Summer Camp Love

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This was Lydia’s first summer job. She had been nervous about traveling far from her family to spend her summer with a camp full of people she didn’t know. Lydia had a shy personality and had a hard time putting herself out there with new people. She found herself lost in the crowd during the day and stayed in her cabin at night when the other staff members took part in racy staff rec activities like ricky ticky and after hours charades.

After weeks of little social interaction and too many nights cooped up in a cabin with annoying little brats, she broke free and went for a solitary moonlight walk around the camp acreage.

Lydia walked down the gravel path from her cabin and onto the dirt trail that led through the ropes and challenge course. She tipi-toed along a log balance beam and swung across a ditch on a hanging rope. She continued on to the amphitheatre which looked vast and empty in the moonlight. She sat down on a bench and looked at the stars. They were so much clearer at camp than back home.

“The milky way is really vibrant tonight isn’t it?” came a voice from the darkness behind. Lydia turned around startled, to see who had snuck up on her. She didn’t know his name, but he looked like one of the trippers. They weren’t around much at camp because they spent most of the summer on interior canoe trips with the kids, but they were the only people at camp with beards so she was sure he must be one of them.

“Oh, ya, the sky is great out here.” She turned back feeling stupid and weird and awkward.

“Can I sit with you?” he asked.

“If you want” Lydia replied. They sat in silence looking at the stars together.

“Your name’s Lydia right? I’ve heard talk about you from the guys. I’m Forrest; İstanbul Escort I just came back from a two weeker, so you probably haven’t seen me around at all.”

“What are people saying about me? I knew I didn’t fit in at all.”

“Don’t worry about them. This camp is full of ‘normal people’; you’ve been standing out here in a good way.” Forrest said a bit bashfully.

“Really?” Lydia was shocked, “I thought no one had noticed me at all.”

“Your braids and Doc Martins caught my eye on the first day at camp. It took me this long to get the nerve up to approach you, and when I saw you down here I thought, ‘this is fate, I’ve got to talk to her’.”

Suddenly feeling a surge of boldness Lydia blurted out: “Do you want to head down to the dock? I’m sure the stars will be more visible there.”

Forrest stood up and held out his hand for Lydia. As she took it, a wave of hot butterflies flew through her. She couldn’t believe how much her night had changed.

The two clumsily made their way over the benches of the amphitheatre down the hill toward the dock. Every time Lydia’s footing faltered, Forrest would put is arm around her and those frisky butterflies would rush to all her tendrils and most enjoyably to her intimate hideaway tucked away in her camp shorts.

Once at the dock, they climbed up the high diving board tower ladder, Lydia first with Forrest close behind making sure she didn’t fall by placing his arms on the railing on either side of her. They lay down at the top of the tower floor facing the vast starry sky.

Lydia placed her hand to her side, longing for Forrest to reach out and join it. Just when she thought it would never happen, his hand touched hers. İstanbul Escort bayan She instinctively let out a barely audible moan. This was the hottest thing Forrest had ever heard. If Lydia moaned from a touch of his hand, what he wanted to do to her would blow her mind. He turned over and kissed her with deep and lustful passion. Lydia was flooded with emotion which manifested itself as a warm flood of juices between her bare thighs.

Forrest cradled Lydia’s face with one hand and reached down and gently massaged her upper thighs with the other. She moaned loudly and Forrest had to remind her that they could get caught and they had to be very quiet. She was quiet for some time until Forrest moved his hand higher on her thighs and finally discovered that she had soaked through her shorts, this caused him to bury his face under her long dark hair and into her neck covering her with shameless kisses.

Lydia had to bite her bottom lip to keep from crying out as he kissed downward past her collarbone and, lifting her thin tank top with his teeth, moved over her now exposed firm and perky breasts. Her hips lifted with each pulsing wet kiss. Forrest explored further down, passing her fluttering tummy and onto her warm muff. He kissed through her wet shorts before removing them completely and diving into her full force.

Forrest was beyond turned on by her out of control behaviour. She moved up and down with each movement and squirmed every which way. She was bursting at the seams wanting him to slide inside her and fill her with his being.

When Lydia couldn’t take it any longer she maneuvered Forrest on his back in one swift movement. She hastily filled her mouth deeply with his rock hard cock. Escort İstanbul She could feel her pussy throb with each deep motion she made. With Forrest’s cock dripping from her mouth and her cunt dripping with her own lusty juices, she placed herself over him and slowly lowered herself, pausing temptingly as the tip of his member met her entrance and the wetnesses mingled. Forrest let out a longing, needing moan, she held out for another moment and then plunged him fully inside her.

She writhed around on top of him wanting nothing else then to stay this way with him forever. A cool breeze tickled her sweat dappled bare breasts and she shivered. Forrest noticed immediately and moved her underneath him where he could shield her from the draft. He enwrapped her while keeping a steady rhythmic thrust. Lydia felt protected and at home. She wanted nothing else then to spend her life in this man’s arms fucking him every moment she could in every way possible. She dreamt up ways they could do it: bent over a table in the dining hall, against a tree in the forest, on the stage of the amphitheatre.

“Will you fuck me tomorrow?” Lydia whispered between gasping breaths.

“I’ll do anything you want.” Forrest replied lovingly. This sent Lydia into a blissful state and she found that she could no longer contain herself.

She whispered into Forrest ear: “I think I’m going to cum, are you close too?”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Forrest sped up his thrusting in tune with Lydia’s rising moans. To keep her quiet he had to move her head into his shoulder where she clamped her teeth to him to keep from screaming as she rose higher and higher toward her climax. When Forrest sped up beyond control Lydia bit down hard into his flesh and he knew it was time. They both exploded with passion and it felt as if they had become one.

The two lay entwined for some time before Forrest lay back down on his back and Lydia snuggled into him. She thought to herself: ‘Maybe this summer is going to turn out OK!’

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