In The Shower Pt. 02

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I returned to the gym often at the same time (later evenings) hoping to find him there, looking for a repeat, to no avail. Finally one evening I saw him talking to another guy also looking to be in his early twenties. This guy had dark hair and I wanted to see if it extended all over.

They were looking my way, so I finished my workout and headed for the locker room. In the steam room I was met by the same young guy that I had met before who sat beside me and quietly asked, “Same place?”

I replied, “Sure.”

I remember seeing the other guy walk to the showers also, taking another stall, and I was leery about having anyone close-by. But I also wanted to protect the first young guy from any embarrassment with his friends.

As before, I took the last shower stall on the left and he took the shower stall across from me. After a moment, he joined me and gave my cock the oral attention that felt incredible. He again turned around and offered his ass. I gladly entered the young ass, thrusting long, to his pleasure casino oyna and mine.

It was then that the other young guy slipped into the shower stall. I stopped mid-thrust, really unsure of whether it was ok or not. Then he whispered, “Fuck me next,” and I knew it was ok. The thought of having two young guys was incredible though I’d never had a threesome before. This guy acted quite straight, was taller, seemed younger (though more mature) than the other guy, and his dark hair did indeed extend to his chest, legs, and crotch. And his cock was long, uncut, and larger than I had seen. The hair on his head was black and long enough to be curly. All in all, I grew harder in anticipation.

I resumed fucking the smaller guy, and after several more deep strokes, I withdrew and shot all over his back and ass. The new guy spread my cum and massaged my cock as I backed off. Then he moved to lean against the wall and assumed a position that invited me to fuck him too.

Now, although I can get hard several times in an evening, canlı casino I usually need some time between sessions. But I looked down at the second guy’s ass and it had dark hair. I started to get hard again. In fact, he looked really hot all over — Mediterranean, dark with a hint of a beard, tall, slender, and slightly muscular. And his cock, which was now erect, was really large, curved upward, and had a head that gleamed. If these two young guys were more than just friends, this guy certainly topped.

I reached around and stroked the second guy’s enormous cock. It was hard; I really enjoyed grasping it and it made mine grow. I rubbed his nipples and his chest hair and further down. Where it was untrimmed across his abdomen to his pubic region, it felt really good. Then the first guy grabbed my other hand and placed it on his own cock. It was really stimulating to hold two cocks at once, and I grew even harder than before. I felt hard as if I could now really enter this new guy. His friend helped me put it in and I was in heaven. kaçak casino

I removed both hands so I could fully grasp his ass. I’m not sure why hair is such a turn-on, but it harden my cock. He moaned deeply, so the fucking must have felt good for him; I did enjoy giving pleasure this way.

I resumed holding both cocks and stroking their hardness, and it was amazing. Finally, the second guy came, shooting in repeated spasms that kept going and going. Then the first guy came, shooting all over the second guy’s ass and me. It was really hot.

Feeling my tension rising too, I ended the fucking, shooting over the young guy’s ass and back while his friend held my cock. They both moaned as I came. I surprised myself by shooting with even more power this second time; I felt really spent.

After a short bit, both guys looked at each other as if this had been really hot, and it was. They each whispered, “Thanks!” as they each grabbed my cock. They quietly went back to their respective shower stalls and I felt totally spent. Overall, it was really incredible, though I didn’t realize how rare at the time. Indeed, my pleasure with these two young guys has remained unmatched though I have had other explorations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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