had a tan line and below it a pearly white peachy bum with just a little dark hair in the crack. I wanted to plunge my tongue in there straight away but no, I wanted to take this easy. I moved to one side and pulled the covers back. More oil and I started work on his legs, working down but allowing my fingers to rise deeper and deeper in to his groin with each upward stroke. His balls were nestled below his crack and the warm oil had run on to them, covering his pubes which glistened in the low light of the room.

I was hard as fuck now and wanted him so badly. I slipped down to the end of the bed and pulled my briefs off. My cock sprang out and my bollocks hung low in my sack. I rubbed a little oil down my torso and on to my cock. The feeling was so intense I could have wanked and shot all over him there and then. But no, this was a time for self-control. I wanted to make this an experience for him.

I worked my massage back up his body and knelt straddling his arse. I leant forward and allowed my cock to rest down between his pert cheeks as I ran my hands up his back. Roger let out a satisfied groan which told me to carry on. I ran my hands to his shoulders and lowered my weight on him. Our hot oily skin made contact with the tingling sensation of my chest hair hitting his shoulders. I slid back and forth, gently allowing my dick to rub up and down his crack. Roger was groaning and clearly enjoying the sensation. I moved slowly down, and spread his cheeks with my hands. His perky arse fitted nicely in to each hand and revealed a tight clean hole.

My tongue set to work exploring his man cunt. Roger wriggled and moaned as my face pressed deeper, spreading his cheeks hard apart, at one point I thought he was about to cum but I made sure we were a long way off that. I brought my oily thumb around and started to work it round his hole, pressing his ring. “Relax. Your muscles all need to relax.” I said.

As my thumb first pressed in to Roger’s virgin hole he let out a bit of a yelp and I felt his ring tighten on me. “Push it out.” I said and as he did my thumb slipped in. I worked it a bit and could feel the tip hitting his prostate when it went deep. I pulled out my thumb and slid in two fingers, gently rubbing him from the inside. He was groaning in pleasure. I rummaged in my bag of toys and pulled out a tapered dildo, warmed it and rubbed on some lube, then pulling out my fingers quickly slipped the tip in. As I worked it deeper I could tell Roger was understanding the line between pleasure and pain. It’s not a big toy but it reaches a girth about one and a half inches across before tapering back in, almost like a long butt plug. As I worked his hole it got closer and closer until his ring snapped past that point and his hungry hole suddenly swallowed the remaining couple of inches. He let out a louder but very satisfied yelp.

“Turn over.” I said and he obliged, eyes still closed and looking really calm and relaxed. He looked so manly but beautiful. His cock was straight up and his balls hung nicely, dropped just between his legs and below them the base of the dildo. I set to work massaging his legs, cupping his bollocks with each upward stroke and allowing my thumb to nudge the base of the toy pushing it firmly home, Roger groaned with each thrust. I worked my way up his chest, leaning in and working his nipples, first with my tongue and then teasing them with my teeth. His nipples were a nice size and erect from his chest. Each was surrounded by warm oily hair and I found myself kissing across his chest, my lips navigating his rug of chest hair. I pressed myself down so my chest was against his dick, this was the first time I’d made intentional contact with it. I slid my oily body down, kissing his abdomen as I slid along his cock. He groaned again and as I took the tip of his dick in my mouth he took a deep satisfied breath.

His cock was a little slimmer than mine and uncut though the skin was already back, revealing a beautiful bell covered in pre-cum. I liked the taste in my mouth and the feel of his smooth head passing my lips. I worked his piss slit, it was really big and the tip of my tongue explored it eagerly. Lower and lower, my lips tight against his loose skin which was yielding over his hard veiny dick. As I took him deeper and deeper he groaned until my face was nestled in his pubes and his manhood deep in my throat. His manly scent and the Massage oil filled my nostrils. I felt him pump his groin a few times until I had to come up for air. I worked his cock some more but carefully, I wanted him on the edge but I didn’t want his experience to be over yet.

I şerifali escort let his cock slide out of my mouth and dropped my attention to his balls. They were hanging low in a beautiful hairless sack. I took one in my mouth and began to suck. Clearly a new sensation and Roger gripped my shoulder, at first to stop me, before he settled in to the rhythm. His bollocks were not massive but a nice size and I could get both in my warm mouth. I grasped the base of his cock and worked it up and down while I sucked his balls. My thumb just below his crown, I worked his foreskin up and down his shaft. I liked the way it wrapped around his bell end on the upward stroke, then slowly revealed it again. I thought how my cock would look similar sliding up his arse. That was it, I had to try and take his virgin hole.

I released his balls and turned my attention to his hole. Working the dildo back and forth, he had relaxed so that the width was popping in and out of him with some ease now. I grabbed a condom from my bag, tore it open with my teeth and with one hand rolled it down my shaft. I covered it in lube and knelt below Roger’s legs, pulling his arse up to me. As I pulled the dildo from his tight little bum it gaped just a little before gently closing. Roger opened his eyes and looked longingly at me.

“Be gentle.” He said. “This is going to hurt isn’t it?”

“It’ll smart a little at first.” I was honest. “But I think you’ll take it and we’ll go easy.”

I pressed my sheathed dick against him and slowly let him get used to the idea. I pressed forward and his arse began to yield but I could tell he was struggling. My cock was a big step from the toy. I waited there and let him relax but I could tell he wanted it inside him. Again I moved forward and I could see him wince, the pleasure pain thing is a fine line and I didn’t want to put him off by hurting him. “Push out like you want to shit” I said.

Roger pushed his ring against me. We were almost there but I could tell I was just a bit too much of a challenge. “Ever tried Poppers?” I asked.

“No,” Rog said, “don’t really do drugs.”

“Neither do I.” I replied “They’re not really drugs, well they kind of are but you won’t get a high, just a bit of a buzz for a few seconds and they’ll help your muscles relax.”

“OK, how do I take them?” He said, clearly eager to get his first dick.

I pulled out my poppers, they were a pretty fresh bottle so still quite strong. “Just take a couple of deep sniffs like this.” I said as I took a long hard drag in to each nostril. “Don’t spill them on your skin, they’ll burn, head up.”

I helped Roger get a few pillows behind his head and back. He took a long pull of poppers in to each nostril as I had.

“Give it a second.” I said. “Feel the buzz and a warm sensation?”

“Yeah.” Rog replied with a grin.

I took the bottle and another hit. “It won’t last long, take another.” I said, passing them back. Roger took another in each nostril. “Now relax.”

I pressed myself at his hole and literally felt his cherry pop as my bell end slipped past his ring which clamped down on my shaft. I held it right there. Roger’s face was whining in pain. “Easy, it’ll pass” I reassured him “Your arse just needs to get used to it being there.”

I felt his ring relax but he was still nice and tight. I slowly started to rock my cock back and forth, inching a little further with each plunge. I could feel every point of him in contact with my dick as it probed his hole. Roger was right at that pleasure pain point, groaning like a bitch with each subtle movement. Suddenly my cock found its target, his gland. His cock was rock hard and as he bit his lip moaning loudly his cunt yielded and took my full length. I left it there a few seconds so he could get used to it then began to pump.

At each full length Roger yelped or gasped and his dick twitched up. Obviously I’d found his spot and obviously he was in ecstasy. I put my hands firmly on his chest and began to pound his arse with deep long strokes, lifting his backside high on to my thighs. I could tell he was close and took his dick in my right hand, pulling his skin back and forth on his shaft in time with my thrusts.

In a few minutes Roger let out a massive groan. His whole body tightened and I could feel his ring grip my dick. As I pulled back his cum exploded from his hole. Four massive shots splattered up his chest, some got his beard, and some even got the pillow. Wow Rog was a shooter. I leant in and licked it up, slurping every drop from his beard, chest hair and hot sweaty skin. His cum was salty sweet and the mix with beads of his sweat was delicious and tipped me over the edge.

I carefully pulled myself from him. Rog sighed as my head came out of him. I pulled off the condom and knelt upright by his groin. He was panting and looking straight at me, his whole body shining with sweat. I took my dick in my hand and with a couple of strokes shot my load. My hot white cum took two streaks on his tanned belly and the final bit dribbled down landing on his cock as I writhed in pleasure. Finally composed, I leant down and licked my cum from his softening cock, then licked up the two shots on his chest, our eyes locked on each other. I found more of his that I had missed and got that too. Roger licked his lips, an invite to share. I pressed my mouth to his and our tongues enjoyed our mixed juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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