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Hung over. It was 5pm when my eyes finally opened. The throbbing in my head was so bad that I would gladly pay someone to take a jackhammer to my head if it would mask the pain. Once the haze lifted, the room came into picture. It was unfamiliar for a second before the panic attack set in. I was in HIS place!

We had spent the night out drinking a lot. There were five of us. We went out for karaoke and drinks at a local bar. The fun lasted all the way into the morning. We had somehow walked to some place and I do not remember how I got into his bed. I instinctively looked for my clothes, made sure I had every piece of clothing on before I got out of the covers. I was about to call out, but I wasn’t even sure he was home. I felt stupid. I quietly walked out into the living room and towards the door.

“Sleep well?”

I almost let out a scream. I hadn’t expected him to be there. I actually had no idea what I expected. I turned around, suddenly blushing furiously. I was embarrassed and scared at the same time. I didn’t have full recollection of the night. I so wanted to know. I didn’t want him thinking that I was a stupid slut. I wouldn’t normally have cared. It was just him. I did care what he thought of me.

He was standing there with ruffled hair, a faded grey tee and sweatpants. He had a day old beard. There was a coffee mug in his hand. He was looking at me slightly amused. His eyes had a soft gaze. I thought they wandered below my shoulder quickly before connecting with my eyes. He was waiting for me to respond.

“I did. Where are the rest of them?” I asked.

“We dropped them off yesterday night, don’t you remember?”

“Oh yeah.. right!” I pretended. “I should probably get home now, see you later?”

“Cool!” he waved casually.

I hung my head and quickly got out of his door. I wanted so badly to know what happened. What if I was bad? Why would he say ‘cool’? Did that mean that he didn’t like it? Did I fall asleep before doing anything? Did we do anything at all?

I tried to smell my clothes to see if there was atleast a trace of his aftershave. Nothing. I told myself to calm down. What was the worst that could have happened? My thoughts wandered away. I imagined his perfectly toned body over mine. His lips brushing against mine. His hands holding my waist and slowly sliding up my shirt. His day old beard against my collar as he kissed my neck…

“You dropped your keys!” My neighbor called behind me. I snapped out of my day dream and thanked him politely. I let out a sigh and told myself that I needed a long shower.

My roommate stepped out of the tub as I walked into the bathroom. I could see water from her hair trickle into her cleavage. She grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her.

“You don’t look too good”

“I think I spent the night İstanbul Escort at his place” I replied smugly without looking at her in the eye.

“Tell me all about it!!” She took my hand and hurried me into the bedroom.

It was past 9pm. I had downed 4 mugs of coffee and finished my shower. My roommate and me had been over every single possibility. I could still not get over it. My thoughts kept going back to him. I suddenly realized that I was feeling very aroused. I looked down my shirt. My nipples had perked up. I was all alone in the room. My roommate was driving to her sister’s place for the break. I loosened my shorts and was getting into the covers when the phone rang.

I decided to ignore it. I just couldn’t resist looking at it after the fourth ring. It was him!

My heart was threatening to leap out of my chest. I steadied myself and tested my voice before I answered. “Hey. You feel better?” his voice was so masculine.


“You didn’t look so good when you left”

“I was just hung over.” I didn’t want to talk much. I thought that if I pretended to be distant, he would think I am cool and not slutty.

“Would you wanna watch a movie with me?”

I was so confused. I could feel my brain overheating with the huge volume of emotions it was processing. I was immensely tempted.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“How ’bout I bring some wine and we watch something at your place?”

What was that? An innuendo? Was he suggesting a date? Did he want to sleep with me? Did he think I was easy? Why wouldn’t he just say what he wanted? He was playing it way too smooth, throwing me in a frenzy!

“Um. Sure. See you in a bit.” I hung up.

I bolted to my closet to pick out something to wear. What do you wear that is sexy but doesn’t call out hey-I-am-ready-for-bed? After going through my entire collection, I settled for denim shorts and a stretchy navy blue tee. My flat abs showed well. My boobs just perfectly accentuated. I was wearing a black push-up bra and a lacy black thong. I put on a mild perfume. I moisturized my legs and made sure they were shaven. I ran my fingers through my hair. I gave myself an once-over, All check!

He knocked and entered with a bottle of wine and some chips. I set up the movie and got some extra cushions for the couch. I could feel his eyes on me. He was wearing a black button-down shirt and blue jeans. He was ruggedly charming. He kicked off his shoes and settled on the couch with his legs up on the table. He seemed so surprisingly calm. I wished I was that relaxed.

The movie started with a forty-something man wearing a cowboy hat driving through a desert. A few minutes later I realized that I was just starting at the screen completely lost in thought. He had taken over me entirely. İstanbul Escort bayan His after shave was intoxicating. It was an immense effort to just keep myself from checking him out. I wanted to talk to him so I could just look at him. I was drawing a complete blank. I was scared that if I opened my mouth, I’d probably just beg him to take me in his arms.

I stole a quick glance at him. He looked even better in the dim light. His top two buttons were undone. He was slouching on the couch with an arm stretched out on the armrest. I wanted his lips on mine.


Damn! I had been staring at him. I did a mental headslap.

“Do you want some dip?” I asked.

“Later. The movie is getting good. Why don’t you shift closer so I can put the chips on the side table for easier reach?”

Smooth! I shifted next to him on the couch. My skin rose in a million goosebumps when he casually draped his left arm around my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my ear. I could feel the heat spread across my chest and all the way down. Oh-my-god! I was in trouble!

Play it cool. I kept chanting in my head. Why was he doing this to me! Does he like me? Does he know that I like him? What if I was over-thinking and he just wanted to watch the movie? I decided I was over-thinking and told myself to concentrate on the movie.

The forty something man was sitting in some kind of a back alley smoking a cigarette. There was 80’s bar music playing in the background. What was so interesting about the movie? I’d rather go back to staring at him.

I felt his fingers on my collar. His touch was soft. He was still looking at the screen. He was being such a tease. I told myself to ignore it, which proved futile as his index finger slipped ever so slightly into my tee. The wave of heat did another round and decided to intensify down my shorts. I was in big trouble!

I couldn’t take it any longer. I turned and looked at him straight in the eye. He had the same amused expression. He moved his hand from the arm rest onto my face. His fingers touched my cheek. “Can I kiss you?”

His lips were on mine before I responded. He kissed me softly at first before his tongue met mine. I inhaled sharply. He had me pinned on the couch with left arm around my waist and the other holding my neck. His thumb caressed just below my ear as he put his lips on my neck. I never felt more aroused. The wetness in my shorts grew by the second.

His lips moved sucking softly on my skin. His left hand was working its way up my shirt. I started squirming with anticipation. He cupped my breasts while they were in my bra. His thumbs were working on my nipples. They were sore from being aroused for so long. He pulled up my tee over my head and paused to smile at me. It did look like he liked what he Escort İstanbul was seeing. His left palm was rubbing my side as he used the other to tug down my bra to expose my left breast. He was facing the perky nipple. He blew warm air on it before his lips lowered on it. It was unbelievably pleasurable. My eyes rolled back as his other hand started working its way up my thigh. The heat waves grew more intense in my body.

I shifted my palms from his shoulder to claw him gently as I moved to his jeans. He paused and grabbed my breasts. He slid beneath to undo my bra and quickly got it out of the way. My breasts were out there in all their glory with their little peaks almost quivering. I clawed my way up on his chest. I rolled him to his side and put my thigh between his legs. I climbed over as he fondled my breasts. I slowly undid the buttons on his shirt. I sucked on his neck as he grabbed and pressed my body against his bare chest.

I smiled and lifted my head from his neck at the sight of a huge hickey that was growing darker. I felt his hands grab my ass. He worked his way to the front to undo the button on my shorts. I could feel his hard-on through his jeans. I reached down and stroked it before grabbing it. I hooked my fingers down his jeans. I undid the button and unzipped him slowly as I reached inside. He was in black boxers. I slid down his jeans and moved down on him. I was an inch from his engorged penis. I kissed it from outside his boxers. I used both my hands to free it. I looked at him in the eye before licking his entire length with the tip of my tongue. His eyes rolled back into his head as I took his whole length and closed my lips on it as I pulled out. He lifted himself halfway and grabbed my waist to pin me down.

He slid his hand into my shorts as he kissed my mouth. I shuddered as his fingers started rubbing down around my clit. He used his other hand to slide down my shorts out of the way. His penis touched the inside of my thigh. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. He lowered himself into position and pulled on a condom which was in his wallet. I knew then that the evening wasn’t entirely unplanned.

He parted my thighs and pulled my thong to a side. His fingers tested the wetness. He grinned at me when he realized I was wet enough to allow his huge penis to glide easily into me. He buried his head into my neck as he slowly slid his boner into my swollen wet pussy. I arched my back in pleasure.

His arm was wrapped around my waist and the other was fondling my breasts as he pumped into me. Every inch of my body tingled with excitement. He pushed himself deeper and deeper each time. I wrapped my leg around his back as he pushed one last time. I bit hard on my lip to stifle an orgasmic scream. Our bodies shuddered together as I felt a warm fluid pump out of him. I had never felt something like it! He pulled out his still-huge boner out of me and held me tight. I was too drained to hold on to him.

He kissed my ear and whispered “I like you! I have wanted to do this for over a month now!”

I grinned at him and replied “Looks like I did too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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