Ada’s Story

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I felt out of place for years. I wanted to be attracted to guys, but girls looked so good. I mean the boobs and long shapely legs. Smooth skin, beautiful hair, the way they stomachs look. I like girls. I dream about girls. In addition, one of my male friends had a girlfriend that was very flirty and gorgeous. This being more recent. We were nineteen and twenty. And she may have shown me the fun of being with another girl. I mean I’ve never orgasmed that hard. And I’ve used dildos, strapons, vibrators. I’ve used everything but oh my god she did something right.

I’m very tall, six feet, I’ve not got noticeable breasts. I’m an A cup. I do have amazing legs, long, smooth, tanned. I would frequently oil them up, or wear amazing stockings. They made me feel so good. Having oily legs, or wearing stockings, pantyhose, leggings. Oh just writing about it makes me wet. And while I’m not trying to get guys, it’s always very nice to turn their heads. I love to go to theme parks or day concerts in a bra and sheer hose, or oiled legs a mini skirt and tight white crop top. Never wear underwear, unless that’s my only bit of clothing. Even with my mini skirts, they always show my pussy, and quite a bit of ass cheek. But if I’m oiled up and walk past I can see the erections. And that makes me feel so damn powerful.

Even with all that though the couple guys who I go home with, see me naked and either get turned off or don’t talk. I frequently don’t get to cum when fucking them, and after we’re done fucking I generally just walk out. There have been times, especially when visiting certain countries, I don’t even get dressed again. I’ll just walk out of their apartment or house naked, with their cum dripping down my pussy, legs, face, or ass. Never the tits, too small they always say. I feel powerful, then they take me home, and I feel like shit.

So that girl that showed me a good time, made me feel so good. It was the first time after a fuck that I actually felt as powerful or more powerful than I did before a fucking. And after that lunch break, I deleted my dating apps, and changed all my porn profiles to lesbian. I even decided to get a tattoo. With that same girl. She ended up dumping my friend, because she was tired of dating guys but having sex with girls.

About a month later we met up again, got lunch at the same bar she fucked me in. Even had a good fuck in the bathroom. But after that we went to one of her other friends who would give us the tattoo. It was a simple tattoo, just two of the female sex symbol. I was putting it on my left collar bone, so that it’d be seen no matter what I wear or where I am. While Carrie was putting it right above her ass, a tramp stamp, and then right below her belly button. I guess so that no matter who she fucked they’d know that she was only looking to have a series relation with another woman. Or maybe not.

It took so long for it to be finished on Carrie that I actually fell asleep on the table that I was waiting on. I woke up to Carrie gently shaking me by my shoulder. It stung a bit, so I guess the tattoo was done and she was touching it. Much to my surprise though the tattoo girl was down by my legs, which were spread a bit. And Carrie was standing naked in front of my head.

“Hey Ada, little tired? We don’t have time for that. We have to get going in a few minutes, or you’re going to be late for your shift.” She was right, I had told Carrie what shift I was working when she picked me up, “So since we’re in a hurry, I need you to get eating. I ate you twice, and made you cum twice. I think it’s my turn for a little pleasure. And as an incentive, Syd agreed to eat you.”

“But you don’t get to cum, I’m going to bring you to the edge, then tease you. Until I think you earned an orgasm.” Syd told me while moving closer to my exposed pussy. I wore a mini skirt today, with no underwear as was normal, but it gave her one less step to my pussy.

I was good, more than happy to have sex with two gorgeous women. And I still had about fifteen minutes until I had to get to work. It felt so good, I didn’t want to give Carrie an orgasm, I was afraid that Syd would stop eating me if I did. So I teased Carrie until she tapped me and said we had to be done. And when she came she shook. Her legs tightened around my head, her cum covering my face, I even got her to double over so her large D cup breasts fell on my lower back. It felt so good to feel her legs around me and her breasts on my back as I continued to lick and tease, trying to make her cum more.

Syd though didn’t give me release, and both of them told illegal bahis me not to give myself an orgasm. So I had to go through my double shift, horny as hell, wanting to get an orgasm that was denied. And with my pussy very clearly wet. But it’d probably get me a couple larger tips. I’ve noticed that the customers at the restaurant loved seeing my pussy, and loved to see it hungry and horny. Especially the older customers, they loved it, frequently to their wives displeasure. But they loved seeing me displayed, and possibly wet. It’s why I was a hostess and greeter. They wouldn’t let me be a waitress, if I showed up dripping it’d be a hazard, I’d make the floor wet, or get it on food or drink. So I was given the job that would be outside, or on the carpet.

And the manager didn’t care if I let a gentleman, or lady for that matter, take me to the restroom. There were times he actually recommended it sometimes, if he knew a guest wasn’t happy he would come talk to me about giving them a good time to make their meal or time there better. And while it wasn’t allowed, he didn’t care if I accepted tips, because otherwise he worries about me quitting. I’m harassed, or abused, or fucked all day long. And sometimes I’m not even asked anything. I just feel a hand or set of hands pull me from the desk and escort me to the bathroom.

Which helped me in my finding my submissive desires, I actually liked being lead and not asked. And to be told rather than consulted. I liked to be commanded, it made me feel secure and hot, desired, horny. When I got to work that day I was told by the manager that a large group of older men, single, probably haven’t fucked in a while. I nodded quietly then went to the front desk and entrance. Cherise was working with me today, she was a bit calmer in her appearance then me. She had a couple small tattoos, like a mermaid on her left thigh, rather high up. I only saw it cause she was changing in the employee washroom. Nice and naked, gorgeous bitch, great tits, C cup, great ass, smooth legs as well. The mermaid tattoo was about an inch away from her pussy at the closest, and two inches at the furthest. Must’ve tickled getting it done so close to the pussy.

“Hey Ada, you hear about the group today? I’m sorry, I’m sure you don’t like doing that shit everyday. And never getting an orgasm? Don’t deny it, I see you when you come out of the bathroom, you never look satisfied. You look like you want more.” Cherise told me as I pulled up a chair at the desk.

It wasn’t the smartest move, I was dripping. Like really dripping, after just a couple minutes sitting in that chair it had a puddle. Cherise saw it when she looked over to talk to me, probably about the group coming in today.

“Oh my god, you’re so fresh off of a fuck. I mean look at you, tell you what hun, I’ll talk to the boss. Meet me in the employee washroom. We’re going to get you showered and cleaned up. Maybe put a braid in your hair.” Cherise joyfully cheered as she walked to the office. She was very kind, a year older than me, twenty three whole years old. Yet she acted like she was my mother. She loved to take care of me, and make sure I was alright.

I tried shouting out after her, just something simple. That I’d be fine, especially since I had to make sure the ‘gentlemen’ were happy. I wouldn’t want to get clean then go right back to being covered in cum and desperate for release. Cause I can guarantee even with how close I am, none of the men would give me an orgasm.

Cherise walked past the desk and grabbed her purse. I guess she has hygiene stuff with her at all times. But she saw me still there, and without saying a word got right up behind me. Put her hand between my legs and gently stroked my pussy. I shuddered at the touch, making a small grinding motion against her hand. She moved a step back so she wasn’t touching me any more. I looked back at her with a pleading and sad face. I just wanted to CUM! She smiled a sly mischievous smile, and beckoned me to follow her.

She lead me into the basement, a place we had been together many times. It’s where the employee washroom and bathroom were. We had showers installed, largely because of me, but also because sometimes there were shifts that employees had to get to and didn’t have time to stop home and freshen themselves up. We have cooks that go to the gym before shifts, and this is closer to the gym then their houses. Cherise kept walking, I kept following, she walked into the ladies room, holding the door for me.

“Go stand over by one of the shower heads, I’ll be right there.” She pointed towards illegal bahis siteleri the shower tiles. She didn’t normally have me go to the showers. She normally had me go get in one of the tubs. That way she didn’t have to worry much about her clothes. Additionally we didn’t normally wash me off before or during a shift. It was generally after a shift ended. And more frequently then not she’d take me home after, cause I was generally exhausted from fucking and not getting an orgasm. I’d just get my car the next day before doing anything.

I dropped my mini skirt as I walked, I didn’t care if it was just laying in the middle of the floor. We were the only two female employees today. I took my top, a nice partially sheer button up, off when I was under the shower head. Cherise walked around the corner, completely naked, even her makeup had been removed. She had a bottle of lotion, pair of larger egg-like beads on a string, and a small makeup case in her hands.

“I don’t know how you can do this. I mean you fuck every day at least once, for work. And today you came in, with cum on your face, and having been denied. Furthermore, that’s not sperm, that’s female cum on your face! Oh honey! Congratulations!” She knew I was lesbian, but that I’d only fucked a girl once or twice before. “Being a lesbian is great, I promise. More frequently than not you get to orgasm. I guess today you just got unlucky?”

I didn’t want to answer, I had completely forgotten that Cherise was very openly lesbian. She mentioned it a couple times, but she’s so much more tame than I am. And she covers a lot more than I do, she doesn’t talk about fucking. Just that she went on a date with a woman and they had dinner. I know of course that she fucks some girls, but she doesn’t mention it at work. Cherise turned on the water and had me spin around a bit, just so she could see what level of cleaning was needed.

She put the makeup case down on a ledge. Shook the egg things in front of my face for a second. I heard the little beads in them move and knew what they were. Those were going to be horrible, ben wa balls stimulating the inside of my pussy. Water stimulating the outside, while another completely nude girl washed me. If I didn’t manage to cum during this shower I was going to be incredibly angry.

Cherise giggled as my pussy eagerly swallowed the balls. Then she took a bit of soap and gently rubbed my legs with it, cleaning off some of the juices that had been dripping. Making long strokes up with the soap up my legs, getting very close to my pussy. Touching just the outside of the lips. Bringing a shudder through my body. Every time she saw me shudder she’d give a quiet giggle. I’m glad she was enjoying this, because I wasn’t the, the ben wa balls weren’t stimulating enough to bring me to orgasm, and the water was just teasing around my pussy. I was becoming more and more desperate from this shower. And that was not what was intended at the start of this. It was supposed to clean me off, and get me to feel a little relaxed. But I was just getting more eager and excited.

“Close your eyes hun. I’m going to clean off your face a little. Just with a sponge, but we don’t want soap, or more cum getting in your eyes.” Cherise was getting more and more cheering and up beat as she cleaned me off.

I kept my eyes closed while she dabbed the wet soapy sponge across my face, wiping my face with her hand a little bit. I did love how much she seemed to care for me. I mean I was twenty two and she was twenty three, yet she acted like I was a young child she had adopted. Always making sure I was clean, and I made it home safely. She actually frequently offered to help me get to the doctor’s office. As you can imagine I have to go quite a bit, nothing yet, but always good to know. And she made sure I took my meds. I had a couple for vertigo and migraines. But I was generally fine.

“So who did you fuck? Someone special, just a fling, random stranger? And when did you get this gorgeous new tattoo?” Full of questions

I told her the whole story of that morning. How I had gone to lunch with Carrie, and gone and gotten a tattoo after lunch. How I was given an orgasm between lunch and the tattoo. Then how I was denied and gave Carrie an orgasm. It was a lot, and I was getting very excited, sexually and mentally, as I told her about it. I was so happy to be open and out about it. Carrie let out a couple quiet noises as I told her the story.

“Well, I’m glad you came out. You know I’m lesbian as well, and still single. I won’t lie, I was kind of waiting for canlı bahis siteleri you to come out. Began losing hope as you started to fuck more men during work.” She mumbled as she put down the sponge. She put her hand back down on my pussy lips. I gave a slight jump as I felt her cold wet fingers slide along the outside of my lips. “If you’re good, I’ll give you an orgasm before I finish cleaning you. But you have to let me do all the work, and you have to listen to what I say.”

I nodded silently, my mouth hanging open. I let my shoulders droop a bit as I felt one of her fingers slip in. “You like that don’t you sweetheart? Well, I have a proposal for you. I’ve been waiting to ask you out, and to ask you to be my girlfriend, for about a year now. And I would absolutely love it, even if you don’t start dating me, if you were to move in with me. It’d make me feel a bit better. I’ve noticed some of the guys you fuck during shifts start to follow you.” I nodded a bit faster, letting out a few moans. I brought my fist to my mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing with her fingers. Teasing me, getting me closer, but not letting me cum! “Are you tired of being on the edge? Ada, I’m going to let you cum. Just as soon as you submit yourself to me.”

I wasn’t thinking, if I had been thinking I would’ve heard that last sentence more clearly. I wouldn’t have nearly screamed the words “Yes Miss Cherise, I submit to you” as she inserted her fist in my pussy. Moaning and crumbling down onto the floor. The water still running over me, Cherise’s fist still inside me. She wasn’t done making me cum. It felt so good! I don’t know if I care that I just agreed to be her girlfriend, and submissive slave girl. If this was something I could look forward to in the future it was worth it.

After a solid five minutes of me cumming, and moaning, and loving every second of what was happening. Cherise pulled her fist out of me. She licked the back of her hand then slid it up to my face, letting me smell my orgasms. Then cleaning her hand off, turning off the water and walking away. I continued to lay on the floor for a couple minutes, getting some of my energy back. That felt amazing, not even Carrie had given me that good of an orgasm. I thought about it as I walked towards the mirror. I figured that’d be where Cherise was, she wanted to braid my hair, and I’m sure my make up was a mess and needed to be redone.

“Hello sweetie. How was that? Did you enjoy your orgasm? I hope so, I’m not going to give you another until next week. After we’ve learned all the rules. But come here, let’s fix your makeup, and do your hair.” She said. Her voice had started out pretty rough and strict, but transitioned back to her almost motherly tone. “I think a crown styled braid could look good, don’t you? Or should we do something like two braids going down your back?”

She was playing with my hair as she talked, lifting and dropping it. I imagine trying to find what she liked most. Finally deciding on doing a braid that starts tight, and transitions to a more loose braid towards the end. Giving me an affectionate kiss on the cheek, before taking out her makeup. She gave me a more natural soft makeup look. Using very little, really just giving me mascara and lipstick. Once she finished she held me at arms length, looking over her work. Then brought me in for a tight hug. Whispering something about later tonight as she did.

She left me sitting in the chair, in front of the mirror. I looked great, I did my hair and makeup every day. But I generally did even less than she did. A quick pony, and maybe mascara. I look like a bombshell, my long dirty blonde hair all sorts of cute and done, and an amazing bright red lipstick.

I didn’t go back to the desk for about five minutes. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I don’t want to be fucked by a bunch of old men who don’t care to give me an orgasm. So what I don’t want to be used. And I have a girlfriend now, or mistress, goddess? I don’t know. I just know I’m lesbian, I actually got orgasms from fucking today. I don’t want to go back to not having orgasms. Even though Cherise told me I wouldn’t cum for about a week.

When I did go back to the desk I was greeted by a hug, and kiss from Cherise. It’s hard to believe that this sweet girl was now my mistress, or goddess. I don’t know what to call her yet. When she let go she slid a metal collar across the desk. It was about a quarter inch thick metal. And once I put it on it looked like it would fit nicely at the base of my neck.

I nodded over to Cherise and mouthed the words on break over to her. Letting her know that when I took my break, probably right before the larger group of single men arrived, I would put the collar on.

For reference, Charlotte Vale, wears a collar similar to the one thought of when writing.

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