Super Tenants

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My wife and I recently divorced after 30 years of marriage and I told my boss to go to hell. I just got fed up with the bullshit. I’ve done everything anyone asked me to do all my life. I decided right, wrong or indifferent I would spend the rest of my years doing what I wanted to do.

That’s what brought me to Miami. I have always loved the ocean breezes. I noticed a job in the Sunday classified section for a superintendent in a small exclusive apartment building on the beach. This was the beginning of the best years of my life to date.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hunk. I look like any guy 53 years old. My hair is mostly gray and really thinning especially in the back. I’m 6 feet tall and weight 200 pounds and can still button a size 34 waist pants.

I’ve also never been, nor am I now a skirt chaser. Women and sex were the last things on my mind when I applied for and took this job. But, in the first three days on my new job I not only got the drift tuzla escort of what some of the tenants considered part of my duties as a super, but got a whole new appreciation of women much older than myself.

The tenants in this building range in age from about 60 years old up to 85. For the most part they are married couples and widows. Judging from the look and attitude of the men in the building, they are totally disinterested in sex or in some cases disinterested in sex with their wives. However, this is defiantly not the case with 90% of the women in my building.

I have fucked, not made love to, fucked, 6 of the 70 women tenants in my building. The youngest was about 64 and the oldest was 82. All of them went at it like gangbusters. This was serious business to them. None of them was the least bit shy or coy. They knew what they wanted and they didn’t stop until they got it.

If the response is good enough, I will write a few stories göztepe escort about the most outstanding incidents.

Here are the highlights of my encounters with the tenants, send me an e-mail about which ones you’d like me to write about.

316, Sue

Widowed, 64 years old, she’s a flasher. Gives you plenty of opportunities to look up her dress and down her blouse. She loves touching you in suggestive ways to test your reaction. She likes petting and foreplay. Ultimately wants to be fucked from behind while fully clothed and bending over with her dress over her back and supporting herself with her hands resting on the toilet seat.

511, Beverly

Married, 65 years old. She likes to walk in suggestive outfits while you work on her apartment. Makes sure you are aware of her presence and charms. Likes to fondle a mans genitals and gives the best head I’ve ever had. Likes to be on top during sex. One monster fuck.

210, üsküdar escort Joan

Widowed, 73 years old. Never wears under clothes. Doesn’t shave under her arms or trim her pussy, but she does shave her legs. She likes to have sex standing up with her back against the wall and her right foot resting in a chair or sitting on the edge of a countertop. Loves to be finger fucked and have her tits sucked.

214, Harriet

Married, 75 years old. Likes to fuck while her 77 year old husband watches. Actually he is the one who asked me to do it, then had me watch while he warmed her up for me. This makes for some very hot and erotic action.

412, Alice

Widowed, 82 years old. Just wants to get fucked. She has multiple orgasms and will fuck until you make her stop. Believe it or not, she is one hot fuck. Her body is in good shape and she has the tightest pussy in the building.

612, Maggie

Widowed, 70 years old. British accent drives me crazy. She is one hot babe. Hard as a rock from playing tennis almost every day of her life. She enjoys giving and receiving oral sex and takes it in the back door with gusto. She likes to be completely nude, in the bed and the room darkened when she has sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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