The Nanny Ch. 02

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I returned to university the week before the start of classes. I was going to be a part-time nanny for John and Cathy, and we felt it best that I get comfortable before the frantic registration week.

I’d been in regular email contact with Cathy, and knew they would meet me at the train station. I was so excited to be returning that I must have spent half the trip in the bathroom, masturbating. John, a university professor, was widely believed to be the sexiest man on campus; and Cathy was simply the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. If that wasn’t enough, I was pretty certain that they both wanted to make love to me. Last time I’d met them, I’d been interviewing for the nanny position and had been trying to make the sort of impression I expected they wanted. This time, I wanted to get their attention. My short blonde hair was in curls, makeup subdued but carefully applied, my 32-B breasts in a push-up bra under a low-cut blouse to show them at their best, a short skirt barely hiding white lace panties, and stiletto heels to accentuate my legs — though I could never hope they’d look as good as Cathy’s.

When we stopped at the platform, I could see both John and Cathy waiting, with their toddler, Kevin, in a stroller. I grabbed my shoulder bag and let the conductor hand me down from the car, as he casually looked up my skirt. As John took my bag with one hand and hugged me with the other, planting a kiss on my cheek, I casually let my left hand brush his crotch. He grinned as he drew back, but just said “Hi Christie, welcome back.”

Then Cathy had me in an embrace. Just as when we’d parted four months ago, she kissed me full on the lips — but this time, when her tongue darted forth, I opened my lips and kissed her back deeply. We broke off and she stepped back, a little flushed. I looked at them both. John with his dark wavy hair, muscular looks, ready smile — and now with a bulge in the front of his pants. Cathy with her waist-length black hair, slightly Eurasian features, and the most beautiful tits and longest legs I’d ever seen. Though she was slightly shorter than me, she’d more than made up the difference with heels 2″ taller than mine, and her skirt was shorter and blouse lower. Even in her 5th month of pregnancy, and showing noticeably, she looked gorgeous.

“Welcome back, Christie — is this all you have?” she asked.

“No, I have a big trunk that should be coming along any moment. Let’s have a seat while we wait for it — your back must be killing you. Are you sure you should be wearing those heels at this point?”

“Whose nanny are you anyway?” she laughed.

“I’m Kevin’s nanny — and yours if you need it!”

John laughed, and said, “I hope you can pull it off. She won’t listen to me.”

As Cathy took a seat, she said, “You’re right. I shouldn’t wear heels, but I wanted to look good for you. I am going to have to stop wearing shoes like this, though.”

I bent down to Kevin’s level and looked him in the eye. “Hi, Kevin, do you remember me?”

He just hid his head in his hands and giggled. At 18 months, I knew he had some vocabulary, but I also knew he wouldn’t remember me, as we’d met only once almost a quarter of his life ago.

“Well, I’m Christie, and I’m going to help your Mommy and Daddy look after you for a while.”

We chatted for a while about the past summer, waiting for my luggage. Despite their welcome, there was a tension in the air — and strangely it didn’t seem to be over me. Both of them would chat happily to me, but they didn’t seem to be talking to each other. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but they still seemed to want me — in all senses of the word — so I figured it would work out.

When the baggage handlers brought in my trunk, John’s eyes goggled.

“No wonder, you only needed ONE piece of luggage!”

“Oh, really, it’s not that bad. After all, I knew I didn’t need the kitchen sink. Besides which: it’s kaynarca escort got wheels! It’s not even full, and the rest is almost entirely clothes.”

“Oh, yes. Women and clothes…”

“OK, I admit that there’s a bit more fabric in most of my outfits than the ones I’ve seen Cathy wear.”

Now it was Cathy’s turn to sputter: “Not ALL my outfits are skimpy, you know!”

John agreed. “Absolutely! You should see the dress she wore to her grandmother’s funeral — which she still has — it reached almost to the knee!”

“But it was VERY heavy,” Cathy almost pleaded, “and it showed no cleavage at all.”

We all laughed, and John and Cathy shared a smile for the first time since I’d arrived. Then John suggested I take my shoulder bag back, Cathy could take Kevin, and he’d handle the trunk. Cathy and I simultaneously started a chorus of “Macho, macho, man”, but burst into giggles as we realized we’d had the same thought. With an exaggerated air of wounded pride, John stalked off to get the trunk, as Cathy and I walked, arms around each other, to the exit.

“I hope we’re not going to try to get that trunk into John’s BMW!”

“No,” said Cathy, “I have a Volvo wagon. Though, we might have to leave the hatch open…”

In the end, the trunk didn’t even fill the back of the wagon. As he rolled it into the back of the car, John exclaimed “Thank the gods, I’m a citizen of the 21st century! Mankind invented the wheel thousands of years ago, but it took until the end of the 20th to put them on the luggage.”

“Oh, big deal, tough guy! I had to get that trunk TO the train station.”

“You did not?” he said, with amazement.

“OK, you’re right,” I admitted, “Daddy did it.”

“Ah-hah! I knew it.” and we all laughed again.

When we arrived back at my new home, I helped John lug the trunk upstairs, where I had a room with ensuite bathroom next to Kevin’s (the master bedroom being on the main floor), then Cathy sent him back down to start the barbecue for dinner, saying that she’d help me unpack. We enjoyed ourselves checking out my clothes — Cathy exclaiming when she realized we had the same shoe size. She said that, since I wasn’t going to let her wear heels for the rest of the year, I could borrow any I wanted, and I offered her the use of any of my clothes that I wasn’t currently wearing.

“But if you pop off any buttons, I expect you to sew them back on!”

She looked at my chest critically, and sadly announced: “Yes, you can borrow my clothes too, but I suppose I’ll have to show you where the safety pins are.” We roared with laughter, but then Cathy squealed “I need to use your bathroom!” and ran for the door.

When she came back, she sheepishly admitted that you could never be far from a bathroom when you were pregnant, and you couldn’t afford to laugh too hard, if the bathroom was more than three steps away! Just then, John called us down for dinner.

Over dinner, the tension returned. I couldn’t understand what it was about, but Cathy and John barely even looked at each other. John and I talked about Chemistry (his field) and wine (mine!), and he told me that if I didn’t like the Viognier we were drinking (Cathy, virtuously sticking to water), he’d be happy to let me stock his wine racks while I was with them. I said that the wine was great, but I jumped at the chance to choose for him — as a student of Oenology, I couldn’t actually afford to drink many of the wines I studied.

As the conversation petered out, and Cathy didn’t seem to be showing any interest in joining in, I decided that it was probably best to leave them alone.

Truthfully, I announced, “I had to get up very early this morning, so thanks for everything, but I’m ready for bed.”

“OK, Christie, sleep well. You should know that John probably won’t be here when you get up — he’s catching a plane for Toronto early in the morning, and he’ll be gone küçükyalı escort for three days, doing something at the U of T.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, John. I’m sure Cathy and I can use the time to get to know each other, though. Have a safe trip.”


The next morning, I woke to the sound of raised voices, then the door slamming. I looked at the clock and it was 5 a.m. I shuffled downstairs to the kitchen, just wearing an oversized T-shirt. As I got there, I heard a soft snuffling.

“Cathy? Are you alright?”

She turned to look at me, with tears on her cheeks and her eyes puffy and red. She was dressed like me, but as always her T-shirt was shorter and showed more cleavage.

“Oh, sorry, did we wake you? It’s nothing really, it’s just silly.”

Cathy turned away from me, but her shoulders heaved.

“What is it?”

“Ohhhh… I’m fat and I’m ugly, and John doesn’t even want to have sex with me, even when he’s going away for a week.” she wailed.

I stepped up behind her and hugged her.

“Cathy, you’re not fat, you’re not ugly, and it’s only three days”, I said as I looked over her shoulder at her fantastic tits.

I put my hands on her expanding belly. “This is not fat — you’re taut as a drum!”

Moving my hands up her abdomen, I cupped her enormous, beautiful breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and they felt incredible. “These,” I exclaimed, “are the finest jugs I’ve ever seen! I weep to think I’ll never have tits like yours.” I felt her nipples harden beneath my palms.

Then, still cupping her left breast, I moved my right hand down to her thigh. “And this is only half of a pair, of the longest, most unbelievable legs, in existence. Including Tina Turner’s at her prime!”

Cathy’s breath was coming in short gasps, now. I dragged my thumb up the inside of her thigh, under her T-shirt, to her panties.

“Ah-ah-are y-y-you c-c-coming on to me…” she stammered.

I whispered into her ear, “am I being too subtle?” as I hooked the band of her panties with my thumb and then slid two fingers under, to her already moistening vulva.


If I was in any doubt whether that was an answer to my question, or a demand to stop, she twisted towards me and kissed me deeply. It seemed an eternity — our hands roving over each other’s bodies — our lips locked, and tongues entwined — that we stood there. When we broke off, both breathing heavily, I felt as if I’d never been kissed before.

She looked at me, with her Mona Lisa smile, and said “Come back to bed with me.”

Taking me by the hand, she dragged me down the hall to her bedroom. We kissed again at the door, then again as we stood by the bed. Finally, she reached down and pulled my T-shirt over my head.

I reached to do the same for her, but Cathy pushed me back on the bed, just as she had in my fantasy four months ago. Her hands roamed up my thighs, then teased gently at the lips of my freshly-shaved pussy. She moved up above me, slowly working her fingers into my now soaking slit as she drew her shirt over her head, showing me her beautiful breasts and large dark nipples, exactly as I’d imagined them.

“You want these, don’t you?” echoed the voice of my fantasy.

“Ohhh, yes! Please…”

I moaned, fingering my own nipples . Cathy bent down over me, giving me her right nipple. Reaching up, I fondled both breasts while taking the nipple between my lips. I rolled my tongue around it, no longer marvelling at it’s size — it was as if I’d already done this. She knelt upright again, giving me a chance to do what I’d wanted to do months ago. I ran my hands up her thighs, and gently pulled down her tiny panties. As she lifted first one knee and then the other to free them, I got a close look at her own shaved sex, already dripping with juices.

I wanted to taste her, but as I reached to draw her towards me, she slithered sancaktepe escort out of my grasp, sliding down the bed until her face was above my lower lips.

“I’ve been wanting to taste you all summer!”

“Me, too,” I gasped, as her tongue touched my swollen button. “I ‘ve — ohhh — hardly been able to think of anything else — aahhh! — for months.” The touch of her tongue and fingers was electric. As two fingers parted my labia, and her tongue and lips lashed my clit, tremors began to race through my body. Her skilled fingers spread me wider, and I stretched my legs to accommodate. As the tension built, and it was all I could do not to cry out, two things happened at once. Cathy slipped the index finger of one hand inside the rosebud of my asshole, while the fingers of her other found my G-spot. While I knew I could take more than one finger up my ass — I’d had my favorite vibrator there often over the last few months — nobody else had ever penetrated me there. The sensations were unbelievable. Suddenly I came in waves as I reached a simultaneous vaginal and clitoral climax. Cum began to squirt from my pussy, and Cathy lapped it up.

“Ohmigod, Cathy” I gasped, when I could finally connect two thoughts again. “How did you do that — I’ve never come like that before in my life.”

“Your very young life, Miss Christie. I’ll show you much more if you stick around.”

“Trust me, I’m sticking — but right now, it’s your turn. I need to eat you.”

“Yes, Nanny, whatever you say.”

Cathy started to slide up above me, but I wasn’t having any of that. I grabbed her shoulders and threw her over on her back, quickly straddling her hips.

“Oh no, you don’t! I’m not letting you have all the fun. I’m in control now.”

We wrestled a bit, but I was bigger and had her pinned — besides which, I’m pretty sure she was letting me win! I leaned forward and kissed her hard, plunging my tongue deep insider her mouth, tasting deeply of my own juices. As she responded, I tweaked her nipples in turn, startlingly a little shriek from her each time. When she tried to respond in kind, I caught her wrists and pinned them above her head, inspiring her to try to catch my tit in her teeth. I arched my back away from her and laughed.

“Haha, old lady. You’ll never catch my taut young breasts like that. I don’t have saggy tits like some here.”

Cathy snarled at me playfully. “Ungrateful child! After all I just did for you.”

I spun around, catching her forearms beneath my legs before she had a chance to move. I looked down at her, between my legs, trying in vain to reach my cunt with her tongue. I kneaded her huge, wonderful, not remotely saggy, breasts, as she wriggled beneath me, unable to make contact, with either hands or mouth.

“Now spread your legs for Nanny. Show me that delectable pussy.”

She did as I ordered, and I stroked the length of her slit.


She tried, and her thighs started to quiver.


Her thighs were trembling now, and I reached down to push them even further apart, then lowered my head to her mound, licking downward to spread her lips with my tongue. She moaned softly, completely captive and unable to prevent me having my way with her. As I licked and nibbled, I began to probe her vagina with first one, then two, fingers. As she writhed beneath me, I sucked hard on her clit, only to release it with a snap. Her hips bucked, and my hand began to move faster, in and out of her pussy. I could feel the tension building in her, her moans interspersed with sobs of futility as she tried to lift her head far enough to tongue me. I added a third, and then a fourth finger, plunging into her sopping box until I forgot about her hands and she slipped one loose and grasped my thigh, pulling my once again throbbing clit to her hungry mouth. As her lips found my hot button, I plunged my own tongue deep into her love channel. Our orgasms came simultaneously — Cathy’s scream muffled by my thighs, but my own seemed loud enough to wake Kevin upstairs.

Finally, spent — and still hearing no sound from Kevin — I wrapped my arms around Cathy and we fell back to sleep for what was left of the night.

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