After Yoga, Alicia

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Alicia and I had been friends since 9th grade. We had first met when I randomly sat next to her in history class. I remember catching a brief whiff of something floral, and looked over to my right to see her sitting there shyly, her red hair framing a little pixieish face lined with freckles.

Over the next 4 years of high school, we more or less became best friends, but never really got the timing right to be romantically involved. Looking back on it, it seems crazy that we weren’t dating the whole time – but one of us always seemed to be dating someone else and the timing just never really worked out. There can be no doubt though that I had a pretty big crush on her for most of the time I was in High School.

A few words on me: I was never exactly in the cool crowd in school, but certainly had my own thing going on I guess. I’m short for a guy at about 5’5″, but with an athletic build. I was into computers, music, and literature. I fancied myself a modern beatnik, reading Kerouac and Ginsberg – smoking clove cigarettes and almost never wearing jeans.

Alicia was your typical girl next door. Shy on the surface but with an evil streak that could surprise you. She was also short and very thin, dressing relatively conservatively and having some of the prettiest red hair I have ever seen. Not that fake dyed red, but rather that authentic orange red that real gingers have. I realize it might not be for everyone, but I have always had a thing for gingers.

During my senior year of school, things in our dynamic started to slowly change. The thing that really seemed to change things was when we both signed up for a 10 week introductory Yoga class together. Never having been much of a macho manly man, I really had no qualms at all about doing yoga. In fact, it sort of fit into my whole bohemian vibe. So there it was, I was committed to this. Fun fact, this was at a curves location – I’m sure you probably remember Curves, circuit training for women in the 90’s? They were everywhere for a while.

Well, not too surprisingly as I pulled up to the Curves with Alicia for our first ever yoga class it quickly became fairly evident that I was the only male in the class. Not being sure what to wear, we both had on some light pajama pants and a t shirt. I think this was before Yoga pants were ubiquitous, as none of the women in the class seemed to be wearing them.

The instructor led us through a pretty basic yoga flow, teaching us all the usual postures that most will recognize; Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Downward facing dog, and on and on. Looking around the room at all the attractive female forms stretching and straining around me was hardly terrible. In fact, as I looked over at Alicia with her midriff starting to show as her shirt rode up in Downward dog I couldn’t help but get a little turned on.

This went on for a few weeks. I would drive over to Alicia’s house and pick her up, already dressed in our flimsy pajama pants and drive over to yoga. At this time, I was single and Alicia was dating this guy I couldn’t stand. He probably wasn’t really all that bad, but I was definitely jealous. He had this pretentious sort of way about him that just pissed me off. I just couldn’t stand the idea of someone else kissing her, touching her body and doing all the things I wanted to do with her.

On the way home from Yoga class one week, Alicia seemed a little agitated. I could tell she was upset about something. I looked at her from where I was sitting in the driver’s seat, and she was quiet – just staring ahead, her ice blue eyes unfocused and lips slightly parted.

“Everything all right? You seem a little spacier than usual.” I asked her.

“Ugh! It’s just that Mike is pissing me off so much anymore. He seems more interested in hanging out with my stupid brother than me.”

Mike and Alicia’s brother had started playing together in a rock band, and had been spending a lot of time practicing and rehearsing lately. The only problem with this was that the band was seeming to replace Alicia in Mike’s life, and he wasn’t making much time for her.

As I looked over at her, I could see that her eyes were a little red and I thought I might have seen the beginning of tears coming out of them.

“Hey, it’s ok – he’s crazy if he doesn’t see how awesome and beautiful you are. He should want to spend every free moment with you.”

Just then I pulled the car into her driveway and shifted to park.

“Aw, thanks Joe you’re such a sweetheart! I’m so glad I have real friends like you to talk to and that actually want to spend time with me!”

She turned in the car seat to face me and gave me a hug. I reached around and gave her a good squeeze, my head on her shoulder I could smell something floral and delicious. I turned my head slightly and without either of us really meaning to, our lips met and we kissed.

The contact of her lips on mine felt like fire spreading through my body, and as we continued to kiss I pulled her in tighter. I felt her Ataşehir Escort lips begin to part, and our tongues met in the middle, exploring and twirling around each other. Being 18 and a boiling cauldron of hormones, I was beginning to sport a pretty fierce erection in my thin pajama pants, tenting the fabric up obscenely.

I felt Alicia’s hand drop to my inner thigh and it grazed against my erection as she broke off the kiss, looking down.

“Wow!” She said, “Did I make this happen?”

Her hand glided up and down my crotch, sliding the thin material over my straining member. It felt heavenly, and was exactly what I had wanted for about 4 years now. Ever the tease, she pulled away and looked toward her house.

“I should probably get inside before my mom wonders what I’m doing sitting in the driveway so long. See you tomorrow in school?”

“Sounds good” I said. “Try and relax, I’ll see you tomorrow – call me if you need anything.”

With that, she ran towards the house and opened the door smiling and waving as she entered the house.


Over the course of the next week, Alicia pretended that nothing had really happened between us. This was pretty infuriating for me, since any time I was around her I was basically a walking hard on. She might not have been the prettiest or sexiest girl in school, but something about her just got my motor running.

I visited her ceramics class once while I had study hall, and as we sat next to each other working with clay she let her right hand dangle down below the table and tickle the inside of my thigh, teasing me terribly. When the bell finally rang, I had wait several minutes for my boner to deflate before leaving for my next class.

Soon it was that time of the week again, and I was getting ready to drive over to Alicia’s house and pick her up for yoga.

As I sat in her driveway waiting for her to come out, it was hard not to feel some excitement tingling through my body, wondering if maybe what happened last week would repeat itself. I saw the door open, and she came out in her thin loose fitting pants and a tank top. She looked gorgeous I thought.

All through yoga class I was fighting arousal, all the women in compromising positions around me – and Alicia herself splayed out in various poses, her cute little ass in the air, and her shirt riding up as she bent over. A hint of her precious little breasts and nipples poking through the fabric of her tank top.

Thankfully, it’s pretty hard to maintain an erection while you are doing yoga as you are also pretty distracted by holding all of these difficult poses. But at one point when I was failing to control it standing in mountain pose, my dick poking a tent in the fabric of my pants I looked over and made eye contact with Alicia and she looked down at my crotch, then back up to my eyes and winked.

As we were driving home she looked over to me and said “So what got you so hot and bothered in class back there? It looked like your little friend was getting excited.”

“I know it’s hard for you to believe Alicia, but seeing you and all those other women stretched out in class today just got my imagination running, thinking of all the nasty things I want to do.”

“Nasty things you’d like to do huh? To who, me? You dirty boy!”

I swung the car onto her street and a few seconds later into her driveway.

“Do want to come in and hang out for a little while? My parents are gone for a few hours, and my brother is at band practice.”

“Sure!” I said, opening my car door and walking up the driveway with her to her house. I won’t lie, electricity was flooding my body with excitement. It wasn’t very often that I’d gotten to hang out with Alicia (or almost any girl really at this point) alone in their room. That was always the problem with dating in High School, a total lack of privacy.

We went into her room, grabbing a glass of water on the way. When we got there, Alicia put some music on and we sat talking on her bed for a while. After a few minutes of conversation she said

“Ugh! My back and shoulders feel so tight from all those yoga poses, would you mind giving me back rub Joe?”

I’ve thankfully been blessed with the skill of gifted hands. Maybe because I’d always been a musician, but massage and touching always came easily to me, so of course I quickly agreed. I would take any excuse to lay hands on this beautiful angel!

“Um, sure Alicia – why don’t you lay down on your stomach, and I can sit over you to give you a massage.”

She got herself situated comfortably on the bed, and I straddled her butt with my weight on my knees.

“Comfortable?” I asked.

“Very! Start with my shoulders if you don’t mind, they feel so tight!” She said.

So I started gliding my hands up and down the length of her back, with little pressure to start, and slowly worked Acıbadem Escort up to the top of her shoulders where I began kneading the muscles there.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good!” She said as my hands continued to work the knots out of her shoulders. I moved a little lower to her shoulder blades and started putting some upwards pressure underneath them pushing on the fabric of her tank top.

“Is my shirt in the way? She asked

“Maybe just a little bit.” I said. “It always feels better when it’s skin to skin.”

“Here, hold on a second and I’ll take it off so you can do this right.” She said.

Not wanting to get in the way, I got off of her for a moment and she sat up and pulled her tank top over her head, leaving her in just her pajama pants and a bra. She lay back down on the bed.

I began to rub the bare skin of her back, starting at her lower back and slowly working my way back up. Her skin felt hot to the touch, and I could see her face with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted. As I made my way up her back, I encountered her bra straps and glided over them but caught one of my fingers just slightly on the strap as I passed over.

Without saying anything, she reached back and unhooked her bra clasp, and pulled off her bra, putting it to the side. I couldn’t believe that I was looking at Alicia’s totally naked back. I was getting pretty excited by this point, and was rock hard in my pants. Thankfully I was pretty sure the way I was sitting on her she couldn’t tell the massive erection that was sticking out from my body.

I continued to rub her back in long swoops and curls, following its contours and curves, letting my fingers spread wide and trail along her sides in long uninterupted lines.With each pass, I would let my fingers go a little lower until I was grazing the sides of her breasts.

I could see that she was enjoying the attention when on the next pass I again grazed her under and side boob and she let out a slight gasp. This is when I got off of her, and decided to be bold, saying:

“Why don’t you flip over and we’ll do the front next.”

She hesitated for a moment, clearly thinking about how this would expose her cute little breasts to me for the first time, but eventually decided, and slowly flipped over a little nervously.

All of a sudden, I was looking at the naked upper body of my best friend laid out in front of me. Her perky little a cups pointing at me, the nipples already hard and poking out like pencil erasers.

I kneeled next to her and starting running my hands all over her body again, tracing lines down her arms lightly, and back up and around her breasts and tracing little circles around her pierced belly button. I cupped her breasts and she closed her eyes and let out an almost inaudible moan. I ran my palms over her nipples and gave a little squeeze which she also seemed to enjoy.

One hand on her breast, I lay down next to her and planted a kiss right on her lips. They parted and we started to explore each other’s mouth with our tongues. My hand continued to explore her body as we kissed deeply, flirting with the edge of her pants and then back up to her breast. The third or fourth time, I pressed the tips of my fingers into her lower belly and slipped my hand under the waistband of her pants – continuing to slide my fingers down until I could feel her patch of down and kept sliding lower until my middle finger slid between the lips of her pussy.

This was all a dream come true for me – to be honest my experience with women up to this point had been pretty limited. We were both still virgins at this moment, and I had only ever fingered two other girls.

I slid my finger down her silken folds and she bucked her hips a little bit into my hand, obviously enjoying the sensations. I moved in little circles near the top of her entrance, feeling a little nub that must have been her clitoris, from what I had read.

I could feel that she was excited, and when I dipped my finger lower still, her pussy was slippery with wetness and arousal, my middle finger sliding right into her. I could feel the walls of her vagina clamp like a vice around my finger and she broke our kiss for a moment.

“God Joe, that feels sooo good. Don’t stop.”

As i continued to probe and explore her with my fingers, her hand came under my shirt and ran over my chest, digging her nails lightly into me. My erection was pressed into her thigh as we continued to explore each other’s bodies.

All of a sudden I could feel her hand slide under the waistband of my pants and her fingers wrap around my cock tightly. It felt so unbelievably good that I just about came right then and there. For a few more minutes that felt like forever, I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her very wet pussy while she slowly and teasingly stroked my cock. Eventually I felt her body start to tighten up and shake while she made a little squeak and was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

“Wow, İstanbul Escort that was AMAZING. I can’t believe how good that felt.” She said to me, her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply.

“Why do you still have so much clothing on?” She asked me. “Take those off! And I’ll get these pants off too.”

I couldn’t believe my good luck, as she pulled off her pants and panties as I took off my shirt, pants and boxers – leaving us both naked, her with her red hair and thin body and small patch of red fuzz between her legs, me with my muscled body and rock hard dick sticking obscenely into the air.

“I feel like I should return the favor.” She said as she pushed me back onto her pillows and lowered herself to her knees and elbows below me, putting her head right in line with my member. Her eyes were glued to me and she looked up at me questioningly for a moment.

“Your penis doesn’t look like Mike’s” She said.

“Well, I’m hoping it’s a little bigger?” I laughed, knowing that although I am not huge, that my 6 inches was at least decently average, and pretty thick and girthy.

“Yes, it is a bit bigger, but I mean why does the tip look like that?” She asked as she slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times a little bead of pre-cum leaking out the tip.

“Oh, um well I’m uncircumcised you see. Most guys in the US have their foreskin removed when they are babies, but I still have mine. So it has that little turtleneck you see. You can pull it back and it will uncover the head if you want, it actually feels really good when you do that.”

“Oh cool!” She said as she peeled back the foreskin to reveal my glans, and then pushed it back up again a few times.

“Mmmmmmm…” I moaned with my head thrown back and eyes closing momentarily.

“Sounds like it must feel good” she said making eye contact with me “Now let me know how THIS feels..”

I looked down my chest at her as she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked up my shaft and swirled her tongue around the the sensitive tip of my penis, lapping up the small amount of fluid leaking from it. The feeling was downright magical, and she slowly repeated the process a few more times keeping eye contact with me the whole time.

“Does that feel good?” She asked. “I’ve only done this for Mike once and he never really gave me any feedback.”

“Alicia, that feels so good I can’t even believe it. No one has ever done this for me before it’s amazing”

“Then I bet you’ll like this too!” She said as she pulled back my foreskin and started sucking on the tip of my cock.

Slowly she started working more and more of my penis inside her mouth and then slid back up almost letting it pop out of her mouth before plunging back down almost to the base, then back out this time rubbing the tip against the inside of her cheek. Her mouth felt moist and warm and phenomenally good as it continued its journey sliding up and down my cock.

After a few minutes of this I felt my orgasm boiling up from my balls and I warned Alicia that I was about to come. She just kept sucking my dick until my whole body started to spasm, my hips bucking upwards uncontrollably as an intense wave of pleasure washed over me and my penis erupted into her mouth. She reacted by taking even more of me into her mouth and making eye contact with me as she sucked even harder as I spurted my seed into her waiting throat.

“Oh my god Alicia, thank you that was amazing! I’ve never felt anything like that!” I said to her as she pulled her mouth of my penis with an audible *POP!* and smiled up at me.

“You don’t have to thank me, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” She said slyly, and she crawled up next to me and kissed me on the mouth.

We kissed passionately for a few more minutes, her legs wrapped around one of my thighs, I could feel how aroused she was from sucking me off, her pussy felt wet and slippery on my leg.

I broke our kiss and pushed her onto her her back with her head on her pillows, starting to slowly kiss her neck, and then her chest, breasts and stomach. I circled my tongue around her belly button and kept creeping lower and she spread her legs.

Her beautiful ginger pussy in front of me, I was slightly starstruck never having been so close to female genitalia before, it seemed like a beautiful flower whose petals were opening up right in front of me. I kissed a line up her inner thigh and then down the other and she let a sigh out as I licked back up and then down the crease of where her leg met her body.

“Please..” She said.

Not needing any more encouragement, I gave one long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top, and then back down again. She moaned with obvious pleasure. I licked from bottom to top again but paused at the top, licking small circles around her clitoris and then down again.

“Oh god!” She exclaimed.

Just the fact that she was enjoying herself so much was starting to turn me on again, and I could feel my penis stiffening between my legs.

I continued my tongue lashing, darting it as deeply as I could into her wet folds and twirling it around, lapping up her juices. She was pressing her hips into me as much as she could trying to get as much contact as possible.

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