The Storm

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Some time after I graduated from high school, my family moved from Pennsylvania to Orlando, and having no real plans at the time, I went with them. I was sort of ambivalent about the move, because I had to leave a lot of good friends back in Pennsylvania (including a really hot girlfriend) but I quickly became acclimated to my new surroundings. One day, soon after we moved into the new house, I decided to take a walk and explore the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day and I had walked quite a while through several older subdivisions adjacent to ours, when the sky started to grow dark.

That’s when I learned a valuable lesson about Florida subdivisions. Some of them can be quite large, and they tend to have only one way in and out. They’re like cities unto themselves, except that there’s nothing there but houses. In Pennsylvania, our town was laid out in a grid pattern, so it was easy to get around. In Florida, if you don’t know where the entrance is, you can be stuck in cul-de-sac Hell forever! Of course by the time the first rain drops started to fall, I was nowhere near the entrance (wherever the hell that was) and it was starting to thunder. I began to run, but couldn’t see much in the growing gloom, and finally had to admit I was completely lost. When the lightning started flashing around me, I realized I needed to find shelter, but there was nothing but private homes for miles. As the rain started to fall, I saw nothing, not even a convenience store, anywhere in sight.

When I slipped and fell in a massive puddle, drenching myself completely, I decided it was time to ask for help. I saw a medium sized ranch home with a nice car in the driveway, and decided to knock. After a few tries, the door opened, and a man in his late 20s stood in the doorway. He was just under 6 feet tall, with an athletic build, and short dark hair. I told him I was new in town and totally lost, and he invited me to come in out of the rain. He introduced himself as Bob, and I told him my name was Rick. I explained that I had gone for a walk and gotten lost. Since I was drenched, he told me to wait in the foyer. He came back with a big blue bath towel, and wrapped it around my shoulders. He led me to a bathroom down the hall and told me to take off my wet clothes and put on the terry cloth bathrobe that was hanging on the door. I did as he instructed, and he took my wet clothes and threw them in the dryer. He showed mardin escort me where the TV was (fortunately there was a football game on) and told me to get comfortable while he mopped up the small lake my entrance had made in the doorway. I thanked him for rescuing me and he told me not to mention it. The afternoon thunderstorms in Florida can be quite dangerous, he told me, so I did the right thing in asking for help. He gave me a drink and cautioned me to sip it slow at first because it was pretty strong. It tasted like gasoline, but he told me it was brandy, and that it would help warm me up.

He poured one for himself as well, and we sat down on the couch to watch football. For some time, we sipped our brandy and watched the game while my clothes dried. The game was pretty good, and we were both really getting into it. By the fourth quarter, it was coming down to the wire. It was a playoff game and everything was on the line. Bob was sitting right next to me on the couch by then, wearing just a pair of cut off shorts and an old grey T-shirt, and I thought for a minute that I saw him trying to sneak a peak at my crotch inside the bath robe, but it may have just been the brandy. Of course I was completely naked underneath the robe, and I have to admit, the thick terry cloth felt really good against my smooth, wet skin. I never wanted to take that bath robe off, it felt so good! When the game was over and the good guys had prevailed, we started talking, and I told him about my old neighborhood in PA. He seemed interested, especially when I told him how my girlfriend and I used to slip out to the barn and fool around in the hay loft. He had me describe everything we did together, in some detail. It was nice to talk to someone about the good times I had left behind.

When the conversation started to ebb, he looked over at me with an odd look on his face, and then suddenly slipped his hand inside the bathrobe and squeezed my cock. Now I don’t know whether it was the rain, or the brandy, or the fact that I hadn’t been laid in so long, but I have to say it felt really good. I mean REALLY good! He started stroking me up and down, and my cock was suddenly hard as a rock, like it had a mind of its own. He asked me if I had ever done anything with a guy before, and I told him no. He asked me if I wanted my cock sucked, and I didn’t know what to say, so van escort I just looked at him and moaned while he rubbed the head of my cock under his thumb. He was spreading my precum all over the head of my dick and making me moan pretty loudly, when he suddenly bent down and took my cock in his mouth.

Wow, did that feel good! I started moaning even louder as he licked up and down my hard shaft, and started sucking on my purple head. He was licking up my precum with his tongue and smiling up at me as he did it. Watching him, as he sucked on my dick, got me even harder. He asked me if I liked having my cock sucked by another guy and I told him “hell, yeah, just don’t stop!” He didn’t. My dick was suddenly being consumed by a ravenous mouth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I started grinding my hips and pushing my hard shaft into his waiting mouth. I noticed after a while that he was kneading my balls with one hand, and once in a while rubbing my asshole with a finger. That made me moan louder than ever, and then he stuck his finger a little ways into my ass, as he took my whole cock down his throat. Wow! That was it for me, and I blew my load in his mouth, shooting stream after stream of hot white jizz into his mouth. I came so much that little streams of cum were dribbling out the sides of his mouth and down onto the bath robe. I laid back, shut my eyes and groaned in ecstasy, as waves of pleasure shot through my whole body, my legs shuddering and trembling with the shock of my tremendous orgasm.

We lay there for a while on the couch, basking in the afterglow, I guess you could say, when suddenly I felt a large hand on the top of my head pulling it downward toward his crotch. I felt something hit my lips, and the next thing I knew I had a man’s cock in my mouth! It felt kind of weird, to tell you the truth. All rubbery and smelling like sweaty skin. At first I tried to pull my head back, but he was too strong, and he started ordering me in a deep, dominant voice, “Suck it! Suck my cock!” over and over, and all of a sudden I realized that I kind of liked it. I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to get him off the way he had done for me. It was actually pretty sexy having a hot dick in my mouth, and I started moving my tongue around the head of his organ, the way he had been doing to me a little while ago. That made him start to moan and groan, so I did ankara escort it even harder. I started sucking just on the head of his raging hardon, and then quickly taking it all in my mouth. About that time is when I tasted precum for the first time, and from the first lick I knew I liked it. I licked my tongue back and forth over the opening in his cock, trying to lick out every drop of his precum, and then moved my hand up to the base of his cock and started jacking him up and down, while I took the rest of his cock deep into my mouth. The up-and-down motion of my hand seemed to be getting him off, and his cock really began leaking fluid then. His precum had a nice taste to it that is hard to describe. Not too salty, not too sweet, but what an incredible turnon. The more I tasted it, the hotter it got me.

I began really jacking him hard then, and taking his cock as far down my throat as I could get it, sometimes all the way to the base. A few times I started gagging on it and thought I was going to toss, but he told me just to relax my throat and go with the feeling. I stopped worrying about it, and just sucked it all down, and after a while I didn’t get that gag response any more. As I jerked and sucked on this hot guy from my new neighborhood, he started moaning louder and louder, and I knew he was going to cum pretty soon. Still, when it happened, I was surprised, because he shot his load with such force that it nearly choked me when he came. I backed off a bit, and then resumed sucking him up and down and trying to swallow the cum that was quickly overflowing my mouth. He shot a last little spurt, and then lay back on the couch, spent. He told me he couldn’t believe it was my first time sucking dick. He said I was a natural.

A while later my clothes were dry and he brought them out and laid them next to me on the couch. I saw no reason for modesty at this point, so I slipped off the bathrobe and did a little strip-tease for him. I got right up next to him and slapped my semi-rigid cock against his face. He grabbed the head of my dick and put it in his mouth, while he reached up and rubbed his strong hands up and down my tight ass cheeks. I could tell he was turned on by my smooth, young, athletic body, and felt my cock growing hard. I suddenly wanted him again, and we ended up getting each other off again doing a 69 right there on the couch, sucking each other for all we were worth.

Later, when I was dressed, I gave him the address to my parents’ house and he drove me home. As it turned out, I was only about a mile from their house, but in the opposite direction from where I thought I was. We said goodbye and promised each other we would get together sometime, but I never saw Bob again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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