A Busy Weekend Pt. 09

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A Busy Weekend Pt 9

The wind battered the sides of the small craft. Something about it had seemed to unnerve Saoirse, so Pia took extra care to hold her while they tried to have an afternoon nap in Pia’s bed. The two of them had changed from their nightshirts into some of Pia’s comfy sweats. Saoirse wore one of Miss May’s old sweatshirts, with a large patch sewn onto the back to patch up what Miss May had originally cut out for her wings. Pia ran her finger along the diamond-shaped seam, feeling Saoirse’s fluffy tail twitch.

“What’s the matter, Sersh?” Pia tried not to yawn.

Saoirse had been curled up, her face in Pia’s cleavage. Her catlike ears, the same pale yellow as her shoulder-length hair and her tail, were flat against her head.

“I don’t think it’s working,” sighed Saoirse.

Pia felt the blood drain from her face in cold prickles. “What?”

Saoirse cupped her crotch self-consciously. “I’m not retracting all the way.”

“Well, you said you need to be relaxed and pampered all day,” said Pia, relieved. “It’s been like two hours. Is there anything I can do to help?”

One of Saoirse’s hazel eyes peeked up at Pia from between her breasts. “Do you know what marking is?”

The wind was quieter in the bathroom, and they took off their sweats. Saoirse seemed a little shy about what her genitals looked like and sat on the toilet. She was half renoige and had the typical hyena-like pseudopenis, and she’d been trying very hard to retract it for Pia.

“I’m sorry, I don’t do this on purpose much,” said Saoirse while Pia approached her. “It’s always hardest when I want to retract it, pun intended.”

“Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something,” said Pia, straddling Saoirse’s lap. “Are you sure you want me to pee on you now though? I don’t really even need to go.”

Saoirse smiled up at Pia, her eyes reflecting green in the pale light from the window. “Your urine disagrees with you.”

Pia glanced down at herself. Her breasts and tummy were dry, and so was her thin green pubic hair, the same color as the straight waist-length green hair on her head. Her labia was swollen and slick in the folds of her vulva, but that wasn’t surprising at the moment.

“A small amount always leaks out when you’re full enough,” said Saoirse. Pia wasn’t able to let go right away, and tried to relax on Saoirse’s lap.

“How is this ‘pampering’ you, exactly?” asked Pia. “I was expecting to do facials, or soak our feet, or put sliced vegetables on our eyes.”

Saoirse reclined against the tank on the toilet. “All you have in your pantry right now is bell peppers, but I guess those could work,” said Saoirse rubbing Pia’s outer thigh. “And you did give me a facial, after a fashion.”

“What do you-” Pia blushed. “Oh, you mean when I um…”

“That was better than anything I’ve gotten at a fancy spa, and if I ever ask you for a facial from now on, that’s what I mean,” said Saoirse. “Though let’s maybe do it without the impending blizzard next time.”

Pia scooted back a little and opened her legs. She got her first good look at how much Saoirse had retracted her clitoris; it resembled a puffy Maltepe Escort human vulva. Pia didn’t touch it, but it throbbed when her hand brushed Saoirse’s thigh.

“I’m about two-thirds there,” said Saoirse. “Usually by this point, I lose my patience, pop it back out, and take care of myself.”

“And how is peeing on you going to help?” asked Pia. Almost as if on cue, Pia’s urethra relaxed and she loosed a jet of piss into Saoirse’s belly button before she could aim it.

“It’s a reminder of what I’m working toward,” said Saoirse, watching Pia intently. “May I ask a personal question?”

Pia couldn’t stop a long sigh of relief. Her flow picked up and hissed over the wind from outside. “Well, I’m only peeing on you. I think we’re well into awkward personal question territory.”

“Where are you from?” asked Saoirse.

“I’m from-” Pia’s thoughts blanked. She dug into her memory, but couldn’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital. “It’s kind of a long story, but I can’t remember anything from more than about five years ago when I was at Grace Harbor General Hospital.”

“Grace Harbor, huh?” said Saoirse contemplatively. Pia’s flow trickled to a stop.

“Phew. You were right, Sersh. I needed that,” Pia sighed. Surprisingly, Saoirse had retracted a bit more.

“You can touch it,” said Saoirse. Her pseudo-vulva twitched when Pia delicately ran her finger down the side. Saoirse’s bladder bulged slightly in her thin stomach.

“Do you need to pee?”

Saoirse nodded. “I probably shouldn’t have had that last mug of tea. I can’t pee like this, though.”

“Why not?” Pia asked, dabbing at herself with some toilet paper.

“I have to concentrate to retract my clit, and I can’t do that and pee at the same time,” said Saoirse. The wind howled, and Pia shivered, climbing gingerly off Saoirse’s lap.

“So,” said Pia, snuggling up to Saoirse under the blankets on her bed while the storm howled outside an hour later. The snow whited out the windows, giving the plant-lined room a dim, diffused glow. “How do you know when you’re fully retracted?”

“Mmmfwell,” Saoirse looked up from Pia’s cleavage. “I know for sure it’s fully retracted when I can pee without popping it out.”

Pia ran her hand over Saoirse’s lower belly and Saoirse squirmed. “Do you really want to wash your sheets again?”

Pia stretched her legs and yawned, “Well, we’re not doing anything else today, are we?”

“That’s fair,” said Saoirse. “But I’m not ready to pee yet.”

Saoirse spent the next hour alternately dozing off between Pia’s breasts and asking, “What’s that?” every time there was a crack of branches outside. None of the sounds were close, but Pia held Saoirse tighter. Pia’s home was close enough to the tree line that she could imagine a thousand things going wrong, most of them involving a tree dramatically cutting her roof in half.

“Pia,” groaned Saoirse on the bed, pulling away. She seemed to be pushing her pants down under the covers.

Pia pulled her clothes off and helped Saoirse remove her shirt. Saoirse insisted that they remove the pillows and duvet, and while Pia folded it Saoirse lay down on Anadolu Yakası Escort her back, spreading her legs. Her pseudo-vulva twitched, but nothing came out. Saoirse’s face reddened when Pia sat down on the bed.

“Take your time,” said Pia. The air was warm, and it felt nice on Pia’s back and nipples.

Saoirse paused, blushing brighter. “Can I wash the sheets?”

“I was just going to get them into the wash after this anyway,” said Pia, stroking Saoirse’s ear. “It’ll be good to keep warm water circulating through the pipes too.”

“Can I do it though?” groaned Saoirse. She was shaking and beginning to leak.

“Yeah, of course,” Pia said slowly. “I’ll just have to show you how to set it.”

Saoirse lay back, took a deep breath, and relaxed. Nothing happened. Saoirse exhaled in frustration.

“May I start?” asked Pia. “It might help.” Saoirse nodded, and Pia began by rubbing Saoirse’s lower belly. Saoirse’s bladder was full and hard, and she shivered at the weight of Pia’s hand on it. Pia explored down to Saoirse’s pseudovulva with her fingers, delicately probing the twitching folds. Saoirse moaned and flicked her tail restlessly.

“You’ve told me that you’ve done Andyne speed dating,” said Pia, bending down to kiss Saoirse’s clavicle. “And rendez-“

“Where did you hear that word?” Saoirse squeaked. Pia kissed Saoirse’s neck.

“It’s a French word? Miss May uses it sometimes when she talks about being on her homeworld.” Pia inserted one finger experimentally, earning a small moan and a shiver. “I know it means ‘meeting,’ but when May uses it, I don’t think that’s all it means.”

“On the Andyne homeworld it’s where-” Saoirse paused to catch her breath. “-where you casually masturbate or have sex with friends.” Pia pushed deeper into Saoirse. Saoirse’s pussy tightened, quivered, and a hot gush of fluid flooded out. Following some more quivering, Saoirse’s bladder finally released.

Saoirse let out a long, contented sigh. Her flow ran down her crotch and inner thighs, hissing loudly. Pia tried to play with it.

“I can’t get a stream when it’s like this,” breathed Saoirse. She reached up to fondle Pia’s breasts and Pia scooted up to give her better access. Pia started moving her fingers in and out, and Saoirse’s body twitched to her slow rhythm.

“May I try giving oral?” asked Pia.

“I’m not-…in the right headspace to receive it right now,” Saoirse replied. “My vibrator is in my backpack if you want to use that but…” Pia sped up, and Saoirse curled forward to bury her face in Pia’s cleavage. She was still steadily peeing, but the flow picked up a little. “I don’t think you’re gonna need it.” Her hips gyrated to Pia’s thrusts, and she added another finger. Saoirse moaned something that sounded like “Harder!” between Pia’s breasts. She didn’t stop moaning, and her voice rose in pitch until she cried out, twisting and making an effort not to scratch Pia with her nails. She collapsed into Pia’s arms when she finished, gasping and sweating.

Pia let Saoirse catch her breath before helping her bundle up the sheets, and they went downstairs to the bathroom. Saoirse put the sheets in the İstanbul Escort washer while Pia turned on the shower. The wash would take up most of the water, so they had a quick shower before starting the washer. Saoirse insisted on helping Pia put clean sheets on the bed afterward, and it took a few tries to figure out which side went where.

“So you do a lot of um…” Pia pushed on before she could hesitate. “Do you do a lot of those rendezvous things?”

Saoirse’s face turned a brilliant red. “Well…you know my instructor, Mr. Deepuin?”

“Yeah?” Pia said slowly.

“Well…he’s an old friend – his first name is Arthur. He did spill blood on me at the last dig we were on, but he um…he made it up to me.” Saoirse’s ears flattened in embarrassment. “The first time we did it, it was at the site of the human breedery. There was an abandoned office building attached to it and we camped there for a couple of weeks. We pissed all over and I taught him how to give good oral. Arthur and I still rendezvous sometimes on more remote digs, but not as much anymore.”

“Why did you make it sound like you didn’t know him?” asked Pia, smoothing the sheets and picking up one of the blankets.

Saoirse’s blush abated a little. “It’s one of those dumb Andyne cultural things. I only lived on the Homeworld for a few years, but I made the mistake of bringing a rendezvous up in conversation during my first semester there. Andyne culture is extremely compartmentalized: they can go from being open and honest about sex in one setting to being horrified about it in another, even if the people you did it with are the only ones there. It’s jarring, and in the more repressed settings it’s even rude to ask someone how their spouse is doing.”

“That sounds complicated,” said Pia, tossing the duvet onto the bed to spread it. Saoirse caught it and let it settle.

“It’s a shame because the Andyne homeworld is a nice place to live otherwise,” said Saoirse.

“What about that ‘book’ you’re writing?” asked Pia. She tossed her pillow onto the bed and sat down to put on her nightshirt.

“That’s a lie for your protection,” Saoirse said, almost sharply. “And Mayra and Azri’s. I probably shouldn’t have even told you about the human breeding facility – they called themselves the ‘World Sleepers’ because they were trying to grow humans in tanks instead of producing them the traditional way.”

Saoirse threw on the nightshirt she’d been wearing and got onto the bed with Pia.

Pia held Saoirse, feeling the damp fur on Saoirse’s catlike ears. “Is that why you’ve been so nervous?” she asked quietly.

“That, and I keep thinking there’s going to be thunder,” Saoirse yawned.

“Well if there is, I’m here,” said Pia. “But Sersh?”

“Yeah?” Saoirse cuddled into Pia’s side and looked up at her owlishly.

“You don’t need to lie to me to protect me. I wouldn’t tell.”

Saoirse sat up a little. “I want you to have plausible deniability in case I get caught. I um…I really like you, Pia, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Pia sighed, “Just don’t lie to me again, alright? You don’t have to.”

“Alright,” agreed Saoirse. “I can’t tell you everything, but I won’t lie about it.”

The rest of the night was uneventful; after a while, Saoirse fell asleep. Pia got up, did some dishes, and switched the sheets to the dryer. Saoirse was still asleep when Pia returned, and they slept until the early hours of the next morning.

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