A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 07

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Breakfast was just cereal and toast, and both Trish and Anita delighted in constantly using Andrew as the ‘butt’ of sarcasm.

Andrew tried to give as good as he got, but seemed to come off second best.

Eventually, with the last of the coffee drunk, it came time to leave.

Andrew said his ‘goodbyes’ to Trish, kissing her cheek, and repeating the process with Anita.

Anita said, “I’ll be in touch.”

Trish, in the background, added, “I hope we meet up again Andrew, maybe at one of David and Olga’s pool parties.”

“Me too,” he replied.

These pool parties seem ‘world famous,’ thought Andrew, as he drove home.

‘Normal’ life seemed to resume, and strangely a whole week passed without any contact from Anita.

He texted her to thank her for the bbq, but nothing apart from that.

He received daily texts from Louise, but with the kids off school there was no possibility of them meeting.

It was getting towards the end of July, and this summer seemed to be the best in years. Andrew had spent some time reflecting on how his life had become involved with two totally different women. He still remained extremely fond of Louise, and although partly regretting how he’d got involved, he resolved to ‘protect’ her, however he could. Steve mustn’t find out about their ‘affair.’

Andrew was sitting on his patio in the early evening sunlight, sipping an ice cold beer. It was Thursday, and he was contemplating phoning his friend Tom to ask him if he wanted to go to see some cricket. However, as he took one more sip of his beer a text came through. With a slight sound of surprise he opened it up. It was from Anita.

‘Hi Andrew. Pool party Saturday evening. You are going. More detail tomorrow.’

So no choice, he was going. And at last, he would find out for himself what they were all about.

Next day Anita phoned, and explained how pool parties were organised, how they usually worked, and what to expect.

David and Olga’s manor house is opened up to about 40 or 50 especially invited guests. They do this every six weeks or so, but they thought with the weather being as it is, that now was an ideal weekend.

She explained that dress is ‘casual’ for men and it’s ‘dress to impress’ for ladies. Alcohol is provided, but there are just snacks to eat, which isn’t a problem as arrival is after 9pm.

For convenience of everyone there are usually two trailers, furnished with cubicles and lockers, sited in the courtyard and for use if required.

Anita added that ages of guests are spread literally from their 20s to their 60s, with roughly equal males and females, some couples, and some singles. She also made it clear that if you recognised anyone you knew, then discretion became very important. If it was found out that you’d ever been indiscreet, then there would not be anymore invitations.

Anita also said that generally the pool isn’t used until after about 10.30pm, when both the outside, and the inside lights are dimmed. It’s not compulsory to use the pool, in fact, some people prefer not to.

She finished her outline by saying that these parties never ended before about 3am, so ‘we’ would be going by taxi, and that she’d be at mine around 8.30pm.

And with that she was gone. Businesslike, she had explained the etiquette, or so she thought, and would expect Andrew to be ready to go at 8.30pm.

And so he was.

The evening was quite sultry, it had been a very hot day again. This weather was so unusual for the UK.

He saw the taxi pull up outside, and having locked up, he ducked into the back seat, dressed in his usual chinos, and short sleeved check shirt. he’d left his socks off, but had brown moccasins on his feet.

As he sat down his nostrils were assaulted by the very expensive perfume worn by Anita. It could also have been said that she wore very little else.

Apart from being exquisitely made up, she wore the tiniest of black dresses, her breasts attempting to escape from the low neckline, and the hem of her dress at mid thigh. Her shoes were black patent leather, with the highest heels he’d ever seen her wear. Andrew caught a glance from the driver, who had the expression of ‘lucky bastard’ written all over him.

There was very little small talk on the forty minute journey, and by the time they had paid the taxi, and got themselves a drink from the waiter, it must have been almost 9.30pm.

The house was buzzing. The two downstairs lounges and conservatory were full of guests who had spilled out onto the patio and lawns, sipping beers, or wine, and talking loudly. Most were in small groups and a lot of people were old friends.

Anita left Andrew almost immediately to ‘catch up’ with several guests who she knew. He wandered out onto the lawn in the slightly cooler air of the evening.

Looking around at some of the scantily dressed women, he reflected on the past few weeks, and how he came to be there.

As his eyes wandered, he saw a younger group of guests, and one in particular caught his poker oyna eye. He was certain that the small red haired girl was the daughter of someone he knew at his ‘local.’ ,

As he reminded himself of what Anita had said about discretion, she appeared on the lawn beside him with a remarkably stunning woman. She was blonde, blue eyed, shapely, probably in her early 50s, and had an instantly sexy smile. She was simply, but sexily dressed in a slim fitting cotton dress with a low neck.

“This is Stephanie, this is Andrew,” Anita Introduced them in turn.

And they both politely shook hands, and then both laughed at the formality. Andrew then leaned forward, kissing her on both cheeks, and added, “That’s a bit better.”

“Stephanie’s on her own, this is only her second pool party, look after her Andrew.”

Anita had gone immediately, so Andrew grabbed a passing waiter to refill her glass.

“I hope you don’t mind Anita dumping me on you? She is a bit bossy.”

“Too right she is,” laughed Andrew loudly.

That seemed to relax Stephanie somewhat, and she suggested we find somewhere to sit.

Andrew led the way back into the lounge, just as all the lights both outside and inside started to dim.

There was a comfortable, soft, crumpled sofa just by the fireplace, and it gave a view of the room without being obvious.

Andrew looked at Stephanie and waited for her to speak. He had a strange feeling of deja vu, almost as though he knew her from way back in his past. She was strangely familiar.

Stephanie broke the silence. Shyly she said, “Anita told you this was my second pool party. I came to one in the spring but didn’t stop long. I’m afraid I got cold feet and called a taxi. I’ve not had my party cherry popped yet.”

In the fading light Andrew saw her blush heavily.

“God that sounded awful, and brazen,” she squeezed his forearm, as if asking for forgiveness for being so open.

“Hey please don’t be so silly, there are a lot of folk here tonight who will be more open than that.”

As he said that, he smiled and motioned towards the other side of the room. There on a sofa that matched theirs, were a couple. She was leaning over him, her head bobbing up and down.

Stephanie was watching fascinated. Her hand half covered her mouth, slightly embarrassed; she felt almost voyeuristic. She couldn’t look away.

“I think they’re only just getting going,” whispered Andrew as the woman sat up and mounted the guys cock.

As the woman raised and lowered her hips, Stephanie and Andrew almost huddled together, watching the pair becoming more animated. Stephanie and Andrew suddenly realised they were gripping each other’s hands, as the woman cried out, pressing herself down, as she had her orgasm.

“Wow,” said Stephanie.

“Yes, that was a good show,” replied Andrew. He then added, “Actually this is my first pool party. Another unpopped cherry I’m afraid.”

“Really, this is really your first?” A broad smile spread across her face. “We are both virgins!”

“I wouldn’t put it quite like that,” smiled Andrew.

Suddenly Stephanie had lost her shyness. She turned to Andrew and kissed him on the lips. Not just a peck, but a long lingering kiss, with lips slightly parted, and the hint of a flicking tongue between his teeth.

“Can I ask you something Andrew.”

“Of course Stephanie.” He was still trying to jog his memory about this woman.

“Andrew, I came here tonight to be braver than last time. I’m not telling you my reasons for being here, but I’ve got lucky and met you. Maybe Anita had a hand in that, but it doesn’t matter now. I hope this doesn’t sound awful, but I want you to fuck me.” She blushed


“Oh my god Stephanie, that’s not awful. Just don’t say any more.”

Andrew kissed her again, slowly, longingly.

“Can we go somewhere else? Not here.” Stephanie whispered it.

Andrew nodded.

They both stood up, and with Andrew leading the way they exited the lounge and found themselves in an oak panelled corridor. He tried several doors, until one opened into a small drawing room. It was being used as a temporary storage room for the party, but fortunately, at one end, it had a battered leather Chesterfield.

Neither of them said anything, but they both moved towards it. The room was dimly lit from a window onto the courtyard, but no one could see.

Andrew drew her close. His fingers found her zip, and her dress dropped to the floor.

As he looked down into her eyes, his mind was saying, ‘Who are you?’

When they kissed again that was all forgotten. As he unclipped her bra, she fumbled with his belt. As his chinos dropped, Stephanie’s breasts swung free. Andrew unbuttoned his shirt, and pushed his boxers off. Their two bodies pressed together in another kiss.

Stephanie could feel Andrew’s desire rising. She was ready.

As he laid her back on the leather sofa, she said quietly, “Don’t rush Andrew, It’s been a little while.”

Andrew slipped her panties canlı poker oyna down her legs. The sight of this beautiful woman made him stiffen, and he went down on his knees beside the sofa, and slowly took one of her nipples between his lips. He rolled his tongue around the areola before moving to the other nipple. He could hear Stephanie breathing faster.

He ran the tip of his tongue from her breasts down across her tummy.

Stephanie lifted her legs up and over Andrew’s head until his mouth found her pussy. He licked, he sucked and he caressed. He was in two minds, he wanted to make her cum with his tongue, but he wanted to be inside her.

She wanted him inside her too.

“Fuck me Andrew, please I want you to cum inside me.”

He raised himself until he pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He pushed a bit more.

“Oh god Andrew, slowly, you’re so big.”

Andrew was patient, and slowly withdrew, then he pushed again. He repeated this, and this time the head of his cock entered her cunt.

“Oh yes, go on, go on,” Stephanie cried out.

Andrew pushed harder, and suddenly he slid all the way in.

“Oh my god, oh god,” Stephanie had never been so full.

Andrew started to move. Slowly at first, all the way in, then withdrawing, almost completely, before plunging back inside her.

He started to build a rhythm. Stephanie locked her ankles behind his buttocks. She was beginning to utter muffled groans each time Andrew thrust deep inside her. They were in perfect harmony, rocking back and forth.

Andrew waited patiently for Stephanie. He was playing her like an instrument.

Her breathing became faster, louder. She was pushing harder against him.

Suddenly, Stephanie was shouting, “Oh god Andrew, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Her ankles locked even tighter behind his buttocks, and her pussy started to pulsate.

Andrew was ready too, he felt the first contraction sending a warm jet of semen deep inside her, followed by a second, and a third. Finally he had emptied himself inside her.

Eventually, they both started to come down, and they were kissing softly.

“Thank you Andrew, I’m glad it was you,”

He had heard that said to him before by Louise a few weeks before. How odd.

As they dressed Stephanie told Andrew that she wasn’t going to follow him around that evening. She felt that they had both shared something special, but they had come to the party to enjoy the whole thing.

“God knows what my daughter would think of me,” Stephanie remarked before they left the room.

“What about your husband?” Andrew posed the question.

Stephanie just chuckled, and they went their separate ways.

Andrew wandered back through the lounge. Past a young girl being ‘spitroasted’ by two black guys, and then a very large older lady on her knees licking the pussy of an equally large lady.

Out on the lawn he took deep breaths, really rejoicing in the fun he had just had.

It was around midnight, and he thought he’d cool down, and refresh himself in the pool. He used a locker in one of the trailers to store his clothes, and with a towel around him walked the short distance to the pool.

The pool was quite busy, but mostly with couples having some touchy, feely fun.

Andrew slipped into the pool and swam half a dozen lengths as best he could around the revellers. He stopped at one end and watched the play going on, and after a while he got out, dried off, and got dressed again.

He got himself a beer, and sat back on the patio. It was still pleasantly warm, and closing his eyes he wondered about Louise, and Anita’s threats. He wondered if Stephanie was still around, or perhaps she’d caught a taxi home.

Suddenly, two hands closed over his eyes from behind. His head was held firmly, and it was being pressed against something soft, something that could only be a pair of breasts.

“Now Mr Andrew, guess who this is.”

Andrew was taken by surprise, but he knew it could only be one person. “Trillsh!” Shouted Andrew.

He heard a voice close to his ear, “Correct, and the last time we met I was wánking your cock.”

“You have such a naughty mind, Trish.”

She finally let go of Andrew, and he turned round on the chair to see Trish dressed in a very skimpy low cut silk dress, her massive breasts spilling over and her hair tied in tight blue dreadlocks.

She sat on his lap and thrust her breasts close up against his face.

She whispered, “I’ve fucked two guys tonight, and you’re going to be my hat trick.” She finished the sentence by kissing him longingly on the lips, pushing her tongue to the back of his mouth.

“Come on, I’m sure there are places in this house you haven’t seen.” And with that she grabbed his hand and led him indoors.

He followed her back through the lounge and into one of the corridors. That opened out into a hallway, and Trish led the way up a grand staircase. At the top she stopped and put her arms around his neck and internet casino kissed him some more.

Andrew was fascinated by the way she pressed her breasts against him, and he was able to see her dark nipples poking over the top of her neckline. He was surprised by the reaction of his cock so soon after Stephanie. It was stiffening slowly. Trish felt it too.

“Have you ever fucked in a 4 poster bed?”

“I can’t say that I have,” replied Andrew.

“Well, that’s about to change,” and Trish opened the wood panelled door in front of them.

Andrew entered behind her into a dimly lit room. Opposite the fire place was the biggest bed he’d ever seen. It was a classic 4 poster.

In the semi darkness Trish turned and said to Andrew, “We’ve been beaten to it I’m afraid, but never mind it’s big enough for four.”

Trish was referring to the couple barely visible already making out on the bed.

As Trish pulled Andrew towards the bed he could now make out the naked figure of a blonde woman on her back, with a grey haired man’s head buried between her thighs.

He had no time to study them closely, as Trish was now unbuckling his belt, and stripping him naked. She was in a hurry.

As she peeled off her dress, releasing those massive breasts, she shoved Andrew onto the bed, on his back, alongside the other couple.

Andrew groaned loudly as Trish took him in her mouth.

Trish knew Andrew was well endowed, but what Andrew didn’t know was Trish’s expertise at oral sex.

He felt his cock growing in her mouth. As Trish pushed down on him his cock reached the back of her mouth. There was no gagging, she just continued pushing and he felt his cock entering her throat. The next he knew Trish’s face was against his body. She stayed motionless for a few seconds, and then withdrew with slavers of saliva hanging from her mouth. It was the first time Andrew had ever been ‘deepthroated,’ and he found it exhilarating. He held his breath when she went down on him again.

This time Trish took him straight in. Moving slightly back and forth, pushing against his lower abdomen, she was making soft gurgling sounds. Releasing him again, she gasped for breath, the saliva dribbling from her chin.

Andrew probably didn’t see her grin in the dim light of the bedroom, but he certainly heard the groan of pleasure she uttered, as she slid astride him, and lowered herself onto his cock.

Her enormous breasts swung down above his face, and as Trish started to grind her hips against him they swung in rythym. He reached upwards, and took each black nipple between his finger and thumb, and squeezed gently.

“Mmmmmm, harder, squeeze harder,” pleaded Trish, as she started to move more quickly, and her breathing became interspersed with a high pitched moan.

Andrew was surpringly controlled, he wasn’t cumming yet but was conscious of the couple next to him becoming more frantic. The guy was now fucking her and in the dim light she was starting to moan softly.

At exactly the same time they turned their heads towards each other, and their eye contact brought recognition.

The blonde was Stephanie.

Their eye contact was fleeting, and Andrew watched as she threw her head back; she gasped and clutched at his arm.

Andrew had that flashback thing again about Stephanie. She still looked so familiar, but Trish was now on the brink, and her whole body was bathed in perspiration. She started to cum in a series of shrieks. Her pussy seemed to squirt juices, soaking Andrew’s balls and legs.

Andrew was still hard inside her, and once Trish had caught her breath she raised herself from him, and hungrily took him back into her mouth. He knew that if she did what she had done before, he wouldn’t last long.

His cock was glistening with her juices, and it allowed her to take the whole length of his cock deep down into her throat once again.

Andrew felt her throat like the tightest pussy squeezing the head of his cock before sliding back out with the gasping, dripping face of Trish relishing the challenge of his impending orgasm. Twice more she enveloped him, holding her breath and moving imperceptibly up send foehn. The third time deep in her throat, he started to cum. She felt the swelling, the jerking, the rush of spunk, overflowing back up into her mouth, and spilling down her chin.

As she sat up, Stephanie was getting dressed and leaving the room with her guy.

Trish lay down beside Andrew and kissed him. He tasted his own spunk as she opened her mouth to him.

“You’re quite a guy Andrew, I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“That very much depends on Anita,” replied Andrew indicating her power and influence over him.

“Oh I can square it with her, maybe thinking about it, a 3 some might be fun.”

Andrew grunted a reply, and they both started to get dressed.

Both returned down the staircase to be met by Anita in the hall.

“I can guess where you two have been,” said Anita with a sullen look. “Andrew, I’m calling a taxi, I’m ready to go.”

“That’s fine by me, ” Andrew replied and saying a brief goodbye to Trish both he and Anita made theirway to the front steps.

The taxi arrived in five minutes, which were mostly silent between them.

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