Summer with Mother

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My mother and her new boyfriend rented a large cottage on Long Lake, in Maine for three months. Mother has not worked since Dad died three years ago. Tom her new boyfriend is wealthy in his own right and plans on coming up on the weekends to spend time with mother. This was a great time for me as it was my last summer before starting college in the fall.

At first it bothered me that my mother would sleep with this guy but after I thought about it I can understand how she could have loved Dad and yet have a need for man in her life. I guess they call that moving on. I call it being horny and needing a fuck.

I am much the same way. I had not been laid for a few weeks and so I called Cindy Louise to come up and visit me on the weekend. When I told mother I had invited Cindy up she was disturbed at first. Not so much because I was fucking her sister’s adopted daughter but because she did not want Cindy to see her with Tom. But what the hell fucking is fucking and we all seem to be doing it. Oh, yes one more thing Tom had dated my Aunt Carol before he started screwing Mom. I got the impression Aunt Carol did not know yet that Tom was now fucking my mother.

This was Wednesday evening and we were still talking about how we would work out the sleeping arraignment on the week end. The cabin had three bedrooms two up stairs and one down behind the kitchen. Mom suggested that I and Cindy use the one down stairs and she and Tom would stay up stairs. This was fine with me as Cindy did get a little raucous from time to time.

Mom said she wanted to go for a walk and wanted me to join her. This sleepy little summer town was just coming awake and even though I thought it safe enough I agreed to go along. We walked down past the little strip mall. Turn north at the highway and walked over the bridge into the center of Town. The hotel was open and we stopped for a drink. We sat at the bar with one other couple and one single guy that had his eye on Mom.

Mom is really a very lovely lady for forty two, tall slim, nice size knockers and killer legs. A pretty face out lined by long dark hair. If one looked close you could see a few gray hairs in among the dark ones.

Her mouth is broad and she colored it dark red which set it off against her pale winter skin tone. The tall stranger watched Mom and I watched him watching Mom. But there was also a very young pretty girl with the man to our left. I thought at first they were a couple but after a few words I sensed they were Father and daughter. That is when I noticed this pretty young girl looking back at me. I smiled and she smiled back. I was wondering how one might find out who she was when a strong voice turned my attentions to the lone single man setting across the bar. “HI folks may I buy the bar around of drinks?”

Mother smiled at him and said “Of course why not. We are the Wilson’s I am Gail and this is my son Blair.”

The man on the other side of mom said “Well we are the Kirby’s this is my daughter Katrina and I am Milord.” The tall stranger walked around so he was now standing behind us and between mother and the other couple.

We all turned around to look at him. “Hi my name is Cartwright Jones. Let me welcome you all to my hotel and as my first guest for the summer the next round is on the house.” Then he looked at the girl and said “I guess there is no need to check ID’s tonight since this is a closed and private party.”

We all laughed. Music came on and Cartwright reached out a hand to mother and she accepted his offer to dance. For some reason I watched my mother very closely. She was graceful and moved with a sense of purpose in other words she was moving very sexy and sensual as if she were showing off her God given beauty. I found my eyes were focused on her hips and tightly enclosed ass. Her shorts were tight but loose enough to let her move inside them as she danced. I could not help myself I was getting a hard on and I was sure it show in my none too loose cut offs.

The girl Katrina came over and said “Do you dance?” I hopped off the bar stood and took her in my arms as we whirled onto the dance floor.

Her father was more interested in drinking than being social. The four dancers laughed and danced. Over the next few hours we all downed a few too many drinks.

Cartwright sent the bartender off for the night and closed up the bar. Mother was getting really smashed and so after the next dance I suggested we call it a night. Milford was smashed and Cartwright said he would have some one drive then home. I said mother and I would walk as we needed the air and besides it was not all that far. So we all hugged said our good-night and promised to see one another again.

We made it across the bridge before mother started to really get stumbling around. I took her in my arms and held her close to me. I had never seen my mother drunk and I thought funny. She hooked an arm around my waist and leaned into me. Her breasts were falling out of her low cut jersey top. Her half bra had done its job by showing every one how well endowed she was. Now it was my turn to gaziantep ateşli escort get to see my mothers’ fine firm breasts up close. I had always known my mother was a fine looking lady but this was different. I was looking down into her cleavage and they looked very sexy in the near darkness. As she leaned more on me I reached under her arm and took a grip on her tit. She looked up at me and smiled. She was going to go any minute so I scooped her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way.

Something was seriously wrong I was getting hornier and hornier. By the time I carried her up the stairs to her bedroom my cock was throbbing out of control. I laid her on the bed and stood there looking down at my mother’s body. I was beside myself and so aroused I was near crazy. I lifted her to a sitting position where I removed her top, bra and all. Her tits were gorgeous perfect in shape and form. God want a fantastic set of tits.

Letting her fall back on the bed I pulled her shorts and panties off in one motion. Now I gazed at her nakedness feasting on every curve and valley. Her hair had been trimmed so it would not show when she wore her bikini. There was a dark patch just enough to cover her mound. I let my eyes run over her body. That is when I saw the tiny scars close to her ribs under her tits. My mother has had a boob job. I laughed out load. No wonder they looked so good. I took each in hand and felt them. They were as firm as Cindy Louise’s. I must admit Cindy’s tits were smaller than but not as firm as my mother’s fully enhanced tits.

I was getting really turned on as I stood there. So I dropped my shorts and stood there over my mother jerking on my cock. Mom moaned rolled her head but never opened her eyes. She lifted an arm to her head. I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

He long slender fingers curled around my cock and I swear that was a smile on her face. I leaned closer so my cock was very near to her face. I was nuts, crazy for what I was doing but I did it any way. I leaned even farther over the bed till my cock head touched her lips. Mother opened her mouth and my cock head disappeared out of sight. I jerked and caught my breath. I was taken by surprise and the very idea that my cock was in my mother mouth sent shivers through my body. I yelled “Oh God” and came.

I jerked uncontrollably fucking cum flew in her mouth, and all over her face as well as on her shoulders. I was jerking and cumming like a jack rabbit. Thick spatters of creamy white fluid were all over her. Milking my cock for the last few drips I help my cock close to her mouth. She licked her lips and sucked the few droplets from my cock.

I turned out the lights and went down stairs to my room where I fell across the bed exhausted. When I woke the sun was up and I was sick as a dog. Dropping the remnants of my clothing I made my way to the bathroom. One hand on the wall behind the toilet the other trying to aim a river into the bowel. Most of it got there, some got on my feet. My eyes were not focused and were still glazed over with a fog as I opened the shower door and stepped in.

Wow that was quick the shower was warm already and running. That is when I jerked my eyes open to see my mother standing there. I did not know what to do so I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth. She crumbled in my arms as her legs gave out. I scooped her up and held her to me. She was shaking and whimpering saying words that did not make sense at all. “Oh Blair, Oh Blair forgive me I was so drunk? Can you ever forgive me? I am so ashamed. What on earth did I do? Oh, please Blair.” she cried over and over again.

But her words could not stop the raising of my cock. It came right up between us. The head wiggled its’ way past her wet pussy lips and entered her pussy. Her legs gave out a little more and as she dropped in my arms she became fully impaled on my cock.

She caught her legs under her and straightened up. But as she straightened up so did I keeping my cock planted deeply and firmly in my mother quivering cunt. I was taller then she so as I lifted my self on my toes I was jammed up into her over and over again. She looked up into my eyes and she knew I was fucking her because I wanted to not because we were there still half drunk.

Cupping her ass I both hands I lifted her up so I could get my cock in deeper. All of a sudden she shrieked and let out a howl tossing her head back so violently I thought she had hurt herself. Her arms came up around my neck pulling me down to her face. She growled and made strange sounds. This was not my mother this was an animal from out in the deep woods. She bit my mouth till I tasted blood and clawed my back till her nails were digging into my flesh. She hooked both legs around my waist bouncing and banging into me.

I reacted to her every move and drove my cock into her so hard I think I was trying to hurt her and I think I did.

We stumbled backwards knocking the shower door open. We made it into the bedroom with her still bakımlı gaziantep escort locked around my waist. When we were close to the bed I rose up lifting her as high as I could and tossed her on the bed with me coming down hard on top of her. Our bodies came together so hard every thing hurt the pain was unbelievable. But yet she howled and clung to me. She stiffened and I came still locked together with her legs gripping my waist. We both came together and we both passed out together. I woke slowly my head filled with strange dreams of sex and pain. Someone had beaten me all over with a baseball bat. When I tried to move I found I was still in some kind of vise grip there was a heavy weight around my neck and waist it was my mother and she was still asleep.

Slowly carefully I pried her legs and arms loose enough to get free from her. The last was my cock to slide from her warm slimy pussy. Even tangled in a mess she still looked beautiful. What had happened between us I was still unsure? But what ever it was it was unlike anything I would ever experience again in my life time. However it was a bases for what was to come during this summer.

I made sure I kept out of mother’s way for the next few days. However a few hours before our weekends guests were to arrive Mother came to my room. We looked at one another sheepishly and after a few moments I stood and took her in my arms. We cried and hugged. Mother started to say something two or three times but words failed her. So I said ”Mother loving you was the most miraculous thing I ever experienced.” Then we cried again.

Cindy arrived just ahead of Tom. They introduced themselves in the driveway. Bags in hand I watched them walk towards the house. I smiled to my self from the up stairs bedroom where mother had just sucked me off. Mother followed me down the stairs to greet our guests. I kissed Cindy and Tom kissed mother. I wondered if he tasted my cum.

I showed Cindy to our room down stairs and Tom went up stairs with Mom on his arm. It was over an hour before Cindy and I emerged from our rousing romp. It was another fifteen minutes before Mom and Tom came down.

Cindy and I sat out on the porch a cold beer in hand when Mom and Tom came out to say “HI”. Mother gave me a wink and a shay smile.

It was late and the sun was doing its best to slip down behind the hills across the lake. Tom suggested we all go to town for dinner.

Tom drove us in his big old Lincoln and parked around behind the hotel.

We entered by the side door and went directly into the dinning room. From where I sat I could see into the bar. Cartwright was behind the bar but not serving drinks. The bartender tonight was a tall blonde with a great pair of knockers. In her cute little outfit it was plan to see why Cartwright hired her. The waiter took or order for drinks and we looked up as Cartwright came by to say “Hello” introductions were made and we explained to Cindy and Tom we had come down for drinks a few days ago. I could see Cartwright was delighted to see mother again. I wondered what he would say if he knew how we had entertained one another after we got home the other night thanks to his drinks.

Mother was to my right and as we sat talking she reached over and rested a hand on my leg how nice a mother showing her loving son tender affection. But what that touch did to me was not so much more than simply mother son affection. My cock jumped to attention faster than a Private First Class in a Generals presents. I smiled at something Cindy said and moved mother’s hand so it rested on the hard ridge in my pants. Her fingers tightened on it and dug in squeezing in until it hurt. I damn near climaxed. If the waiter had not returned with our drinks I would have.

Mother seemed to accept what we did in the drunken throws of passion and once we talked about it we felt that it was a welcome event in our lives. That is why I had gotten a blow job just before our guests arrived. Now as I sat there I wondered how long this week end was going to be till mother and I could be alone again.

Cindy was like a tiger every moment we were alone. Even later that night in the dark we walked down to the little wooden dock where our boat was tied up. The moon was only a sliver and even it only darted in and out of the clouds leaving us mostly in darkness. Cindy could not get enough so as we sat on the end of the dock she took out my cock and jerked me till I was about ready to climax. Then quickly went down to suck the stuff out of me. As great as it was I could only think of how exciting it was to watch my mother slide her mouth up and down my cock. When I came Cindy sucked me dry and licked me clean before she returned my limp cock to its hiding place. Later that night Cindy lay naked on the bed sound asleep and I lay awake listening for any sound from up stairs.

Tom and Mother had gone up about ten when Cindy and I had gone down to the dock. So I guess they had ended there sex early while we were out. I slipped on a wrap around, one of those escort gaziantep things that snaps around your waist. It was just long enough to cover a limp cock.

I opened the refrigerator found a cold beer and closed it as I turned around. Unseen when I came in mother was sitting in the darkness. I whispered “Where is Tom?”

She said “satisfied and asleep.”

I told her it was the same with Cindy. She rose and I went to her in the deep shadows of the kitchen. Her silky robe hung open as our body came together. Her marvelous tits pressed into my chest. We kissed and hugged. Her hand went up under my wrap around and found my cock growing hard. I cupped a firm tit and we kissed. I was beside myself with passion. Even if our house guest heard us I really did not care. I turned mother around, she bent over the table and I aimed my cock for her wet pussy. It slipped into her easy as her cunt was filled with Tom’s cum and her juices. I did not care that she had been fucked; all I cared about at that moment was that I wanted to fuck her.

Holding her by the hips I plowed deep and straight filling her up with one very hard cock. She coughed and gagged as if my cock were in her mouth. I kept on pounding her from the rear. It did not take long for me to flood her sweet love chamber with a hot shot of molten sperm. She wiggled her ass and joined me. Her knees were about to give out when I pulled free from her.

I wiped my dripping cock across her ass and rubbed the tip up between her cheeks. I held my cock in hand and wiggled the head up and down a few times across the tight little back entrance. I had only fucked one girl in the ass and she had loved it. I wondered how mother would feel about me wanting to put my cock up her ass. The thought gave me a shiver and took my breath away. But we were done for the night and that would have to wait till another day.

I don’t know what mother said to Tom but the next morning he remembered he had to go back to the city. Taking Cindy off to the side I told her mother was very upset and would her mind leaving us alone and I promised I would see her later in the week. Cindy agreed and understood. She really did not have a clue but she followed Tom by an hour. Mother and I were alone by ten Sunday morning. I had her by the hand by ten after ten pulling her to my bedroom behind the kitchen. Thirty second later we were locked in a sixty-nine.

My tongue in her pussy and my cock in her mouth. To test the waters I gently pushed a finger into her tiny ass hole. She did not object.

As eager as I was to see if she would accept my cock up her ass I was more eager to get my cock in her pussy. So we changed position. I was between her legs and her legs were high above my shoulders. Pounding into her pussy was a thrill, banging my body into hers was exciting. Then almost without thinking I reached back and slapped her on the thigh hard very hard.

Her closed eyes flew open and there was a sneer on her mouth. “Bastard, you rotten bastard fucking your mother. Filling my cunt with your dirty cum what kind of son are you?” She screamed at me.

This time I held myself up off her on one arm and slapped her across the tits back and forth my hand smacking her tits. She cried out in pain and locked both arms around my neck. We fell together still wiggling and shaking as we climaxed. All I could hear were those same animal sounds I heard that first night. I followed her lead and howled like a wounded wolf.

It was ten minutes before we could move. I rolled off her and she slipped off the bed and trotted to the bathroom. I watched her ass bound as she moved even that was exciting. I did not join her but waited till she opened the bathroom door. We passed without a word as I entered. When I returned mother was sitting naked on the window seat looking out into the woods that surrounded the cabin.

Coming up behind her I placed both hands on her neck and applied pressure. I had never given a massage but knew many people enjoyed having there neck rubbed. Mother rolled her head and gave a slight sound of pleasure. So I kept it up. My cock started to get hard again. The pointed head cane up between her arm and rib cage. She held out her arm to allow my cock to come up into her arm pit. I rubbed her neck working out to her shoulders and moved my hips at the same time. How strange that was fucking my mother’s arm pit and rubbing her neck. After a few minutes I took her by the shoulders turning her to face me.

Her hands came up to hold my cock. She tilted her head so her cheek was resting on my cock head. She was just being a lover and showing affection.

I said “Mother what happened? This time and the first time were different from anything I have ever experienced in my life.”

“Oh, Darling what ever happened between us it was wonderful. You have made me feel so alive and never in my life has my blood boiled as it has with you. I want to do so many things I have never done before Things I have only heard of or read about. Strange exciting things lustful and sorted dirty things only the weird people do. When you slapped my breast it hurt and yet it lighted a fire in my soul that drove me wild. I wanted to hit you back but when those words flew from my mouth I knew they were exciting for you.” She said this with a low voice almost unemotional. Yet it was not wasted on deft ears. Mother was looking up at me with her large brown eyes. She was smiling as she held my cock tightly.

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