The Quarry

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As I drive into the quarry I see your green and white SUV parking near a large heap of gravel. The stones and debris on this old dirt road crunch under my tires. There is a stirring within me, a deep vibration in my groin and a thrill in my stomach. I am excited as I review in my mind what has brought us to this place.

We met on-line through yahoo. You actually hailed me first. We began to chat through IM and discovered mutual interests. Literally, one thing led to another and we began to plan to meet one another. This took some doing. Our logistics were such that we were several hundreds of miles apart and we would have to meet somewhere in the middle.

The quarry was actually my idea. I had seen it from the highway dozens of times as I drove by. It looked deserted. Equipment rusted in its yards and I had never seen any activity. Vegetation overgrew the entrance road as nature sought to reclaim the ground. Located near a military base I knew as closed for several years, I thought we might have the privacy we desired.

The thought of the military base made me smile as I drove my car up next to yours, threw the transmission into Park, and killed the engine. You were military; I a civilian. That perhaps accounted for your obvious nervousness as we planned. Private meetings like this weren’t something Marines did. Maybe that was why you refused me your phone number. I had made the drive wondering if you would show at all.

Yet, here you were. I knocked on the door and you nodded to indicate it was unlocked. I slid into the passenger seat and said hello. Your hands gripped the steering wheel – you were so nervous – but you offered a smile and returned my greeting. Silence ensued.

A short while later, with only the sounds of our breathing echoing in the cavern of the SUV, you admitted that you had never done this before and weren’t sure if you could proceed. I told you it was not something I did frequently either and that I was willing for it to go either way – happen or not happen. I was just glad we both showed up. That seemed to relax you a little.

So we talked. We discussed the sexual tension between us, and the need for its release. We covered how our separate realities, the cultures within which we lived, would find this behavior unacceptable and would chastise us. Admittedly, your being a Marine meant the consequences would urfa escort be far worse for you. After all, heterosexual men weren’t supposed to “play” with men.

I saw decision come into your eyes and deliberate effort in the way you released the steering wheel. You told me plaintively that you did not want to kiss and I laughed, saying it wasn’t my thing either. Another pause allowed me to look you over, my interest hanging between us like a brilliant sun.

Although not classically handsome, I could tell by the fit of your clothes that you were lean and in good shape, quite a contrast to my pudgy, older body. I liked best your bright, soft, brown eyes. When you did look at me, I felt a direct connection. Your hands looked strong. Perhaps I should have been frightened of you but I was not. Those hands dropped to your groin and you unzipped your pants.

I was pleased to see that you wore no underwear in preparation for our meeting — neither had I. I could feel my own cock stirring below. Your cock was already erect and it sprung quickly through the opening. You pulled your hands away while I studied it. I guessed it to be 5-6 inches long but very fat. The head was narrow at the shaft and tapered to the tip, similar to mine, though my cock was not as wide in diameter.

I responded by asking if I could touch it. You nodded apprehensively. I was gentle. I circled the head with the tip of my middle finger, feeling your cock briefly jump. Then I lightly pinched the head between my thumb and index finger. Forming a C with my palm, I slid my hand down the length of you. I squeezed. You sighed appreciativelt and slid a little further down in your seat. I recommended we both allow our seats to lie back to create more room. Moments later, this was a reality.

Anxious to join you in your semi-nudity, I opened my belt and zipper and dropped my pants to my ankles, eventually kicking them off with my sandals. I spread my legs so you could see my now fully hard cock pointing straight to the ceiling. I nodded to you but you hesitated, so I reached over and collected your hand. I placed it gingerly on my cock and moved away. Within moments, you began to slowly pump it. You moaned aloud and visibly relaxed a little more.

You turned to face me and cupped my balls with your other hand. So intensely focused balıkesir escort were you on my erection, I imagined I did not exist for you, that I was simply handfuls of genitals created for your discovery and pleasure. To my surprise, you quickly bent and licked the tip of my cock, and then you took the entire head in your mouth. My cock expanded and oozed juice from the tip, which surprised us both. Temporarily indecisively, you lifted your mouth, stared at my cock, and then replaced in your mouth.

I turned to give you better access and you moved your head deeper into my crotch, taking most of my length. Then you just sucked. Not bad, I thought, for your first cock. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall open, no longer worried about how you would feel about my hairy chest or large belly. You began to bob your head up and down, never fully releasing my erection. Your other hand stilled cupped my balls. I felt myself heating up. I placed a gentle hand on your head and road it in its journey.

After a while, I tapped you on the shoulder. You looked up, a question in your eyes. I informed you that it was your turn and pushed you back in your seat. I undid your shirt and helped you slip it off your shoulders. Your chest was smooth and hairless, the muscles subtly defined and your nipples hard like little pebbles. I stroked that chest with the pad of my hand and fingertips, brushing over the nipples and the flat of your stomach. The rhythm of your breathing increased dramatically.

Then I sucked the nipple nearest me while my hand trailed down and captured your hard cock. I began to lick my way down the front of your body. Your stomach muscles vibrated as I crossed them. When I reached your cock, I licked down the underside of the shaft, head to balls, and back again, several times. Then I popped the head into my mouth and made a hard seal just under the edge of the crown. You gasped. As I pumped my fist on the shaft, I lashed the slit at the tip with my tongue.

I took all of you in, burying my nose in the flesh over your pubic bone. I sucked hard as I pulled my face away only to plunge it to the base again. My hand grabbed your balls and formed a ring between them and your body, stretching the skin. I licked them wantonly, moved back to your shaft, and then licked them again. Pushing them trabzon escort aside, I tasted the strip of skin between your balls and asshole. This sensation was too much for you and you pushed me away.

Pumping your cock vigorously, I told you to get out of the car. I met you near the driver’s door just as you were standing. I bent you over the hood of the car and buried my face into the crack of your ass. My tongue ringed your asshole several times. You were so excited you stood on your toes.

Standing, I placed my stiff cock along the crack of your ass and began thrusting, fucking your ass cheeks. Meanwhile, I reached around and encircled your now drooling cock with my hand. I masturbated you while humping your rear. You cried aloud and pounded your fists on the car’s hood.

I felt your cock expand in my hand and redoubled my stroking. You grunted. Your ass checks tightened. I felt your ejaculation as it raced through your spasming erection and then as it splashed on my hand. And on your leg. And on the side of the car. I spun you around and began to lick your cum up, first getting the chalky tasting stuff off your leg first. Then I licked off my hand while you watched. Your breathing came in gasps.

I again shoved your cock in my mouth and drained what remained in the tube. You shuddered and grabbed the back of my head, holding me in place until you began to soften.

You pulled my head up, forcing me to stand, while you dropped to your knees. Your sucking was frantic. I rested against the car. You grabbed my butt to hold me in place as you aggressively plunged up and down on my hardness.

I felt my orgasm fast approaching. Knowing you couldn’t get me there with just your mouth; I pulled myself free and began masturbating towards your face. You turned you head to the side. I understood. Many people can’t take ejaculate into their mouths. I came. I came hard. The first spew slashed your cheek; the second caught your eye. Then you got braver. You turned your head and took my bucking cock into your mouth. It was heaven to feel you tasting me, accepting the last few drops.

Eventually, you stood. You embraced me and I held you back. We stood there for quite a while. You stood back and said you were sorry but you had to go. I could see from the expression on your face that perhaps you had some thinking to do. We dressed silently. You gave me another quick embrace and got into your car. Lowering the window, you promised to write me. Then you drove off. As your car reached the highway and you turned left, I knew it wasn’t so. I knew you would not write; that I would never hear from you again. Both satisfied and sad, I turned and walked to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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