The Mother Unravelled

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I took my hand off my hot pussy and turned sideways facing Chris and closed my eyes. I felt Chris turn and his hot breath blow towards my lips, thinking he was going to sleep. I could smell sweat and a tint of earl grey tea blowing in his breath.

“Can I ask you a favour?” Chris asked.

“What?” I replied thinking I only wanted to sleep now and not talk.

“Will you give my mother a massage? Her back is killing her. Will you? You do massage in your job don’t you?”

I opened my eyes, not believing what I was hearing.

“Sure,” I enthusiastically replied. I couldn’t wait to rub my hands on her as soon as I could and now I had the chance to I couldn’t help but say, “I finish at 4. I can be here at 5? Okay?”

“Blimey. You’re keen,” He said acting surprised.

“Anything for you babe.” I said.

He giggled cheekily, pinched my chin and replied, “yeah, right,” as if he knew I had a hidden agenda.

“Okay, sleeping now,” he said, giggling. We both closed our eyes and fell asleep.

I woke quite eagerly in the morning, feeling fresh and wishing the day would go fast. I left Chris sleeping since he wasn’t going anywhere soon. I was thinking about his mother all day at work, getting all excited and daydreaming crazy fantasies about us together. It felt so naughty but I loved it. I kept staring at the clock, hoping it would speed up and before I knew it, my shift was finished. I worked as a nurse 4 days a week, and have just qualified as massager. I often had personal clients where they would come to my flat, relax and be intoxicated by my oils. I’ve always been told I’m good with my hands, so I thought I might as well make some good use out of them.

I arrived at Chris’s house quite swiftly knowing he’d be there. He lost his job last week, due to job cuts, and unfortunately he was the unlucky one. I knocked the door and promptly, Chris opened it. I selfishly wasn’t bothered about seeing Chris, I just wanted to see his mother. All I could think of was her lying down, with no clothes on, screaming for my oily hands to be rubbing her all over. I put down my satchel of oils and pulled off my jacket and hung it on the clothes rail beside the stairs. Chris noticed my satchel which he knew I used to store my oils.

“Come prepared then?” He sarcastically fikirtepe escort said.

“Why of course,” I sarcastically replied. “Hope I’m not late.”

“For what?” he replied. Had he forgotten what he asked me or was he messing around with me? Maybe I am being over enthusiastic.

“Oh, right. Yeah. She’s up stairs. In the spare room,” he replied almost looking a bit annoyed that my attention was elsewhere other than him.

“Cool. I’ll go up, shall I?” I said like a school kid about to get a new toy.

He shut the door, looking somewhat annoyed and walked back into the lounge, sitting down on the couch quite heavily, and continued to play his game on his PS3. I didn’t think too much about it other than me walking away and up the stairs. It was quite dark walking up the stairs, not much light came this way. The stairs were covered in a dark musty brown carpet, slightly bobbled to the touch. The smell was a little stuffy like a typical boy’s bedroom, untidy and windows never opened. I guess Chris’s moping about was taking its toll on the house. I could smell a tint of lemon essence, a burning smell as if candles had been lit, which helped mask Chris’s masculine imprint on the house.

Once I reached the top of the stairs, it became a little lighter but not a great deal. I could see on my right at the end of the hallway a light gleaming through the opened door. I took a small breath, gave my satchel of oils a little squeeze and plodded confidently to the room. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or what was going on in her head right now but I was quite excited that I was going to be alone with her.

I pushed open the door and my eyes blew up and my heart pounded hard. She was lying down on her stomach, facing away from me, completely naked on a fluffy white bath towel. It was a small room, quite compact but cosy. I was thrown back by the instant smell of the burning lemon essence, suffocating the room. There was no sound, but the sound of her breathing so softly and the flickering of the flames, sizzling away on the candles that sat beside her. She heard me walk in along the creaky floors which I heard many times before, and I could see her turning her head down towards me.

“Hey. Hope I’m not being too over enthusiastic?” she said gebze escort with a little giggle. “It’s just I heard you come in.” She looked towards her bare bottom and began to say, “Shall I..?”

I knew she was about to ask if she should cover herself up, but I quickly intervened, “No, no, it’s fine. You’re fine. Just relax.”

She smiled sweetly at me and turned her head so her chin rested back onto the cushion, “Great. I will.”

I shut the door and opened my brown leather bag. I remembered reading a new book which I bought, ‘Sensual Massage Oils’ because I wanted to see if these oils did help arouse sexual desire. I decided on the oil I wanted to buy, so I purchased oil called ‘ylang ylang’. I opened up the bottle and could faintly smell grapeseed pouring out. It wasn’t too strong and felt somewhat relaxing and natural. I didn’t need to dilute this oil like I had to with the others, so I tilt the opened bottle and watched a few drops fall onto her back. I just wanted to grab her, trying to fight the urge to spank that cute perky bottom of hers and without a hesitation, I rubbed in the oil deeply on her back. I was mesmerised by how soft her skin was. It was shiny, so smooth and tanned, and now covered in oil, it looked so sexy. I began to feel hotter; this was making me feel turned on. I closed my eyes and let the emotions possess me while I slid my hands up and down her back. It felt so good, she felt so good.

“You’ve got great hands there,” she said.

“Thanks. I do try,” I said sarcastically, smiling.

I slid my oily hands up to the top of her back and slid each hand down across her shoulder blades towards her breasts. My fingertips were touching her breasts, pressed against the bench, and remained there, rubbing up and down her sides. I was beyond being professional now, I couldn’t control my urges. I slid my hands all the way down to her arse cheeks and rubbed each cheek with my hands. Her arse was firm, shaped round the sides like a heart. I rubbed round the sides and moved back up to her cheeks.

“You have the magic touch,” she said.

“I do?” I softly said expecting a response.

She replied mumbling to herself as if she was slowly being fucked, enjoying every second.

Quite unexpectedly, while I was massaging her içerenköy escort cheeks, she lifted her right arm from her side and grabbed the tip of my fingers, guiding them down under her arse. My fingers met with her pussy lips. She pushed my hand into her pussy and guided it up and down. Oh man, I was really burning up now. I could feel my pussy tingle and my nipples becoming erect through my tight white cotton shirt; so tight that I had to rip it open with my other hand so I could breath. My arousal was painful, as if a kettle not able to stop boiling.

She let go of my hand and I was in control now, both not saying a word but letting the actions take control. Her pussy was wet and her lips pouted so neatly in between her legs. They felt smooth to the touch and gushing with cum. I pushed my fingers in deeper between her pussy lips and rubbed them deeper in her juices. The squishy sound turned me on and wanted to hear it more. The more I rubbed her pussy the more she lifted her waist, up and down which made it easier for me to slide my fingers under her pussy. I tucked my middle finger further under buried between her lips and could feel the swelling of her clit, and started rubbing it in circles and sideways. She was mumbling louder and quivering more at each prod of her clit. The shaking of her legs aroused me to the point of me feeling the urge to fuck her brains out. I slid my middle finger down to her pussy hole, so hot and so warm, it slid in freely. I knelt down to the floor on my knees so that I could arch my finger in her pussy like a hook, facing her stomach, and rammed my finger in and out so hard and so fast.

“Ah. yes!” she shouted.

My breathing was erratic and my heart beat was racing, like a fist trying to punch its way out of my chest. I kept licking my lips to moisten the dryness from my heavy breathing. I could smell her cum dripping out of her pussy, so sweet and sensual, it was hot. I held her left cheek for support while using my left hand to play. I rammed in two fingers using my right hand for a few seconds then 3 fingers and pushed them in and out as fast as I could. The faster and harder I prodded, the more white ooze was flowing from her pussy hole.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh God,” she said loudly, shaking under her voice.

The more she uttered her excitement the more I wanted to make her cum. My head was spinning, I wanted to explode. My pussy was throbbing painfully and desperately needed to be relieved.

She quickly pulled out my hand and turned herself around, so that now she was on her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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