Ami Ch. 04

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It was Friday morning and Ami was standing at the kitchen counter preparing breakfast. She felt well rested after her trip and was eager to do something special with William when he got off of work that night. A million thoughts were racing through her mind. All of a sudden the conversation they had the night she got home came to her. Oh God, ever since Gopal tied her up she had wanted to try it with William. Ami’s body tingled and she trembled as she envisioned what they could do. She was still preoccupied and did hot hear William enter the room.

He walked up behind Ami, put his arms around her waist, leaned into her and nuzzled her neck. “Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night?”

Ami was startled at first then snuggled into him, feeling the warmth of his body mingling with hers. “Hi baby. Yes I slept well. I hope you’re hungry, because I fixing one of your favorite breakfast’s; fried potatoes with eggs, bacon and onions, fresh buttermilk biscuits, fresh coffee and orange juice.”

William licked his lips. “Mmm, I’m starving.” He then proceeded to set the table as Ami poured the orange juice.

He watched Ami serve up the food and sit down. William lowered his eyes, and in a sultry tone said, “By the way, doll can I have you as my mid-morning snack?”

Ami looked up at him, raising an eyebrow as her voice took on a questioning tone. “You could, but don’t you have to work today?”

With a surprised look on his face he answered, “I’m sorry dear, didn’t I tell you that I am off today? The company is doing an audit.”

Ami made a face at him then smirked. “No, but then again we’ve been having too much fun practicing Kama Sutra positions for you remember to tell me anything.”

“What can I say doll? That book has made me feel like a young stud again. So sexy, what are your plans for today?”

“Oh just the usual house keeping and maybe a few loads of laundry.” Tilting her head sideways she batted her lashes at him and asked, “Why, what do you have in mind stud muffin?”

William’s mouth stretched into a wide grin as his eye twinkled with excitement. “Oh, I was thinking of something that involves silk scarves and a blind fold.”

Her sparkling green eyes lit up, “Oh honey! I thought you might have forgotten about that. I was just about to ask if you remembered our conversation the other night.”

“Now how would I fail to remember that, it’s been etched in my mind ever since you told me about it.”

Ami flashed him a steamy look. “I know, I’ve been dreaming about it all week. William, when would you like to play this little game?”

He sat there for a moment then took a sip of his coffee and winked at her. “Boy I’m stuffed. I think that the master needs to rest a bit before he ties up his sex slave.”

“Well Master, you could walk some of it off by going to the post office and mailing some letters for me. While you’re doing that I can take care of these breakfast dishes. That way you won’t be too full to have fun,” Ami suggested with a naughty grin on her face.

He told her that was a great idea since it was not that far to the post office. Of course he had an ulterior motive in mind; making Ami wait would arouse her more. That way he could do just about anything when he tied her to the bed.

Ami couldn’t wait to be tied up and taunted by William. She handed him the letters, hoping he didn’t notice her shaky hands. After he left, she began scurrying about like a busy beaver cleaning the kitchen. Then Ami walked over to the desk, pulled out some three by five cards, and a pen. You see, her little game involved William reading different notes placed around the house. Each one would have detailed instructions on them that would eventually lead him to the bedroom. She was so excited that she could hardly write.

She placed the first note on the front door and snickered. “Oh he’s going to love this. Maybe I’ll call it, “The Boudoir of Love Game.”

Ami then went into their bedroom. Walking over to the dresser, she got the scarves and blindfold then went over and placed them on the nightstand by the bed. With shaky hands she Ankara bayan escort closed the door almost all the way and then hid behind it. From there she could see the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hallway to their room.

William took his time walking. A million ideas ran through his mind about what he would do when he tied Ami up. His heart was beating with so much excitement he thought it would leap out of his chest. After he returned home, he saw a note on the door. Thinking she had gone at first, he frowned and muttered under his breath, “Damn-it woman.”

His frown turned into a smile as he began reading her note;

1. Master William, follow these instructions and they will lead you to our bedroom. Once you enter the house, immediately remove your shirt, pants, socks, and shoes. Your next instructions will be found on the refrigerator door.

His curiosity piqued as he opened the front door. William stripped as directed to right there in the dining room. His cock was already beginning to swell with anticipation and he rearranged it. He then walked into the kitchen over to the refrigerator. With trembling fingers he reached for the note and began reading it;

2. Remove your shorts. Pick up the box off the counter. Next, open the refrigerator and pick up two items you think you can use on my body sexually. You will find the next set of instructions on the bathroom mirror.

William removed his underwear. His mind was euphoric and his cock hard, both wondering what would unfold next. Picking up the box he noticed a small bowl inside and wondered what Ami had in mind to use that for. Walking over to the appliance, he opened the door. The cool air made his skin crawl. He searches carefully for something that would not hurt when used as a sexual object. A light bulb idea went off in his head. He got some ice cubes from the freezer and a long thick carrot, placing them in the box.

Ami opened the door a little more when she heard William in the kitchen. She saw him smile as he reads the note. Gasping, when he turned to pick up the box, his cock told her he was enjoying the game.

Under her breath Ami muttered, “Oh fuck, this is so exciting.” Unzipping her pants she slides a hand inside finding her panties drench. So she removed them and her shorts. She then ran her fingers along her swollen lips and across her throbbing clit. His movements got her attention. Ami stopped and watched him intently.

When he began walking toward the bathroom she loved the way each muscle rippled. His full balls hung low as he walked, his rock hard cock glistening with a pearly drop at it head. She waited until his back was to her then closed the door quietly. Taking off the rest of her clothing, she then sat on the edge of the bed, fighting the urge to rub her throbbing clit and nipples.

William was so excited he could hardly walk to the bathroom. Goose bumps appeared on his arms, beads of sweat covered his forehead, as his cock pulsated wanting to release its load of cum. Shakily he set the box down and read the nest message;

3. If you need to wash anything you got from the refrigerator, do it now. Then pick up two things in the bathroom you can use. Your next set of instructions is on the bedroom door.

William’s heart beat so loudly he swore it echoed through out the room. He couldn’t wait to enter the bedroom and be Ami’s master. The idea of incapacitating her aroused him more than he had ever been before. Hurriedly he washed the carrot and laid it in the box. The looked around to see what he could tantalize her with next. His eyes fell on the fluffy-sponge she used to wash with, and a wide bristled makeup brush. He smirked and held back a laugh.

Muttering under his breath, “I can hear her voice now when I use these.” William walked toward the bedroom door, excitedly wanting to see what was inside. He read the last note and then reached for the door-knob.

4. Master enter you slave awaits you on the bed.

Ami lay back on the bed tingling all over as her nipples hardened. She reached down and pinched them, feeling the juices running down her Escort bayan Ankara thighs and pooling on the bed. Her heartbeat was so loud she just knew he could hear it. She jumped when the doorknob rattled.

Just then the door opened and William entered the room carrying the box covered with a towel. He saw Ami jump and from the look in her eyes, he thought she was going to pass out from excitement.

He set the carton down, then walked over and sat next to her on the bed. “Are you okay?”

Ami flashed him a seductive look. “Yes, I was just daydreaming when you came in and it startled me.”

He then kissed her deeply and asked, “Are you ready to begin my sexy slave?”

“Yes. How do you like my little game so far?

“Oh I love it baby!”

“Good, I’m glad because this is now my favorite game. If you’re ready to continue, I want you to tie my arms and legs to the four posts on the bed. After that, blindfold me.”

“Okay, just let me know if I’m tying them too tight.” He proceeded to tie her arms and leg to the corners of the bed. His cock oozed as he looked at her pussy glistening with moisture. He then kissed her and placed the blindfold over her eyes, pausing as he tried to figure out what he wanted to do first.

The silence was broken when she said, “William, I have an idea?”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to use one of the items from the box on me, anywhere. If I can guess what it is, you have to do what I want for five minutes. If I can’t, you can use it any way you desire.”

“Oh fuck, that sounds like fun. Are you ready to begin?”

She nodded yes. He reached into the box and said, “Ok here is item number one.”

William ran the soft bristles of the make up brush across her right breast. He paid special attention to the nipple and then all the sudden stopped. He watched her quivering when he did the same thing to her other nipple.

Ami screamed out, “It feels like a something with soft bristles. It’s my make-up brush.”

“Un-uh, you only have one guess. I’ll give you that one because it’s a brush. Now, what do you want me to do to you?”

With a quivering voice she uttered, “I want you to caress my whole body with it.”

Slowly William ran the brush across her skin with soft feathery strokes. First her face, then breasts, lingering on each nipple, then downward until it just barely caressed the hairs of her pussy.

Ami arched her while back purring like a kitten. William stopped. “Why’d you stop it was just getting good?”

“Your five minutes is up doll. Next item.”

He slowly touched her abdomen with the bath fluffy before running it down each arm. As he watched, Ami had a very puzzled look on her face. He then ran it down each leg.

Ami wasn’t sure what it was so she just blurted out, “Towel.”

“You’re wrong. It’s your fluffy-sponge or whatever that thing is called that you wash with. For the next five minutes I can do anything I want to you.”

Ami was not sure what he was going to do next. In the silence all she could hear was his breathing. Then she could feel his eyes on her, making her skin crawl.

After making her wait a minute, William moved down to her legs. Then he slithered his tongue across her thigh and began working his way upward. With teasing licks going from the outer side inner side of her leg. Each lap of his tongue got close to her pussy without really touching it.

Ami could feel his breath on her pussy then all of a sudden he stopped. She screamed, “Oh fuck, don’t stop now!”

“Sorry honey, times up again. Here’s the next item.”

Although Ami loved what William was doing, she wanted to complain. Oh God, how could he torment her like this? It seemed as if time stood still waiting for him to select the next object. She was about to climax just from the excitement alone.

William sat there watching her for a few minutes, her chest moving with each breath she took. Her nipples remaining taunt. Her juices flowed abundantly down the crack of her ass. Picking up the half melted ice cube he ran it across her nipples.

She shrieked, “Ice cube! Bayan escort Ankara Don’t stop now.”

“What do you want me to do with it baby?”

“Run it all over my nipples and then my clit.”

“If you call me master and I might.”

She shook her head and deeply inhaled, “Master, please rub it on my nipples!”

He ran the cube over her breasts and then stopped. He placed the ice in his mouth and got between Ami’s legs. As the ice melted William spread her lips. While sucking in her clit with his cold mouth, his tongue flicked it. Ami came covering his face, chin, and bed with her juices.

Raising her hips off the bed Ami shrieked, “Fuck me, ooooooooh God please fuck me!”

William wanted to fuck her hard and deep but decided to wait. “Times up. Honey, here is the next item.”

Ami tried to protest but William placed his finger on her lips and whispered, “Shhh my baby. When the time is right I will fuck you.”

He then picked up the last item from the box and smirked knowing Ami would love it. William moved between her legs again, spreading her lips, and running the carrot the full length on her pussy. He did this gradually, while noticing she tried to move closer to the object. All he did was continue to caress her with it slowly.

After taunting Ami for two minutes, he penetrated her vagina with the carrot. While fucking her harder with each thrust he watched her face contort with pleasure. William longed to have his cock inside her, fucking her deeper with each stroke until it exploded against the wall of her pussy.

Ami breathlessly uttered, “Stop.”

“Care to guess?”

“No it’s not that. It’s because this one is too easy. It’s my dildo.”

“You’re wrong. It’s a big fat carrot. Why did you want me to stop then?”

“I want to feel your cock sliding deep inside my pussy right now and not that damn item! Ooooh God William, fuck me!”

William stammered, “Hey, don’t I get to make the request this time? After all you did guess wrong.”

Ami frowned, “Yes, but I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh I will eventually.”

William moved toward the top of the bed. Grasping his cock he ran it across her lips leaving a sticky trail. Ami’s frown turned into a smile, she flicked out her tongue while savoring every drop. He grabbed her head and slid half of his member into her mouth. As he began fucking it slowly at first, then deeper with each thrust until his balls were slapping against her chin. He fought the urge to cum and lost track of time.

Ami stopped sucking him and let his cock fall from her mouth. “Hey, that’s not fair you went more than your five minutes!”

“You’re right. However, I don’t have any more items to show you. So I guess this game is over.”

A devilish smile crossed Ami’s face. “That’s what you think. Untie me now and remove this blindfold.”

William did as instructed. He then pulled Ami into his arms. As they looked into each others eyes the love that they felt emanated through the whole room. He placed his lips on hers kissing Ami deeply as their tongues entwined, doing the dance of lovers.

Then William winked at her and concluded, “I like this game and have some good ideas about what my sex slave will do next time.”

Ami, unable to contain her enthusiasm, squealed, “Master, I think you ought to fuck my pussy for being a good little slave.”

William looked at her. “Slave, straddle me and fuck your master!”

As William lay back on the bed, Ami positioned herself over him. She reached down and grasped his cock guiding it between the lips of her pussy. He was not surprised to see how wet she was. Seizing Ami by the hips William slammed her down on his member.

A bubbly shrieked that was loud enough to shatter the crystal came from Ami’s lips. “Oh God, fuck me harder baby! Yes, just like that!”

Ami’s climax surged through her body in waves making her shake so hard that she almost fell off the bed.

As Ami’s vaginal muscles milked his cock William held onto her. Then he pulled her lips to his as his cock exploded, filling every crevice of her pussy. Afterwards they lay there entangled in each others arms until his cock slid from her pussy.

Ami rolled off of him onto the bed panting heavily. William lay down beside her. As their eyes met, he whispered, “That’s one hell of a game. When can we play it again?”

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