The Neighbor

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I’m no angel. I got married too young and soon learned that variety was indeed the spice of life. I was working in an industry that required me to travel extensively. While on the road, I discovered a very interesting fact. Women get horny–even the pretty ones. So, I spent my 20’s fucking everything in sight.

Then I got divorced. It’s not what you may think. She never figured out why I usually came home exhausted. No, I returned from a trip and found my wife with the neighbor’s dick buried in her ass. Being the two-faced, rotten bastard that I am, I took a few polaroids and sued her for divorce.

A few years later, I decided I was older, wiser and needed to settle down. I was dating a model who was everything a man could want. She had only two hang-ups. First, she didn’t think she was good looking because her boobs were too small. Second, because she was born with a rather long vagina, she didn’t think bigger was better–it was essential.

She’d discovered that in her first marriage. She’d married her high school sweetheart, and he was her one and only. She’d never slept with anyone else. Then her agent showed her the error of her ways. After a contract signing, they went out for drinks and wound up in his condo. They got a little drunk, and he asked her if she’d like to see his prize trophy. She said she would and saw her first ten-inch hard-on. That’s when she discovered how deep her pussy really was. She went home that night, took one look at her husband’s six-inch cock, and filed for divorce.

While we were dating, she was still looking. I knew of at least three guys she was fucking on the side. She’d discovered ten inches wasn’t as big as they came. I don’t know why, but when I suggested we get hitched, she said, “yes,” but there was a stipulation. The marriage vows would be sacred. Neither of us would fuck anyone else. Then she smiled and said, “unless we’re both there.”

We talked about that over the next few years, but nothing ever happened. I wanted to watch her fucked by another guy. She wanted to see me fuck another woman. I suggested another couple. She said a threesome was her limit.

So, we remained monogamous. At least I think she was faithful. I was… until I had to go next door to set up the neighbor’s computer. That changed our life… for the better.

Heidi teaches Sunday School and is active in the PTA. She’s a sucker for every community project that comes along, whether it be a walk-a-thon or contributing to public television. A real pillar of the community. …She also writes porn. A lot of it. Her husband’s job doesn’t pay all that well, so she augments it by making about $500 a week writing. But that’s her secret life, one that she doesn’t share with many.

Needless to say, I’ve been tempted. The package is very nice. Long blond hair. A tight body. A great ass. And she always wraps it in tight shorts and a halter top. The real kicker came one morning when I overheard her describing to my wife how she did book research online with cybersex partners. She went into detail on how she surfed naked and fingered herself to an orgasm while she chatted. Needless to say, I wanted to smell her computer keyboard. I got a raging hard-on and attacked my wife as soon as Heidi left.

Anyway, I’d just gotten home from a long business trip. My wife had sated some of my urges the night before, but I needed more after my lengthy absence. Unfortunately, she had to go to an assignment, leaving home alone–and horny. That’s when Heidi called to say she’d bought a new computer. While she knew how to produce books on one, she hadn’t the foggiest how to set it up. Did I have time to help? You bet I did!

I went over and moved the old machine into her kid’s room. I was rewarded with hot cookies and coffee. Then I unpacked the new computer and began setting it up.

She walked in with more coffee. “So what’s this going to cost me?” I told her cookies and coffee were fine. My skills weren’t anywhere near the technician-for-hire level. In fact, she should be looking through the yellow pages for someone to fix what I screwed up. She grinned. “I’ll come up with something.” Before she left, I noticed something about Heidi that I’d not seen before. The halter and shorts were tight enough for me to see she didn’t believe in wearing a bra or panties.

I was on my back, routing wires, when she returned. I glanced up and wondered what she’d been doing. He nipples were pushing the front of the halter to the point that little was left to the imagination. I felt a stirring and had to start counting cards in my head. Being on my back as I was, my erection would show through my light shorts.

“What are you doing?”

“There’s a gazillion wires behind a computer. I’m tying them up. Then I’ll plug everything into the surge protector while I’m down here.

She didn’t say anything, and I thought she’d left. I noticed I was losing my concentration. My mind kept bouncing back to those nipples… and I began sucking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri them. I thought about Heidi’s tanned legs and the way her pussy lips’ outline showed through the stretched, tight shorts. Then I thought about her ass. I’m a connoisseur of female asses, and that did it. I felt a stirring in my crotch. It wouldn’t be long before the pole was up, and my shorts were a tent.

“My, my! What have we here?”

Before I could respond, I felt a tugging at my shorts. Glancing down, I saw Heidi staring at the outline of my dick and wanting to see more. I shrugged. What the hell? I lifted my hips, and she slipped my shorts and briefs to my ankles. My cock stood straight up, demanding attention. “Oh, my. …I think I need a ruler.”

She was kidding. Before I could respond, she had slid her moist lips over the head and was heading down the shaft. She didn’t get very far before she choked. That didn’t stop her. She got as much as she could in her mouth and wrapped her hands around the rest, working very hard to jack me off.

I contemplated my situation. This was the first time since I’d married Gretchen that another woman had had my dick in her mouth. Was I breaking our vows? The President had said oral sex wasn’t sex, and at that moment, I agreed with him. I decided to keep my silence and let nature run its course. I was still very horny from my trip and enforced abstinence.

As quickly as she had pounced on my dick, she was off it. But only for a few seconds, long enough to strip of her halter and shorts. When I saw her hairless pussy, I almost came right there. Her tits were small, but that’s a turn-on for me. I felt my hips starting to buck for more.

She grinned while she rubbed her nipples. “Sorry. These aren’t big enough to fuck, are they?” I tried to respond, but only strange, guttural noises came out of my mouth. She pulled off my shorts and briefs, then positioned herself between my legs. “Let’s see how much of this thing I can really take down my throat.” She started fingering her pussy and bent over, using her other hand to guide my dick into her mouth.

She played with angles, twisting and turning, and it wasn’t long before she had most of it–more than most women can take. The twisting and turning was having an effect, as well as the hand lightly massaging my balls. I felt the spunk rising and tried to tell her I was cumming. Again, guttural noises. But she got the idea. She started jacking furiously with both hands. I watched her cheeks sink in as she sucked. I grabbed her head and bucked up into her mouth, cumming in what seemed like quart gushers.

She drank it all.

I fell back, exhausted. “That was magnificent.”

“No, that was the down payment.” With that, she got up and left.

I took me awhile to finish. My mind was in a vegetable state. But when I did, everything worked. I was going off to tell her that, but never got the chance. She reappeared, still naked. She smiled when she realized I’d neglected to dress.

“I see you’re ready for the payment in full.”

I glanced and damned if I wasn’t getting ready to present the bill for my services. “I’ve been paid.” I grinned. “And then some. …Anyway, everything is set up. I’d have put you online, but I don’t have any of your account information.”

She walked over and tapped a few keys. A chatroom opened. “No need. I have a DSL router. It automatically connects.”

It was then that I realized she knew far more about computers than she let on. I’d been had. I was going to mention that, but couldn’t. I was mesmerized as I watched Heidi–‘superslut’–pick up some guy named ‘big10’ and drag him into a private room. Within a minute, she’d set the scene and was giving him a blowjob while he set up her computer. While she did that, she had three fingers in her pussy and was frigging herself to an orgasm.

…Or I thought that’s what she had in mind. It wasn’t. She kicked the computer chair out of the way, spread her legs and bent forward, still typing. She described what she was doing and invited Mr. Big 10 to fuck her doggie style. He began describing what he was doing. She moaned, reached back, grabbed my dick, and led it to her perfect ass.

For the second time, I was going to protest. The was no presidential dispensation for this one. Once my dick sank into her pussy, I was cheating. For the second time, I didn’t say a thing. I had admired that ass too long and had secretly dreamed of fucking this woman. Now that I’d seen that perfect, muscular ass in all of its glory, there was no turning back. I gently eased the head between her pussy lips.

It takes most women a little while to accommodate me. Not Heidi. The head had no sooner entered when she shoved back against me–violently–burying my cock to the hilt in one the tightest pussies I have ever fucked. Then she started grinding and bucking. I realized that I wasn’t going to be far behind Mr. Big 10, who had just announced–on the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri screen–that he’d covered his keyboard in jizz.

As it turns out, I was last. Right after Mr. Big 10 destroyed his keyboard, I felt a torrent of pussy juice covering my balls and dribbling onto the floor. Heidi screamed and shoved that gorgeous ass back at me as hard as she could. That was too much. I was going to cum. I started to pull out, but she reached around and grabbed me, pulling me as deep inside her as she could. My dick hit the end of the tunnel and exploded. I grabbed her hips and kept grinding into her as I shot wave after wave into her pussy.

She screamed again, in the midst of a new orgasm. That got me pushing harder and faster. This time it was a long one. She bucked and twisted uncontrollably. I had to hang on for everything I had to keep my rapidly dwindling member inside her. She finally slumped over the desk, then sank to the floor.

It had been awhile, but I remembered a little about ‘quickie etiquette’. A sat down next to her, intending to cuddle. Of course there would be no ‘L’ words spoken, but she had been a fantastic piece of ass. I should tell her that. I started, but before I could say anything, she jumped up and said we just had time for a shower before the kid got home.

I found out that even though we were time limited, Heidi didn’t believe in using washcloths. The tongue was fine. She cleaned my dick and balls, then pushed me down to
vacuum and dust her pussy. She started talking about making this a regular event. I confessed my guilt.

“You’ve never strayed?” I shook my head. She was incredulous. “Never?”

“No. Both Gretchen and I were pretty wild before we were married, but we decided to change our ways.” I went on to explain about her three-person limit. She wanted a woman. I wanted a man. I grinned. “After what I’ve just been through, I may change my mind. …Ya interested?”

She smiled. “Might be, if she’s willing to share. …And if she has no hang-ups about having her pussy eaten by another woman.”

It was my turn to be shocked. I don’t know why. I’m sure she covered all the bases in her books, including bi’s and lesbians. “You into that?”

She nodded. “I’ve eaten a few in my day. In fact, women are better at it than men.” She grinned. “My sister gave me my first orgasm.”

I’d met her sister. She was a few years older, but just about as well assembled. “Your sister?” I put on my most perverse look. “And what was your brother doing?”

She laughed. “Watching. …And letting us learn how to give good blowjobs. Where do you think I learned that? Practice. Practice. Practice.”

I shook my head. She certainly didn’t need more. She had perfected the art. Then again, I’d been unduly influenced by fucking her tight cunt. My wife’s modeling required strict weight control. She couldn’t take the pill. She didn’t want to get pregnant. She hated condoms–both male and female. Instead, we played Russian roulette. I’d pull out or she’d push me away right before I came. True, if we were fast enough, she take my load in her mouth, but it had been a long time since I’d come inside a woman. Heidi had reminded how good it felt.

“Tell you what. Before you talk to her about a threesome, why don’t you and Gretchen come to our party Saturday? ‘Sixish’? We’re having some people over for barbecue and drinks. We’ll get a few down her and see if she’s receptive.” She grinned. “Who knows? Maybe if we get her drunk enough, a ‘moresome’ isn’t out of the question. You’ll both get your wish.”

The way she said that puzzled me. She acted as if she knew something I didn’t. By the time I got home, I’d forgotten about it. I wrote the party on the calendar in the kitchen, adding a question mark. I didn’t know if Gretchen had a shoot that day or not.

She didn’t, and we went. ‘Sixish’ was late. The other five couples were already there. We also discovered everyone was dressed for the pool, and we had to go home to change. I talked my wife out of her one piece and into a string bikini. The top had all that trick padding and inserts that made her look two bra sizes larger. I didn’t care, but she seemed to think it was important.

…And so did the men at the party. When we returned, there was a hush that fell over the party. I thought I saw the men drooling, but that didn’t bother me. What I thought was strange was that none of the wives seemed to mind. If I looked at woman like that, Gretchen would have been searcing for a hot poker to blind me. That worried me–a lot–because my own tongue was hanging out. Heidi was also in a string bikini. Then I noticed all of the women wore them–and wore them well.

I was still speechless when Billy, Heidi’s husband, slapped me on the back and put a cold daiquiri in my hand. He had another glass and pecked Gretchen on the cheek as he handed it to her. That shocked both of us. We were good friends with our neighbors, but did not güvenilir bahis şirketleri have a ‘huggy’, ‘kissy’, ‘feely’ relationship. …At least until Heidi and I bypassed that stage and went directly to a ‘fuck your brains out’ relationship. I looked away from my wife. I was still feeling guilty.

We had two more daiquiris before dinner, wine with our steak, and more daiquiris after. My wife was getting a little blitzed. Hell, I was feeling it, as well as everyone else. One of the women dived into the pool. Another followed. They swam over to the side and deposited their bathing suits. Heidi grinned, stripped and dived in. Soon the others followed. My wife and I sat in lounge chairs–watching–the only two people with clothes on. My wife was flabbergasted. I was grinning from ear to ear. This was no neighborhood party. They always invited the children to those. This was something else.

I knew there was no way my wife would participate, unless she was drunker than she appeared. If she removed her top, she would expose the fact that she might well be still wearing training bras. She’d never do that in a million years. Since she wouldn’t participate, I felt obliged to remain at her side. Well, sort of. I left for a moment to find a larger glass and fill it for her, adding a little extra rum.

I expected a face. She doesn’t like drinks that taste like booze. I didn’t get one. She was staring at a couple who were engaged in some strenuous exercise in the shallow end. The woman had her hands on the side of the pool, and he was behind her. He was massaging her tits with his hands and, from the splashing, fucking her with great fervor. She had her eyes closed and was moaning. He was grunting. To me, the most amazing thing was that this was not one of the couples we’d met when we came to the party. The woman was half of one, and the man belonged to another couple. I glanced around and was further amazed. Everyone else was ignoring the pair. They had their own games to play. They were also ignoring us.

I thought about it. This is what Heidi had in mind. Anytime, I expected her to break away from George, a man she’d introduced as a local builder, and climb out. In my mind’s eye, I saw her walking over to Gretchen, slipping down my wife’s suit bottom, and eating her pussy.

I was wrong. The one who crawled out of the pool was Al. I vaguely remember that he’d been introduced as a banker. His wife, Sarah, was a dainty little thing. After seeing Al in all of his glory, I wondered how poor Sarah could walk. As he casually walked over to us, I mentally calculated him as at least twelve inches. Erect. And boy was he ever. I found out later that he was the official greeter when new people joined their group. I could see why. If nothing else, he was memorable.

He ignored me and walked right up to my wife, stopping a few inches in front of her. “Hey, you guys wet blankets or something? We’re among friends. C’mon in the pool.”

My wife didn’t say anything. She just stared. The dick might have been massive, but the head was huge, and it was at eye level. I’d seen smaller fists. As I watched, I saw the tip of her tongue flick her lips. I knew she wanted it in her mouth. I leaned over and whispered, “It’s legal, honey. We’re together. That was the deal. Nothing extracurricular, but if we’re both there, anything goes. Suck it. I know you want to.”

And suck it she did. Somehow, she got the head into her mouth, but that was it. I was so taken by the scene that I dropped my shorts and began stroking my meat. That was unnecessary. I’d been so enthralled with my wife redefining the word ‘head’, I hadn’t seen little Sarah creep up and kneel in front of me. My first hint was when a warm mouth engulfed my dick and headed down the shaft toward my balls. Heidi had tried and never quite made it. Sarah was more practiced, being married to the thing filling my wife’s cheek. Before I knew it, my dick was sliding down Sarah’s throat, and she was making an honest effort to fit the balls in her mouth as well.

The party moved from the pool to Gretchen. Al pulled his meat out of her mouth. Heidi and another woman lifted her out of the chair and stripped her. Then they laid her on a beach towel. Two women started licking her tits and sucking her nipples. Heidi dived into her pussy. Two men placed her hands on their rigid cocks. Good old Al straddled her head and filled her mouth again.

As I watched, my wife started bucking against Heidi’s face. She seemed to realize for the first time that she had two dicks in her hands and furiously stroked them. Heidi’s husband joined her. He started tonguing Gretchen’s ass. It was more than I could take. I grabbed Sarah’s short, black hair and held it while I fucked her face. It didn’t take long before I exploded.

Sarah continued to suck and swallow, but there was too much. I saw a stream of cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth as she smiled at me. Then she rose up and kissed me–one of those open mouth, tongue probing types of kisses. While she did, she transferred a mouth full of cum back to me. It was a first for me, and I’d like to say I handled it well, but I didn’t. I gagged. She laughed and sat her naked ass on my lap, her arms around my neck. She had plans and just needed for me to recover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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