The Long Trip Pt. 02

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A few weeks went by since my incident in Thailand. Everything felt like a bad dream, but the guys at work didn’t bother me at all. No one mentioned a thing, the guys seemed pretty happier than normal but acted like nothing happened. When we pulled into Japan together, Rick insisted we go together. I wasn’t going to, but I didn’t have anyone else to go with and we weren’t alone to go alone. Japan was beautiful, and busy. There were so many people! We went drinking at a bar and the first four rounds were paid for by locals.

We were out on the streets stumbling to our next destination, when we passed by a brightly lit sex shop. Daryl looked over at Shane and said something I didn’t hear. Shane nodded at Rick and then before I knew it I was being shoved inside. Rick went to talk to the shop owner and the other two guys were looking at sex toys. Rick came over with the shop keeper. She was an older short Asian woman.

“She says we can use her changing room in the back!” Rick shouted to Shane and Daryl.

While the other two guys came over to our direction, the older women started measuring me up and down. After she was finished she went to go grab some things. The guys pushed me into the changing room. The older women came back with a maid outfit. She laid it onto a bench in the room. She looked right at me.

“You take pant off,” she said.

The other guys pulled my shirt off. I didn’t want to get attacked antalya escort again. I figured that if I complied then the Asian women would stay, and they wouldn’t do anything to me in front of her.

“You take pant off now!” she repeated.

I pulled down my pants and stripped completely naked.

“hehehe so small, I have perfect thing,” she laughed and exited the room.

The guys started to get naked in the room too. I started to getting really nervous.

“Alright Dave, we decided that if your gonna service us, we want you get all pretty for us like the little sissy bitch that you are.” Rick said.

“Fuck you Rick, why do you think I should service you?” I snapped.

“Look at my cock,” Rick said while he stroked his dick. “Who’s dick is bigger? Mine or yours?”

I couldn’t lie, his dick was a lot bigger than mine. Even if I was fully hard I still had the smallest cock in the room.

I looked down at the floor, “yours.” I finally said.

Rick yanked on my dick.

“This isn’t a man’s cock. It’s a little bitches. Bitches are made to service real men like us. Now you can do it willingly and we will dress you up pretty, or we can take what we want.” Rick said quietly.

The Asian woman returned and she had some skimpy thongs and matching bras with her. She handed me the first set, they were black and lacy. She put the bra on antalya escort bayan me and I felt really weird. Then she handed me the thong. It was tiny but it felt really soft and comfortable. I looked at the others and I shamefully put it on. The little end went right up into my ass. The front covered my cock and I started to get really hard. I don’t know why, but I was hard as a rock the little tip of my cock stuck out the top of the panties. The lace felt good on my cock.

Rick pushed me onto my knees in front of Daryl. Daryls cock was a little bigger than mine, and it was uncut.

“Stroke his dick,” Rick commanded.

I didn’t want to do it willingly, if I did id be admitting that they were right about everything.

“Grab his cock!” Rick shouted.

I immediately did as he ordered. I don’t know why, but something deep down in me wanted to obey. I just had this instinct to follow orders. I started to stroke Daryl’s dick slowly.

“Suck it!” Rick Ordered.

I put Daryl’s cock in my mouth. It was sweaty and salty. I don’t like the taste. I don’t know why I was sucking him off. I had always chased after women. Something in my just wanted to listen when I was ordered. I couldn’t describe the feeling any other way. Daryl started breathing harder. I knew he was gonna cum any minute. I sucked harder, I figured if I didn’t get caught off guard escort antalya I could swallow it and not taste or gag on his load as much. He gave a few short pumps and all of the sudden he flooded my mouth with cum. It was hot and salty but I gulped it all down.

“If you suck us off by yourself, we will buy these panties and treat you like a good little sissy.” Rick smiled.

I stroked Ricks dick slowly. If I sucked him and Shane off, I wouldn’t have anything put in my ass. I didn’t want to admit it but I liked the feel of the panties. I felt pretty in them. I started to suck on Ricks cock. His was circumcised and it didn’t feel as weird on my tongue. His hands grabbed both sides of my head and he began to hump my face. His big cock kept hitting the back of my throat making me gag.

“Look up at my eyes when you suck my cock.” Rick ordered.

I obediently looked up into his eyes. Seeing me helpless on my knees was too much for him. All of the sudden he pulled his dick from my throat and blasted my face with cum. I was dripping with cum, and before I could wipe my face off Shane was pointing his huge cock at my face. I reached up with both hands and stroked his dick. It was weird to think but his dick was really impressive. His cock was long, fat and heavy. I had both hands firmly wrapped around it. I started pumping with my hands and then I sucked on the tip of his cock.

I licked up and down Shane’s dick while I stared into his eyes. He let me do all the work. So when I bobbed down on Shane’s dick I started to get into a rhythm and was able to start getting his cock into my throat. I don’t know how I got to this position. Dressed in lingerie dripping with cum, with a huge cock in my mouth. I knew that my life was never going to be the same.

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