After the Game

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Double Penetration

I would like to give some thanks and credit to Landiek for reading this story and making any corrections she could find. I really appreciate it.


“And that bell signals the end of the game with a final score of 29-0.” That is the beautiful words that Scott loved to hear after every game.

Scott Bryant is a student at Atlantic University in New Hampshire. He is a white, 6’4″, 235 lb, brown haired, and blue eyed starting quarterback at his college. Scott is a very essential athlete on his team and has lead his team to a great start of 4-0 and is also a high candidate for the Heisman trophy. He is not one of your stereotypical jock in that he is very smart and shy. He is getting a major in marine biology and has slowly been losing his shyness due to his popularity as a quarter back. Everybody was trying to be his friend and all the girls were competing for his affection and even some guys were too.

“Good game man.” Scott heard that about fifty times as he went to the locker room and changed.

He tried to get out of there as soon as possible because he was sick of hearing the same thing over and over. Scott also wanted to get out of there so he could get home to the party that was being thrown at his house.

“Hey Scott, Can I get a ride with you back to your house?” Stacy asked running after Scott just as he was just getting to his car.

Stacy Haus is also a student at the university and has had her eye on Scott since their freshman year. Stacy is the slut on campus with a reputation of being very easy, but she has some standards but they are really low. The only people she probably wouldn’t do would be the nerds. She is 5’6″, white, 100 lbs of a taught body with 34 C breasts and blonde hair with blue eyes. Her pussy used to be as tight as an Asian female but after her many escapades it is very loose.

Scott has known about Stacy’s interest in him since he came to the college but he has put it off for a long time since all he has heard about her. He has been very lonely lately and thought it couldn’t hurt to drive her to the party and have some company.

“Sure why not. Go ahead and get in.” Scott told Stacy as he put his gear in the back seat and hopped into the front seat of his corvette.

Stacy wasn’t expecting Scott to say yes but was pleasantly surprised to hear him say she could go with him. She was actually starting to get wet knowing she will be riding with him and she knew this was her time to try and seduce him. She ran around to the other side of the car with her breasts bouncing up and down in her t-shirt as she ran around to the other side of the car and hopped into the passenger seat. Scott started the Escort Etlik car and they were off.

“So…Stacy how have you been? I didn’t see your boyfriend at the game with you.” Scott said as he was driving trying to start up a conversation.

“I have been pretty good pretty good. Oh yeah that jackass, I dumped him like a month ago. He just couldn’t sexually satisfy me. His cock was just too small.” Stacy said all this as she blatantly stared at Scott’s body as he drove.

She hoped all the blatant sex talk would get him going a little bit and she was right she noticed a slight bulge growing in his pants. She had to admit that she was soaked by now and it takes a lot to do that to her.

“Ohhhh ummm I am sorry to hear that.” Scott said trying to recover from the shock her blatant talk about sex did to him.

He had to admit though that the thought of her naked and getting fucked was turning him on. Scott noticed his growing erection and tried to adjust his position a little bit to try and hide it.

Stacy noticed him squirming around and she knew that it was getting to him and that should be able to have him when she is done. She decided to have some fun with him before she closed the deal.

She put on a great puppy face and asked in a sweet way, “Scott do you think I am attractive?”

“Yeah of course you are. You are gorgeous.” Scott said trying to keep the speaking to a minimum so his hard on wouldn’t grow too much more.

He even just kept his eyes on the road and never on her. He still was involuntarily thinking of her naked in his car and it was definitely having an uplifting effect on his cock.

Stacy noticed the ever growing bulge in his pants. She was thoroughly enjoying this. She quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt which showed the top of her bra and a whole lot of cleavage.

“You aren’t looking at me. Do you really think I look attractive?” Stacy said making him look at her to make sure he will do what she wants. After he agrees then she will make her move.

Scott turned his head and was momentarily shocked and mesmerized by what he saw. He even swerved since he wasn’t paying attention to the road. “Yes Stacy I think you are attractive. You are hot.” Scott said this after getting a long look at her. He didn’t care about his bulge anymore. She could see it if she wanted.

Stacy was laughing inside her head at the complete blank face Scott had on as he looked at her. She was also getting really horny seeing the bulge in his pants since it looked like his cock was huge well at least bigger than any she has ever seen. She decided it was time to get things started.

“You Etlik Escort know Scott. You aren’t looking to bad yourself.” Stacy said as she put her hand on his thigh and looked down but raised her eyes up to Scott to look like a little puppy girl.

Scott froze looking down at the hand on his thigh and then looked slowly up to her eye level. She looked so sexy doing that that his cock grew to full mast putting a big strain on his pants. “Ummm Do you really think we should be doing this Stacy?”

“Yes of course I do Scott. I have wanted this to happen since freshman year.” Stacy said as she started rubbing her hand up and down his thigh till it rested on his crotch which made him jump.

“Oh shit umm Stacy, I am not sure about this.” Scott said this to Stacy even though he liked the attention and half wanted to stop her but the other half wanted to keep going. He started involuntarily thrusting up into her hand with his crotch.

“Mmmm looks like somebody is enjoying and wanting this to happen.” Stacy said as she starts rubbing his crotch all over. She got up to the top of his jeans and started to unbutton the top button and lower the zipper.

“Mmm. That feels so good Stacy. Hurry up and take it out Stacy.” Scott was lost in the bliss that he was receiving from her. He knew they would get in an accident if he kept driving like this. He slowed down and found an abandoned alley to park in. Scott just sat back and closed his eyes.

“Whatever you say Scott, Just park right here yep there ya go. Now just sit back and relax and enjoy. “Stacy told him this as she got down on her knees in the car and pulled down Scott’s pants and boxers down at the same time. His cock popped out at full mast. It was ten inches long and two inches around. Stacy took it in her hand and started stroking it slowly as she looked up at Scott.

“Oh God yes Stacy that feels so good. Please just keep doing what you are doing.” Scott pleaded to Stacy as he made the seat go back and he lay as far back as possible as Stacy was stroking his cock. She was going kind of slow so he started thrusting up into her hand.

“Now someone looks excited.” Stacy said laughing as she saw Scott humping her hand. She bent over and took a quick short lick of the head oh his cock making him jerk with pleasure and making a moan escape his lips.

“Oh stop teasing Stacy and please suck my cock please.” Scott begged Stacy in between moans. He just sat back begging for her to suck his cock.

“Oh so you want me to suck your cock. Like this?” Stacy asked as she quickly took his cock to the hilt in her mouth and then right back out. Scott humped upwards as she took Etlik Escort Bayan his cock out of her mouth.

“Yes Stacy Yes just like that. Please no more teasing. Just suck my cock please.” Scott pleaded as he was humping the air in desperation.

“Hmmm I don’t know if I should.” Stacy said laughing inside enjoying torturing the guy every girl at school wanted.

“Oh god yes please sucks my cock please.” Scott said pleading like he was going to die if she didn’t suck it.

“Well alright I guess I could do that.” Stacy said even though she knew he had to do it because she knew if she waited any longer he could give up and her chance to get with him.

She just started taking quick little licks of the tip of his cock just to tease him a little more but her nymphomania kicked in and she couldn’t help herself. She almost swallowed his balls as she took his whole cock in her mouth in one gulp. Stacy started going up and down on it like his cum would save her life and she was dying in seconds. She even went so fast his balls would slip into her mouth as she went up and down on his cock.

“Oh Fuck Stacy you are amazing at this. You are the best cocksucker in the world. Oh…shit I am so close.” Scott said as he was moaning loud like an animal and also as he grabbed Stacy’s head and started thrusting up into her mouth as she sucked his cock.

Stacy hears what he is saying but ignores it because she is too overwhelmed in what is happening. The one thing she really heard was that he was going to cum but it didn’t matter to her since she loved to swallow cum. It was her biggest turn on.

“Oh shit Stacy I am cumming. Oh god I am cumming!!” Scott screamed out while he moaned as he felt cum rush from his balls up through his shaft deep up in Stacy’s throat. His body shudders as he shoots rope after rope of cum into her throat and she swallows every drop of it.

“MMm now that tastes good.” Stacy said as she raised up from his cock and swallowed a big gulp of his cum that was in her mouth. She sat back in the seat like nothing happened.

“Wow that was…amazing. You are the best Stacy. We should do this more often.” Scott said as he wiped the sweat from his eyebrows and sat back panting from the pleasure.

“Oh we sure will, Scott. We sure will. Now how about we get going to that party eh?” Stacy asked like nothing sexual just happened.

“Oh umm yeah sure.” Scott said as he started up the car and got back into the lane. He wasn’t expecting the mood to change that quick but he wasn’t going to complain.

Scott drove them to the party and they arrived fine but what happened at the party will be saved for another story for another day…

I would really like to hear back from you readers. I want to hear any comments whether bad or good or any suggestions for the next story would be great. I really appreciate you reading my story and hope you read my future ones and past ones.

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