The Hunt Pt. 02

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Exhausted, Andrew enjoyed his leisurely stroll in the general direction of his campsite. The smell of wood smoke drifted all around him from the many fires throughout the area, intermingled with the thick smell of pine trees and other types of fauna in the thick forest.

A much younger guy, of questionable legal age, appeared to be getting pounded bent over a large fallen tree. He’d obviously started off bent over it, but the brute force of the solid guy behind him might have pushed him right over, to the point where his hands were on the ground and the kid was almost upside down. Though he looked happy enough, even at that angle. The guy doing the fucking raised an eyebrow at Andrew as he passed, as though in greeting and camaraderie. Andrew returned a wry smile and a wink, while watching the scene with appreciation.

Though he slowed, he didn’t stop. The beefy guy’s dick, even from that distance, looked thick. He wasn’t too dissimilar to the bearish guy he’d left spent by a tree, perhaps more muscular and marginally slimmer.

Further along, he found a small creek that wound around a bend, and saw two deer fucking near it. He smiled, and watched them for a few minutes as he slowly walked back towards his camp, using the dim solar-lights to guide him.

But he tripped over a large branch then and went head over and into the narrow creek. His wild hands out in front of him as he fell forward with a big splash.

It startled the deer, who both froze, then bolted into the woods.

Although the water wasn’t that cold, he knew it would be when he got out. Slowly, he pushed himself up out of the flowing water, and checked himself over for injuries.

He didn’t think anything major had happened, though when he got out and tried to walk, he realised his left ankle hurt more than a little, so he limped in the direction of his camp, pausing frequently to rest.

He’d performed a sort of half-circle and doubled around so that he passed the guard’s small cabin. Tendrils of smoke drifted up from the chimney, and a warm orange glow illuminated the windows, but the guard was nowhere to be seen.

Andrew’s eyes lingered on this warm glow for a few seconds, but he shifted his focus to his footing this time, and limped past, carefully watching where he walked.

“Hey!” a voice called.

Andrew turned to his left, then right, and finally behind him to locate the source.

Paul, the security guard was carrying some wood from the back of the cabin.

“Oh…hey! Paul, sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Andrew began, turning to face the guard, who had unbuttoned his shirt, and had sweat coming down his face, and down his hairy torso and shirt. His thick, chestnut beard was also a little damp. By the cabin, a water-well had water splashed around it, as though recently used.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Paul dropped the wood, and started towards Andrew.

“Oh, I’m fine! Really, just didn’t watch where I was going!” he tried to smile, but when he put his foot down he winced instead. In reaction to this, he spun, but lost his balance, and started to fall backwards.

Paul was by his side in a second, a strong, sweaty arm slid behind him, and another moved to Andrew’s chest to help support him.

Andrew started. “Honestly, Paul, I’m fine, just stumbled. It will heal fast…”

Paul tutted, and began manoeuvring Andrew towards his cabin, ignoring his resistance, and surprising him with his strength.

“Let’s get you checked out. That’s why I’m here, not just a uniform walking around making sure you hunters are safe, but also adequately trained, so more than capable to assess you and make sure you are indeed, fine.” The way he half-lifted Andrew, along with the authority in his voice, forced Andrew to reassess what he’d thought about the guy.

He was good looking, in a way that all the girls in college would have whispered at with shy looks, but not in a way that let them know he was too far up his butt to care. Big, maroon-coloured eyes paved the way to the cabin door, which was solid, probably enough to stop a real bear in its tracks. Inside, he was ushered carefully to the couch.

The inside of the guard cabin was much bigger than it had appeared on the outside.

“Wow. This place is awesome!” Andrew exclaimed, looking around at the various pictures of nature on the walls, and the nicely furnished abode.

Paul smiled, but moved too fast for Andrew to notice what he was doing. He grabbed a blanket from the bed, and a chair, which he placed in front of Andrew, and put the blanket over him. As soon as the blanket was around his Anadolu yakası escort shoulders, Andrew drew it tighter and tucked it under his chin. His eyes looked highly appreciative as he studied Paul.

But Paul had already sat on the chair, lifted Andrew’s leg, and placed it on his lap, and carefully unlaced the boot, and began taking it off.

Andrew winced, and groaned a little, biting his lip and appearing to disguise the worst of it.

With the boot off, the sock removed, Paul gently began feeling around the ankle. They could both see the swelling, which wasn’t terrible, but evidently painful.

“Looks to me like you’ve sprained it,” he lifted Andrew’s leg, then placed it on a cushion on the chair, and rushed off. A minute later, he returned with a red box with a green cross on it.

“Oh come on!” Andrew started, “this is a joke? Right? I mean…it’s absolutely…”

Paul gently squeezed the swelling, while levelling a gaze with a straight face at Andrew.

Andrew cried out. “Ow! Fuck!”

Paul smiled, sat back down, and pulled out items from his box.

“Sorry, you were saying Andrew?”

Andrew stared back, but the smirk, and the tender eyes softened his resolve. Paul gently massaged his ankle with some gel, then applied a heat pack to it, then an ice pack.

Andrew raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do you want me to explain it?”

Andrew shook his head, so Paul laughed.

Paul then began to bandage the ankle, and used a small, wooden splint from the kit, then clipped it after putting on a wire mesh to hold it all in place.

When Andrew went to move his leg, the pain was minimised considerably.

“What the actual…” he stared at Paul with raised eyebrows, as though he’d asked a question.

Paul shrugged. “These splints are good. Stop you from moving it completely, so you won’t feel it until it’s healed. Which…” he glared at Andrew as though warning him, “…might take a week or two. You’ll need to go easy, but for now, you can’t move it for at least 24 hours. Until the swelling settles.”

Andrew looked about to resist, but Paul continued. “When are you meant to be leaving?” Andrew looked away, opened his mouth, but paused. Then, “Um…here for 3 or 4 days. I didn’t give any concrete date to my wife.”

Paul had looked away as though searching for something. But his eyes snapped to Andrew. “Wife?”

Andrew paused, looked away, absent-mindedly loosening his collar, and shifted uncomfortably, but said nothing.

Paul stared, and gently rubbed his ankle, while Andrew looked away, as though deep in thought, but obviously not looking back at the other guy.

“It’s okay…it’s none of my business,” but the way he rubbed Andrew’s ankle was more gentle, like a deep-tissue massage with a tender touch.

“Wow. You’re very good at that,” Andrew said, finally meeting his gaze.

Paul’s eyes appeared to always smile, as though everything was humorous.

As he massaged, he spoke. “I was a medical doctor. Got bored; frustrated and disillusioned by big-city life, building wealth only so I could leave it to someone one day when I die, while I paid my taxes, hid my desires, and did what was expected of me, while listening to the complaints of people who ate bad food, and came in with stomach aches. It wasn’t all bad, but bad enough that I just needed a change of pace.”

Andrew looked surprised; it was his turn to stare openly. “That’s incredible. But…how?…why did you end up here? I mean…” as if realising his own words, “Well…what I meant was…”

“…Shhhh. It’s fine. I get it. Why did I go from being a doctor in the big city to a guard on The Hunt? It’s much more interesting. I like the guys that come here. Some of them are chatty, and many of them just horny guys who pay for a discrete experience. They mostly nod politely, but keep to themselves. I’ve seen all sorts here, and I judge no one. I’m here because I like the job and I like the… place.”

With the word ‘place’ he’d given Andrew a look that was seductive and suggestive.

Andrew smiled bashfully, but bent his head down.

“How did you end up here though?” Andrew asked.

Paul answered as though he’d been asked the question a lot. Either that, or he’d been questioning it a lot. “The guys who set this up are friends of mine. There are 4 guards on duty at any one time, each stationed in a different corner. I came here the weekend it opened, and I fell in love with the place. I didn’t want to leave.”

“I can see why. It’s a great place…hey…” he paused to consider his words, “Isn’t Escort Maltepe there a minimum age here? Strictly over 18?” he asked.

Paul nodded, but then seemed to understand. “I know who you mean. He looks so young, but actually he’s 23.”

Andrew looked shocked, then whistled.

“He’s here quite often,” Paul said, but then realised he’d said too much. “Sorry… I shouldn’t have told you that.”

“It’s okay.”

They sat in silence for a few more seconds, then Andrew nodded to his ankle. “I think it’s okay now.”

Paul nodded, but got up and put Andrew’s foot on the cushion. “It will be, but you can’t move today. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I’ll take care of you and make sure you’re set.”

Andrew looked ready to object, then sighed loudly. “Okay. I can’t argue, you’re stronger than me by the looks anyway. I do, however, have a stew going that I would rather not spoil…”

Paul nodded. “Mind sharing it? In return, I’ll provide free doctor services.” Again, the intensity in his gaze was more than a little suggestive.

Andrew laughed. “Please be my guest.”

“No…” Paul began, as he prepared to leave the cabin, “be my guest,” he said, and added an exaggerated but jovial wink, before leaving the cabin to retrieve the Witch’s Cauldron that Andrew had half-buried.

Paul left, and Andrew laughed. “Funny guy,” he said to the empty cabin, but surveyed the place with appreciation. The bed looked comfortable, and he did have the main blanket that Paul had given him, so he got up, shuffled over to the bed, and returned the blanket. But when he shifted, he lost his balance and fell back onto Paul’s bed. He laughed, but felt around him and around the comfortable bed.

Somehow, he dozed off.

The smell of food, a banging spoon, an extractor fan, and someone sipping something woke him.

Andrew lifted his head up and saw that he’d been arranged with a pillow and the blanket was over him.

Paul looked over, holding a glass of wine.

“Hey, which one of the bears are you?” He asked mischievously.

Andrew looked confused. He was about to open his mouth, but closed it. He blinked. But then it seemed to dawn on him and he laughed. “The bed was just right.”

“What’s in it is perfect, “Paul said, and placed the spoon down along with the wine.

He went to the side of the bed and sad down, and watched Andrew tenderly. “We can eat whenever you like.”

“I’ve never been one to say such things, but… I’m pretty keen to eat right now…” but he wasn’t looking towards the kitchen when he said it. He was staring at Paul.

Paul leaned in, their faces a hand-width apart, and studied Andrew up close.

“I don’t want to take advantage,” Paul started, “I haven’t eaten for a while…”

Andrew looked surprised, and turned his head a little. “No way! In this place?!”

Paul nodded. “I’m a vegetarian.”

Andrew started laughing, as did Paul.

The intensity between them, as they stared, was palpable.

Their faces slowly came in, and then their lips touched.

The kiss was soft, as the fleshy lips pushed together, but when both their tongues touched, the intensity switched gears, and the kiss became passionate; hungry and urgent. Paul slid closer, and Andrew put his hand behind Paul’s head to pull him in, as they licked at each other’s mouths.

A minute or so into the kiss, they both paused and pulled away, watching each other with a tenderness that had just developed.

“Um…” Andrew began.

Paul’s eyebrows raised. “Sorry…was that too fast for you?” he looked genuinely worried.

Andrew chuckled. “No, no! Nothing like that. That was hot…I just… well, I need a shower.”

Paul laughed then, and got off the bed.

A hand extended out for Andrew, who took it. “Looks to me like you’ll need some help…” Paul added.

Andrew looked embarrassed. “I had an encounter earlier…” he looked down, as though to illustrate.

Paul’s eyes widened briefly in understanding, but he shrugged. “I’ll be here,” he said, as he lay back on the bed.

Andrew hobbled to small bathroom, and Paul pretended not to watch him undress, and get into the shower. As the water sprayed over him, Paul noted he was quite smooth, and fairly lean, but in a way that proved he liked his fitness, but not the gym. When Andrew leaned forward to get some more soap, his well-rounded arse pushed out, which seemed also quite smooth. Paul realised he had no idea what Andrew did for a living, but he clearly kept in shape.

As though shy, Andrew came out of the shower towelling his clippered, Kurtköy escort bayan black hair. His eyes were drawn to Paul, and he smiled self-consciously. “It’s not fair. I’m already naked.”

Paul jumped up, threw his already unbuttoned shirt off and dropped his jeans and undies and stepped out of them. In a leap, he launched himself and sprang onto the bed naked, wearing just a big, sheepish grin with his hands behind his head.

It was so comical, that Andrew laughed heartily.

He dropped the towel and limped to the bed, regarding Paul intensely.

“Go easy. I’m injured,” he reminded Paul.

“Don’t worry, I’m a doctor,” Paul said in response.

“My bandage is wet,” he added.

“Is that what you’re calling it now,” Paul said, but this time they both laughed.

Andrew sat on the bed and immediately leaned in to kiss Paul again. This time, their lips locked with familiarity and their tongues resumed a warm dance.

Soon, Andrew was on top, pressed onto Paul, kissing passionately, while his hands felt around him.

Paul was aggressive though. With a grunt, he flipped Andrew carefully, looking back to check his ankle was okay, and jumped on top, pinning Andrew’s hands down.

Up close, Andrew’s cock was just a little bigger, and fatter than Paul’s. “That’s gonna do some damage,” he said, rubbing his dick against Andrew’s, and kissing him again.

Andrew let him lead, after all, he was a little disadvantaged.

With Paul on top, rubbing his arse onto his cock, which was hard, pulsing, and ready for another round, Andrew went with it. Paul kept pressure on his dick, either with his own, or with his arse, but soon moved down with his mouth.

That first few seconds, as Paul held his cock in a firm grip, while opening his mouth and breathing on it, Andrew thought he might jizz then and there. But Paul was careful to keep him on the edge. Slowly, he licked the thick dick, liking the excess foreskin, the way it bunched up when he squeezed it, but also enjoyed that it rolled all the way back. When he pulled the foreskin back, he put the head in his mouth and felt Andrew convulse and moan beneath him.

With a firm hand, he gently wanked, and followed the warm hand with his tight mouth, ensuring he was sucking just enough so he created a vacuum, but also not too much so Andrew could hold on.

“Just don’t jizz…” Paul whispered,

Andrew shook his head, to indicate he wouldn’t, but moaned when Paul sucked his dick all the way to the base. His balls squashed against Paul’s stubbled chin.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed out loud.

Incensed, and apparently enjoying sucking it, Paul and his hands sucked, gently wanked, and edged Andrew to heaven for a while. Each time Andrew could feel he was too close, and ready to explode, Paul would sense it, and stop, pulling back, watching Andrew with a sly smile.

He came to Andrew for another kiss, which lasted longer. Andrew used his hands to pull Paul onto him tighter still, allowing Paul to gyrate on him and rub their dicks together.

Then Paul’s hole was sliding onto Andrew’s dick, and his eyes rolled back, like he was in ecstasy with the anticipation. A hand went out to his side drawer and got lube, and masterfully put it on, then sitting on it again, and gently letting it put pressure at the entry.

With his hands, he spread his cheeks, while Andrew bucked upwards. With a little pop, his dick head entered, and Paul gasped, and tensed.

“Slow…” he said, “it really has been a while…”

They did go slow.

Paul took control, allowing his cock to slide in and out, deeper each time, and gasped. Each time, his eyes would disappear into the back of his head, and each time he sat back, more of Andrew’s dick went inside him.

When Paul was ready, he sat all the way back and let Andrew enter him.

“Fuck!” he said, drawn out, breathing heavily as he did, while Andrew bucked under him, unable to go slow.

The momentum was too great, so Andrew pushed up, and Paul rode with it, feeling the huge dick as it slid all the way inside his arse, and all the way out.

“Oh God!” Andrew said, with an expression on his face that showed he wasn’t going to hold on.

“Do it!” Paul said, and just like that, as Andrew started to jizz in his arse, he exploded across Andrew’s chest, in heavy jets. It was hot like lava, with a distinctive smell, as it went across the man’s chest, over his face, some even into his eyes, and onto the pillow. A squirt managed to hit the bed frame too.

“Argh…” Paul gasped, as the last of his jizz dribbled onto Andrew, and as he could feel Andrew’s seed filling him.

They were both covered in a sheen of sweat when Paul collapsed on top of Andrew.

Surprising them both, Andrew turned his mouth to kiss him.

And Paul kissed him back.

“You’re not a vegetarian,” Andrew whispered in his ear.

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