Shower at the Cabin Ch. 01

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When I just finished my sophomore year of college, my family decided to buy a vacation cabin in the northern part of our state. It was situated in a heavily wooded area right on a lake and the brochure promised no interruptions and no nosy neighbors–the closest person would be half a mile around the bend of the lake. It came with a free weeks worth of boat rental, so I was excited to go. My sister, on the other hand, decided to stay at home. My guess she was going to have some sort of party.

The cabin was a large two story building shaped like an L. It had 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, an indoor hot tub, a patio with a grill, and the rest of the works. Even with my parents and me at the cabin, only 2 of the rooms were being used, so we invited our neighbors and close family friends to come. I knew them well and played with their kids when I was growing up, so I wasn’t surprised or upset by the decision at all. They were bringing their two daughters, Megan and Ashley, along. Megan was a year younger than me and Ashley was two years older.

After a long drive north, we arrived at our Cabin and unpacked. My parents and my neighbors took the two bedrooms on the second floor, while I took a bedroom downstairs and Megan and Ashley shared the other. The first few days were normal enough, we swam, rented a boat, tried to water ski, and grilled a lot of food. In the middle of the week, my parents were getting tired of the constant exposure to nature, so they were going to drive to the near by town and look at antiques. My neighbors decided to join them, leaving just Megan, Ashley, and me.

After a few hours of swimming, I got tired and decided to go in and watch some TV or play video games. Ashley was sunbathing and Megan decided to continue swimming. I went straight for the shower to clean off the lake water. The builders were smart and built the bathroom to accommodate a large family, because it was the only bathroom in the house. It was actually split into two pseudo-rooms, with the first being a sink, a toilet in a stall, and a small closet for towels and supplies. In the back was a frosted glass door the opened to another small room with two shower stalls, each separated by more frosted glass and a curtain. The back room could be locked in case someone wanted to take a private shower. Earlier that week we discovered the curtains didn’t have their rings to stay on the shower rod, so we just folded them up and set them aside. They weren’t necessary anyway if only one person was taking a shower, and if two people were going to take a shower, it was either my parents or my neighbors, so it wasn’t an issue for them to see each other naked.

The tricky part came when someone needed to use the bathroom while someone was showering. Most of the time it was a “just wait” matter, but if they really had to go, they knocked and the person showering would make sure nothing was too visible through the frosted glass door. The person would come in, do their business, and leave. I never had to act on that plan, but Ashley and Megan did a few times, probably because they were more comfortable with a sister peeing or showering a few feet away from each other instead of their parents or neighbors. Anyway, I stepped in, put my change of clothes in the first room, went in the shower area and started. Although I had a private room, I learned my only chance for guaranteed privacy was when I was in the bathroom. This meant my showers became my time to jack off, which I had to do a lot when I kept seeing Megan and Ashley show off their bodies in bikinis all day. Today I went really slow because I knew the girls were busy outside and the others weren’t even on the vicinity.

I used some soap to lube up and started stroking. Because my actions caused me to warm up considerably, I turned the shower down a little. Besides, I didn’t want to waste hot water. I continued my stroking and got into it, fantasizing I was fucking my ex-girlfriend. We broke up over a small thing, but we never put the effort to start again. Sometimes I regretted that decision because the last few months had been a dry spell. I thought about my ex and how we slept naked together. She loved it she woke up and felt my morning wood poking her butt. Just as I was getting into the fantasy, a distant click brought me back to reality. I looked at the water temperature handle and saw it had slid a little, so I didn’t think much of the click. I went back to my fantasy and continued. The water was turning cold, so I turned it off. I needed to cum, so I decided to risk finishing my session in my room.

As I opened the shower door and entered the main part of the bathroom, I heard the toilet flush. I nearly jumped out of my skin! I was stark naked and dripping water, and someone was in the bathroom with me! Not only that, but it was a guarantee they knew I was masturbating since the squishy noise is so distinct and audible. I was frozen with shock and fear. All I could do was watch the toilet stall’s Manavgat escort door slowly open, revealing Megan as she stepped out.

She looked up at me, then traced my figure with her eyes. She rested her gaze on my still hard cock. She was still wearing her swimsuit and was still moist from her swim. Her bikini revealed her curves, giving me a good but not perfect look of her round breasts. They looked to be about the size of oranges, so around a B cup. Below was her padded waist. She wasn’t chubby by any definition of the word, but she had the traditional Midwestern meat. Her brunette hair was wet, messy, and flowing all over. It covered parts of her breasts and face, giving her the appearance of a girl that just had wet and wild sex. Most noticeable about her appearance were her long legs that shaped perfectly into a divine ass, which I had spent a good part of the morning looking at. The extra cushion gave it a nice, soft look that was unbelievably tempting to grab. At one point I imagined myself napping on her butt, using it as a nice soft pillow on the sunlit beach of paradise.

Her eyes were still feasting on my cock as she said, “Still hard? Are you a porn star? I thought most guys go soft after cumming.” She had essentially admitted she caught me jacking off, so I turned red and just fumbled around with hands. I wasn’t sure if I should be hiding myself or not, so they just flapped back and forth, sometimes covering up my dick and sometimes not. She looked a little amused, but at a the same time, had a look of lust.

“Well, uh,” I stumbled, “being a porn star would be fun, but sadly I’m not one. I’m still hard because I didn’t get to finish. The water went cold.” I figured lying about jacking off was a moot point, so pure honesty was my only option.

“Yea?” she asked, her eyes still on my dick. It was uncomfortable for her to stare for so long, but I guess my futile effort to hide myself just gave her more reason to stare. She continued, “what were going to do with that? Suffer until the water warmed up?”

I shook my head and said, “no, I was going to pull the risky move of finishing in my room. I would do it there always, but people are constantly barging in and telling me shit. The shower is my only private place.”

“Have you been squirting all week in this shower?” Megan asked. She finally gave my dick a rest and let her eyes wander up to mine, now challenging me.

“Of course. When I have two girls parading around in practically nothing all day long, it’s my only chance for relief!” Megan had already caught me, so where’s the humility in letting her know she turned me on?

“Do you, uh, think about me when you’re, uh, going at it?” she asked. I was unsure if her tone was one of disgust or intrigue. Her eyes remained taunting and her expression blank, so it was difficult to mold a suiting response.

“Yes, all the time and today is no exception,” I lied. It was partly true because I had masturbated to a few thoughts of her in the past, but today I was busy thinking about my ex. Regardless, Megan believed it and her eyes lit up with joy. In some sick and twisted way, it was a compliment after all. It meant she was hot enough to fuel my spank sessions, even if it meant she became an idol of the gross.

“Well, you know, you could finish here in the bathroom. The other shower might still have warm water, so I’ll leave you in peace in there,” she said. I knew it would work since both shower nozzles were hooked up to the same water heater, but I just nodded my head. She waved her hand towards the shower area, so I walked over and entered. I turned around and saw her following me in.

“I changed my mind. I’ll take the stall with the warm water and you get the cold one. Just uh, beat faster and you’ll stay warm,” she said almost giggling. I stood there for a moment, then my jaw dropped as I realized she wanted to shower next to me as I jacked off. I was already standing in my previous stall, so she walked over to the back one and stepped behind the frosted glass partition that separated us. It was large enough to cover from our knees to just below our collar bones, hiding the important bits. Despite that, it was still frosted glass, so a shadowy figure of the other person could be seen through it. It wouldn’t give any important details, but if she wanted, she could watch my hand motions.

Behind the glass, I saw her strip her bikini off and toss it at me. I caught the two tiny pieces of clothing and tossed them out of the shower area. Then I closed the frosted door the warm steam wouldn’t escape. Megan and I were now both completely naked, but we couldn’t see each other through the glass.

We both started our showers. To my surprise, the water was warm again. I brought the temperature to borderline cool and just stood there. I wasn’t sure if I should really return to jacking off. I looked over and saw Megan standing under her stream of water with her eyes closed, Manavgat escort bayan enjoying the warmth. The water was splashing off her shoulders and face, giving her a misty look that accentuated her tan skin. She opened her green eyes and looked into mine, then smiled and walked over to the frosted glass partition.

As any shower stall owner knows, the glass only hides distant objects. Close up ones are practically visible, so as she neared, I was getting a better and better look at her naked body. The first detail that came into play were her nipples, which were rounded and perky. She walked until they were directly touching the glass, then leaned over to let her chin rest on the partition. This pushed her tits against the glass, giving me a perfect look of them. The glass didn’t distort the image at all, so I just drank in the image of the round boobs. Her body was lightly bobbing, so her breasts alternated from being slightly flattened by the glass to pushing away, giving me an unforgettable show. Her nipples never left the glass, but they did slide up and down on the moist surface. She bit her lower lip and continued rubbing.

After a few moments, she stopped bobbing and said, “what are you waiting for? I’m letting you see my tits, isn’t that better than a fantasy? Beat your meat already!” Her sexy command rang through my head as I proudly grabbed my dick and starting gliding my hand up and down the shaft. Her head was still resting on the partition and her eyes widened as she watched. I gave her a show by using different techniques, like the traditional pump or small and fast squeezes on the head. Sometimes I rubbed my palm over my urethra, stimulating the tip of my dick’s head. Other times I let my hand glide down the entire shaft and end at my balls. I would fondle them for a bit, sometimes cupping them with my hand so Megan would get a good look at them.

Megan interrupted my show by commenting, “I like how you shave everything. It is so clean and smooth looking and the water flows over everything so nicely. I really like those balls of yours, too!” Her comments surprised me because she was being so frank and honest, but even more surprising was her attitude. She was acting like she was a kid at a zoo and I was an adorable creature for her to playfully gesture at. We even had a glass wall separating us. Her commentary was so nonchalant and happy that I started to feel comfortable performing in front of her. Since she liked my smooth skin, I turned around and bent over, giving her a good look at my also shaved asshole. Her response was a playful gasp and few “ooos” and “ahhs”.

“Hey, since you look like the expert of it, could you sometime show me how to shave down there?” Megan asked as I returned to standing up and holding my dick. I nodded my head in response and returned to my show. Since my eyes were closed, I didn’t see her leave her stall until I heard her open the shower door.

“Why don’t you show me now?” She asked, now holding a razor and a bottle of shaving cream. She had returned to the shower area and closed the door, but didn’t bother returning to her stall. Instead she was just standing in front of me, completely uncaring that I was generously lapping her body in with my eyes. She briefly walked over to her stall to turn off the water, then returned to join me. I wasn’t sure why she needed my help since she obviously shaved her legs and had experience with a razor. Perhaps it was fear of cutting her sensitive parts. After all, until now she had left her bush intact, shaving only the sides so nothing unsightly would show in a bikini.

She joined me under my stream of water, pressing her body against mine. She was standing off to my side, letting her legs lightly straddle my thigh. She gently leaned over and let her breasts push against my arm. I thought she was going to hug me, but instead she stealthily grabbed my hand and slid the razor into it. I latched on and knew what I had to do. I pulled away from her minor embrace and crouched down so I could see my working area better. I briefly looked up to see her quietly observing my actions. I was curious what she thought of my head being inches away from her crotch, but I dismissed it as I got back to work. My experience working around the delicate curves of the nether region showed as I expertly removed her bush swipe by swipe. I then grabbed her hips and twisted her around so I could finish the job from the behind. In a matter of minutes she was completely smooth.

Crouching was beginning to hurt my leg muscles, so I switched positions and started kneeling. Then I realized it was pointless for me to remain on the ground, so I started to stand up. Before I could, Megan turned around and plunged her hairless crotch straight into my face. I was instantly overwhelmed by the strong odor of aroused pussy and I felt her juices collect over my mouth. At this point all inhibitions had been lost, so I began working my tongue Escort manavgat magic.

I had experience going down on girls and my ex absolutely loved it. Not surprising, Megan also enjoyed it and she let out a few moans of pleasure. I didn’t have to rely on the alphabet trick for a good tongue fuck, I instead felt her responses as I tried different things. The trick to good cunnilingus is finding what each individual likes. She was definitely enjoying it when I lapped at her clitoris, so I swirled it lightly bit on it with my lips. She let out a gasp and pushed my head hard into her crotch. I continued by doing a nibble with my teeth. She let out a yelp and dug her fingers into my scalp. I did some more quick swirls around her opening, stopping briefly at her urethra, which she quivered at. The urethra is often an unexplored territory for sexual excitement, but it’s perfect for an veteran tongue to awaken. I plunged my tongue in and out of her vagina and on each back stroke, I lapped upwards until my tongue rested on her pee hole. When I plunged back in, the quick motion would excite the area between her vagina and urethra and her legs would buck. The entire time I continued to massage her tits with my hands. After I gave her hole a good fucking with my tongue, I moved up head up a bit and returned to her love button. I did figure eights around her clitoris and urethra, stimulating both areas and once. She started moaning nonstop and I heard hear crying with pleasure and love. Her legs tightened around my head and her hands continued to dig into my hair, pushing me hard in. She started to cum and I felt pussy liquid burst from hole and onto my face. Her grip loosened, so I removed my head while lapping up the fluid all over my face. Her expression was glowing and her eyes were loving the sight of me licking up her juices.

After standing up again, she embraced me hard and kissed me on the cheek. Her body was tightly pressed against me and I felt my dick poke her belly. Her warmth was comforting and her skin was soft and tender. Without letting go of me, she started to grind her hips into me, causing my dick to go up and down her stomach. I started to leak precum all over her stomach, making the grind slipperier and almost difficult to maintain. I was fed up with this fake sex, so I momentarily backed my crotch away from her, bent my knees, then pummeled my dick straight into her unexpecting pussy.

I started thrusting hard with each thrust picking up speed. I dropped my hands onto her butt and lifted her up, allowing me to stand upright again and continue fucking her. Megan wrapped her legs around my back and straddled me, causing our crotches to connect even tighter. My thrusts became so rapid and concise that it appeared like my dick was vibrating in and out of her pussy. She joined my rhythm by moving her hips in tune with my thrusts. We had become one being, a being of sexual music, a being of intense passion and intoxicating pleasure. My balls were bouncing below her pussy, slapping the area between her filled hole and the neglected one. Neglected no more, I thought, as I gripped my hand tightly on her ass. This allowed my fingers to reach her back door, so I started to massage the area lightly. Megan wasn’t expecting this, so she let out an initial gasp and then started to moan softly. Each inward thrust of my dick interrupted her moan with a light “ah!” noise. I never stuck my fingers into her hole, but I let them explore her region. One tickled the very center of her hole and another lightly traced it. Meanwhile my dick was still pulsing in and out, sometimes changing its angle slightly so it would push against her pelvic wall.

Finally I stuck the tip of my finger into her anus, causing her to jump with surprise. This launched her crotch right into mine, giving my dick no room to pull in or out. It was firmly locked into the deepest part of her pussy, pushing nearly against her cervix. I continued the rhythm by adjusting my stroke from the rapid vibrations into a slow twist. I pulled my groin upwards, causing the top of my dick to push against the top of her vagina. I started to twist my hips, causing my dick to spin along. This stimulated the underside of her clitoris and the tip of my dick was rotating around her cervix, hitting sensitive virgin nerve endings.

Megan wasn’t the only one enjoying the fuck. I had been holding my cum back for a long time, but the spinning action was causing my dick to swell with cum. Without a care or worry, I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. As I exhaled it quickly, I launched my cum all over the deepest walls of her cavern. Her cervix was surely sprayed with my gooey white juice. My cum had set her off and she moaned loudly, her entire body twitching and her pussy convulsing around my dick. Her fingers dug into my back and her legs latched tightly around my butt. Standing there in my afterglow, I felt my cum trickle around my cock inside of her. Her pussy started to calm, so I let her down and pulled out, watching my semen drizzle everywhere. She swiped at her pussy with her hand and grabbed a bunch of cum, then brought it to her mouth and licked it. She repeated this several times until she finished her cum feast, each time causing her face to light up.

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