His Daughter’s Friend Ch. 1

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Laura and Hannah had been friends for ages – fairly inseparable from an early age, spending hour upon hour chatting and playing and lazing about. As they grew older this continued; having sleepovers, talking on the phone for hours, just like most teenage girls. Hannah loved spending her time at Laura’s house, appreciating how relaxed her friend’s family was in comparison to her own. She and her father had never got on – he was a very uptight businessman, spending little time at home: the time he was there, he wanted to spend alone with his wife. He’d never been keen to be a father, and now that he was he still wasn’t overly enraptured with the idea, finding it hard to relate to his children.

It was because of this that Hannah had always loved having Laura’s dad, John, as her surrogate father; she looked up to him as a father figure, respected and admired him, and they often had long chats when he drove her home after yet another sleepover.

It was the summer when she turned 18 that things changed. Laura had been seeing her boyfriend, Tom, for quite a while, but finally they’d got more serious. Hannah understood that her best friend wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, but it was still upsetting. She never knew what to do with her time anymore, and spent more and more time at home, feeling lonely.

After another afternoon moping around the house, Hannah decided to give Laura a call. John answered

“Sorry Hannah, but Laura’s out again today – I think she’s staying at Tom’s house tonight, actually. Haven’t seen you in ages, how are you?”

“Alright” Hannah muttered, feeling even more miserable. “A bit stuck for things to do, but I’m fine thanks”

“Stuck for things to do? Well if you fancy earning yourself a little money then you could always come and do some temping work for me: my secretary’s always snowed under and it’d be good to have a little extra help around the place”

The idea appealed to Hannah. She never had much money to herself, and it would at least serve as something to do with her time. She agreed quickly, and found herself at his office the next day.

She enjoyed working there, and after a few days had settled into a happy routine: John would pick her up in the morning and drive her in, and she’d spend the day filing, photocopying, and generally helping out. If John finished early, he’d give her a lift; otherwise she’d take the train home.

John enjoyed her working there as much as she did: she was lively and fresh and he got on well with her. Sometimes he forgot she was so much younger than he was, and found himself admiring her figure and features in a way that was decidedly ‘unfatherly’. She was really becoming beautiful, he decided: tiny frame, standing just over 5 foot, with a small, delicate face and short fine hair, falling nicely over her features. The most striking thing about her was undoubtedly her breasts; they were proportionally large for such a tiny girl, but she carried them brilliantly, and they were so beautifully firm and voluptuous.

He caught himself gazing out of his office window into the open plan office where she was working, bent over the filing cabinet and concentrating on what she was doing. She looked up, and smiled, then turned back to what she was doing. He settled back to get on with his work, and realised his cock was hard just from watching her. This shocked him: he hadn’t realised before just how much he was attracted casino oyna to his daughter’s best friend. That very afternoon she started working on the floor below his, and he missed being able to watch her hard at work.

A few mornings later, John picked her up from her house as usual. As he watched her swing out of the door in her short a-line skirt and summery top, he smiled again, now more confident in his attraction. She smiled back, and winked at him jokingly, before opening the passenger door and sliding into the seat next to him.

Now that he’d admitted to himself how strongly he was attracted to her, being so tantalisingly close was unbearable. Her bare, tanned, knee was inches from his hand on the gears, and he “accidentally” brushed his knuckles over her smooth skin a couple of times, just to try and gauge her reaction.

He was surprised. Not only did she neglect to pull her knee away from him, but he could have sworn that after the first contact, it moved closer to him, and her skirt seemed to ride just slightly higher up that perfect thigh… He concentrated firmly on the road in front of him. He had to be imagining it: there was no way such a young, attractive girl would be attracted to him.

They arrived at the office and she walked in front of him to the door, allowing him a perfect view of her ass; swaying ever so gently from side to side, teasing him. She turned and winked again, before running up the stairs to the floor she worked on. She never took the lift, joking that she would be fat if she didn’t have the exercise.

He couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day, conscious only of his cock throbbing quietly between his legs. He had to do something about this, or he’d never be able to get anything done again…

This routine carried on for the next couple of days, with John trying to suss out just how interested she was, and Hannah being gorgeously, naively, flirtatious.

Friday started just as every other that week: John waited outside her house, and she ran out to the car, sliding next to him and waiting for him to do his usual routine of pretending to accidentally brush her knee. They chatted away for the journey, occasionally catching each other’s eye, until they arrived at the office once more.

“I give up.” Hannah joked. “No more stairs for me; today I’m going to be as lazy as the rest of you, and take the lift.”

As usual, all the businessmen piled into the elevator, chatting between themselves, packed into the tiny space. John was backed up in a corner, with Hannah directly in front of him. He could feel her ass against his thigh, and he was hard within seconds. He couldn’t take it any longer. Gingerly, he moved his hand between them, and pressed it against her, just at the top of her thigh, under her ass. He could swear he felt her press back slightly, encouraging him to carry on. Unbeknownst to the other passengers, he stood with a raging hard on, and slid his hand ever so slightly up his daughter’s friend’s bare, smooth thigh, enjoying how soft her skin felt against his fingers. Now he was sure that she knew what was going on, and that she approved: he felt her part her legs to allow his hand to travel just that bit further up the skin, tracing their way towards her panties.

He could feel the cotton, feel the warmth of her pussy through the material, against the tips of his fingers. It was nearly her floor, but all he wanted to do was canlı casino fuck her, slide his cock deep inside her, and fuck her. He pressed firmer now, feeling her dampness through the panties and wanting so desperately to make her wetter still.

They reached her floor. She turned round briefly, only slightly flushed, and smiled.

“See you later” she muttered, before threading her way out between the other men.

If he’d had trouble concentrating on other days, today he couldn’t even sit still. He had to work out a way to have his cock inside her, to make her cum, to make her do things she’d never even thought of doing. He picked up the phone.


His secretary sighed. She was tired, and he sounded like he had more work for her to do.

“Can you get Hannah to come up here at the end of her day? I’ve got some extra filing that you probably don’t want to do. Just tell her I’ll give her a lift home at the end of it, so she won’t have the hassle of getting herself home for once”

He sat back in his chair, and smiled. Suddenly the prospect of fucking his daughter’s best friend didn’t seem quite so unobtainable.

When she’d finished working for the day, Hannah went up to the next floor to see John. She was nervous, but she didn’t want it to show: their encounter in the lift had left her feeling frisky all day, and she’d taken longer to do her usual day’s duties. It was gone seven o’clock by the time she arrived at his office, and the rest of the floor was practically empty.

She wandered into his office and faced him.

“You said you had some work for me?”

He nodded, and pointed cursorily at a pile of papers. “If you could file those, please.”

She went over. When he’d said he had work for her, she’d assumed it was all a ruse to get her in his office. Now she began to wonder if she’d misread it, and hoped bitterly that she hadn’t.

John resumed his work, quietly observing her little body as it hunched over the papers, organising them dutifully. He let her work for nearly an hour before he broke the silence.

“So were you pleased you forfeited your exercise this morning?”

She flushed, and didn’t turn round. “Of course I was…”

He could tell she wanted him now, even though she was too shy to even face him. He walked over to stand behind her, and hooked his hands under her arm. He pulled her up in front of him roughly, and bent his head to kiss her, sliding his tongue into her mouth, pulling her body closer until it was pressed firmly against his.

She looked up and saw that he’d drawn the blinds; his door was locked; she was alone, he was kissing her, and suddenly she wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. She pulled away slightly, scared.

He pulled her back, running a hand quickly up her thigh and encountering her damp panties underneath. Now he could feel her properly, without the restrictions of the elevator placed on him, and he slid a finger under the material. She was so hot, so wet, and as he slid a finger gently into her cunt, she gasped and pulled away.

“You can’t – I haven’t ever – “

God, she was a virgin. He thought he’d be one of her first, but he hadn’t bargained for being the very first. The idea appealed to him, and his cock grew yet harder in his boxers. He picked her up and carried her over to his desk, enjoying how small she was and how powerful he was in comparison.

Before she realised kaçak casino what he was doing, he’d bent her over the desk, and had fastened her wrists to the edges. She couldn’t work out whether she was enjoying it. He bent down and did the same to her legs, leaving her spread helpless across his desk, at his mercy.

She started to shake, scared again. He didn’t want to scare her too much, so he pushed her skirt up around her waist, and slid a hand up her thigh again, gently this time, his touch soothing her. He could feel her getting wetter under him, and whilst one hand busily stroked her slit, the thumb occasionally brushing over her clit and making her gasp even more, his other hand quickly unzipped his flies.

He had to have her now. She couldn’t stop him even if she’d wanted to; but she wanted it as much as him, and he knew it. He moved his dick towards her pussy, just letting the head slide against her slit, the whole way from her ass to her clit, thrusting against her but not sliding inside her. She was so wet now that her juices were lubing up his cock, and he knew it was time to fuck her, to fuck this little girl until he felt her coming, tightening around him, and only then would he come inside her.

He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, gently sliding the head inside her, feeling her clenching around him. He’d never felt anything so tight, and he’d never felt himself so hard. She moaned as he pushed slightly further in, feeling him stretching her more than she was used to. His hand slipped down to her clit, gently rubbing, and he could feel her instantly getting wet again. When she had accustomed herself to his dickhead inside her, and was enjoying the feel of his finger on her clit, he pushed firmly and quickly against her, burying himself in her young, tight, cunt.

She let out a long, slow, moan, feeling him stretching her unbearably. He stayed like that, buried balls-deep in her cunt, until he felt the muscles relaxing around his cock. Then he started to fuck her, to fuck her properly, pulling out until only the tip of his cock was inside her, then plunging all the way back in again, his finger circling her clit constantly. She was moaning again now, but not from pain, from pleasure.

She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying herself: here she was, spread across her best friends’ dad’s desk, tied up and at his mercy, whilst he thrust his cock into her as hard as he could. His hands fingering her only added to the pleasure, and she started to meet his thrusts, pushing against him to try and push him deeper into her newly broken pussy. Suddenly, she started to come, gasping and moaning and choking his name, her cunt clenching around his cock. Finally she was sated, and lay limp across the desk, his cock still plunging into her.

“Mm.. keep fucking me, please” she whispered, hesitantly at first, unsure what to say. “I want you to come inside me.. to feel your hot, wet cum filling me up..”

He was so fucking lucky: not only was he fucking a beautiful, young, tight girl, but she was begging him to: begging him to come inside her. He groaned and felt the familiar rush of cum from his balls, intensified a million times from the usual reaction that he was used to. He pushed even deeper inside her, grabbing her waist, coming, filling her, just as she’d wanted, more than he thought possible, until finally he collapsed on top of her tiny frame over his desk.

They lay like that, his cock still inside her, until he decided to untie her. He knew he could have her whenever he liked now; and he had plenty of ideas for his new little play thing…

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