The Initiation

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Lily twisted her long hair up into a knot and fastened it on top of her head; long tendrils hung down in front of her ears highlighting her slim neck.

“Ready to go?” Claxton asked from the doorway of her bedroom.

Lily turned to face him and smiled; he was a good ten years older than her and was dressed in dark leather from head to heel. She knew her rich upper class parents would strongly disapprove of her dating a bike gang member and that added to the attraction she felt for him.

“You sure you want to go out?” Lily asked with a suggestive glance towards the queen size bed that took up the centre of her room.

Claxton smiled as he glanced towards the bed, “Maybe later, I got some business I need to take care of first.”

“Oh,” Lily said sounding disappointed.

“You can come with me,” Claxton smiled as he ran his eyes down over her body.

She had been easily influenced Claxton thought, all it had taken was a bit of attention and seeming approval and she had followed whatever he had suggested.

Skintight leather jeans, a vest that laced up tightly pushing her high pert breasts up creating an ample cleavage, lashings of make-up accenting her large violet coloured eyes. Her body was slender and she had a graceful way of moving.

“You’re taking the pill like I said?” Claxton asked as he glanced at the bed again.

“I got no intention of risking getting pregnant,” Lily said indignantly.

“Smart girl,” Claxton said softly and smiled down at her. For a moment he was lost in admiring the beauty of her pixie like face with her huge eyes and red painted lips. She was an intriguing mix of shyness and fearlessness, teasing and tempting him every chance she got.

“We got to get going if you want me to be able to spend time with you later,” Claxton said abruptly as he jerked his head up breaking eye contact.

Lily let out a soft sigh of disappointment before reaching for her new leather jacket on the back of her door, “I’m ready to go when you are,”

“Let’s get gone,” Claxton said as he turned and left the room.

Lily was left to follow behind him, she admired the way his gang jacket fit his broad shoulders and his jeans hugged his narrow hips. She knew from experience that his arms and shoulders were strongly muscled and his lips and hands caused excitement to course through her veins.

She could see in her mind how his dark dishwater blonde hair hung down his back in a rough braid, a shadow of stubble covering his jaw at almost any time of day. His eyes were light brown with crow’s feet at the corners from squinting into the sun while riding his motorbike.

“Ready for a night on the wild side?” Claxton asked as he stopped beside his large and powerful bike.

“I’m ready for anything,” Lily purred sexily.

Claxton caught her to him and kissed her hard plunging his tongue into her mouth and plundering her sweet warm depths. When he finally lifted his head Lily was glassy eyed and gasping for breath.

“Put this helmet on,” he ordered as he shoved a helmet into her hands.

Dazed from his kiss Lily complied and was soon sitting behind him on his bike, she wrapped her arms around his waist and held on tight when he kicked the bike to life.

The ride through the streets was fast and Lily found the feel of the bike beneath her exciting as they sped along.

“I’m going to get myself one of these,” Lily thought to herself as Claxton sped through a traffic light as it turned amber.

Half an hour later Claxton rode the bike onto the lawn of a large sprawling house among other bikes and put the stand down before turning the engine off. He motioned for Lily to get off the bike and she swung her leg over behind herself awkwardly and stumbled slightly as she found her feet.

“Will we be here long?” Lily asked she glanced around at the groups of rough looking bikers uneasily.

“For the rest of the night. We’re having a party and I decided it was time you were introduced to the gang,” Claxton told her with a closed look.

Lily looked around noticing how much interest she was causing; she swallowed hard suddenly unsure if being there was a good idea.

“I don’t know …” Lily started uneasily.

“Come on – it’ll be good fun,” Claxton said with a charm filled smile.

When Lily stood there undecided for nearly a minute Claxton gave a shrug, “Well I’m going to go have some fun. Stay or leave – please yourself,” with that announcement he turned and headed towards the front of the house.

Lily hesitated a moment longer then pulled her helmet off, placed it on the handlebars of the bike and hurried after him. “I’m coming,” She said sounding slightly unsure even as she followed him.

Claxton didn’t reply just slowed his steps slightly until she caught up with him and then continued into the house.

“Mmm, fresh meat.” Someone murmured under their breath.

Lily heard and glanced around nervously; she hurried to catch hold of the back of Claxton’s jacket.

“I think I should go home,” She told him nervously Alanya Escort escort when he glanced over his shoulder at her.

“Nah you’re okay,” he brushed her concerns aside.

Lily stopped following him for a moment but when he didn’t stop she hurried after him once again. The room she followed him into was a kitchen and she spotted him at the fridge getting himself a beer.

“I got beer or the tequila on the top shelf. Help yourself to a drink,” Claxton said as he moved away from the fridge.

“This what was taking you away from the house?” A large biker asked.

He stood just less than six foot tall with broad shoulders; he carried an extra twenty or so kilo in excess weight throughout his shoulders and torso. His head was clean-shaven and tattoos decorated much of the exposed skin on his arms, chest and neck.

“Yeah Boss. Lily come here,” Claxton ordered from where he stood near the man who had spoken and two others.

Lily eyed the three strangers warily as she walked over near Claxton and stood so he was between her and them.

“This is Burg, he’s the boss. He runs our group. That’s Guy, the Boss’s Sargent at Arms and that fellow on the end is Emery. One of the lieutenants.” Claxton informed her.

“Hallo,” Lily said quietly but clearly. Her speech even just the one word was in sharp contrast to that in and around the house; her voice and speech was clearly well educated while most of the men spoke in rough tones and language of those who had little or poor education.

“Good taste Claxton,” Guy said with a grin.

Burg regarded Lily silently for a few moments longer before he gave a brief nod, “Claxton said to help yourself to a drink,”

Lily caught the tone of authority in his voice and recognised the statement as the order it was. She glanced at Claxton who was watching her closely before turning back to the fridge; she discarded all thoughts of drinking the tequila knowing it was a strong spirit and opted for a bottle of beer instead.

The top proved stubborn and hard on her hand as she let the fridge door shut so she unfastened her jacket and grabbed the tail on one side of her vest to cushion between her hand and the bottle top. The top let go with a faint fizz and cold tendrils of vapour rose as she lifted the top off and looked around the kitchen for the bin.

“Take your jacket off and let me really see you,” Burg ordered sharply.

Lily glanced at Claxton surprised and uneasy, he gave a curt nod and watched her with narrowed eyes.

“Do as the Boss ordered,” Guy said in a firm tone.

Lily realised that things were as she had heard rumoured; the women were expected to be totally subservient to the men within the gang and clearly Claxton had seen fit to introduce her into the gang.

With one last glance towards Claxton Lily met his eyes for a second then placed the bottle of beer on the table and the top alongside of it. So what’s new in life? Lily wondered faintly as she thought of the way her father dominated the family.

Taking hold of both sides of her open jacket she met Burgs eyes with a faint hint of challenge.

Burg watched as the girl Claxton had brought to the clubhouse met his eyes, he recognised the challenge in her eyes as she stood defying him. He shifted his weight and frowned in annoyance ready to enforce his order.

He saw the hint of a smile that flickered at the corners of her lush lips and then she was slowly slipping the jacket open and back off her shoulders to slide down her arms. He felt his body leap to attention at the sight of her slender body in a vest that laced up in front and jeans that fit like a second skin.

“Turn around,” Burg said huskily.

Lily turned around with her jacket hanging from her wrists; she heard a grunt of annoyance from one of the men and glanced back over her shoulder at them as she let one sleeve slide off a hand.

“Happy now you saw my butt?” Lily asked saucily. She let the tip of her tongue peek from between her lips to swipe over her bottom lip as all four men hurriedly looked at her face.

“I aint seen ya butt yet bitch. Ya still got your jeans on,” Burg told her with a frown.

Claxton reached her in two swift strides, grabbed her by the upper arm and gave her a swift shake. “Don’t talk to the Boss like that!”

“Don’t be too harsh with her Claxton, I like her spirit. It’d be a shame ta break it,” Burg told him.

“Yes Boss,” Claxton conceded and loosened his tight grip on Lily’s arm. “Your arse would be naked if the Boss wanted to see ya butt!” he growled at Lily.

“And I wouldn’t be lookin’, I’d be fucking ya.” Burg said bluntly.

Lily shot him a nervous look then glanced at Claxton who was watching her closely.

“Is there anywhere I can put my jacket?” Lily asked when the silence became nerve wracking.

“I’ll show you where,” Claxton said, released her arm and headed for the door. “Bring your drink with you,” he commanded before exiting the door.

Lily hurriedly tucked her jacket under one arm, Alanya Escort bayan grabbed her drink and rushed after him. She caught up with him in the main lounge room where a lot of men lounged around watching a motorcycle race on the television, several women were scattered among the men.

Claxton led the way into a large room that held three double beds and he motioned towards the furthest from the door. “Just put your jacket on the end of my bed,”

Lily did as she was told and then turned to face him, she took a sip of her beer in an attempt to look unconcerned. “What now?” She asked with a sexy pout.

“How about you watch some tv. I got to talk business with the Boss for a little while,” Claxton informed her.

“You sure I can’t persuade you to stay with me instead?” Lily asked as she licked her lips and moved to stand in front of him so she could run one hand down his arm.

“Believe me this is very important business,” Claxton said before dropping his head to kiss her hard on the mouth.

Her lips parted beneath his and he plunged his tongue into her mouth as he pulled her hard against his body. When he finally lifted his head both of them were breathing hard and Lily’s eyes were dazed when she slowly opened them.

“You’re sitting in the lounge room,” Claxton said firmly and took her by the upper arm to guide her where he wanted her to go.

The lounge room was full of mostly men who were watching the tv, a few of them looked up with interest when Claxton guided her into the room but he motioned towards the tv.

“She’s gonna sit in here for a little while while I attend to some business. You lot leave her be,” Claxton said in an authoritive tone.

There were murmurs of agreement from a few of those present and Lily found herself seated in a lounge chair with her drink while Claxton left the room.

Lily gradually became aware of the rather hostile regard of a blonde on the far side of the room, finally Lily met her glare head on and waited for the other woman to say something.

“How long have you been seeing Claxton?” The blonde demanded.

“Nearly two months,” Lily replied levelly.

“Fuckin’ bullshit,” The blonde muttered softly but still loud enough for Lily to hear her.

Lily watched the blonde for a few moments not sure how to react, the other woman glanced her way with a smug look on her face believing she had gotten the best of her.

“Shut ya face Sonya,” one of the guys said.

The blonde glanced his way mutinously but made no more remarks or sent any nasty looks Lily’s way.

A few minutes later some kind of disturbance could be heard outside and most of those in the room got to their feet and left quickly. When there was only Lily, Sonja and two other women in the room Sonja got to her feet and strolled to the doorway.

“Want to see how sheilas are initiated into the gang? Come have a look,” Sonja invited with a wide smile and walked from the room without a backward glance. Lily hesitated a moment then got to her feet and followed Sonja leaving her empty bottle behind.

Outside nearly everyone was standing around the tables that were under the shelter of an open sided shed. As Lily moved closer she was aware of several of the men looking at her with interest for a few moments before turning back to what was going on in the shed.

Finally Lily got a clear view and she froze with horror as she saw how a young woman was being held down on a table while one of the bikers fucked her. No sooner Lily realised what was happening then the guy grunting between the protesting woman’s legs gave a coarse cry and collapsed forward onto her. He straightened a few moments later, stepped back and another biker took his place.

With growing horror Lily realised that there were at least five or six men lined up to take their turn on the unfortunate woman.

That is so NOT going to happen to me, Lily told herself as she took several silent steps backwards.

Glancing around to make sure there was no one watching her closely Lily turned and headed back inside at a quick walk. She found her way to the room where her jacket had been left and grabbed it hurriedly; she paused for a moment as she thought about her best way of leaving. Walking out the front door held little appeal, she would have to walk past where the gang members were taking turns with the woman.

Spotting the window on the far side of the room Lily went over and looked out; the window was on a side away from all the activity with a clear path to the driveway out the front. With a deep breath and a lot of effort Lily pushed the insect screen from the window and climbed onto the ledge cautiously; the drop to the ground was less than that from her bedroom window at home and she landed easily.

Lily set off at a steady walk trying not to attract attention her way; she headed for where the driveway curved to one side before it headed towards the front road. The driveway gravel was rough and uneven as she stuck to the shadows hurrying along; hopefully Escort alanya she would get a good distance away before her absence was noticed.

She had barely reached the road when she heard motorcycles start up and head along the driveway. Hurriedly she moved to one of the few patches of dark shadows under some thick trees and stood motionless as the bikes turned onto the road.

There were four bikes; two of them carrying two people and they separated going either way along the road. Lily waited until they all were well away along the road before stepping from the shadows and going back to the edge of the road and began to jog along the road hurriedly.

The new boots began to rub; they weren’t what Lily was used to for walking or jogging in. The leather pants and vest were fast becoming hot and sticky as Lily hurried along even though the night was becoming cool.

Headlights coming towards her nearly blinded her when they failed to dim them and she had to move off the edge of the road and stumble along almost blind until they had went by.

She halted when two motorbikes came towards her and slowed as they went by; she began jogging again but the two bikes turned around and came back to her.

* * * * *

Guy put the stand down and stopped his bike; he swung his leg back behind him as he got off the bike. He glanced at Emery who was on the other bike and Emery turned his bike off as well.

“Poor Claxton was busting his butt to convince Burg that you were something special and should be treated as such, then you go pull this stunt …” Guy said softly taking a step towards her as he shook his head.

Lily lifted her chin without a comment and took several cautious steps backwards.

“Burg was having a hard time believing Claxton aint been in the honey pot yet; he figured old Clax would have sampled something so sweet and spicy by now …” Guy told her, ” and you just had to walk through my personal space at the house. Bust out the screen and let all the insects into the room, that was down right rude of you.”

Lily felt the heat rise in her face as Guy talked, she knew he was referring to the fact Claxton had discovered she was still a virgin and had not yet taken her up on her offer to have sex with him.

“So how about you hop on my bike, we’ll go back to the club house and sort out the mess you’ve made?” Guy asked levelly

“How stupid do you think I am?” Lily demanded.

“The only reason I didn’t drag you out of the trees back when you first reached the road and I went by you was because I like your spirit and I’d gotten to wondering if Claxton didn’t have the right idea after all,” Guy said as he took several steps towards her.

Lily stepped back hurriedly and grimaced as both her feet protested the movement after remaining still for a short time.

“Now think about it, do you want to piss me off by doing things the hard way?” Guy asked, his tone starting to loose patience.

” Why should I let you drag me back so you and all your mates can treat me like a cheap whore?” Lily said scathingly.

Guy smiled at the brave front she was trying to put on, he could see the fear in the way she kept darting little looks around looking for some way of escape.

“No one intends to treat you like a whore,” Guy told her gently, “granted Claxton’s real pissed off at the moment and the Boss aint to happy but he only sent us out to find you. Not everyone who is interested,”

“The Boss liked your pluck when you were cheeky to him,” Emery said breaking into the tense conversation, “maybe you’ll be able to convince him let you go home when you fix going through the window.”

Lily caught the look Guy sent Emery and realised with a sinking feeling there was no way she would be escaping being ‘initiated’. She had the choice to co-operate and let them do as they wanted or fight them all the way.

A strange little thrill started at the base of her spine and worked its way up her body as she realised that it also meant that the deep throbbing emptiness she felt whenever Claxton kissed and fondled her would be appeased.

“Come on,” Guy said holding a hand out towards Lily, “I need to be getting back and taking care of business,”

He saw her shudder slightly then slowly lift a hand towards his. He knew she was no fool but was surprised at her courage as she took several jerky steps forward and placed her hand in his. He grasped her hand firmly and pulled her to him folding his arms around her tense body.

“You sit in front of me on my bike,” Guy said quietly as he rubbed his hands up and down her arms.

Lily did as she was told woodenly, a helplessness was taking hold of her with an undercurrent of excitement starting a warmth low in her stomach. The ride back to the house seemed surreal and when it came time to get off the bike her legs were trembling so badly they barely supported her.

Guy grasped Lily by the arm just above the elbow; he could feel her trembling and hoped he could get her inside before her courage ran out.

“Come on let’s go face the music,” Guy said as he urged her towards the house.

Lily was dimly aware of people stopping talking and turning their heads to watch as she stumbled towards the house. She felt a sense of dread as Burg walked out and stood on the top step as they neared the house.

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