Interlude in the Dark

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Furtive glances give way to lingering eye contact between them during the pauses in conversation. They have been talking for quite a while in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for word on the newborn baby of a mutual friend. The discussion inevitably turns to sex, as it seemed to always do, whether they were alone with each other or with the group of neighbors talking late into the night over frozen margaritas and cigarettes.

The sexual tension mounts between them as their conversation continues. They each wonder silently, yet in unison, if the other is thinking the same thing.

“I have an idea” he says suddenly, almost out of nowhere, giving voice to her thoughts.

“Oh really? And what would that be?” she replies, her own mind not daring to hope that he is about to confirm her desire.

“Are you up for some fun?” he asks, flashing a mischievous grin.

“I am always up for fun. What did you have in mind?” (surely he is not thinking the same thing I am.) she thinks to herself. His grin makes her body flush with the prospect.

“Follow me” he stands, taking her hand in his “and close your eyes.”

He leads her out the door of the waiting room and she lets out a little giggle. In her darkness she can sense that she is being guided down the corridor, turning a corner, and then down another corridor.

“Don’t you peak now. This will be more fun if you don’t open your eyes at all.”

Her body tingles with anticipation of what is in store. Her mind was racing with the possibilities. Another corner, a few more steps, a door latch sounds and a door creaks open. The carpet underfoot turns too hard tile. She can feel that the room is small by a slight change in air pressure and it smells clean and slightly antiseptic, but not unpleasant. She can briefly see bright light through her closed eyelids, hears him close and lock the door, a quick click of the light switch and she sees nothing but blackness.

“Now, feel free to back out at anytime, okay? I don’t want you to do this unless you really want to. Are you alright?” he says, now tentative and sounding a little nervous.

“Well, we haven’t actually done anything yet.” She says, now a little nervous herself, but starting to shiver with anticipation of what he has in mind.

Then, without speaking, he moves himself behind her, taking her shoulders in his strong hands. He begins to gently but firmly knead the muscles there. He feels her relax under his hands, head thrown back. Applying pressure with his thumbs and fingertips, digging gently to the outermost muscles of her shoulders. Alternating fingertips and palms, he can hear her moan almost inaudibly through parted lips. He judges that he is having the desired affect.

She opens her eyes now, but it makes no difference. The room is in utter darkness. Her only sensory perceptions are his hands on her, the sounds of each of their breathing echoing in the small room and the rhythmic beating of her own heart.

Applying pressure to her shoulder muscles now, neck muscles, running both thumbs simultaneously down her spine, moving down her back. Down her sides, taking care not to tickle her ribs, massaging only. He bends her slightly forward and she places her hands on the countertop to counter-balance as his pressure increases.

“Okay, I am going to raise your shirt- it will feel much better on your skin that way.”

She only replies “That’s fine”.

He lifts the hem czech gangbang porno of the t-shirt and pulls it up half way, rubbing his hands briskly together to warm them before touching her bar skin. He begins again and she responds to his touch with a groan. Using the heels of both his hands on her scapula muscles, with more pressure now and working them in a slow, circular motion up and down her back, leaving no muscle untouched. The low sounds of her pleasure reassures him that it feels good to her. He imagines in the darkness her beautiful lips parting, her tongue keeping them moist, her gently knawing her lower lip in enjoyment of his ministrations. The thought of this arouses him, he begins to grow hard now and ever so slightly presses his hardness against her. He feels her body react instinctively to him and presses back hard in response.

He then gently touches his lips to her skin and kisses wetly and sweetly, tracing his tongue down her spine, leaving a small wet trail there. Alternately kissing and licking his way down, then up then down her back again, still massaging in the same manner as before.

He pauses, “You okay with this?” he asks, again tentative.

“What do you think?” she replies and lets out a little giggle.

“Good. Feel free to stop me at any time.”

“Don’t count on it.” she says, a smile evident in her voice.

Feeling encouraged, he then without speaking begins to massage her lower back once again, moving his hands around to her belly and upward, feeling her ribs and pressing his fingers along them, drinking in the sensuality of the moment. His hands eventually found her full, soft breasts and he cups them, massaging firmly, rubbing in gentle, circular motions. He sensitive fingers find her nipples, now fully erect, and pinches them between his thumb and forefingers, bringing a light low gasp of surprised arousal. He is now fully hard, and presses himself harder against her lovely bottom. She pushes against him and raises herself; her back pressed to his chest, wanting him. She moans again as he continues to massage her breasts cupped in his hands, her hair now at his face.

He kisses her neck, gently biting and sucking, finding her earlobe and gently suckling it too. Kissing her jawbone, the muscle running along the side of her neck, raising her hair and kissing the nape of her neck. She turns her head and their mouths find each other, tongues darting quickly to meet each other in the darkness.

Now moving down once again below the shirt that is bunched up around her neck, he traces wet kisses up and down her back as before. His hands move from her breast to her tummy, lingering now for a long second, then moving to the button of the khaki shorts she is wearing. He relieves the button of its’ burden with one hand, the other handling the zipper. His hands move the waistband of the shorts downward, another gasp escapes her lips. She feels him moving his body against her, moving slightly away, then tracing yet another wet trail down her body, pausing at her lower back to place a few more moist kisses there.

He places his hands on her derriere and resumes the massage, gently parting the cheeks and rubbing the muscles there with the entirety of his hand. Moving his hands around so that his fingers were on the outside of her thighs, rubbing with his palms again, slowly, firmly, dragging his fingernails lightly up the skin. He searches gently for czech harem porno the waistband of her panties and pulls them down her lovely legs and off her feet, her alternately standing on first one foot then the other, flinging them behind.

He then pushes gently on her upper back, indicating to her that he wants her to bend slightly. She complies without resistance or hesitation, placing her hands on the countertop again. He feels goose bumps rise on her buttocks and legs from the chilly hospital air and rubs her skin to warm her.

Then kissing the top of her of buttocks near the small of her back, leaving a wet trail down the valley formed there, her body shivers. Following his way to the outside, along her sensuously curving hip, turning to kiss the backs of her thighs, down to the knee pit, nibbling. She presses against him, bending over further to expose herself more fully to him. He faintly smells her aroma and this excites him even more; his head swims in heady desire for her. His kisses grow closer to her sacred place and she begins to moan more audibly now. He licks long traces now from outside her labia along the crevices found there, drinking in her skin and natural fragrance as her moans grow more distinct. The dew of her arousal on his tongue has the effect of fine wine. A moan from deep within him escapes his lips as he finally tastes her juices, gently parting her lips with his tongue. She reaches behind and opens herself for him more, now bending over even further. He is able now to put his lips fully on her, parting them and penetrating more deeply. His lips sucking at the petals of her womanhood, his tongue reaching desperately inside her, alternating penetrations and flicking her clitoris with the end. He raises his hand to between her legs and inserts first one finger, then two, feeling her push against his hand, moaning. He draws his fingers out and licks the moisture from them.

He turns her around to face him now. If her face were visible in the darkness, he would have seen her eyes half-closed, head turned slightly upward, face flushed. He again fingers her gently and brings them to her mouth this time, allowing her to taste her own desire, which she did eagerly. Then their lips met, perfectly this time. Mouths parted, they slowly explored each other in a deep kiss.

He then kisses her cheek and speaks again. “Sit up here…” and signals in the darkness by patting the countertop.

She jumps up upon to it, inhaling quickly at the coldness of the hard surface. The cold, stainless steel counter is in deep contrast to the radiating heat and wetness of her. She could almost see the sensations dancing before her sightless eyes in full technicolor. Her new resting place is quickly warmed with her heat and her body returns its attention to what was coming.

He kisses her again deeply for a few seconds and begins to work his way down her body once more, her legs on each side of his body. As she supports herself with her arms behind her, he kneels in front of her, as though making obeisance to Galatea, a goddess of his own making. Taking one of her legs in each of his hands, his head now between her legs, he kissed the insides of her thighs, massaging the muscles there and mouthing his way toward the place that she now desperately wants his mouth.

Nibbling and sucking the tender region between the center of her pleasure and her thigh muscle, where the tendon is stretched taught czech sharking porno by legs spread. Long tongue traces from her buttocks to her pubic mound, tracing an ever-narrowing circle to the center of her womanhood, but teasingly avoiding the bare skin of her lips. Both legs now resting on his shoulders, his arms on the outside of her thighs, his hands coming to rest on her lower belly, he put his mouth full on her, parting her labia in a deep tongue kiss. Her gasp and ever increasing moans tells him he is touching the correct places. The tip of his tongue alternately buried deep inside her and flicking the hood of her clitoris, concentrating his efforts on first one then the other; the aroma and taste of her sex intoxicating him. Her breathing deepens and the sounds of her pleasure echoes off the hard, cold tile walls. Her excitement and the energy of her thrusts against his mouth make him feel on the edge of climax himself.

He senses that she is approaching the cliff’s edge and he presses his mouth harder against her. She is poised now with one hand on the back of his head, pulling him deeper into her and her other still supporting herself on the countertop. Her head, thrown back in ecstasy, heels dug firmly into his back, trying desperately to pull his entire body into her, toes curled hard to the ceiling. The stifled sounds come only as a low moan, her hips now thrusting in earnest. His tongue reaching as deeply as it can inside her, and she comes in long slow tidal waves. The waves of orgasm crash through her mind, leaving their evidence in his mustache, beard, on his lips, running down his cheeks, dripping onto the floor.

Now, she relaxes in the aftermath, leaning back against the wall. Both hands rest gently and easily on his head, running her fingers through his hair, allowing her legs to lie limp over his shoulders. He continues to nuzzle her, knowing of her sensitivity after the event, and careful not to subject her to undue torture. He keeps his mouth on her, still gently kissing, nibbling her outer lips and licking her juices from the inside of her thighs and from his own lips.

Within only a few minutes, she begins to feel the stirrings of arousal again from deep within her. Sensing this, he catches her eyes with his and smiles. His eyes still on hers, he extends his middle finger and slowly, ever so slowly slides it into her. She moans again, her head moving back in unison with the inward motion. He licks her clitoris, spreading the skin with his left hand, exposing it to his tongue. He moves his other hand, making a “come here” sign with his finger inside her, massaging the topmost regions of her womanhood, behind the pubic bone, moving in and out and in again, slowly at first then more quickly as the signs of her pleasure increases. She grabs both his wrists one in each of her hands and lets escape a long, low moan as she comes again.

After she climaxes for the second time, he rises. Taking her face gently in his hands, he kisses her softly and speaks.

“That was wonderful.”

“I think that is what I am supposed to say. It was wonderful. I want to thank you, but that would sound kind of strange. But thank you.”

“No, thank you.” and he smiles at her.

He helps her with her panties and shorts, which now were strewn somewhere in the darkness, and once dressed, they pause in the darkness for a final slow, deep kiss and a warm hug, full bodies pressed together for lingering seconds.

They walk together silently, in unconscious synchronous movement, back to the waiting room, both feeling a deep contentment. The slightly awkward silence broken only when they sat opposite one another again, look into each other’s eyes, and begin giggling uncontrolled.

She says simply “That was fun.”

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