Teasing Touches

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It hit me again. It hit me while sitting in class, trying to concentrate on what the prof was saying, but to no avail. I innocently thought about the way you look hunching over slightly to peruse the kitchen pantry. Then, BOOM, it hit me, and I wanted you so badly that it took my breath away.

But you’re far away. You had no idea that this fierce wanting overtook all coherent thought. And I had to sit through another five hours of classes. I thought about taking matters into my own hands in the bathroom stall, but I wanted to enjoy every sensation. I wanted to savor every moan that broke upon my lips. I wanted to be able to whisper your name, and feel your hands on me. There’s not one feeling better to me in this world… you on me. Any part of you on me… oh, it makes me want to slide my hands over my body just thinking about it.

I teased myself driving home. As soon as I slid into the driver’s seat, I slid my hands over my stomach, then pressing deeply against the top of my pussy. I had been wet for five hours… five hours of pure hell that I never wanted to end. You know how much I like to be teased… you’ve teased me for hours and relished it. I thought of the last time that we touched. It hadn’t even been sexual, but now every remembered caress electrified my skin. I slid my hand into my jeans on the way home, over my panties. I wanted to feel my wetness through the lace and excite myself more.

Finally, I was home. Opening the door, I dumped my bag onto a chair, tossing articles of clothing as I went… my t-shirt onto the floor… my pants onto the couch… my bra flung over the TV… my underwear pooled at the foot of the bed. Standing, I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror. My face was flushed, my eyes glowed with sensuality, my hair let down to fall about my shoulders. I touched my lips, wishing they were pressed against yours. I slid my hands over my shoulders, cupping my breasts. They are full, my nipples hard and wanting. I remember you saying that you’ve wanted to watch me masturbate. Curiosity washes over me, and I position myself on the bed to watch me please myself.

I lay back against the cool sheets that warm against my heated skin. I suddenly feel silly, but curiosity wins out. Smiling to myself, I wonder if I should get my camera so you can see how I spent this night. No, this time is for me. If you want to play with pictures, you’ll have to be behind the lens. I’ll pose for you anytime if you return the favor.

My heart races as I bend my knees. I love to tease myself, but I’ve been turned on for so long! My breath shaking, I watch myself slide my Konak Escort hands up and down over my torso. Groaning, my head arches as I feel my fingertips grazing my sensitive skin. I slowly keep sliding over my skin, teasing myself with patterns that send my nerves tingling. My index fingers circle my nipples, nearly touching. I see myself in the mirror, and it excites me… I moan as my fingers clasp my nipples, sliding my hands over their aching peaks until I feel them in my palm. My body is shivering, and I wish you were here with me. I think about that wild night we had at my cabin, the feeling of you suddenly turning towards me in the dark, taking me in your arms and kissing me senseless. Your wanting had surprised me in its intensity… an intensity I quickly matched. The feeling of your mouth around my nipples make them harder now as I caress myself. My heavy breathing fills the room, interspersed with throaty moans. God, I haven’t even touched my pussy yet and I’m on fire.

My hips are restless… they move as if belonging to someone else. I can’t control their movement, nor do I want to. I can’t stand it anymore… I have to fill myself up. I watch, fascinated, as my legs part and my hands descend. I arch upwards for contact, and I hear myself moaning. At the first contact, I jolt. I rest the palm of my hand over the top of my pussy… mmm, I wish you were watching me. I can feel how wet I am… I can see my pussy shining with want. Slipping my other hand between my spread thighs, I open myself, feeling the cool air against my heated skin. Sliding my index finger down, I feel the hardness of my clit. “Oooh, yes,” I moan, squirming for more contact. It feels like I can’t control myself sometimes… as if I can’t think about anything except pleasure. All I can think about is the feeling of the wet hot skin, and a languid warmth invades the muscles of my body. A fierce claw of wanting is always at the perimeter at first, yet as I touch myself, it keeps growing.

I dip my finger into the depth of my pussy… mmm, it feels so good. My body arches at the deep contact. Still I am not filled. I slide my middle finger into my pussy… oh yesssss, that’s what I want. I slowly slide in and out, enjoying the sensation. The sound of wetness fills the room, accented with my breathy moans. Sometimes I am completely silent when I touch myself until I am close to cumming. I can always fantasize better that way, but this time is so visual that I can’t help but be vocal.

I remember when we were watching a movie at the theatre. I had been wanting you all Kuşadası Escort night, but I thought I should behave. Yet during an extremely erotic part, I couldn’t help but touch you. At first, I simply held your hand. I had wanted you to turn and kiss me, but you had no idea what I was up to. I tried hard not to smile as I slid my hand onto your thigh, sliding up and down. I could feel electric currents running between our skin… and I wanted more. You smiled at me, but still not the response I was looking for. My fingertips found your inner thigh, and I teased you until I felt your pants shifting in the place I wanted. You had placed your coat over your lap to hide the evidence, and then I felt your hand on mind, sliding it up for our hands to rest on your cock. You hand never left mind, and you showed me how you wanted to be touched. Your other hand soon found my wet panties and pushed them aside… you tortured me as I tortured you in that dark theatre. Neither of us found relief until the car, where our windows had quickly fogged up…

My hips arch at the memory, and my wet fingers won’t satisfy me anymore. Reaching under my bed, I find the toy that I had bought through the loveliness of the internet. I grin as I remember that I hadn’t looked at it for three days after it arrived. Now I love the feeling of it sliding into me, although it pales in comparison to you. My grin deepening, I wonder if I could ever talk you into going to an erotic store with me where we could pick out toys for each other… mmm, and then help each other use them later…

I grow self-conscious as I watch myself position the toy at the entrance of my pussy. My eyes drift shut as I feel the head rub against my slit. My breath catches as I slide the toy into me. I grimace slightly as it slides through the tightest spot, then breathe with relief as it pops through. Although normal in width, it always fills me with a bit of pleasurable pain.

I test the toy by sliding it in and out of me. In the mirror, I can see the lips of my pussy wrapped around the toy. I torture myself with the slow motion… my body craves completion, but not yet. I wonder what you would be doing if you were watching me now. Would you be watching? Would you be directing the speed of the toy with your own hands? Would you remove the toy and replace it with your mouth and then your cock? Moaning as I speed up the rhythm, I wish for all of the options.

I remember your fevered kiss when we got into the car in the theatre parking lot. Our hands were roaming over each other when I heard Foça Escort your rumbling laugh accusing me of being a witch. I grinned evilly and pulled you to me for another mind-numbing kiss. Mmm, the feeling of your lips!

We pushed each other’s coats off, finding warm skin beneath our shirts. My hands roamed over your chest and shoulders while you pulled up my shirt and sucked my nipples into your mouth. Your hand rubbed me through my jeans, and the pressure sent me over the edge. You heard my cry and felt the pulsing through my jeans and pulled back, watching me cum. You slowly rubbed me, making sure that my pleasure was drawn out completely. I gave you a lingering kiss, and you had started to drive towards your home, but I had other plans. Thank goodness you were at a stop sign when I unzipped your pants… your expression made me think that you would have jerked the steering wheel otherwise from surprise. My warm hands freed you, and as you drove, I started to stroke you. I had wanted to do this properly in the movie, but I knew you would have been too afraid of being caught. Twisting in my seat, I leaned over and lowered my lips onto the tip of your cock. I moaned as I quickly took your length into my mouth, swirling my tongue along the sensitive nerve on the underside of your cock. I sucked your head hard, twisting my fingers up and down. I could feel the tension in your body, and I knew your knuckles were white against the steering wheel. I kept up my relentless pace until we reached your driveway. You pulled into the garage, turned off the key quickly, and had me out of the car in a flash.

You shoved me up against the hood of your car, kissing me frantically while I stroked you. You quickly undid my pants, bent me over the hood of the car, and slid your cock deep into my pussy with one stroke. We both groaned, loving the feeling of us being joined. You slammed into me over and over, getting harder and faster with every pleading from me for you to fuck me. We couldn’t get enough of each other, and the sounds of our coupling filled the garage along with our moans. The feeling of you cumming in me sent me over the edge, my pussy spasming around your cock.

With that remembered passion, I started pumping my toy in and out of me as fast as I could. My moans were almost continuous… I could feel myself getting so close… I pictured you thrusting the toy into me over and over, your fingers madly teasing my clit. Crying your name, I felt the pleasure overtake me, the toy being internally grasped by my clenching pussy. I lay there, my chest heaving from the intensity. My legs felt like Jello, and I swear I was physically incapable of movement at that time. Stretching, I slid my hand over my pussy and stroked it soothingly, wishing you were here with me.

It’s always after cumming like this that I get the bittersweet afterglow of being sated, but I’m still without you to touch, to kiss, and to hold afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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