Summer OT

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The day had been pretty routine, fix this computer, and help that user, blah, blah, blah. I am a computer support person at a large manufacturing facility and it’s a fairly simple job. The opportunity for some overtime came up recently and I decided to earn a little extra cash. It turned out to be quite a memorable night! Some OT and some hot co-ed ass, how could it get better.

On the night this happened, only I and one other person had volunteered for OT. The other volunteer was one of our summer interns, Jenni, who happened to be the daughter of one of the women in one of the administrative departments. She was a cute kid, a little on the chubby side but still well proportioned with a very inviting smile. I say kid because she’s a college student and I’m a 40 year old married guy.

We had been working for about an hour when Jenni came to me with a problem she was having with a software installation. It was a fairly easy fix and she was through the install quickly once I showed her how. I was just finishing my last install of the night when Jenni came back to my desk. She thanked me for the help and said she was finished with her installs.

I noticed that, at some point, the top couple buttons on her blouse had been undone, so when she leaned over my desk I was looking right at her rather impressive cleavage. I guess I was temporarily hypnotized, because I had to tear my eyes away when she cleared her throat. I was very embarrassed and started to apologize, but she said she had done that on purpose and started to unbutton the rest of the way!

Within a matter of seconds, she was sliding her blouse off her shoulders and I had a raging hard-on at the sight of her full creamy breasts encased in a black lace bra. Let me describe Jenni. As I said, she isn’t skinny, but by no means fat. She’s what I’d call full figured in the best possible sense, curves in all the right places and plenty of meat to grab hold of. She’s also about 5 ft nothing to my 5 ft 10 inch height. Overall, a real cutie!

I didn’t argue when she approached me and took my hands to place them on her heaving breasts. She was obviously very turned on and responded immediately when I started to squeeze and stroke her exposed flesh. After a few minutes of this, I undid the front clasp on her bra and freed her generous boobs. I was surprised at how firm and high they sat on her chest given their ample size (I later found out they are 36DD), and her nipples were like pencil erasers with large aureoles.

Once she was undressed from the waist up, she reached for my shirt and pulled it off then proceeded to get on her knees in front of me to start undoing my pants. She made short work of the button and zipper and had my pants and underwear down to my ankles before I could even think twice about how far this should go, not that I was about to stop at this point. As her hands made escort bostancı their way up my thighs toward my throbbing cock, I reached forward and began to tweak her nipples.

Her nipples turned out to be extremely sensitive and she actually started to orgasm just as she was about to lick my dick for the first time. I continued to play with her nipples and watch her writhe in ecstasy for several minutes before bringing my hands up to gently guide her mouth down onto my throbbing cock. I kept my hands on her head and began to move her on and off my dick until she regained a bit of control and started to work me with her hands and mouth, at which point, I sat back and enjoyed the great blowjob she was giving me.

While she was using one hand and her mouth on me, she was busy getting her pants down with her other hand. Soon she was playing with her pussy and sucking me while I toyed with her hyper-sensitive breasts. I told her I was close to cumming and that I wanted to get into that sweet little pussy of hers before I lost it so I pulled her up and sat her down on the desk.

This position lined her up nicely so I could lean in and taste her pussy before standing up and sliding my cock into her. While I was admiring her plump, bald, glistening pussy lips, I ran my hands all over her legs and belly, never touching her drooling slit. After teasing her for a few minutes, I finally took a long, slow lick from the bottom of her slit up to her clit. Just that contact caused her to spasm.

The more I licked her sweet little pussy, the hotter she got. When she was practically panting I stood and slowly eased my steely cock all the way into her in one smooth stroke. Her reaction was as if I had plugged her into an electric outlet. I guess her G-Spot was pretty sensitive too and sliding over it caused her to go into orbit. The feeling of her pussy pulsing on my dick was incredible and I had to stay very still to keep from cumming right away.

This girl was an orgasm machine and not shy about letting it all hang out. When she came back down from that little explosion and realized that I wasn’t fucking her hard and fast, she protested and said she needed to feel me moving inside her. Who am I to argue with a request like that? I began to fuck her with slow deep thrusts, pulling all the way out and sliding all the way back in, balls deep each time.

As I started to pick up the pace, I leaned her back and put her legs up over my shoulders which allowed for some good hard thrusting that she loved. Every time I slammed into her she would grunt her approval and squeeze my dick with her inner muscles. Before too long I was fucking her so hard, the desk was moving and my orgasm was coming fast. As I continued to pummel her pussy, I asked where she wanted my cum.

Between grunts, she managed to say “tits” so when I was ready, I pulled ümraniye escort out and climbed up over her and aimed at her heaving chest. A few strokes and I was unleashing a monster load all over her tits and face. She shuddered through yet another orgasm as she felt my juice splashing onto her hot flesh. As the last of my load was dribbling from the tip of my dick, I eased up and slid it into her hot little mouth again and enjoyed some sweet tongue action on my sensitive rod.

She surprised me by slipping a hand up the back of my leg and slowly sliding a finger into my ass, which caused my cock to immediately spring back to full hardness. I had never had anyone massage my prostate before and it really got me fired up. I pulled away from her sucking mouth and moved her around so she was bent over the desk so I could enter her from behind. I easily slid back into her wet pussy and began to pump her hard and deep. She reached back and alternately played with my balls and her clit, and soon was cumming hard and squeezing me good.

I decided to return the favor and wet my thumb and ease it into her ass as she continued to enjoy the aftershocks of her most recent orgasm. She was more than ready to accept my exploring digit and I was soon pumping two fingers in and out of her ass as I started to fuck her sweet pussy again. Pretty soon she was moaning for me to fuck her ass, so I pulled my glistening dick out of her well fucked cunt and pushed it slowly into her tight asshole.

It didn’t take her long to get used to my dick in her ass and I was able to start really pounding her in no time. With my balls slapping her pussy on each hard stroke into her ass, I was loving this fuck and wishing it would never end. Jenni seemed to be enjoying it too, as I could feel her ass start to tighten around my dick as she got close to cumming again. I reached down and flicked her hard little clit a few times and that put her over the edge into a huge orgasm that left her slumped over the desk with my dick firmly wedged in her ass and her juices freely flowing onto the desktop.

After coming down from her orgasm, we switched positions so she was riding me and I could reach up and suck and tweak those incredible nipples while we fucked. In this position she could grind her clit against my cock as she pistoned up and down on it and she was having little cums every few minutes. It was amazing to see her face as she rode wave after wave of orgasmic bliss while trying not to dislodge herself from my driving dick.

By this point, the desk was a puddle of sweat and pussy juice and we were sliding around as we continued our marathon fuck. I had lost track of how many times Jenni had cum and was amazed that I had only popped off once, but could feel the second on it’s way. Jenni could sense I was getting close too and she started to really grind on my cock kartal escort bayan and tell me she wanted my load in her pussy. I grabbed her hips and fucked up into her with all my strength until I couldn’t hold back any more and let loose a monster load inside her clutching pussy. She literally milked me of all that I had to give her.

Once she was satisfied that I wasn’t going to give her anymore cum, she got of me and proceeded to luck and suck me clean from my ass to the tip of my dick. She licked off all our combined juices and purred contentedly. When she had cleaned me thoroughly, I sat her on the desk and licked and sucked her clit until she had one last good orgasm and gushed all our juices out of her puffy wet pussy. Then we got dressed and cleaned up the desk before walking out of the building.

It was very dark out by the time we left and as contractors, we had to park in the outskirts of the lot, so it was a bit of a walk to our cars. As we walked through the dark lot, Jenni put her arm around my waist and I stole the occasional grab of her ass or tit. When we got to her car, she pulled me in for a hot open-mouth kiss that got me hard all over again. She could feel my hard-on poking her in the belly and smiled devilishly as she reached down for the zipper of my jeans. With my dick entering her mouth, she somehow managed to get her pants off and squatted in front of me against her car while sucking me and playing with her pussy. This girl just couldn’t get enough!

After a few minutes sucking, she stood back up and walked over and climbed onto the hood of her car and spread her legs wide. I pulled her to the edge and slid easily into her hot pussy. I put her legs up on my shoulders and leaned in so I could mercilessly pound her over sexed slit. That was just what she wanted and she came again almost immediately only I didn’t let her recover this time. I kept right on fucking her hard and fast and she kept right on cumming for a good 20 minutes or more until I had to slow down.

As I slowly continued to slide in and out of her sloppy pussy, she looked up at me through hazy eyes and thanked me for the most amazing fucking she had ever gotten. I said “thanks, but I’m not done just yet” and slipped out of her to slap her clit a few times with the head of my dick. Her eyes went wide at the sensation and she came hard when I slammed back into her. A few strokes in her pussy and I pulled back and re-entered her ass which made her cum again. After several tight strokes in her ass I was finally ready to give her my last load of the night, so I rocked into her as hard as I could and buried myself deep in her ass and let loose.

After a few minutes to catch her breath, she gratefully sank to her knees and licked me clean once again. I was quite sure I wouldn’t be able to get it up again for a while, but this experience had been worth it. Jenni left with a giddy smile on her face and a load of my cum in her ass. I drove the 45 minutes home to find my wife sound asleep which was good, because there was no way I was doing anything for her tonight. I took a quick shower and climbed quietly into bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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