A Pair Made in Heaven

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Big Tits

The sun was blazing down relentlessly on the seemingly endless sea of automobiles. In the middle of the motionless brine was Seena Irving. Sitting in his red 92′ Chevrolet truck (without air conditioning), on his way home from basketball practice. “Fucking traffic,” he muttered to his passenger-less truck. Small beads of sweat methodically ran down his forehead as he opened his window all the way in a futile attempt to keep himself cool.

Seena had an ideal life. All of those excruciating workout sessions and endless homework assignments had finally paid off. He was an All-American starting point guard at UCLA. His grades were in the top in his class. His body made the women drool. He had the entire package, including the smart and extremely beautiful girlfriend.

“Finally!” he said as the cars in front of him started moving. Only forty-five more minutes and he’d be home.


At home, Seena’s girlfriend Nikki Whitfield was milling about the house doing various things. She was one year older than Seena. Nikki was drop-dead gorgeous, a complete knockout. The eyes of every sane man would follow her firm ass as it hugged her jeans. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body, her legs smoother than a model’s, and her face was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Nikki finished drying the dishes and decided to surf the channels and see if there were any good movies on. She lay on the couch and began flipping through channels with the remote. “Hmph, there’s never anything good on,” she said as she checked the last few channels. She stood up and walked over to the rack below the television set, “Hmm…” After a few minutes of searching she finally found what she was looking for. She popped a video in the VCR and walked out of the living room into her bedroom. She re-emerged moments later wearing only a red silk thong and holding a six-inch vibrator. As she walked back into the living room the sounds of a woman moaning wildly as two hard cocks penetrated her filled the room.

Nikki positioned herself on the couch; her legs spread open, but not completely open her back against the back of the couch. As the porno played in the background, Nikki slid the vibrator over her covered pussy as the fabric clamped to her body due to the wetness. She slowly slid the vibrator across her stomach, then between her perfect tits, slowly into her mouth. As it entered her mouth her tongue flipped and flopped over it, covering every inch of it. Her left hand freely ran over her stomach up to her nipples, she twisted one nipple first, then the other, feeling them harden, as she became more and more excited. Inch-by-inch the sex toy filled her mouth; four inches…five inches…six inches, until it was all inside and covered by the warmth. She rotated it and sucked on it, covering it with moisture. Her hand ran down to her soaked poker oyna thong, she lightly slid her finger over it, feeling the dampness. Her finger then pushed her thong inside as it entered her pussy. First one finger then two. The vibrator in her mouth stifled her moans. Nikki rose from the couch to take off her soaked thong with the vibrator still in her mouth. As her thong dropped down to the floor her beautiful pussy glistened in the sunlight. Completely shaved except for a small little patch at the top. It was almost like her pussy was melting; the juices dripped down the inside of her thighs. She rubbed some of it off and tasted herself. She smiled as she did so. She loved the way she tasted. Nikki lay on the floor; her back on the floor with her legs up on the couch, and her pussy in the open. She took the vibrator dripping with saliva out of her mouth and slid it into her pussy, “Ooh,” she moaned out as it penetrated her sex. As she turned on the vibrator she fucked herself hard, very hard.

“Oh God, oooooh!”

She nearly slammed the vibrator in and out of her. Her climax was raising; she twisted her hard nipples as she fucked her wet pussy. The shaking toy went in and out of her body. Her orgasm was coming close she could feel it, it was coming. She continued fucking herself as her orgasm came. She arched her back, she pumped her legs up and down, and she tried to grab the floor as the orgasm shook her entire body. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Her white cream oozed how of her body, covering the tip of the vibrator.

“Oh oh oh, oh God.”

Just then her boyfriend walked in.

“Hey babe!”

No reply. He heard some noises coming from the living room. As he entered he saw his gorgeous girlfriend; legs spread wide on the couch, a vibrator sticking out of her pussy, with some cum on it he could see, and her head resting on the floor looking at him with an almost embarrassed smile.

“Hi sweetie,” she said.

“Couldn’t wait for me?” Seena laughed.

“No sorry, you know me. When I need cock, I need it right then and there!”

She looked at the bugle in his shorts, his poor dick she thought.

“Is that for me?” She flashed a smile.

“Yeah it is, but I don’t know if you can handle it.”

“I can, I can! Please let me have it baby!”

Seena bent over and kissed Nikki hard. Their tongues met and swam circles around each other. While their mouths were in-twined, Nikki pulled Seena’s shorts down, freeing his monstrous cock just a tad. As they broke the kiss Seena took the vibrator out of his girlfriend and helped her get up. She bent down on her knees and lowered his boxers springing his ten-inch cock free.

“I’ve missed him so much,” she said as she kissed the tip of his bulging cock. She grabbed the base of his shaft and spit on the head. She sucked, and stroked, and massaged Seena’s canlı poker oyna balls and dick giving him the best blowjob of his life.

“Fuck babe, you’re too fucking good at this!”

She gave him a devilish smile in return.

Seena knew he was going to blow his load soon. So he grabbed the back of her head, forcing her to take all of his cock in; she did it very well too; she was the queen of deep throating. “Come on, suck my dick you little slut!” yelled Seena. In response she put both of her hands on his ass so he could fuck her face with his gigantic cock. Seena felt his climaxing coming, it was coming, here it comes! Nikki felt load after load of his hot cum blast into her mouth so fast that she had trouble keeping it all in. Little streams of cum oozed out of the side of her mouth. Once Seena finished cumming in her mouth, she licked his dick clean and wiped her mouth with her fingers. She made sure she had every last drop off his cum.

“Mmm, so tasty!”

Nikki then got on her back, and spread her legs. Seena bent over her and they shared a kiss. He kissed her neck in several different spots; he kissed her shoulders, moving down her smooth skin. He licked around her left breast, massaging the other with his right hand. Nikki let out a soft moan as he tricky tongue ran laps over her breast and his mouth sucked on her nipple. He licked all the way to her other breast where he immediately started sucking on her nipple; his hands ran all over her body. He licked all over her breast, then making zigzag lines with his tongue he went down her stomach, his hands twisting her nipples. He reached her small mound of pubic hair; he kissed it. Then his tongue slid around her dripping sex he licked her thighs, her shins, and kissed her feet. Then his tongue worked back up. He kissed the spot where her thighs meet her pelvic bone. His devilish tongue slid around her wet pussy, he kissed her entry of her sex, very gently. Then his tongue ran up past her mound to her bellybutton. His hands worked like magic as they massaged her smooth legs. Oh that tongue of his. It slid back down to her pussy, he licked the flaps of her pussy, harder than the kiss, but not too hard. He kissed her thighs again.

“Come on baby, eat me out, eat out my pussy. Please, I can’t take it anymore, eat me Seena!”

Her boyfriends tongue ran around her pussy, torturing her, making her beg for it. Once her pussy was just dripping with her juices Seena stuck one of his long fingers in. “Ooohhh,” Nikki moaned. His lips encircled her clit, as two fingers went inside of her. “Oh yes baby, keep going, yes, oh God yes!” He pumped his fingers in and out of her faster, adding in one more, then another. He was finger fucking her with four fingers as he sucked on her clit, his tongue swirling around it. ‘I’m gonna cum, fuck me harder!” He went faster. His fingers internet casino go in and out, in and out. Nikki felt the thunderous orgasm rising inside of her; she put her hand on the back of Seena’s head, her back arched, her orgasm was coming. Her hips started bucking wildly as it ran through her. “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Seena was still eating her out as she came and he swallowed all of her love juice. He loves the way she tastes. As her orgasm subsided she rested on the bed. Seena slid his fingers out, and he kissed her bellybutton, then her shoulders, then her neck, then her lips. They shared a long passionate kiss.

“It isn’t over yet, you slut,” whispered Seena in her ear.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

Seena spread her legs wide; she was still in the same position as when he ate her out. He slowly inserted his ten-inch cock into her; she let out a moan as it went nearly all the way in. He slowly took it in and out, letting Nikki adjust to the substitute for the vibrator. He slapped her tits. She loves it rough. He could feel her tight pussy clamping around his dick every time he fucked her.

“Fuck me hard, fuck your little slut!” she yelled at him. He started grunting as he began fucking her harder and harder and harder.

“OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD.” He grabbed her neck and held her to the ground as he pounded her pussy. “OH YES BABY, FUCK ME.” He continued pounding away at his girlfriend, his hard cock fucking the hell out of her pussy. She felt another climax coming. Her body shuddered as she cummed all over her boyfriends cock. After feeling her cum, he leaned in and gave her a kiss. Then with his dick still inside of her, he picked her up. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, he walked over to the wall and started fucking her. His body slammed into hers, her tits bounced against his chest. She bit his shoulder as he fucked her harder. She let out a loud scream. Seena then carried her into their bedroom. He lay on his back as she readjusted his dick inside of her so she was mounting him as she faced him. She began grinding his dick; she ran her hands over his abs as she did so. His cock always felt so good inside of her. She quickened the pace. Seena knew he was going to shoot his load soon, he was trying to hold it off for as long as he could. Nikki felt her own orgasm nearing as well so she picked up the pace even more as she moaned and screamed as his cock filled all of her. She felt his cock tense inside of her, she knew he was about to cum inside of her. Seena couldn’t hold it any longer, his shot his huge load into her, and it filled up all of her pussy. At the second of feeling him shoot his seed in her she climaxed as well. Her pussy overflowing with both of their juices, at that moment they were one person. Once they both returned from their heavenly bliss she crawled toward him, and gave him a kiss. She then laid by his side as his arms enveloped her in safety, and then fell asleep together.

“I love you Seena.”

“I love you too.”

They both dreamed of the next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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