St. Jimmy

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“We’re all so full of shit, born and raised by hypocrites. Apostles and disciples of the Jesus of Suburbia.”
– Green Day ‘Jesus of Suburbia’


The meeting was going on for hours. The pastor was the only one left who looked even mildly interested in what the deacons had to say. The doddering old fools had each, in turn, clambered onto their soap boxes and proclaimed everyone else unclean. I was thoroughly sick of it. Those same men who flaunted their self righteousness were the same ones who stared at my ass when I walked up the stairs ahead of them, or watched my chest bounce when we played games in youth group,not so very long ago.

Mum’s knitting needles clacked together metallically. I restrained myself from simply getting up and walking out. I was expected to be an adult now. Why did turning 18 suddenly change the way everyone looked at you? To relieve some of the boredom, I stared across the aisle at the long-term, albeit secret, object of my affections. James.

Well, Jimmy. He’s was the pastor’s only boy, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t get sexier every year. Natural black hair with volume to die for, sea green eyes, and long bangs that fell into his eyes. Not to mention his body. He wasn’t incredibly tan, but he still looked positively orange next to me. I blame it on the Irish side of the family. From all the way in our pew, I could see the faint definition of the muscles in his arms. It wasn’t showy, but he was strong. He may not be for everyone, but he fit the bill for me.

He turned suddenly and caught me staring. He smiled cockily. I smiled back. He motioned with a quick nod toward the door at the back of the room. I nodded back. Without further preamble, he got up from his pew and left the sanctuary. I leaned over to my mum and whispered that I was going downstairs to hang out with Jimmy. She frowned down at her knitting, and then raised her head and nodded. I padded out of the room, and then downstairs to the basement. He was in the Senior High room. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed. The very picture of nonchalance. I leaned against the wall a few feet away from him. He unfolded his arms and reached out to give me a high five. I smacked his palm and slid down the wall until I was squatting. He mimicked my posture. It was several minutes before I could think of anything to say. We both enjoyed our solitude. I had closed my eyes against the harsh halogen glow that pervaded the room and was about to ask him about what he was going to do once he graduated, when he put his hand over my mouth. I opened my eyes, and he held my head between his hands.

“Jimmy wh-” he leaned forward and captured my mouth with his. He was gentle, but I could feel the need radiating from his touch. It went beyond passion, that kiss. It went beyond hunger also. This kiss, plain and simple, was every atom in his body screaming ‘touch me’. Wouldn’t want to disappoint his atoms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. His eyes widened, and I could see the smile they contained. His mouth was otherwise occupied. I ran the tip of my tongue over the inside of his bottom lip. He sighed and pulled away.

“So what does this mean?”

“1. I really like you. 2. I really want to fuck you.”

“Well at least you’re honest.I like you too.” I could feel my face beginning to color. He grinned like I had made him the happiest man in the world and kissed my forehead. He touched my lips again. I kissed the tips of his fingers, and he let his hand go limp until it rested on my tits.

“Do you mind?” I rolled İstanbul Escort my eyes.

“If I minded, would you still be alive?”

“True.” He slipped his hands under my t-shirt and cupped them at the edge of my bra. “How about now?” I rolled my eyes again, and he slid his hands around my back to unhook my bra. He splayed his fingers out across my boobs. “I’m guessing at least a C. What are you?”


“Can I confess something?”

“Sure.” his hands massaged my chest slowly

“I fucking love your tits, and your ass, and everything about you. I always have.” I felt my face get even pinker.

“May I confess something now?”

“Go ahead.”

“You’re the sexiest guy I know. I want to sit here and make out with you for eternity.” here my embarrassment got the best of me, and I turned away. Jimmy tilted my head back so I was looking at him again. “Alright, I’ll just come out and say it. We both know damned well that the presence of god isn’t with either of us, and I would fuck you right here in this basement if I thought we could get away with it.” His eyes widened, and then he grinned.

“Oh but we can.” He moved to stand up, and I noticed the beginnings of a boner in the crotch of his jeans.

“Hey sunshine, where you going with that?” I stared pointedly at his stiffy.

“I’m not going anywhere I guess.” I flicked my eyes back up to his.

“So this means we’re doing it?”

“If you want to.” His eyes begged me to say yes.

“Don’t look so concerned. I’ve been lusting on you since we both hit puberty.”

“Hey Lyddie, not to spoil the mood or anything, but are you a virgin still?”

“Yes. C’mon Jimmy, the way my parents are? What about you?” He looked at the carpet.

“No, I’m not. I totally understand if you don’t want to.” I walked to the door without saying a word. Jimmy looked hurt. I flicked the light switch off, and pulled him down onto the couch with me.

“First things first, you need to text our ‘rents and tell them we’re at Aidan’s. I’ll text him and ask him to cover for us.” He nodded. Our phones clicked as we both fulfilled our tasks. “We’re all set with Aidan.” to answer me, Jimmy locked both doors to the room. I had waited so long for this. Fantasizing, dreaming, hoping. Now it was finally happening.

Jimmy sat at the opposite end of the couch from me. He seemed a little unsure how to proceed. This was strange for him. He was normally one of the most confident people I knew. I slid a couple feet down the couch and rubbed his boner with my thigh.

“What’s up?” he closed his eyes and fell on top of me.

“Just thinking. You’re really sure you want to do this? It’s gonna hurt, Lyddie.”

“I know that dumbass. We do have sex ed at private school.”


“Yes. Yours just happens to be an extremely attractive one.” He wrapped his arms and legs around me.

“You’re so damn cute.”


“Hell yes. You’re skinny, blonde, tall, you have a nice voice, nice tits, nice ass. You’re my dream girl.” I could feel the hard lump in his pants, and I rubbed my leg across it again. He groaned quietly.

“Oh god yes Lydia, please!” I couldn’t have even fit my hands in his pockets, there was so much tension built up around his fly. I located the button to his pants with surprising alacrity, considering it was almost completely dark in the room. I slid his pants down to his knees,my hands lingering all the way down, and he kicked them the rest of the way off. His hips came down to meet mine. He had on İstanbul Escort bayan a rather provocative pair of boxers with Michaelangelo’s David’s dick pictured on the front. I raised an eyebrow, and he grinned sheepishly.

“Your turn.” he got up off the couch and slid my converse off, then pulled my jeans down from the ankles. They slid off with a cottony swish. He sat back down on the couch with a knee on either side of me. He suddenly remembered something, and grabbed his wallet out of his jeans on the floor. He pulled out and tore open an instantly recognizable square foil packet. I pulled his boxers down, and he did the honors of unrolling the condom.

“Holy fuck! They make them in glow-in-the-dark?” I giggled. “Now that, is awesome!” Jimmy chuckled.

“Okay, so how do you want to do this? I’ve heard it’s more painful from behind the first time.” I looked him square in the eyes.

“I don’t care. James Halaway, just screw me already.”

“I don’t want to be too rough on you is all.” I pulled my panties off and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“I’ll survive.”

“And you’re fine with me not being a virgin?”

“This is the 21’st century sweetheart. Yes I’m fine with it.” He shifted his torso, and I saw something the hem of his t-shirt had previously hidden. A small tattoo of a human heart as a hand grenade on his left hip. I traced the outline with my fingertips. His dick twitched, and I felt that need radiate from him again. he groaned and shifted on top of me.


“As I’ll ever be.” With one short thrust of his midsection he was inside.

“Can I hold your hand?” he twined the fingers of his left with my right. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He thrust deeper and more powerfully than before. I felt a searing, tearing sensation deep inside of me that was rapidly replaced by an urgent need to have him as deep inside me as he could get. I opened my eyes and grinned at him.

“That wasn’t so bad.” he swiped his thumb across my cheek.

“May I continue?”

“Oh GOD please do!” he rocked back and forth on his knees, starting with deep, languid thrusts that touched every inch of my love tunnel, and slowly progressing to short, focused attacks on my sweet spot. The whole time, I felt like there was pressure building inside me. I finally reached my limit. Jimmy must have felt it coming. He wrapped his lips around mine, and I shrieked his name into his mouth as my vagina tightened around his shaft. He gently thrust a few more times, and then buried his face in my tits with a muffled moan as he came. We stayed connected like that. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and whispered “thank you”. Jimmy didn’t say anything. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life, and I didn’t feel like apologizing for it. Jimmy wrapped his arms around my chest and leaned his head down.

“Hey sexy lady, am I allowed to take your shirt off too?” I lifted the hem half way, and he pulled it over my head. He stared at my tits as if in the middle of some mental conundrum. Finally, about a minute later, he put his head back down and began to flick his tongue across my nipples. I shivered as fireworks lit off inside my head.

“Would it be selfish of me if I begged you to keep doing that?”

“With pleasure, m’lady.” he ducked his head down again, but paused. “Well well, ms. goody two shoes is quite naughty after all.” he chuckled.

“I suppose you’re referring to the tat…”

I had a small maple leaf under the curve of my breast. You could barely see it Escort İstanbul by the dim moonlight that filtered through the basement windows. Jimmy kissed it, and I felt fireworks again.

“Go figure that we’d turn out like this. I mean, you’re the pastor’s kid for god’s sake.”

“Don’t judge babe, don’t judge.”

“Ha. You know, when we were kids, we were both jesus freaks. I mean, you were practically Saint Jimmy by the age of 9.” He applied his mouth again, and I sighed.

“How long before we can do that again?”

“Baby, you’re sore.”

“Says who? I don’t feel it. Besides, we have all night together and I don’t want to waste it.” He laughed and pulled out. I felt cold without him inside me. He must have seen the change on my face, because he pulled me against his chest and nibbled on my bottom lip.

“Don’t worry. I’m not leaving I’m just going to clean you up a bit.” he backed down the couch, and put his head between my legs. He swiped the length of his tongue across my slit and I practically squealed. He sighed, and I felt his warm breath on my clit. He made another pass, this time stiffening his tongue and letting it get caught in my pussy lips. He poked it in gently. I lay back against the couch cushions.

“You’re okay with the blood?”

“Yes.” He returned his head to it’s position between my thighs, and resumed where I had interrupted him. My toes curled as he licked around my inside wall. It felt like eating starfruit. Bursts of sugary tang that made my head spin. I shivered, but this time it was the atmosphere. The meeting long since over, the heat at the church had been turned down. Jimmy looked up and focused on the goosebumps on my legs.

“Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.” he returned a short while later with a heavy quilt from the nursery. He spread it out on top of me, and then crawled under. He curled himself around me protectively. I stretched my neck up and kissed his chin. He adjusted his position on the couch so that we were face to face. He kissed me again, confident and sure as was the first time that night. His tongue gently pushed against my lips, and I licked it. He slowly pushed it a little farther in. I could taste his lips, tangy, and metallic. Apparently from when he licked me out. I licked across his lips, and he smiled as broadly as he could to make me reach. My hand slipped down to where I knew his tattoo was. I ran my thumb across it, and reached down even farther. Jimmy was already getting hard again. I rolled his balls in my hand, and received a satisfying groan in response.

“You beautiful creature. How did this happen to me exactly?”

“I’m St. Jimmy remember. Patron saint of teenagers, sex, and American pop culture.” I curled my hand around his erection and pulled upward gently. He gasped softly. I did it again, and his dick twitched in my hand. I ran my thumb around his head in circles before pulling again, and he tightened his arms around me. I nuzzled his neck, and this time, I squeezed his balls gently as I pulled. He stiffened. I repeated the process for the next few minutes, going slightly faster every time, starting from a snails pace. Again, he buried his head in my chest as he came. I made a mental note to inspect the couch before we left. I pulled my hands out of the quilt, and licked the warm stickiness off of my fingers.

“Where on earth did you learn how to do that?”

“Girls watch porn too you know.” he chuckled, and I felt the sound reverberate inside his chest. He pulled me even closer, eliminating any space that could theoretically be between our bodies.

“I have been waiting 18 3/4 years for tonight.”

“Me too. I thought about it a million times, but you were a million times better.”

“Best night of my life.”

“It won’t be the last of it’s kind, if I have anything to say about it.”


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