Suddenly Sarah Ch. 01

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“Dammit, Sarah,” “I asked you not to do that again.”

“Sorry, Daddy,” She giggled as she put down the water hose, “I just thought you needed to cool off a little.”

It was a rare warm day in late April and my daughter and I were behind our house in the country, washing this past winter’s supply of road salt and grime off my truck. I was doing the washing and Sarah was, of course, rinsing off the soap, after I had finished a spot.

Sarah and I have lived by ourselves for the last eight years. Her mother, deciding that she could do so much better for herself if she didn’t have to bother about a husband and child, had left us without so much as a goodbye.

I had to completely alter my lifestyle after she left us. I had to quit my over the road truck driving job because I needed to be home for Sarah. Luckily, I discovered that I am very good at working with computers and was able to start my own business working out of my home.

Sarah had just turned nineteen a couple of months ago and would be graduating from high school in June. She’s a beautiful girl, always smiling and friendly, and a real pleasure to have around. Her blond hair and blue eyes came from my side of the family, but her good looks and her very well curved body, obviously came from her mothers.

I never thought of her as anything other than my daughter, until one evening, not too long ago. She had come down with some sort of virus that was making its rounds at her school, and was as sick as I had ever seen her. I kept her home and waited on her hand and foot, making sure that she was as comfortable as possible.

She had felt so sick that she hadn’t even wanted to try and take a shower or eat anything. I kept after her to at least eat, but she just didn’t feel like it. After my repeated attempts, she finally did decide that she’d try and shower, because she said, she needed to wash her hair.

She gathered her nightclothes together and headed off towards the bathroom between our rooms, which we have always shared. I heard her close and then lock the door as she always did, then the sound of the shower starting. I walked out of her room and into mine intending to go through some of my old clothes to discard, when I heard an unusual sound coming from the bathroom.

Thinking that perhaps Sarah was having a problem, I walked closer to the bathroom door and was gaziantep escort bayan about to ask if she was ok, when I heard the sound again. It was a soft moaning that I was hearing, just above the sound of the shower. It took me a moment to realize that my daughter was in the bathroom, masturbating.

It was at that moment, that exact moment, which in my mind, Sarah, was not just my daughter any more, but also a beautiful young woman. Without knowing what had come over me, I knelt at the door and looked for the first time, through the keyhole into the brightly lit bathroom, and at my naked daughter, Sarah.

I watched as she pulled her swollen nipples taunt, then taking one hand slowly traced her way across and down her body, lightly touching herself with just the very tips of her fingers. She put her foot up on the side of the tub and swung her knee to the side, giving me a secret view of her young and beautiful pussy.

Her hand slid easily down to her mound where she cupped her pussy and pressed against it, using her fingers to arouse herself further. Her head was leaning back against the shower stall wall and her eyes were closed; a flush was creeping across her neck and chest, making her pink nipples turn an even darker shade.

I grew very uncomfortable kneeling at the keyhole like this and because my cock was fully erect in my tight pants, I decided to take this new found perversion of mine, a step further. I stood and removed my clothes, releasing my cock from its tight prison and quietly slid a chair over to the door and sat down.

As I looked through the keyhole again, she was still playing with her pussy but had progressed to where she was rubbing two of her fingers up and down her hairy slit with abandon. Her breasts were bouncing around on her chest and every once in a while, she would grab one or the other nipple and give it a squeeze and a tug. Her mouth was slightly parted and the tip of her tongue just barley stuck out, like it did when she was trying to hard to concentrate on a math problem or something.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was as excited as I’ve been in a long time and I needed to do something about it. I started stroking my cock as I watched my daughter touching and pleasing herself, in what she thought, was the privacy of the bathroom.

With my eye practically glued anal yapan gaziantep escort to the keyhole, I watched as her fingers started to slide in and out of her pussy. I could hear her heavy breathing from my vantage point and suspected that she wasn’t far from getting herself off.

My own condition wasn’t much better. My hand was sliding up and down my hard shaft, trying to match my daughter’s fingers, as they raced to the finish. I felt the familiar tightening of my balls and the warm feeling I always get, just before my cum starts it’s short trip to the outside world.

Sarah picked up our back washer and turned it around so that the handle was pressing against the opening of her hot pussy, then slid it inside. She moaned loudly as she fucked herself with this substitute for a hard cock.

I didn’t have the option of waiting on her anymore, my cum flew out of me in thick, white streams, landing on the bathroom door and on the floor below my chair. I made a deep moaning sound of satisfaction and pulled my head away from the door.

I sat there for a few minutes, staring at the door, but not really seeing it. Instead, I was seeing Sarah again, in my mind, naked and touching herself. I shook my head a couple of times and then the guilt hit me. What had I done? What the hell was I thinking? Peeking at my own daughter in the bathroom? What kind of fucking pervert had I become? Even worse, what kind of pervert was I going to turn into?

I moved the chair back to its original position, dressed, and made an effort to clean up my mess from the floor and door, but when I heard her open the other door to return to her room, I didn’t do as good a job as I probably should have.

Composing myself as best I could, I walked down the hall, past her room and into the living room. Sitting quickly on the couch, I grabbed a magazine off the coffee table and acted like I was deeply involved with a story. Sarah walked in dressed in an old t-shirt of mine that I had given her several years ago. It only came down to mid thigh on her but she insisted that it was her favorite nighty, and would pitch a fit, if I tried to throw it out.

“You were right, Daddy,” she said as she took a seat in the chair across from where I was sitting, “That shower is just what I needed to make me feel antep escort better.”

“I’m glad, Honey,” I said, looking intently at the magazine, “Do you want something to eat now?”

“No, not really, Daddy,” she replied, “But I do have a question for you.”

Oh fuck, I thought, she knows I watched her. How am I ever going to be able to look at my daughter in the eye again; without her thinking of me as a pervert?

“What is it, Honey?” I dreaded to hear what was coming next, so I took a deep breath and braced myself for it.

“Why are you reading that magazine upside down?” She asked me and giggled.

“” I managed to stammer.

I looked down and sure enough, upside down it was. I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind at this point, so I gave her my best imitation of a shit eating grin and felt a flush steal across my face.

“Well, will you look at that,” I managed to stammer out once again, “It sure is.”

Sarah leaned forward in her chair and placed her elbows on her knees. I looked at her and saw that the top of my old t-shirt had fallen away from her neck and then realized that I was looking right down it and seeing her tits. I looked quickly back at her face expecting her to give me a sour look or admonish me somehow, but all she did was smile sweetly at me.

“I bet I know why, Daddy.” She whispered.

“Why,” I managed to finally say.

“I think you got kind of worked up when you peeked at me through the keyhole, Daddy.” “Didn’t you?”

Ok, I thought, this is it, my life is over. I’m caught…busted…jammed…trapped, or to put it in the vernacular, tea- totally- fucked!

I was so embarrassed by having actually peeked at her and now, being confronted about it, that I just hung my head and didn’t say a word.

Sarah giggled again, then came over and sat down beside me, so close, that I felt her breast rub against my arm.

“Poor Daddy,” she whispered, “I know that you’re lonely here with no wife or girlfriend to … to help you out.” “That’s why I made sure that you heard me in there, because I wanted you to look at me, to see me playing with myself.”

“Daddy?” “I want to be the one that… that helps you out.” She said, as she shifted on the couch until she had her head on my shoulder and her hand rubbing my chest.

“I want to be the one that makes you feel good, Daddy.”

My head was about to explode with all the thoughts rushing around; sensory overload, I think it’s called. I didn’t know what to do or say. I put my arm around her and hugged her closer to me. She turned her head up towards mine and without thinking of all the ramifications that my next action might start, put my lips to hers and we kissed.

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