Shoe Shopping

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“It’s a girl thing,” I said with a smile to the shoe salesman as I looked down at the shoes he had slipped on my feet. Spike heels, narrow straps, absolute torture but worth the pain.

“Oh believe me, I completely understand,” he said with a sheepish grin.

I looked down at the man kneeling patiently at my feet while I admired the shoes. He was waiting for me to decide if I liked them or not, looking up at me with those big brown puppydog eyes, ready to run fetch another pair if I just said the word. There was definitely some appeal in a man in such a subservient position. I had the sudden urge to take advantage of the situation.

“There is something about a well-turned ankle in a pair of heels,” he said softly, barely brushing his fingertips across my ankle as he spoke. Nothing is quite as sexy as a woman in the right pair of shoes.”

It was probably a sales pitch but I felt a little shiver run through me when he touched my ankle.

I wrinkled my nose and looked down at the shoes. “Hmmm, I don’t know,” I said more to myself than to him. “How about something with an ankle strap?” I asked, placing my right foot back on the stool at his side. I very slowly let my knees fall apart and my skirt slide up my thighs to show just a little bit of the lace at the top of my stockings.

He looked a little embarrassed and said he had just the thing and disappeared into the back room.

Moments later he returned with a box. Slowly he opened it and pulled out a pair of shoes and held them up for my approval. They were stillettos, ridiculously high heels with ankle straps that wrapped around the ankle twice before buckling. Not exactly what I had in mind but definitely gorgeous and sexy. Not the kind of shoes I would normally wear but with him kneeling at my feet holding up the shoes, I couldn’t resist.

I lifted my bare foot and placed it toe first on the stool next to him. He set the shoes aside and gently lifted my foot off the stool. I actually felt myself getting a little excited as his fingers wrapped around my foot. I closed my eyes and supressed that little shiver. When I opened my eyes again, he was sitting very still, looking directly into my eyes with a questioning çekmeköy escort look. I blushed a little, knowing he could tell that his touch had excited me. Without breaking that gaze, slowly his fingers started stroking the arch of my foot. I could tell that he was watching me for any reaction. I knew that if I even flinched he would stop. I sat very still and waited to see what his fingers would do next. Very gently, he started massaging my foot, starting with the arch, then moving to the ball of my foot, and finally working his way out to my toes. It felt heavenly and I let out a little sigh. When he reached the tips of my toes, he moved to the other foot and began the massage all over again. I moved my right foot and placed it beside him, swiveling slightly, so he was between my knees with one foot resting on the stool slightly to his side and the other foot on the floor on the other side of him. My legs were spread far enough that I knew he could at least see my thighs. He very slowly worked his way to the tips of my toes rubbing my stocking-clad foot. Then he stopped, still holding my foot and I opened my eyes.

Still looking up into my eyes he lifted one of the new shoes again and said, “Let’s try these on.” I was a little disappointed that he had stopped. Then he said, “But they are open toe shoes. Never wear stockings with an open toe shoe.”

His softly pressed his palms to either side of my ankles, then very slowly slid his hands up my calves. Stopping at my knees, he looked up at me and asked, “Would you like me to remove your stockings for you?”

I smiled in approval and slid forward a few inches in my seat. His hands continued up my thighs and under my skirt and expertly he unclipped my stocking from my garter belt in front. Still watching for my reactions, his hands slid to the back of my thigh and unsnapped the garter from my stocking. With both clips released, he caught the top of my stocking with his fingers and slid them down my thigh, past my knee and down my calf. I lifted my foot and he slid the stocking off and set it aside. I moved and put my right foot on the stool and he slide his palms up my right leg, ever so slowly again, unclipping the stocking, and cevizli escort sliding it off also. I stretched my foot and wiggled my toes as he released it from the stocking.

His hands returned to my right foot. “Mmmm, Red polish,” he said in an appreciative tone.” I blushed but wasn’t quite sure why.

Instead of slipping the shoe on he started massaging my foot again. This was the first time a man had touched my bare skin in months and I was becoming extremely aroused with all of the attention he was lavishing on my feet.

Slowly he lifted my foot as he bent towards it. Had I known what was coming I might have resisted it but before I had it figured out, I felt his lips brush against the ends of my toes. It was just a warm soft kiss but I had never been kissed there before. I wasn’t sure if I should resist or not. It felt weird. But I was enjoying the feeling of his touching me.

I opened my mouth to say something. I’m not sure what. To protest maybe. He pressed his finger to his lips in a silence motion and nodded towards the back room. I took it to mean that someone was in the backroom. Then he lifted my foot to his lips again. This time I didn’t protest. I relaxed and let my legs fall apart slightly, knowing he could see my panties as he softly kissed each of my toes. My brain was spinning. I was thinking this was too weird but it felt good. I moaned softly. Then I felt his warm wet tongue against my toes. I pulled away but he had a firm grip on my foot. I looked towards the back room. Was someone really there? Were they going to catch us? And did I really want to let him… well, whatever it was that he wanted to do? Still with his hand firmly wrapped around my foot, he pulled me back to him. Reluctantly I followed him.

This time I felt his warm lips wrap around my toes in a warm wet kiss. I sat up and squirmed in my seat, uncomfortable with what he was doing, yet oddly aroused by the feeling of his tongue against my skin. He reached out with one hand and gently guided me back in my seat. His hand was stroking across my arm and down my leg in an attempt to sooth me, relax me. This was not something I did. I was not excited at all by thoughts of having my toes erenköy escort sucked. But feeling his mouth, his tongue…. my panties were getting wet. I shifted in the seat to pull away from him. This was just too weird for me. But he moved his free hand to my bare thigh. “No,” I heard myself softly protest. Slowly his hand moved up my thigh. No one had touched me there in so long. His fingers found their way to the wet spot on the crotch of my panties and softly began to stroke. Then they moved higher to rest against my clit and began stroking me through the silky panties. As his fingers worked in circles around my clit, he began sucking at my toes slightly harder. I could feel his tongue moving around my toes, licking, sucking, kissing in an almost reverent and worshipful motion. My mind was having trouble accepting it but my body was giving in to him and what he was doing to me became the most erotic sensation I could imagine at that moment.

I was sliding down in my chair, too aroused to stop him, too far gone to care. I reached down and pulled my panties aside. He touched me, this time without the layer of silk between my clit and his fingers. I could feel the warmth of his fingers and my hips rose up off the chair to meet him. I wanted more. I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit instead of him sucking my toes. I wanted to feel his hard cock sliding inside of me. But I knew that there was no way we could get away with that where we were. So I succombed to the senation of his mouth, sucking at my toes, his fingers rubbing my clit. I could feel my orgasm starting and I bit my lip trying to keep from crying out as waves of pleasure swept through my body. I came hard, moving against his fingers and enjoying the feeling of his mouth even though I didn’t want to enjoy it.

I pulled myself back up in the chair, trying to catch my breath. He smoothed my skirt then lifted my foot and placed it in the shoe, softly stroking my ankle as he wrapped the straps around it and buckled it, then moved to the other foot to place the other shoe on it.

I looked down at my feet in these ultra sexy spike heeled wonders. There was nothing like them in my closet but I knew I had to have them. My legs were too shaky to even consider walking in them at the moment though, so I asked him to ring up both pair and he put my shoes back on my feet. I slipped my stockings in my purse, paid for my shoes, and decided that I definitely would be coming back shoe shopping very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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