A confusing time – 3

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This is the last story of this “arc” as after this, Tom and I no longer saw each other. We had two instances where I had sucked his cock, and the second time, was more confusing than the first. There was something about it that I couldn’t get out of my head. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it because he liked me, or if I really believed it was good practice for dealing with sexual situations with women, but after the second time I gave Tom a blowjob, I came to a conclusion that it wasn’t bad, and that maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal to do it every now and then.

For the next month or two, at least once a week, I would go over to Toms house, and he would convince me to suck his dick until he inevitably came in my mouth. After the first 4 times or so, I still played hesitant, but it became almost routine in the way he would edge over to me. Sometimes he would pretend to force it on me, and other times, he would get me horny by licking and sucking my nipples. He knew I liked that, and he often used it against me. I began to like sucking his cock, and my other friends often wondered where I was going after school on some days.

Then, one day, I went over, and it felt like everything had changed. Tom didn’t try to convince me to suck him off at all. He gave me a few one word answers, and didn’t really want to see me. I knew something was up, so I just came out and asked him.

“I have a girlfriend now.” he said.

“Okay, what does that mean?” I asked.

“It means we can’t do this stuff anymore. It was fun, but now my girlfriend does all this for me, and you have learned enough that you gaziantep escort can get a girlfriends too. You don’t have to come over anymore.” he said.

“I didn’t have to come over.” I said. “I thought you liked me coming over. I thought we were friends.”

“Is that it?” He asked. “Or did you just like sucking my cock?” he smirked.

“No, I just liked hanging out with my friend.” I said.

“Well now I’m going to hang out with my girlfriend after school, most days, so we probably can’t hang out that much.”

I felt rejected. At first I thought that it was just because he didn’t like me anymore, but then I realized, I would miss sucking his cock. Since we had started this, I had taken interest in porn more, and had seen some of the other boys naked after gym, and even though I wasn’t really looking, I could definitely tell that their dicks were small in comparison. It was mostly because he was older, but it was also because he was much bigger than me. It excited me.

We argued for a little and he then asked me to just go. I turned to leave and I stopped.

“I don’t want to.” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

“I want to suck your cock.” I responded.

“No we can’t do that anymore.” he said.

I turned back to him and walked over to him on the bed and started pawing at his crotch. He attempted to deflect me, but I kept going. I fell on top of him and he restrained me. I wrenched my hand loose, with my head laying on his crotch, I unbuttoned his pants, kissing the outline of his cock from outside of his jeans. He tried pushing me back.

“Please.” I said, as I knelt between his legs again, kissing and licking and rubbing his cock through his pants.

I could feel his cock getting harder as I kept whispering please, over and over.

“This will be the last time, and you have to let me do it how I want.” he said.

I nodded, and he pulled his pants completely off. I jumped at the chance and took his cock in my mouth, licking away the precum and savoring it. I sucked slowly, jerking the shaft and sucking softly. He pulled me next to him and began pulling my pants down. As was common for our weekly experiences, he played with my ass, which I began to get used to, and I sucked him faithfully, letting his moans guide me.

I then positioned me next to him, my smaller body and chest at his face level as we lay on the bed. He took one of my nipples in his mouth.

“You want me to suck your tits?”

“Yes suck on my tits.” I whispered. This was my favorite part, because up until this point, he had never jerked me off, and I often left with blue balls, and no release, but him sucking my nipples felt so good.

“More.” I whined. He continue to lick and suck on them as I felt the second finger push into my ass.

Suddenly, he flopped over on top of me, the entirety of his 6’3 foot frame dwarfing me, he looked into my eyes and said, “This is how I want to do it.”.

Without any further commentary, I felt his cock pushing against my asshole. It was big and I clenched to prevent it from going in, but he pulled and pushed. The pain was immense for a moment, until his constant whispers of, “relax” finally caught up to me, and I felt his cock slide into my tight ass.

Within a few strokes, he was balls deep in my ass, and the pain faded into a strange sensation. It felt like I wanted it deeper in me, despite it being so big, I don’t even know where it went. I felt him pump his cock in me over and over, my legs in the air like a whore, as he grabbed my thighs and pushed in and out in a slow steady rhythm. I moaned softly.

He was fucking me, and I was enjoying it. I reached up to touch his body as he continue to fuck me. His strokes became faster, and I knew what was going to happen, he was going to cum, but before he did, he leaned forward and grabbed by head. He pushed his tongue into my open mouth, kissing me, running his hands over my chest. He pounded harder until his cum began to fill my ass. His tongue forcefully prodding my mouth, I could only moan in response.

He straightened up, my legs still in the air, he continued to stroke slowly, making sure I took every last bit of his cum, and in response, I softly jerked my cock a couple pumps, which is all that was needed to cum. It was the first time I had cum while being with him, and the last time I would cum with him.

Afterwards, and we were dressed, his cum leaking from my ass into my underwear, he told me that it would be the last time. I couldn’t come over because his girlfriend would be there from then on. I was too shaky to argue, my body was in a mixture of fatigue and euphoria. I agreed and left. I never went back to him again, and for the next long while, I stayed focused on being with women. It was both one of the most confusing, yet most satisfying sexual experiences I had ever had.

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