The Cheerleader’s Diary Ch. 03

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Chapter 12 – Mother Fucking

Gloria needed a cock in her pussy. One in her mouth and ass would be nice too, but she’d settle for a big one in her pussy. Jason had turned her into a sexual animal. She couldn’t go to him because he was back east helping his wife with their move. And all she could remember about his friends was the size of their cocks and the taste of their cum.

It was almost noon. Gloria had just finished showing an older couple some possible retirement houses. On the way home she passed a few hotels. She thought about stopping to see if any businessmen were looking to get laid, but it was Saturday. No one was going to be around. Jim was at the hospital. Sarah and Russ were at a football game that afternoon. Gloria resigned herself to watching porn movies with her plastic friends.

Gloria knew something was happening as soon as she entered the house. Noises were coming from the kitchen. Gloria tiptoed through the dining room and looked around the entrance to the kitchen. Russ was sitting on the island countertop. His jeans were on the kitchen floor. A girl with short dark hair and plastic rimmed glasses was bent over him with his cock in her mouth. She was fully clothed in blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt.

Gloria had a perfect angle to watch his cock slide in and out of her eager mouth. Without disturbing them she slipped two fingers into her already sopping pussy. It wasn’t long before Russ threw his head back holding the sides of the countertop tight in his grip.

“Oh… oh… oh God Sally… I’m going to cum…”

“Yes… give it to me Russ… all over my face and glasses… give me your cum.”

Sally had pulled his cock from her mouth and was pumping it with her hand. Her face was less than two inches from the tip, which was pointed right at her glasses. Gloria pressed against her cit and rubbed it in hard and fast circles. Her body tensed. She watched the first stream of hot cum spray across Sally’s glasses and forehead.

Gloria lost control. Her body jerked and shook with a powerful orgasm. Pussy juice gushed into her panties. She kept her eyes glued on Russ’ cock as it continued hose down Sally’s face with stream after stream of creamy goo. She had her mouth open and tongue out to catch whatever didn’t land on her face.

Sally finally clamped her mouth over his throbbing meat to suck the last remnants of cum from the tip. Sally stood when she finished sucking him clean. She smiled as she looked right at him with cum dripping from her chin, nose and glasses.

“Russ, you naughty boy. Just look at he mess you made all over my face.”

Sally took off her glasses and sucked the cum from each lens. She used her fingers to scoop up cum drooling down her face and licked each one clean. Russ just sat there mesmerized. He still couldn’t believe that Sally, the nerdy little bookworm who lived up the street, had just given him a blowjob.

What Russ didn’t know was that Sally had been after him for weeks. She was new in school and didn’t fit in easily with other kids. She shared an advanced math class and a physics lab with Russ, and found him attractive, intelligent and somewhat of a loner. Although Sally was shy and reclusive herself, Russ had been the recipient of her one great weakness. Sally was addicted to blowjobs.

Sally had always been intrigued with sex and masturbated frequently to pictures, movies and stories she downloaded on her computer. But up until this past summer she had never gone further than tongue kissing and having her tits squeezed the few times she dated. Then one night a boy at band camp got her drunk, pulled out his cock and pushed her face down to his lap. Without thinking, she eagerly gobbled him between her lips and sucked his meat until it spewed hot cum into her mouth After that she made it her mission to suck the cock of every male in the math and chess clubs, but she never let any of them fuck her.

Sally had given Russ enough hints about her interest in him but none of them seemed to take. When he finally agreed to go to the game with her she knew she would have to get up her nerve and become the aggressor. Luck was on her side. No one was home when she stopped by before the game. She asked for a glass of water to get him into the kitchen. Before she lost her nerve, Sally quickly attacked, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him hard. Then she pulled away and dropped to her knees.

“Oh Russ… I want to suck your big cock so badly… I want to put it in my mouth and make you cum all over my face… I hope you don’t mind.”

Russ was in shock at the actions of this nerdy prim and proper bookworm. She had his zipper down and her lips around his meat before he could react. When he was fully erect she pulled down his jeans and had him sit on the counter. That was where Gloria found them and enjoyed the rest of the show. Sally was about to finish her creamy feast when Gloria decided to announce her return home. She crept back out to the front entrance.

“Hello. keçiören escort Is anyone home?”

Sally scrambled into the broom closet while Russ quickly pulled up his jeans just as Gloria was rounding the corner. The door to the closet didn’t completely close and Sally had a perfect view of Russ and his mom. She just hoped she couldn’t be seen in the dark shadows. She watched Mrs. Miller walk over to Russ and kiss him on the cheek.

“Hello Russ. I didn’t expect to find you here. But I’m glad we’re all alone. Your mommy needs something that you have… something big and hard. I think you know what it is.”

Russ looked over at the broom closet. He couldn’t let his mother fuck him here in the kitchen. Not in front of Sally.

“Um… look, why don’t we go upstairs. I think the thing you’re looking for is up there.”

“Oh no, baby. It’s right here.”

Gloria grabbed Russ and kissed him hard on the lips while shoving a hand down the front of his jeans. She continued the kiss until she could feel him growing hard.

“You want mommy to suck it, don’t you baby. Here, why don’t you sit on the counter and let me put your big cock in my mouth.”

She pulled down his jeans as he pulled himself up on the counter. Gloria moved around to ensure Sally had a perfect view of her sucking his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his swollen shaft and flicked her tongue across the tip.

“I’ll bet the girls at school would love to suck this beautiful cock. Don’t you think so Russ? I’ll bet your mom could teach them a thing or two. Maybe we should invite one of them over sometime.”

Staring right at the broom closet, Gloria clamped her lips around his bulging head and licked it with her tongue as she sucked on it. Keeping her eyes on the closet she slowly lowered her lips down his shaft. His cock continued to disappear into her mouth until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. She pushed her tongue down the underside of his shaft and let his cock slide into her throat until the entire length disappeared into her mouth.

Gloria continued to use her expert orals skills on her son’s throbbing cock, occasionally glancing over at the broom closet with a hungry look in her eyes. She finally pulled his cock from her mouth followed by several long strands of drool.

“Russ, sweetie, mommy’s pussy is all wet and gooey. I’m going to have to take of my pants and panties before I make a complete mess of them.”

Gloria was wearing tight black spandex pants with a flashy white top. She moved so that her ass was right in front of the broom closet and slowly peeled down her pants and panties. She bent over so that Sally would have a perfect bird’s eye view of her firm and creamy ass with her swollen dripping pussy hanging between her legs.

Gloria moved back to Russ and sucked his cock into her mouth, only this time she kept her back to Sally. Gloria slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy, prying it open with her fingers so that Sally could enjoy the spectacular view. Sally, who had been terrified at first, now had her eyes glued to the action. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting by staring at another woman’s cunt. Her nipples pressed hard against her bra and her pussy was leaking like crazy. She had no choice but to unsnap her jeans and dig her fingers into her sloppy cunt.

“Russ, honey, would you be a dear and lick mommy’s pussy? I’m about to go crazy. Why don’t you lie on the floor and I’ll just squat down on your face.”

Gloria made sure his head was only a foot from the broom closet. She pulled off her blouse and bra revealing her full rounded tits. Facing the closet Gloria straddled Russ’ head and slowly lowered her pussy to his face. She felt his lips clamp around her puffy mound and his tongue push into her steamy hole. Gloria moaned as she squirmed her cunt against his face, reaching down and spreading the juicy pink lips so that Sally could see her hard clit.

“Eat me Russ… oh fuck yes… eat your mommy’s pussy… oh god yes… that’s it baby… put you finger up mommy’s ass… oooohhhhh…”

Sally had never let a boy eat her pussy, but watching Russ lick his mother had her head spinning. Her fingers furiously worked away on her dripping pussy and slimy clit. When Russ shoved a finger up his mother’s ass she couldn’t hold back any longer. She bit her lip and did the best she could to stifle a moan. Her body started shaking. She reached out to steady herself, but instead she hit the door which swung open.

Gloria was close to her own orgasm when the broom closet door opened. Her eyes locked onto Sally’s. A look of desperation in both women was fixed on their faces. Gloria pinched her nipples just as her body stiffened. She gasped and started shaking. Juices gushed from her pussy all over Russ’ face and into his mouth. Sally pulled the door closed hoping Mrs. Miller would ignore her.

No one heard Jim come in to the house. keçiören escort bayan Nothing was happening at the hospital so he decided to return home. He was only five minutes away and easily available by beeper. He heard noises coming from the kitchen. He stood at the entranceway and watched in awe as his wife humped his son’s face with his tongue up her cunt and a finger up her ass. He was even more amazed when he saw the young girl from up the street watching from the closet.

Gloria stood holding onto the broom closet door handle and pulling it half-way open so that Sally had a bird’s eye view of her dripping cunt hanging between her spread legs. Still facing Sally, she back up over Russ’ outstretched body and squatted over her son’s huge throbbing meat. She reached between her legs and slotted it into the opening of her pussy.

Sally watched Gloria’s puffy cunt lips part as the bulging head of Russ’ cock disappeared between them. She had seen people fucking in pictures and movies, but this was real. She watched his cock slide deeper and deeper into his mother’s cunt. Sally couldn’t help but put her hand back inside her panties and finger her dripping cunt as she watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of her.

Jim decided it was time to join the action. He quietly stepped up behind Gloria and dropped his trousers. His hard cock sprung free. He rubbed it against the side of Gloria’s cheek while she rode his son’s cock. Gloria turned her head and lifted her eyes to Jim’s. No words were necessary. She opened her mouth and let the hard flesh side between her lips. Jim stepped around in front of her. Gloria brought her hands up to the cheeks of his ass as she pulled him deeper.

Russ couldn’t believe what was happening. His mother’s incredibly hot and tight pussy was wrapped around his cock while his father just walked in without saying a word and shoved his cock in his mom’s mouth. From what Russ could see, his father didn’t seem to mind at all that his own wife was getting fucked by another man, much less his own son.

Sally froze when she saw Mr. Miller. She couldn’t believe it when he just stepped up and shoved his cock in Mrs. Miller’s mouth. She could still see her pussy sliding up and down Russ’ glistening cock between Mr. Miller’s spread legs. It was all too much for her. Sally couldn’t hold back the pressure building in her tummy. She felt like her nipples were going to explode from her tits. Her entire body tensed just before she jerked violently and screamed. The explosion that rippled through her was unlike anything she had ever felt. It was like she was peeing pussy juice. She drenched her panties until she could feel her juices soak all the way through her jeans.

Gloria could feel another powerful orgasm building in her belly. She took Jim’s cock all the way down her throat and rubbed her clit. Her screams were muffled as she tried to cry out. She could feel pussy juice gushing all over Russ’ cock. She drove him deep into her gut and squirmed her ass against him causing a second wave of orgasm to wash through her body.

Russ could feel his mother’s pussy was wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock. He could feel the walls of her cunt squeeze him as he ground it around inside her. He was close to losing it again. He could feel a huge load of cum about to explode from his cock into his mother’s pussy. Before it could happen her orgasm passed and she stopped moving, allowing cum to drain back into his balls.

While Gloria was catching her breath Jim moved around behind her and rubbed a stick of butter sitting on the counter all over his cock. He pushed her forward and squatted behind her guiding his throbbing meat to the tight nub of her ass. Gloria turned her head to look back at him.

“Oh yeah baby… fuck my ass. I want to feel two cocks fucking me and squirting cum into my pussy and ass.”

Gloria gasped when Jim punched through her sphincter. She could feel his hard meat push deeper and deeper into her bowels. She squirmed against Russ’ cock which was still buried in her pussy. She looked up and saw Sally staring in awe with her legs spread and her hand busy in her panties.

Russ could feel the pressure of his father’s cock pounded into his mother’s ass. She was grinding against him with her tits bouncing in his face. Russ sucked a nipple into his mouth. His mother’s moans became louder and louder. His own head was spinning. It was going to be impossible to hold back the flood of cum building in his balls.

Sally was out of control. She pushed a finger up her ass and pinched her nipples hard. Her thumb rubbed across her clit. It was like she was watching a hot porno movie, only the action was real and right in front of her. She needed a cock in her pussy in the worst way.

Russ was the first to cum. He cried out as he slammed his cock up into his mother’s hot cunt. A flood of cum sprayed deep into her tight pussy, then another and another and escort keçiören another. He could feel the massive load ooze from her pussy and over his balls.

The feel of hot cum blasting into her belly pushed Gloria over the edge. She screamed and came hard. Jim’s cock up her ass made her orgasm even more intense. She continued to cum in a series of spasms that ripped through her body. She was on the verge of passing out when she felt something warm fill her bowels.

Jim loved the feel of Gloria’s tight ass wrapped around his cock. He pounded it into her faster and faster He watched as his son filled her full of his young sperm, and his wife have the most intense orgasm he had ever seen her have from the two cocks pounding into her. Jim knew it was time to finish. He slammed his cock into her hard and faster, over and over. His balls shrunk. He felt his cock swell in her tight sphincter just before he roared out and flooded her bowels with hot cum. He drained his balls into her asshole until he was spent.

Jim pulled out of Gloria’s ass and stood looking at his wife collapsed on his son whose cock was still in her pussy. Cum dribbled out of her asshole and mixed with Russ’ cum and her pussy juice as it dripped from his balls onto the floor. Jim looked at Sally in the broom closet. The door had swung most of the way open. She was breathing hard with her jeans down around her knees and her blouse up over her tits.

“Come on Gloria, let’s go upstairs. I think Russ’ date for the game is coming and I wouldn’t want his parents to embarrass him in front of her.”

Chapter 13 – Sarah Takes a Train

Russ still hadn’t fucked his sister. It had been over a week since she made that promise. A lot had happened. He had fucked his mother several times and even shared her with his father in front of Sally, the math nerd from across the street. She was so turned on from watching Russ and his dad fuck his mother that they skipped the football game and went straight to her house and up to her room. She asked him to eat her pussy just like he had done to his mother.

Sally came hard and gushed so much pussy juice it felt like she was peeing all over his face. She handed him some baby oil from the bedside stand, rolled over, tilted her ass in the air and asked him to fuck her in the butt. Russ couldn’t believe it. He knew she was still a virgin, yet here she was asking him to fuck her in the ass. He greased up his cock, pressed it against her tight sphincter and pushed. Her asshole slowly yielded to the pressure of his cock until he could feel the swollen head pop inside her.

Russ continued to push deeper to the grunts and spasms of Sally trying to adjust to the large slab of meat being shoved up her ass. She didn’t say anything but it was clear she was not enjoying herself. Russ continued to work his cock deeper and deeper until it was completely buried inside her dark passage. He held it there to let her adjust before he slowly moved it in and out. She finally relaxed. He felt the tight grip on his cock loosen.

Sally’s grunts of pain became moans of pleasure as her asshole stretched to accustom to his throbbing girth. She pulled a rubber cock that she kept under her pillow and pushed it up her pussy. Less than a minute later she came hard and soaked the sheets beneath her from pussy juice that sprayed from her cunt.

Russ kept fucking her ass until he blasted a creamy load up her bowels. When he pulled out she turned around, sucked him back to hardness and then asked him to do it again from on top. When he was ready to cum she took him in her mouth and swallowed all of it. He fucked her ass two more times that afternoon, but she never let him fuck her pussy.

Just last night his mother came by his room to get fucked after showing houses to some clients. Her pussy was full of cum. Russ’ dad was out of town so he knew she was getting it from someone else. Russ decided that his mother must be a real slut. Just like his sister was becoming. He hadn’t fucked her yet, but he was going to. Russ walked into her room. Her diary was open on the desk. He picked it up and read the last entry.

October 11

After Saturday night there is only one way to describe me. I have become a complete and total slut. I should be ashamed. I should feel dirty and disgusted with myself. I don’t feel any of these things. In fact, I can’t wait for my next cock. I hope daddy stops by tonight and fucks me. My pussy is already dripping. Writing this will only make it worse.

My date with Brad started out like a normal date. When he picked me up on Saturday I was all dressed for the dance and had a change of clothes for the party afterwards. I knew we were going to have sex. After all he was my date. I just didn’t realize it was going to happen so quickly. On the way to the dance he told me he couldn’t stop thinking about me after doing it in the car at school. He said he was so horny he was going nuts and asked if I wouldn’t mind giving him a blowjob before we arrived. We pulled off the road. I quickly gobbled his hard cock down my throat. He must have been horny because it only took a couple of minutes before I could feel his warm creamy cum filling my mouth. There was so much of it that I had to swallow quickly so I didn’t spill any.

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