AirRnR Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


She was getting anxious. It was raining heavily outside, sounds of thunder in the distance. The clock on the microwave was past 8:00 PM now, and darkness was creeping in, though this was no matter to Laura Pascal: a tall, skinny 55-year-old woman with a puffed, wrinkled face who lived with her cat in a two-story chalet in the woods of a small town too far north of the nearest metropolis. The expansive second story was her own, and below, a near-identical apartment where city dwellers could, but rarely did, book online. Laura had depended on those to pay the bills, and times were especially tough. Though, in the midst of darkness, a silver lining did appear for her. All she needed to do was pay her final mortgage payment that month, and a huge burden would’ve been laid off of her: the house would’ve been hers. Defaulting on it would’ve forfeited the property to her late ex-husband’s wife, which was a fear-turned-phobia to Laura. Though several other debts had piled up, she just needed four straight weeks of bookings to make her remaining payment.

The man only known to her as “Dale E.” had booked a week at the last minute. She had already decided that she was going to make it the best experience possible for the stranger, to convince him to stay longer. She cleaned the apartment thoroughly, sprayed Febreze in the air, left chocolates on his made up beds, and a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter with a note, “Enjoy your stay! Please don’t hesitate to come upstairs if there’s anything you need. Laura xoxo”, one of several notes she had written before tearing up the others as she debated with herself on the appropriateness of the phrasing. Men almost always came with their wives, girlfriends, or mistresses presented as one of the former. A part of her almost wished a handsome man would come alone, because “convincing” him to stay longer wasn’t just for financial reasons for her. It had been years since the last time. She needed it.

Though, at the moment, she only needed a knock on the door. Her flexible cancellation policy made it possible for bookers to cancel at the last minute, as they had before. Laura’s nervousness was causing her to tremble, checking her phone constantly for the all-too-familiar cancellation message. She was going to greet the man in a thin lime shirt, braless, her nipples poking out, and purple yoga pants with a modest amount of cameltoe showing, and leggings cut up to the middle of her calves, as all of her tights were. Barefoot on her carpeted hallways, as it only made sense.

Finally, a knock on the door. Thank God! She rushed downstairs in both fear and excitement. Opening the door, she saw a tall, slightly grey-haired man, reminding her of a creepily familiar old neighbour she had when she was a child. The curly redhead smiled and welcomed him, “Hello, Dale! Please, come in out of the rain!” He smiled back at her. “Yeah. My shoes are muddy. Oh, and I should get her too. And our luggage as well.”

Laura’s disappointment wasn’t seen through her continued smiling as he told him to go ahead, as she would wait for them inside; subsequently regretting not offering to help, though debating whether that’s the image she wants to leave with him as a drenched, inappropriately dressed woman carrying luggage out of his car. She waited inside, and then saw her. A stunning, young girl who had to have been less than half his age, bordering barely past adulthood, who she presumed was his daughter.

After they had finished, Laura gave them a personal tour of the window-clad apartment, and tried to banter with them the best she could through her usual introversion. The short, blond girl with the gold izmit rus escort nose-ring was introduced to her as “Chrissy,” but a relationship wasn’t mentioned. She was almost half his size as well, though him putting his arm around her and pulling her close was a confusing suggestion for Laura. Instead of prodding, she just tried to focus on Dale to make him feel like the center of the universe. At the end, she re-iterated what her note said, “Don’t worry if it’s night, if you need anything at all, please come upstairs. My door is always open.” She wanted to pucker her lips at Dale to insinuate a kiss, but thought better of it. Instead, she smiled again at both of them and told them to “have fun during their stay,” which she also immediately regretted.

Unlike most of the times with renters overheard through the thin walls, it was quiet below on the first night, and not what Laura had wanted. But she knew it would have been a long shot.

The next night she received an expected text message from Dale asking about the usuals: laundry arrangements, if there was a Wi-Fi limit, and so forth. She answered all of his questions as nicely as possible, and the conversation concluded. A little past midnight, however, another text message came.

“Sorry if you’re asleep, but is there a PIN number on the cable box? A lot of the channels are parental protected.”

“Oh, sorry about that! Was a request of a previous renter who also came with children since some of the channels are adult. It’s 8831.”

“Nice. Notice you’ve got Playboy, Hustler, and more. Will give us ton to watch tonight.”

A mix of emotions came over Laura. Her experience hadn’t made it that difficult to process that he may watch porn with his daughter, but began to deduce that she wasn’t his daughter at all, and that she may still have a chance at him. She texted him back.

“Sounds like fun! Hope you two enjoy. And if there’s anything else, feel free. Always available.”

Instead, Laura began to hear the faint sounds of hardcore porn, causing her to stir with eagerness to find out what they were doing downstairs. Were they just watching? At some points, the moans seem to have more range than what came out of the speakers of her cheap HDTV. It was a clear night, however. Laura decided to take her balcony stairway down the side of her house, and check in through the many windows that faced the backyard of the first-floor apartment.

The slight cold of the midnight was barely shielded by her forest green sweater, and she didn’t help things with slippers. Sneaking down quietly, she saw that the blinders were pulled down, but left open. Through them, she saw what she really wanted to see.

A fully dressed Dale sitting on Laura’s store-bought, $295 fabric single-seat, and a shirted, short shorts-wearing Chrissy on her knees in front of him with her head hunched in his crotch. Laura watched the back of her head going up and down with an eighteen-year-old’s agility. He was muttering something to her as he was getting head, but completely inaudible to Laura through the sealed windows. Chrissy would break every now and then, grin up and him, before getting slapped hard across the face—shocking Laura. They would then passionately kiss, before she’d go back down, giving his balls some attention first. Sending a shiver through Laura’s body, Dale would periodically look at the windows, and at one point, seemingly squared in on Laura before immediately turning away, making her wonder if he actually saw her in the darkness behind her thick blinds. As he continued to get serviced by the wanton girl without doing anything, she began to think nothing of it.

Chrissy eventually got up, and sat on Dale’s lap, cowgirl-style. izmit escort She hadn’t put him in her yet, as they made out some before Dale began hitting her with a few more light slaps to her grinning face, getting her crazed and causing her to kiss him more passionately. She grabbed his dick, and pulled aside one side of her yellow short shorts while keeping them on. Dale’s hands holding her firm ass over her shorts, it was apparent that she had slid the entire nine or so inches of thickness inside her tight pussy slowly, and then eased into bouncing on his dick with the same rapid rhythm as she had when blowing him. Aside from Dale’s large cock, there wasn’t much nudity, which made it all the more hotter for Laura, who began to pull down her tights in the cold night. She wasn’t worried about the voyeurism of extremely distant neighbours, although self-conscious about the withered nature of her flat butt and hairy pussy. She spat on her two fingers, and looked down to rub it. As she looked back up, Dale’s eyes met her once more, causing her heartbeat to jump, before he again turned away while Chrissy rode him. A momentarily slip off caused Dale to slap the shit out of her with a single strike that panicked Laura outside as she masturbated in darkness, though Dale used the opportunity to slip off Chrissy’s short shorts, revealing her round, puffy ass with a tattoo on one cheek.

This sent Laura crazy as the tanned Chrissy quickly hopped back onto Dale’s cock, and rode him like the pornstars that were being fucked on the HDTV. Laura had never veered, though every now and then, she’d crush on a woman and obsess over what it would be like if they were attracted enough to her to fuck the straight, thin woman. The sight of Chrissy’s bubble butt bouncing up and down the old man’s dick had flustered Laura, who was fingerfucking herself ferociously now as the cold air passed through the crack of her own ass.

Chrissy was pulled off by Dale, who had quickly spun her around, and pulled her back on his dick. This coincided with him violently attempting to rip Chrissy’s red t-shirt off her head, where it got stuck under her jaw, as Dale wrangled it off with full force with no care of Chrissy’s neck. Instead, she got another slap across the mouth from behind, which caused her to pucker her lips and smile. Lost in this was the reveal of Chrissy’s amazing, medium-full breasts with both nipples pierced, matching the one on her nose, her belly button on her brown skin, and one that Laura could now make out on Chrissy’s beautiful clitoris with a landing strip of trimmed hair above it. Laura was infatuated with Chrissy. The little slut had come up to the woods with a man double, if not triple, her age to get fucked like a bitch in heat. Her lovely tits bounced up and down in perfect coordination to her pussy getting fucked. Dale bent her over with force, and began thrusting his huge dick into her while spanking her ass with all the strength he could muster. Finally, he appeared to shout something at her, and pushed her off with enough power that she fell on all fours in front of him, and nearly hit the coffee table. He stood up, his penis now fully revealing its length, and grabbed her by the hair. Dale then proceeded to walk Chrissy like a dog on the wooden floors of Laura’s apartment, as she crawled obediently. In this humiliation, Dale again seemed to look directly at where Laura would’ve been rubbing her pussy, before pulling Chrissy into the master bedroom.

Laura immediately pulled up her tights and rushed back up the exterior stairs into her apartment, where the faded sounds of fucking were already heard. She went into her own master bedroom directly above theirs, and luckily for her, all the sound went straight up.

“Ahhh, kocaeli escort ahhh, ahhh!” Chrissy moaned.

Laura pulled her tights completely off, and fell to her bed, rubbing ferociously.

“Fucking bitch! Going to blow it in your ass, cunt!”

“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m yours, daddy!”

A huge masculine moan came as Dale seemingly came deep in Chrissy’s asshole. “Stupid fucking whore,” Laura overheard him say before a slap was faintly heard. Moments passed. Then, some more feminine moans from Chrissy, as it sounded like Dale proceeding to fuck her some more. “Ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh… yesssss, I’m cummmmming, fuuuucccckkk!” Laura fingerfucked herself on her bed and came with Chrissy, bucking her hips into the air and squirting all over her bed as she covered her own mouth with one hand, but then returned it to her pussy as she turned over and muffled her sounds into the pillow, humping the bed like how she imagined Dale was humping Chrissy’s ass below her.

More moments passed, and silence pervaded for a while. Laura, bottomless, got up to clean up the mess. She tossed her tights into the bedsheets, rolled them up, and began walking them out of the bedroom and into the apartment where the laundry room was next to the unlocked front door. The door opened! There, stood Dale with his fully-erect penis sticking out of his pants, and a possessed look staring right at Laura, who, terrified with her jaw lowered, dropped the load, revealing her thin, shaved legs and pussy to Dale.

“Your turn, bitch.”

Laura’s legs collapsed from beneath her, causing her to kneel. Dale rushed forward and slid his dick with force into Laura’s open mouth. She immediately began bobbing her head back-and-forth as quickly as she could, to symbolically compete with the younger Chrissy as best she was able to. She looked up at her dominator with her pretty eyes, who was more generous with the older woman than he was with Chrissy. Dale grabbed the back of her head, a fistful of long, curly, red red hair, and pulled Laura in for a deep throat. The experienced lady knew to relax her throat, and slid her mouth off of Dale’s cock for a breath. She masturbated him while she recovered, and at some point, smiled at him. He smiled back, and then slapped her across the face. The pain of it was jarring, causing her to tear up and turn over on her knees in survival instincts to run away. She immediately felt a huge body on her back, and his arms around her neck, choking her.

“Who’s your daddy, you old bitch?”

Laura couldn’t say anything in the choke. He let up.

“I asked: who’s your daddy?”

“You are!” Laura replied compliantly.

Laura felt a huge slap on her withered ass. “I’m your… what?”

“You’re my daddy!”

“Don’t forget it.”

Dale shoved his long dick in Laura’s wet, slithery pussy. Her drenched pussy hair matched the sweat over her entire body, as well as the tears streaming down her eyes. Her pussy rubbed the wooden floor as she was laid flat with her knees bent and calves in the air, while Dale fucked her aggressively. She was in ecstasy now, half-hoping for another slap across the face, or a hard spank.

“Love your bush, babe,” Dale whispered in her ear while pumping his dick in and out of her cunt.

“Thank… you… daddy…” Laura slowly muttered out while getting fucked.

She stared at the floor while her body was rocking back and forth, and moans fluttered out of her. Finally, Dale spanked her again, and a grinning Laura turned around and looked at Dale. They connected eyes, and Dale spat across the distance right in her face. Some hastened thrusts, and Dale blew his second load of the night in Laura’s hungry vagina as they both came hard and moaned. He laid on top of her for moments after, thrusting every now and then, before pulling out of her, getting up, and leaving to go back downstairs. Laura laid on the floor, her pussy filled, for what seemed like the entire night.

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