The Guy at the Pool’s Friend

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After my hot session with Jim, I was lounging in my hotel room. I pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and stretched out on the couch. I guess still in the afterglow of that hot fuck. I was drained but very satisfied as I relaxed. I was caressing my own body thinking about how hot it had been and I guess I sought of dozed or just faded away.

Suddenly I realized there was a tapping at the door. I was sought of startled, not sure exactly what time it was, how long I had been out or what or even where I was. Suddenly, my brain kicked into gear and I remember I was in the hotel and I jumped up. There was someone knocking at the door to the room.

I opened the door to see this hot drink of water filling the frame. It was the Mediterranean guy I had seen at the pool in the afternoon. He was very solidly built with broad shoulders. He stood maybe 5 foot 10 inches as he was slightly shorter than me. He was fully dressed, maybe he was on his way to dinner, but I still could make out the solid build and see a few wisps of his hairy chest reaching up to the open collar on his shirt.

I just stood there like a fool, admiring this hot guy. I hope my mouth was not hanging open.

“I’m Lorenzo,” he said with a slight accent. He was Italian and even something as simple as that sounded sexy. There must have been a pregnant pause before he finally added, “Jim’s friend.”

I was still taken aback, or maybe still lost in the instant fantasy of this hot guy at my door. I stammered something like, “Ah, yes, ok,” not sure what to say or why he was there.

“I think these are yours,” he said as he held up my shorts. I remember that Jim had left in my shorts and said I would get them back. It seemed sort of odd that Lorenzo had them. Was he returning them? Did he know about my fuck with Jim? I awkwardly said “Thanks” and took them from him not sure what else to say or do. We just stood there looking at each other. My mind was racing, remembering more and more details of my encounter with Jim. I hope I did not leave any telltale marks? Why was this guy here? Was I supposed to say thanks and close the door or invite him in or …..?

Suddenly, I realized he was taking in the view in front of him. As I said I was not bad looking. My body was firm and well defined. I was standing there is just a pair of tight black boxer briefs. My cock had yet to react to the situation, but there must have been a nice bulge all the same.

Still we just stood there looking at each other.

Lorenzo took a step forward and uncertain I stepped back. He took another step forward and now was fully in the room. He closed the door. I was not sure if he was glaring at me malatya escort or …. I struggled to figure out what was next.

“Look I just met Jim at the pool,” I blurted out. Maybe he was mad at me over Jim? Maybe he had seen Jim leaving my room?

“I know all about it….he says you are one hot fuck!” and with that Lorenzo grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. While my mind was still processing it, he started to kiss me. This was not like Jim who had been tentative at first. Lorenzo was more forceful and dominate. He pressed up tight against me. Our hot bodies in an embrace with our lips locked. His arms were behind me pushing me tight against his hot body. Instantly my cock began to respond stuffing my briefs.

Don’t ask me how it happened because the next think I knew he was already out of his clothes. He had unbuttoned his shirt and his hairy chest was exposed. He had a deep mat of black hair across his chest, all around his nipples and coming to a V and a trail descending down the middle past his belly button and to his waistline.

He pushed me down onto his chest where I eagerly began licking his hair and playing with his nipples. They were not as large and prominent as Jim’s plus they were almost lost in the in a mat of hair. Still he seemed to be enjoying my tongue work.

While I was still concentrated on his nipples I heard him opening his belt. His pants hit the floor. He stood upright and took a step backward out of his pants. Standing there I could drink in the full sight of this sexy man. All he had on was a micro pair of briefs stuffed with the outline of his cock.

“Come here …. Suck it!” he commanded. I followed the command and came forward and looked into his eyes as I grasped for his briefs. He put his hands on my shoulders and nudged me down to my knees. “Suck it!” and so I followed the command and pulled down his briefs. A thick cock sprung forth, thicker than mine. I was right that the trail lead all the way down and there was another big patch of dark hair. His cock did not seem too long, maybe just over 6 inches, and it seemed a little curved as it leaped forth. And he was uncut so all I could see was the slit peeking out from the hood.

It was not the first uncut cock I had seen – or played with – but I must have been taking too long for Lorenzo as he moved his hips and slapped his cock across my face. “Suck it!”

I started at his nuts, licking on his tight sack which he had shaved smooth. I licked on them while I took his cock in my hand and caressed it. It was hard and getting harder. I could smell his man musk with my mouth buried in his malatya escort bayan crotch. I guessed I was doing it right because Lorenzo started to moan and sway his hips.

I took my tongue and started running it up the shaft working from side to side. I held his nuts as I reached the top of his shaft with my tongue and ran it across the top. His foreskin was fairly tight but I managed to slide my tongue inside and around the head of his cock. More moaning.

“Take it you fucker!” So as my tongue worked around the sheathed head I released his nuts and used my hand to reach up on the shaft. I used my hand to slowly slide the foreskin back and this deep red mushroom head emerged. I engulfed it in my mouth working my tongue all around the head of his cock.

“AHHHHHH… that’s it you fucker!” He put his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my face pushing his pole to the back of my mouth and burying my nose in his bush. In and out he went harder and faster to the point that I thought he would come out the back of my throat.

Maybe he is just going to fuck my face and leave? I had reached down and released my own cock and was stroking it while Lorenzo fucked my face.

Suddenly he stopped. He pulled me to my feet. He kissed me hard and put his hand on my ass which was still covered for the moment with my boxer briefs. That did not last long as he yanked them down while still kissing me. He started squeezing my ass.

He stopped for a moment and I just stood there weak in the knees. He surveyed the room and saw the open door to the bedroom. He took my by the arm and lead me towards the bed. His hard cock was standing straight up in front of him and mine was standing straight out pointing the way to the bed.

When we got to the bed, Lorenzo pushed me down onto the bed face first. He pulled my ass back into the air and I realized he was going down to his knees. I felt the warmth of his tongue starting to work my crack. At first, his tongue just worked on the crack and his hands played with my cheeks. Then he spread the cheeks and his tongue honed in. He was working my hole with his tongue getting it very wet…. and he wrapped his hand around my cock and played with it. Pressed up against the bed I was powerless to do anything but enjoy the working over I was getting.

Lost in the feeling of warmth on my hole and building sensation through my entire body, I suddenly realized his tongue had been replaced by a finger which he was sliding into my hole. He pressed his hot body up against me, still fingering my hole. I felt his hot breath on my neck and figured I was about escort malatya to feel something more.

I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my back. “You know you want it,” he said into my ear. He continued to press his body down on top of me. “Tell me what you want,” he commanded. I moaned. He repeated it, “TELL ME!”

“I want you to fuck me,” I said.


“I want you to fuck me!”


I screamed out, I did not care who heard, “FUCK ME!”

“Beg for it!”

“Fuck me Lorenzo …. PLEASE fuck meeee.” And as I finished the me, I realized he had pinned my arms behind me and I felt his cock pressed up against my hole. “FUCK ME,” and this time he did. He pressed hard and his thick cock plunged in. I struggled to adapt to his hard, thick cock. He plunged it deep, all the way in and then stopped so I could feel his throbbing cock inside me.

After just a moment he started to work my ass. Varying the speed and intensity. He would work slowly for a bit and then suddenly start pile driving my ass. He slowed, let me feel his warmth and pulling his cock back and then start pounding me again. I was putty in his hands enjoying a hot fuck.

After what seemed to be forever, he suddenly flipped me over. He stood over me. His hard cock straining and clearly wanting to finish what it had started. This time I did not need his commands, “Don’t stop….fuck me. ….. Fuck me please!”

“Don’t worry I am going to fuck you good.”

Finally he pressed his cock back into my hole and I looked up into his face as he worked me deep. There was an intensity on his face and a fire in his eyes as his cock plunged deep inside of me.

I writhed in pleasure. My cock was straining hard and dripping a river of pre-cum. All the while he continued to pound my ass.

My cock was so hard and balls were churning away. He bent over and kissed me and worked my ass. I blurted out, ” I am cumminngggg…..” and he just pounded harder. Writhing in delight my hips thrust up and hands-free my cock exploded. A river of cum shot up into the air landing on my chest. One pulse, another, a third, a fourth. I had never cum so much in my life! It was an intense whole body orgasm from my toes to the top of my head and everywhere in between!

Lorenzo had slowed the pace for a moment while I enjoyed my ecstasy but then he started even harder. I heard him grunt once, drive deeper and grunt again. I felt his warm seed filling me up. He bucked hard and came and came deep in my ass.

He pulled out and I could see the remains of the cum on his cock. But most of it was deep inside of me!

He collapsed on top of me with our hard bodies pressed together. We lay in total exhaustion mixed with satisfaction. Our cocks pressed again each other, still enlarged but released and in their semi-soft state.

I am not sure how long we lay there….suddenly I heard, “I see you met Lorenzo.” Jim was standing at the foot of the bed with that smirk on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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