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“Hi, my name is Nightwing”
“Oh hello Rrr… Nightwing!, sorry about that! My name is Adam, How can I help you?”
“Well I’m not sure I should be calling!
I’m lonely, I try to stay busy but everything reminds me of the cave and our time together.”
“Do you want to talk about that? Why did you leave?”
“Well, everything was great, we were fighting crime together, we were supposed to be together forever. But something happened. A young attractive scout/producer came looking for him with the idea of filming his origin. They spent countless hours together, ‘in private’, and I was left out of it all. I couldn’t take the rejection so I changed my code name and left.”
“This must have really been rough for you. So what have you done since?”
“I began fighting crime on my own, developed a few new gadgets to help me out and moved away from Gotham City. Then I began get lonelier each day, I also became sexually frustrated. I didn’t want any girls, even though I could have had any, I longed for that strong, straight-acting man, such as he was.”
“You mean ‘the Dark Knight’ is not straight?”
“Maybe he was at one time, but not since I have known him, when he first helped me suit up, he started making out with me. We were secretly a couple ever since.”
“Didn’t he see women also?”
“He wanted to believe he was bisexual, but you never heard of him settling down to any woman, he always had a woman with him for public appearance, but nothing more. No he was all mine, until the blonde scout/producer came along.”
“So, how did you get this number?”
“Our butler, he gave it to me when he saw me packing! He was like a father, but his first commitment was to Him.”
“What drove you to dial this number tonight?”
“Well, It’s more of a confession, than a cry for help…
I was roving the building tops of the city I live in, not far from Gotham, and I saw a little red sports car cruising by. I recognized it immediately, I used to drive it when I lived at the Manor.
I zoomed in on my scope and saw the bleached-blond hair, so I followed it from the roof tops.
It stopped in an alley and I saw the kid enter a back door to a gay club. I had been in there once or twice.”
“Did you go in?”
“Not in costume, I changed and went in the front door, he had never seen me out of costume and would not know who I am.”
“Did you find him?”
“Did I ever! The little bitch was sitting on some big fat bastards lap, grinding his crotch and frenching. He must have picked that up from the dark night, we used to do it all the time and it was His favorite way to get worked up!
I remember all too well, the first time we did it: we came back from fighting some of penguin’s thugs, it was an easy fight and I was all worked up, I ran towards Batman who just sat down in front of the computer, I jumped, landed on his lap and started to grind my ass on his crotch. He said ‘wow, fighting crime really does a number on you’ , ‘Yes! And I still have a lot of energy!’ I leaned in for a kiss, he wrapped his arms around me and pushed his tongue in my mouth. I kept grinding my ass on him as we kissed and slowly I felt his cock pushing thru his costume.
He leaned back on his chair, trying to relieve some pressure, I climbed off of him, undid the crotch of his costume and allowed his cock to spring free, it was huge, he really deserved to be called Batman” I brought my mouth to the 9 in. monster and sucked in as much as I could, my nostrils filled with the musky smell of his crotch, I was sucking his beautiful cock when he grabbed my head and forced me all the way until my chin touched his balls, at first I thought I was going to choke, never had a cock down my throat, specially one so big. I concentrated on sucking and he brought my face all the way off his cock and forced me all the was down again. I got into it and kept sucking on my own. I then stood up and lowered the back of my costume so only my ass was exposed. I climbed on his lap again, he spit on his gloved hand and began to lubricate in and around my asshole. It felt like a live dildo. I said I wanted him and he moved his hand away.
Slowly I sat myself on his cock, feeling every single vein passing thru my tight ass. ‘Holy fucking cock batman, your cock feels so hot up my ass’. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down. I loved feeling so full, the only reason I eased off of his cock was because I enjoyed even more feeling his cock going in again. I began to speed up and in no time I was riding his cock for all I was worth. I slammed on his cock hard while screaming his real name. I was in heaven.
Suddenly I felt his cock swell up even more, as if that was possible, and he grabbed me and French kissed me again with the loving force that only he knew. Then he bit hard on my neck and erupted like a volcano inside me.
I heard the butler walk in and immediately walk out of the cave, ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuck!’ I cried, as I came inside my suit, feeling my own jism dribble around my crotch.
He lifted me by my waist and dropped me again on his still hard cock as he blew one more load in me. I said I loved him, he kissed me again. I climbed off and went to wash up.”
“Wow! Nightwing you have no idea what you do to me!”
“Sorry…, I think! Anyway, lets get back to what I called about”
“Ok! So what did you do next?”
“I followed them to a back room and heard them through the door. The fat pig asked for the pictures and then I heard him offer him cash for more pictures of the Dark Knight getting fucked by him! I couldn’t let that happen, regardless of how I felt, these guys were committing a crime.”
“Did you stop them?”
“No, but Nightwing would! I left and changed back into my costume, flung down the back alley and slashed 2 of his tires. He came out to leave and I snuck in undetected. I went to fatso’s room and caught him jerking off to the pictures, saying ‘Oh bat, you’re mine’, I snuck up behind him and struck him on the back of the head, hard enough to knock him out. Poor bastard never got to fully enjoy his pictures. I took them, negatives and all.”
“What happened with the little blonde bitch?”
“I’m glad you ask that way, because that is how I felt. I went out and saw him changing one tire, he had aparently not noticed the other one on the passenger side. I shot him in the neck with a sleeping dart and he immediately fell on his face after the instinctive reflex of bringing his left hand to his neck. By the time he came to, I had already brought him to my lair, undressed him and tied him to my examination table with stirrups and arm restraints.”
” Why do you have one of those?”
” Personal fetish”
“I always wanted to try one out!”
“They can be a lot of fun, but not for this guy, he started screaming the moment he realized he was tied up. After 2 minutes of this I came out of the darkness and stuck one of my jockstraps in his mouth. He was in shock, he kept looking everywhere, I’m guessing he was expecting the Dark knight to show up.
I told him we were alone and that I was onto his blackmailing game. His whole attitude changed, I could see it in his eyes, so I took the gag out of his mouth.”
“Was he starting to show signs of arousal?”
“Why do you ask, Adam?”
“Well, that situation would have done it to me.”
“Am I making you uncomfortable?”
“Not at all, please continue! What happened next?”
“Well, he recognized my costume and began to laugh at me. He said ‘So you are to dumped bitch!’ I said, ‘yes! And you are the dead bitch’ as I held a knife to his balls”
“I bet he shut up then”
“No, he started crying and apologizing, I told him to shut up and showed him the pictures I had acquired, he went pale white and I asked what would happen if Batman got the pictures. He pleaded me not to do that, he said he would be a dead man and offered to do anything I wanted”
“So, what did you ask for?”
“I told him I wanted to see what was so special about his little ass for me to be tossed to the curve. He then said he was a virgin. I knew then that he was a cock teaser and that would explain why Batman was so turned on. I had given myself to him on the first attempt but this little bitch was a prize, a game to hunt for. Besides, who doesn’t like a virgin ass?”
“Really? You like virgins?”
“To bad we haven’t met then!”
“Am I understanding you correctly?
“I think so!”
“Hold on a second”

“Ok, where was I? Yes, I knew I had to deflower this cute little bleached blond, to teach him a lesson. And to get my rocks off.
I blindfolded him and walked in circles around him, scraping him here and there with my nails, as he laid flinching, totally exposed with his legs in the stirrups. I began to bite him, but not love bites, I bit hard enough to cause pain, first a shoulder, then his calf, then his chest, blindfolded as he was he had no idea where I would bite next, his right arm, his neck, his abdomen, his thigh. That is when it happened, his dick started to awaken. I licked his inner thigh, all the way up to his groin, but never touching his dick or his balls. At this point his cock had reached a full 7 inches.
When my tongue ever touched his cute little asshole, he squirmed like crazy and began to protest. His protest turned into moans as I began to fuck him with my tongue as far as I could go.
Then I stopped and licked his balls, he tried to push himself towards me. That is when I rammed my lubricated index finger as far as it would go up his virgin little hole.”
“I’ll bet he jumped!”
“Yeah and how! He yelled No, the first and second time my finger went in, Then he began to moan, over and over. When I thought gaziantep escort he was ready, I switched to 2 fingers and gave him a good workout, then I stopped. He laid there panting like a bitch in heat.”
“Wow, I wish I had more calls like this! Then what?”
“Without a word or warning I shoved my 8 inch condom covered cock all the way up his ass, my goodness was that ass hot, I wanted to stay there.
I pulled completely out and slowly eased in, enjoying every pulsing inch until my balls rested against his ass. Did this twice while he continued to moan.”
“Yeah!, just like that Adam. You enjoying this too?”
“Good, then I picked up the pace, little by little, until I was fucking him like a wild beast, harder and harder every time. He yelled incoherently, while I continued to pulverize that cherry. When I was ready I pulled out, ripped off the condom, jumped on him and came all over his face. I was not expecting it, but he brought his head up and grabbed my erupting dick in his mouth and sucked me dry.
Holy cock sucking bitch, Adam. This boy was talented with his mouth. I had to beg him to stop, I came so hard and so long, I couldn’t move!
He let go with a grin on his face and then thanked me for such hot fuck session. I just sat there on his chest trying to compose my self.”
“Wow Nightwing, you got me worked up, I just made a mess on the floor under my desk. Good thing it is late and I’m alone!”
“Is that right?”
“So, what did you do with him?”
“Put him back to sleep, brought him back to where I picked him up and left him there with a note and a gift.”
“What did the note say?”
” Batman will receive a copy of all the pictures. In the meantime, please enjoy the video of our first and last encounter!”
“Robin, I’m sorry! I meant to say Nightwing! Did you think of going back with Batman after this?”
“No way! I never go back to anyone that dumps me! Dumped me once, might do it again!”
“I understand, I feel the same way! This has been an amazing call for me. But how can I help you!”
“You have!”
“Never mind, good night Adam!”

Nightwing hung up his cell phone and stared out the window of his red Corvette stingray. Seconds later, a young man who could not be more than 19 years old walked out of a tall unmarked building. Long brown hair flowing with the wind and a rock hard body that seamed to be sculpted into the pair of jeans and The Gold’s gym t-shirt.
As he crossed the street, Nightwing followed him with his eyes. When he walked in front of the car, the lights came on and he froze. Then a voice from inside the corvette called out…
“Get in!”
Adam peeked in thru the passenger window.
“Nightwing! How did you find me?”
“Earlier in the call I activated a trace and found the building. I have been sitting here for the last few minutes finishing the call. Did you really want to meet me?”
“Meet you? I have always wanted you! I often fantasize about you!”
“Well Adam, tonight is your lucky night! Oh! And please call me Dick”

Adam and Nightwing sped off into the night!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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