The Best Gift Ever Ch. 11

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Cassidy Klein

Jenny didn’t’ bother ringing for Deb the following morning. After talking with Lisa and getting her blessing, she closed the door to her former way of living and knocked on another hoping she had made the right decision. On the other side stood her old slave, towering over her and looking as sumptuous and handsome as ever. Grabbing him by the cock and without preamble she knelt at the threshold and took him fully – or as much as she could fit – into her small mouth. In seconds she felt him spring to life and grow steadily while she pumped it in and out, slathering it with her saliva and observing its glistening reflection before her.

“That’s better,” she said after standing. She squeezed the swollen shaft firmly and smiled brightly looking up into his pretty blue eyes.

Bobby stood silently and appeared a bit surprised and more than a little taken aback.

“Don’t just stand there, my slave, keep stroking it!” Jenny stepped past him and into the foyer.

Bobby finally spoke. “So this is how it’s going to be?”

Jenny squared herself, “Keep stroking, and yes, this is how it’s going to be. Why,” she said inclining her head with eyes filled with a playful expression, “didn’t you like me doing that?” Not waiting for a response, she said aloud, “I guess I best put on my work outfit. Will you help me, my slave?” She handed him article upon article of clothing as she slowly undressed. Her shapely and naked body came into view a little at a time. When she was through, she stood with hands on hips, and nipples already tense and swollen atop creamy breasts. She watched Bobby take her in. Standing still she gave him ample time to do just that. She had all day and was in no hurry whatsoever.

“Keep stroking, but,” she pointed to the closet, “is that where my clothes go? If so, hang them next to yours.”

When Bobby closed the closet door she wrapped her arms around her old lover’s neck and bent his head down to meet hers. Jenny planted a soft lingering kiss on his lips. When he responded she kissed him again, and again, taking the liberty of exploring his mouth with both lips and tongue. Feeling his hesitation and reservation melt she continued with the gentle lovemaking. His cock periodically throbbed against her soft belly.

“That’s it,” she finally said in a soft and sensuous voice, “I like those kisses. Don’t stop.” She kept at it, kissing him and letting him kiss her. In time she led him into the living area and to nearby sofa where she pushed him down and fell atop, letting their warm naked bodies mesh. She found his lips once more.

It was a long time before Jenny broke the embrace with a smile. “My guess is you know why I’m here. My job is to keep this hard.” She wiggled her pelvis on the stiff pole pressed between them. “I intend to do just that and I expect you to obey me without the slightest hint of reservation. It’s going to be almost like old times Bobby. You’ll be my slave and I’ll be your appointed mistress. “Doesn’t that sound like fun to you?”

He didn’t reply immediately. He wasn’t sure what to say. One part of his mind knew he stood on dangerous footing; another was thrilled she had come back; a third wondered how Mistress would blend a third person into their home without also bringing a ton of drama along with the addition. “It’s good to see you, Miss Jenny.”

“Ahh, you remembered my name. How nice,” she said a bit sarcastically. “Now let’s see if you remember these.” Climbing off, she sank to the floor, grabbed a few pillows and leaned back against the front face of the sofa. “Come here.”

Bobby got up and saw her hefting a breast with one hand.

“Time to cuddle, my slave. Come,” she said softly.

Cradling him across her lap she supported his head while he latched on and tenderly sucked her swollen encouragement Jenny provided were periodic strokes to his penis, whispered affirmations and gentle strokes along his forehead, cheek and neck. She wanted him hard, but she wanted Bobby to want her even more. Staring down at him now and seeing how easy it was to trigger his need for closeness she watched. His eyes remained closed and his mouth rhythmically drew and partly releasing the marble sized pebble from within his lips. Jenny smiled. She could tell he wanted to be here and she knew her tits were one of his turn-ons. This was going to be a perfect arrangement!

Deb entered to find the naked couple where they had been for some while. “OK you love birds, take a break. We need to eat. Bobby, make a nice salad for the three of us.” Her words came out in short quick orders caring not whether she had interrupted something intimate – which she had. “Jenny, have a seat. We need to talk.” She pointed to the door leading to the back deck and soon the women exited leaving Bobby alone in the spacious kitchen.

Over lunch, Debra laid out the parameters of the new arrangement to her two slaves. Spelling out the specifics to both, even though everyone knew her underlying intent, she explained that Jenny was here for the express purpose of adding an erotic component to Bobby’s life. She let it be known she could do anything and everything shy of Intercourse to keep him aroused and expected Bobby to obey her word yalova escort as law. However, Mistress cautioned, she was not to infringe upon his daily responsibilities of kitchen and house duties and explained, using one of the iPads, how her system of organization was laid out.

“I’m going to add a tab for you so you will know what I need you to do, if anything. That way there will be no excuses for either of you. Bobby has his chores down pat and can help you with anything I put on your schedule.

Jenny looked wide-eyed, not expecting she’d have housework to do.

“Now it’s not that you can’t have some fun with him while he’s working but if I have need of you to do something I’ll expect you will check this often so I don’t have to seek you out” she said. “Mostly, I’ll need you in the office every now and again. He can handle the house just fine.”

Deb made it clear Bobby was to cut his Viagra use in half in lieu of Jenny’s role in keeping him aroused. She expected Jenny to work to that end throughout the day as well as when she was with them. For now Deb would leave what she did to her discretion and how things went.

Both were reminded of her mandate to remain naked with the usual exceptions of dressing to greet visitors and whenever they left the premises. What Bobby was previously unaware was the pecking order Mistress now revealed although it only made sense when he considered it from afar. He would obey both women while Jenny was only subject to Mistress’ orders. Soon after the fifteen minute speech, Mistress stood, pointed to her feet for the two slaves to kiss them and departed to her office.

“Take me to my bedroom, my slave,” Jenny demanded. “I want to have a look.”

Bobby stood waiting but she remained seated. “Are you ready?” He asked.

“I am. Are you?”

“Yes Miss Jenny. It’s this way,” he motioned to the stairs knowing she knew the layout of the house already.

She continued to sit, a suggestion of a smirk forming on her face. “I’m waiting,” she said softly.

“So am I.”

“I’m waiting for you to carry me, my slave.”

“Oh! Then why didn’t you tell me.” Bobby chuckled as he effortlessly lifted her svelte body. Wrapping an arm around his neck, they walked down one floor and then partway down the hall to the room adjacent to Mistress’ bedroom.

“I like it!” she said standing and entering the room for the first time. It was painted a pastel green and measured approximately 20×20. Although Jenny had walked the halls on multiple occasions, she never really took notice of the details of the five bedrooms spread comfortably on this level. Walking around she took in the king-size bed that occupied the center far-wall. A dresser, two nightstands, a desk and three chairs were tastefully positioned throughout the room. On the far right a door led to a full bath, a humongous walk-in closet and more than adequate vanity area. Jenny pulled the spread down and plopped playfully onto the bed.

“Let’s make out, my slave. I’m feeling horny.”

Bobby crossed the room and was about to join her when she held up a hand indicating he should stop.

“Stroke your cock first. I want to see you play with yourself.” She grinned, formed an ‘O’ with her thumb and fingers and mimicked a masturbation motion.

Obediently he faced her and grabbed the semi-erect appendage and began pumping the drooping sausage.

“I like watching you get hard,” she cooed tenderly. “I bet you like how it feels don’t you?”

He smiled understanding her intent.

It took only a few seconds for blood to inundate the three tubular compartments and force his shaft to stand away from his body obnoxiously at a 70 degree angle. Jenny rolled toward him, reached out and fondled his balls.

“I want you to get close to cumming. Keep stroking until I tell you to stop.”

She leaned over enough to lick his slit and taste the first of the clear pre-cum. Soon it flowed freely, covering the soft sensitive head and falling onto the sheet below.

“I’m getting closer,” he grunted huskily.

“Keep going. Your balls aren’t even drawn up yet. Do you really feel like you’re going to spurt?”

“Not quite but I’m getting closer.”

“How good does it feel, my slave?”

“Pretty good.”

“C’mon then. I want it to feel really good.” She arched over onto her back, slid her head between his thighs and licked his balls. “You like this view of me better?” She asked between tongue strokes.

“Yes, Miss Jenny.”

“How good slave? Talk to me while I lick your balls.” She lapped at them and then spoke again. “I like feeling your sweet nectar hitting my chest. It’s making me wet.” She spread her legs further apart so he could easily see the slit of her shaven flower moisten and blossom.

Bobby moaned. “It just feels good Miss Jenny. It’s hard to describe.” He watched several more droplets of the thick clear fluid fell in the valley between her soft mounds.

“Keep talking.” The words came out garbled as she opened wide but was unable to even come close to getting even half of the sensitive orb inside.

“Oh Miss Jenny, you feel so good. You make edirne escort me feel so horny. Mmmm.”

When she saw his balls advance upward she reached up to steady his hand. “Just go nice and slow. But don’t stop.

For ten minutes she let him jerk off, sometimes halting him for a bit, sometimes encouraging him to increase his pace. By the time she slid out from his legs both breasts were covered with his juice and a puddle filled the hollow at the base of her neck.

“Lick me clean my slave.” Closing her eyes she lay relaxed feeling his lips and tongue move over her soft skin and listened to the sucking, slurping sound of him gathering what he could. When he finished Jenny pulled him onto the bed and they made out for a long, long time.

Mistress paged her two slaves at 4:30. They had not left Jenny’s bedroom all afternoon. Bobby heard the soft voice over the intercom ordering him upstairs just as he was about to bring his new mistress to one more delightful orgasm. For the past hour her slave had ever so gently and precisely brought her body to this point. Making out, eating, sucking her nipple, licking some more, kissing her neck and working his way back down to her sex where he finally remained, he deftly brought her arousal to fruition. At the time of the page from somewhere upstairs she was ever so close to exploding. His tongue licked and titillated the darkly pigmented inner folds of her sensitively that now pulsated and yearned outward like hands reaching for more; desperately wanting to receive his tongue as a means to plummet over the precipice.

“I need to go,” he whispered and started to rise.

“No! Just make me cum now. Please! Please don’t go. I’m so close. Don’t leave me like this,” she gasped, her body trembling and her mind in a haze of near ecstasy, desire and lust. She desperately needed this climax and she would be damned if he was going to leave her hanging. Not waiting for an answer Jenny grabbed his hair and pulled him forcefully between her open thighs and held on.

“I said, make me cum and I meant it! Now do it!”

Obeying like the sub he was and forever would be, he heeded the pressing command and seconds later with a pillow pulled tightly over her mouth brought his mistress to a violent climax.

“I have to go Miss Jenny. I must go!” Sliding toward the foot of the bed he pulled free of her grip while she lay still shaking. Hastily rising, Bobby wiped his face on the bed sheet and hurried upstairs.

“I don’t appreciate having to wait.” He heard her words of irritation before he rounded the bend and found her standing on the landing atop the stairs. Looking up he saw her fixed with arms crossed and feet spread. Her position barred his passage but she looked as sensuous as ever, even while angry.

Bobby halted three steps from the top feeling embarrassed. “I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Did she tell you to stay?” ignoring his apology.

Bowing in shame he answered, “Yes ma’am.”

“Who is your mistress, slave?”

“You are.”

“Then you need to respond immediately. Don’t make me punish you. I will not tolerate you making choices other than keeping me as your first priority,” her voice sounding stern. “Now go make dinner.”

That evening while Deb sat cuddled in the arms of her slave, Jenny knelt between his legs playing with his cock. Throughout the evening news and the show that followed, she had kept Bobby hard, much to the pleasure of Mistress Debra.

His cock remained a free-flowing dribble of clear nectar that coated the sensitive velvety skin. Periodic grunts and gasps sometimes interrupted his thoughts while he distractedly conversed with his Mistress. Mistress paid little attention to the cute blonde other than giving her an encouraging smile while her slave found it almost impossible to not watch what she did to all parts of his nine-inch rod and massive balls.

While Deb talked about her day at work or voiced opinions on the politics of the world at large, Bobby couldn’t help but think how nice Miss Jenny’s hands and mouth felt and how sexy she had been toward him ever since early morning. It was an unbelievable thought to consider that every day would be like this. That thought alone made him hard with desire for Mistress. As he watched the police drama on TV he glanced often, watching her full lips, now puckered around the side of his shaft and sliding up and down. He felt her hair brush against his legs as she moved. Feeling those delicate hands and fingers fondling his balls and tracing circuitous lines over his body he had a hard time staying focused on Mistress or the TV. He groaned when she stroked his shaft both Mistress and Jenny giggled. Miss Jenny was indeed back in his life and came back with a fury like he had not before felt. His heart went out to her just as Mistress pulled at it in the other direction and as they did he felt as if he was being psychologically ripped in two.

“Time for bed my slave,” Deb said and then hit the remote to power off the 60-inch flat screen.

Holding out two hands, one for each slave she brought them to their feet and led the way down stairs. Jenny said her erzurum escort goodnights while Deb grabbed Bobby by the cock, pulling him along into her bedroom.

“Shut the door and get yourself ready for me. I can’t wait to put you inside me!”

When she finally returned Deb sat astride his muscular frame. She smiled, her eyes sparkling in the distant light coming softly into the room through the partly open bathroom door. Now, he could finally focus on her and become enraptured in her beauty without distraction. Clutching her waist, his thumbs and index fingers rested on her lower ribs. He held the love of his life in his hands and admired the absolute perfection of her face and form.

“I love you so much Mistress,” he said softly. “You are so beautiful.”

She grinned appreciatively, the underside of his cock pressing into her cunt and tummy. Reaching down Deb pulled it against her body and sighed.

“I missed you today. It was the first day we hadn’t spent most of it together.”

“I know. I missed you too.”

Bobby ran one finger up to her breast, touched one nipple and then the other and made a kissing sound when he touched each. “You have perfect breasts.”

“Thank you. And you have a perfect cock.” She extended her hips until she had him pointing into her entrance and slowly lowered. Her body shuddered as he filled her to capacity.

“Oh Bobby,” she said breathily.

“Enjoy me. Just enjoy me.” He could feel her weight pressing down onto the tip of his rod as she tried to take all of him.

“I want you. I’m going to take you. I’m going to make love to what is mine.” She pinched his cheek. “To you.”

It was those whispered words that captivated him. Jenny was nowhere to be found, not even in the hidden corners of his thoughts. He assisted his mistress while she took him, lifting her up when she rose, letting go when she fell. Soon she placed two hands on the front of each shoulder and assumed a rhythmical pattern. His cock stimulated her like it always did – magnificently. This was the first time in months that she had taken him in her own bed and she wanted this night to be one she wouldn’t soon forget. She was tired but she needed him and she had felt his desire all evening long. Jenny had done what she hoped. She brought out his lust. Deb had observed his eyes looking at her throughout their time together tonight. She also felt his loving arm around her. She enjoyed his hands exploring her body. She smiled whenever he reached over to kiss her ear or side of her neck. She could sense his desire to please when she arched back and over, offering her lips. Deb felt the tremors of his sexual stirring and smiled knowing how horny he’d be when she finally took him. Never once did she view Jenny as a threat. Although beautiful she never doubted Bobby’s commitment and although this was a step into the unknown, right now, it was paying the dividends she hoped it would.

“What are you thinking, my love,” she asked.

He pressed upward, pushing his manhood into her. “About you. About how I love when you take me. I love being here, being used.” He groaned and she continued to move.

He had that look; the one that made her feel as if she could do anything and he’d let her; the one in which she could say or ask anything and he’d be completely honest. “What else.”

“About how much I need you. How badly I want to be yours. How much I want you to take every part of me and make it yours.”

“I want all of you tonight.” Her thrusts became more purposeful as her climax neared. “You belong to me Slave. Only me. Not her. Only me,” she said amidst raspy breaths. Moving faster still she lifted and fell, pistoning on the swollen penis. Hurriedly she pumped and as she did she felt something so deep inside yearn with desire. She pounded on him with each descent. Bobby too started to groan as her vagina milked him with each lift and fall. She started crying, uttering little screeches as her orgasm came closer. That inner feeling, the one she had never felt before grew. It was as if she had some deeper desire that was more potent, more aching and more desperate to take him than ever. She pumped again and again, feeling her slave’s strong arms lifting and pulling her with every stroke. Finally she came.

“Ohh, ohh, ohhh, ohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh mmy godddd,” she gasped. Her body shivered and shuddered as she reached the edge and then exploded. “Agggghhhhhhh!!” she screamed and then fell hard on his pole.

When she did it was as if a secondary but more powerful explosion was triggered deeper inside. It felt as if some subterranean force had awakened. It was like nothing she had ever felt nor could she begin to describe but it felt so very good. Bobby watched as her eyes rolled back into their sockets and she went momentarily limp in his arms. And then she arched, every muscle in her body tensed. Then she cried – no screamed. At first she frightened him but he intuitively sensed she felt an intense pleasure. That’s when he felt it. Just then, just as she screeched again Mistress sank completely on him. Bobby felt the pressure on the tip of his cock suddenly release. When it did felt her pubis fell hard against him. He was in! He was all the way in for the first time!! Mistress lay full on his front, her fingers raking over his shoulders, her back remaining tensed in one gigantic spasm. Her body shook uncontrollably in a way he had never before seen. Her face contorted in some expression of agonizing joy. And then she cried out in loud gasps,

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