A Series of Circumstances

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A series of circumstances

I’m Cathy I’m 38 years old and am a widow. My son Brian and I live in a comfortable home and my husband left us without money problems

Brian is 14 and has a best friend Ted who is constantly at our house. They seem to spend hours in his room on the internet but I didn’t pay much attention.

I have blond hair, 38d breasts and a cute ass so I’ve been told. I’ve heard Ted tell my son “ your moms hot “ .

These circumstance started a couple of weeks ago. Ted had left to go home to have supper and Brian had stayed in his room. I prepared dinner and called him down to eat. It was Friday night and he asked if he could go over Teddy’s after dinner. I said yes and I would drive him but he said it was a nice night and he would walk. Since this didn’t seem strange I said, Ok have a nice time and started cleaning the dishes. As Brian was leaving he told me he would be home by 10.

I finished the dishes went upstairs and slipped on my pajamas and went to the den to read. At 10:15 Brian came in, he was a little bit wobbly and smelled of liquor. I called him into the room and he came in and sat down. I asked how the evening went and he said ok but Teddy can really piss me off sometimes. Why I asked, well he’s always talking about what a MILF you are. A what? At that point he seemed to stop talking and just stared off into space. What’s a MILF I asked. He looked around and said just a hot mom. So Teddy thinks I’m hot? Yeah that’s all we ever talk about. Do you think I’m a MILF too? Without as hesitation he said yeah you sure are.

I realized he was falling asleep and suggested he go to bed as it was getting late. OK goodnight mom, and he kissed me, but not on the cheek on the lips.

I just sat there as he made his way upstairs and closed the bedroom door. I’m a MILF well I guess that’s a good thing, I went upstairs and headed to bed. At his door I stopped and opened the door a crack to see how he was doing he was asleep on the bed in his boxers. I entered and walked to the bed to pull the covers up and realized his cock was hanging out.

My god I thought, a 14 year old boy with a giant cock, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It had been a long time since I’d seen or touched a cock and this thing was huge. At least 9 inches and 3 inches in diameter. He had huge balls and I wondered the amount of come being stored in the.
I pulled the covers over him and went to my room. Once inside I went to the box under my bed and got my 7” vibrator and spent the next 20 minutes satisfying myself with three orgasms. Not as great as a real cock but.

The next day at breakfast Brian looked a little hung over, were you drinking last night? Mom you k now were too young to drink. Yes that’s true but I know every once in a while Teddy’s parents let him have some beer. Well maybe just a couple of sips.

Ok so tell me why he pissed you off, was it because he called me a milf? His eye’s shot open and he looked at the floor. There was a moment of silence then he spoke, did I tell you that last night. Yes and you told me about Teddy say all sorts of other stuff. Well I, the phone rang and it was Teddy, yeah come over as soon as you can.
I’ve got stuff to do mom see you later. He went out to the garage. Teddy showed up and they told me they were going out to another friend house for a couple of hours.
Once they had left I went upstairs and saw Brian’s computer was on, there were many folders as I scanned I saw one marked personal. Lets see what’s in here I thought.

After a double click I was prompted for a pass word. After numerous attempts I was ready to quit and then I thought what about milf. I typed it in and the folder opened. There were at least 20 titles of milf subjects.
I clicked one on and there was a woman with her son, rubbing his cock and telling his how nice and big it was, my god these woman are having incest with there bursa escort children. That bothered me but at the same time I found it exciting. My son liked older woman. Would he like me, stop that those thought are wrong I thought. But I kept the movie going and was excited by the time it ended.
I need my vibrator and headed to my room after turning off the computer when I heard the door, they were home. Well it would have to wait till later.

Since it was three thirty and I figured they would be hungry, I went downstairs and they were both in the kitchen smiling. Have a good time? Yeah great. Can Teddy stay over tonight? Sure we’ll have dinner and you guys can hang out.

We had an early dinner and as we sat there I said to Teddy so you think I’m a milf. He just looked at me with a big smile and said,” you sure are” Well thank you sir it’s nice to get a compliment ever once in while.

With that they went upstairs to Brian’s room and closed the door. After I finished downstairs I went upstairs, as I passed Brian’s room I heard them talking. Your mom would look great with my cock in her mouth don’t you think so? Yeah but I’d love to be pumping her pussy while she gave you a blow job.

I was shocked and excited, they were talking about me fucking and sucking them like it could happen or could it. I’m your mother, for heaven sakes. But the thought of two young cocks working me together excited me.
I went to my room and decide to change into something a little more milf for them to think about. A pair of pink boy short which were a little snug and left nothing to the imagination a lace black bra white tee and shorts, I looked in the mirror and had to admit I looked good.
But wait how was I gong to show myself off to them, walk in the room and say here I am.
I need a plan to get there attention the thought of that 9” dick of my sons was all I had thought about for the last two days. I wonder how big Teddy’s cock was?

I went down stairs and had a strong drink and sat watching TV. By 11pm I was tired of TV and horny as hell. I decide to go to bed with my vibrator. In the hallway I heard them talking about me again and Teddy was saying I bet she has one tight ass, the reply was I guess so.
That was it whether it was frustration ,anger or boredom, I walked in without knocking. Both boys were in there boxers and sporting huge bulges. Mom what the hell are you doing, I wanted to say goodnight ,what the hell are you doing? On there computer was a movie of a woman my age with three young cocks giving her a workout. It wasn’t a professional movie but a home made thing.
So this is what a milf is. Teddy looked confused and Brian had the deer in the headlights look.
I sat down on the bed and started to watch the woman with three young cocks in her. Brian and Teddy made no attempt to hide the bulges, do you like the movie mom? I think she is a very lucky lady. Teddy asked in a low voice you could be lucky too. I stood up and looked at the movie first then Teddy and then Brian.

I’m not sure, the idea is appealing but, with that Teddy got off the bed and I noticed his cock was huge. It was considerably larger the Brian’s who had a huge one as well.
It was then I knew I wanted both those cocks, look let me think about it for a while, I”ll come back for another movie and we’ll see.

I went in the bathroom, I was standing there looking in the mirror, am I crazy my son and his friend. I was turned on and the thought of those cocks was overpowering. I’ll go to his room and watch another movie, what harm can it do.
I walked into the room and they had just started another movie, like the one they had just finished it was home made and the woman looked familiar. Another luck lady I said and sat on the bed. Teddy was behind mom and again asked you could be lucky. I smiled at him and said nothing. The brian suggested I get comfortable, why not take görükle escort off your shirt it’s hot watching the video. Now I could show off my milf outfit.
I stood up and quickly took off my shirt and then pulled down my shorts. There I stood in a black lace bra and pink boy short. Both of them were rock hard and Brian asked do you want to get lucky? I suppose, but it must be our secret, Teddy agreed immediately.
There was a wet spot forming in my panties and the itch between my legs was driving me crazy. Teddy snapped a picture of me in standing there and I smiles and posed as sexy as I could a few pictures for them to jerk off to when I wasn’t around. Now Teddy was next to me rubbing my clit while Brians messages my tits, it felt great. A moment later he unclipped my bra and it fell off me leaving my 38d open for inspection. My nipples were already rock hard and a moan from me as Brian sucked them was encouraging. Teddy had my clit standing up and I was getting ready to cum, my hips bucked and I started to moan yes yes yes I’m cummmming and I did. I never squirted before that night but there was my juice all over Teddys hand my panties and the floor.
It took me a moment and I dropped to my knees in front of Teddy pulled his huge cock out of the boxers and started sucking for all I was worth. The cock was huge and I was chocking, gagging and loving it. Brian had started rubbing my clit so I could feel the orgasm building. Suddenly Teddy grabbed my head and yelled I’m cummming as he shot a huge load of cum down my throat, I gagged but would not let go of the cock until he had emptied his nut sack in my mouth. There was cum in my hair, on my tits and most of it was in my mouth. I smiled at him and swallowed the balance of his load. There were several more pictures taken and I smiled with cum all over me. That coupled with my sons clit rubbing caused me to cum again and once again his hand was covered with my juice.
Brian Lifted me on the bed, spread my legs and started to rub the head of his big cock on it, Brian have you ever had sex before, no mom I tried with Barbara but she was afraid it was too big for her. It feels great honey just go slow as it is huge and I’ve never had one that big before.
Slowly the head pushed in first, move it in and out slowly honey so I can get use to it. Hey Mrs J wait till I get my cock in there ,it’s bigger the Brians by about three inches. Teddy I can’t wait but I was getting hard to speak as by now the entire 9” was in me and I could feel him bottom out on every thrust.
Don’t hurry baby mommy needs a good fucking and you are doing a great job. Now a little harder and a little faster. He was crazy with lust as he pounded my pussy he was speeding up and I knew he was close, I was close to my third orgasm but this time with a cock in me.
Brian please come in mommy, please come in me I pleaded as his moved faster and harder oh my god fuck me baby, fuck mommy’s cunt and come in me cum…….. at that moment I heard Brian yell I’m cumming and I felt the first splash of cum spew out of his cock into my hot cunt, splash after splash then as he was cumming I felt a spasm and I began to cum again.
We both lay there as our passions subsided. More pictures, this time of his cum running out of me. You will have quite a few pictures to jerk off to if your home alone I said with a giggle. Yeah they both chimed in.
Teddy’s cock was getting hard and he asked me if I’d like to get fucked, since there was no reason to be coy I smiled and said yes yes yes.
Just go slow, but Mrs J your cunt is sloppy wet with cum and he did stretch you out. I know but you cock will take some getting use to. I heard them both say, you will be getting use to them often, that’s fine with me I love cum.
Teddy got between my legs and pushed the head of his monster to the lips of my pussy, I heard and plop and felt the head slip in. I could feel him stretching me escort bayan but it felt wonderful. My sons cum was acting as a lubricant and my juices were flowing but he filled every inch. Deeper I said to him looking into his eyes and smiling it feel great.

Now he was pushing faster and again I felt the urge building in my pussy. God I was going to come again. Take your time baby and he slowed down and just kept a steady pase for another five minutes until I felt him stiffen and I’m gonna cum Mrs J yes Teddy shoot it in me I’m goona cummm to, my god am I gonna cum fuck me Teddy come in me and he did. I felt hot cum splash deep into my pussy flooding me to overflow. He rolled off me and with a very content look said that was great Mrs J your really tight. Thank you Teddy and your cock really felt great.
Brian was hard and had me on all fours before I knew he pushed he cock into my know cum soaked pussy and started a slow rhythm. Teddy got up and put the monster in my face and told me to suck it which I did. It took a while but soon the three of us were rocking and for the fourth time I knew there was another orgasm coming, both boys sensed this and started to come almost at the same time cum in my pussy, cum in my mouth I was in heaven.
They collapsed on the floor exhausted. I just laid there content that I had just had the best fucking I ever had and there would be more.
Teddy spoke first, can we get a few more photos, sure shoot away. They both jumped up and were getting shots of my well fucked pussy leaking cum out in buckets, they got pictures of cum on my tits, in my hair and on my face. I just smiled and laid there.
Mrs J before I leave in the morning can I have a blow job? Teddy I love sucking cock and I’ll be sure your nut sack is empty before you go home. Brian spoke next, mom can you put the panties back on so the cum stays where we put it. Sure honey but there will certainly be a large wet stain in them, is that ok, yeah.
The next morning they were both up while I laid there, we had spent the night in Brian’s room. I got up walked to my bathroom and looked in the mirror, you have dried cum all over you Cathy. I heard a voice outside the door and Brian said mom leave the cum on you, you look sexier like that and we love it. Ok honey let me brush me teeth and get breakfast.
I went to the kitchen in the cum stained panties and my t shirt. The boys entered the room and both smiles and said you look great you’re a cum bucket milf, thank you both for supplying the cum, I giggled after breakfast Teddy stood up pulled his shorts down and places the monster in front of me, Brian sat there as I slowly stroked the cock and it began to grow. I opened my mouth wide and took it in my mouth ,swirling my toung around the head and gently rubbing his nut sack, which felt full again. Soon I was sucking and gagging as he pushed the monster further down my throat then I thought it would go I felt him stiffen and the next moment a huge glop of cum went down my throat I pulled back a little so the next load would go in my mouth so they could see me swallow it, there was too much cum and I had to swallow three times before he was done.
I licked my lips took my finger and scooped up the cum on my face and swallowed it. Thanks Mrs J any time Teddy and I do mean it. Then I noticed Brian had his video camera and had gotten the whole thing on video.

Teddy left and Brian and I sat at the kitchen table. Did you have a good time last night honey? Yeah mom and later I could use a blow job. My pleasure hon as you have found out I love to suck cock. Teddy and you certainly took a lot of photos and the video was something I didn’t think you wanted. Mom last night you saw the Milf collection, how do you think we got it. Downloaded off the internet I said. No way last night you saw Alan’s mom and Jerome’s mom, they are milf cum buckets, oh, I’m a milf cum bucket? Yes and when Alan and Jerome see the video of last night they will certainly want to cum in you.
Your telling me that you now have three cum bucket milfs at your disposal? Yeah. Well do you think they’ll like me? Oh Yeah.

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