Thank you, Doctor: The Second Visit

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“Please remove your clothes and get in the chair. The doctor will be in to see you shortly,” and with that the nurse quietly shut the door leaving Cindy alone in the exam room. She took in a slow, deep breath and held it for a few seconds before exhaling. Facing the wall, Cindy began to undress, carefully folding each article of clothing after removing it. She paused before sliding off her plain, white, cotton panties and adding them to the pile.

She turned and surveyed the exam room. The only thing that distinguished it from her family doctor’s office was the chair. It appeared to be a modified dentist chair. Aside from the restraints, the top half of the chair remained unchanged, however, the seat was only four inches deep and there were stirrups attached. Her heart beat faster with her step she took closer to it. Just as she got seated, there was a knock at the door and then it opened, “Hello, Cindy. It’s nice to see you again. Are you ready for your second session?” Cindy struggled to keep her voice steady, “Yes, Doctor, just a little bit nervous.” The doctor looked at her with honest, gray eyes, “There is no need to be nervous, Cindy,” he walked over to her and put his hand on her knee, “You know you can trust me.” Cindy nodded and he continued, “Okay, before we get started, today’s session is going to focus on your control over your body. Basically, I am going to stimulate you and you are not going to allow yourself to orgasm. Put your feet up in the stirrups, please. Good. Now, focus on relaxing while I get you strapped in and then we can get started.” Cindy nodded again and closed her eyes, breathing slowly. She tried, but could not keep her heart from beating against her ribs as he tightened the sheepskin cuffs around her ankles and the belts across her shoulders and hips. She heard him wheel over the metal instrument table. The nurse had laid out a small tub of lubricant, a neat row of clamps of various sizes and some other instruments that Cindy didn’t recognize. The doctor picked one of them: two clothes pin sized white clamps connected by a small bar with a dial on it. He took his place between her legs and stroked her slit with his middle finger, “Cindy, you are quite wet already. You’ve been thinking about our visit since mardin escort the moment you left the office, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Cindy admitted with a rosy blush rising to her cheeks. The doctor grasped her one of her pink, shaved outer lips between his thumb and index finger and massaged it vigorously for a moment before sliding one of the white clamps over it. A stifled moan escaped Cindy’s mouth. The doctor smirked as he repeated the act on the other lip. “This is a spreader,” he explained as he began to turn the dial, gradually stretching her lips apart, stopping when her skin was pulled taut. He placed the tip of his index finger on the hood of her clitoris and slid it back, revealing Cindy’s pink pearl. Her eyes widened and she pushed against the shoulder belt. The doctor stayed very still and sustained eye contact with Cindy, who relaxed against the chair. “Remember, you will not orgasm until I tell you to. Trust me; the longer you wait the more intense the pleasure will be.” He moistened the fingers on his other hand with her own juices and rubbed them agonizingly slow over her lips and inner thighs. Then, he began to draw circles around her clit, making sure not to touch it. Cindy held very still, watching his fingers dance gracefully around her most private area. The doctor released his hold on her hood, but it remained retracted, pushed back by her swollen, throbbing clit. He gently blew on it, giving Cindy goose bumps. He rewet his fingers and continued to tease her, rubbing and caressing everywhere but her clitoris, driving Cindy to the brink of desire-induced insanity. “Tell me what you’re feeling right now, Cindy,” the doctor said in a calm voice. “You’re driving me crazy, Doctor,” Cindy said between pants.

“Why is that?”

“I need it. I need it.”

“You need what exactly.”

“I need you to make me come; I need you to touch my clit, Doctor.”

“Like this,” he said flicking his finger against it.

“More, please. I need more,” Cindy begged. The doctor flicked her clit again and then again, slightly harder. Cindy writhed and strained against the cuffs. The doctor flicked her clit viciously hard; Cindy screamed. Before she had a chance to recover, van escort the doctor began teasing the tip of her clit, rapidly grazing it with the tip of his middle finger. Cindy panted and groaned. Her breathing became harsh and shallow. Her chin was pressed against her chest. “Yes, yes. Like that. Oh, fuck yes, Doctor.” Suddenly he stopped: removing his hands from her body entirely. “Now, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Relax yourself. Think of something that turns you off.” Cindy whimpered and did as she was told.

“Good,” he cracked his knuckles and rolled his head on his shoulders before standing up and picking the nipple clamps off of the instrument table. Cindy watched intently as he gently caressed each nipple; first rubbing the areola and then teasing her nipples with soft grazes. He fit the first nipple clamp on and locked eyes with Cindy as he slowly released it, letting it get tighter and tighter. He repeated the action to the second one and then began to flick and stroke the throbbing, pink nubs. Cindy relaxed, enjoying the feeling of the doctor’s fingers playing against her sore nipples. The doctor began to alternate between harshly flicking the clamps and lightly stroking the nipples. They locked eyes again as he lowered his mouth unhurriedly to her nipple. He pulled the clamps away from her body, pulling the chain that connected them tight. Cindy moaned as the pressure grew harder and harder to take. Just before she begged him to stop, he flicked his tongue against her areolas and nipples with amazing dexterity and speed. He moved back and forth from one breast to the other, pulling the chain slightly harder. Again Cindy began to pant and groan, rapidly nearing climax. Without warning, the doctor ceased his attack and released her nipples from the clamps, causing them to burn as blood rushed to the area. Cindy went wild, thrashing and wailing, “No, no, don’t stop.”

The doctor sat down and waited until Cindy’s fit had passed. She was trembling, her breath still shallow, hair plastered to her forehead with sweat. A few minutes passed before he stood and approached her. He pushed the hair off of her face, ran a finger down her cheek and under her chin. He gently ankara escort lifted her chin, making her meet his gaze. “Are you ready,” was all he said. Cindy nodded fervently. He took his place between her legs and leaned forward, putting his palms flat against her chest and dragged them slowly down her body all the way to her feet. Then, he began to knead her thighs, starting on the outside and working his way in. The sensuous massage set Cindy’s body ablaze. Every second felt like an hour. She was moaning deep and low. She felt the doctor’s hot breath against her thigh a second before he began to lay a trail of gentle kisses leading to her hot sex. He blew on her clit and then licked it with a flat tongue over and over. Cindy’s moans got higher and more desperate. The doctor quickened his pace gradually until he was flicking her bud with just the tip of his tongue. “Please, let me come, Doctor, please, please,” Cindy bit her lip, her eyes were clenched shut. “Soon, Cindy, your patience will be rewarded,” he replied between flicks. He continued to tease her clit, pausing a few times to let Cindy catch her breath.

Nearly an hour had passed since the Doctor’s tongue first made contact with Cindy’s clit, before the doctor stopped and stood up. Cindy could only whimper. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her jaw clenched, her whole body quaking. She heard the sound a cabinet open and then close a second later, followed by a loud hum. The doctor moved back between her legs and whispered, “This is it, Cindy. You may come whenever you’re ready,” and then he touched the vibrator to the tip of her clit. She screamed the instant it made contact. He pressed it more firmly against her and then, bracing himself with one hand on the chair’s headrest, laid his white-coated body against hers. Cindy could smell a hint of mint on his breath as it washed over her face. Her body grew rigid, she fell silent, but her mouth remained open. Then, it hit her.

Cindy woke up with her head spinning. The doctor was standing over her, looking at her with a furrowed brow. His face brightened as her eyes focused. “You were out for a few minutes there. I’ve never seen anyone come for so hard for so long. That was incredible. Do you feel okay?” Cindy smiled slightly, looking drained, but pleased, “Never better, Doctor.”

“Good. I’ll send in the nurse in a few minutes to check on you, as long as she clears your vitals, you’re good to go. Until next time, Cindy: it’s always a pleasure.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Cindy whispered as the Doctor shut the door behind him.

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