Alone at the Office

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If I had known you were alone at the office yesterday, I would have made a point to stop by and try my hand at distracting you away from the work that has kept you so busy.

I envisioned you letting me into the newly re-decorated conference room. I can see, better, I can feel you push me down over the table, and I can feel you nibble on my creases, until I’m begging you to let me cum. You tease me more, I’m gripping the edges of the table, hungry for the release you won’t let me have. Then, you slowly, tortuously lick my pussy, and stopping just briefly to tell me how good I taste, you suck on my clit and the orgasm I’ve been craving slams through my body and I scream incoherently.

I smile as I begin to breath regularly again, because I think that the next time you sit at this table for a meeting, or a conference, or just lunch, you’ll look down the length of the table, and you’ll be able to imagine my face pressed against the cool surface of the table, my fingers wrapped around the smooth edges, while you made me scream. I like that idea a lot.

Then, you half pull, half drag me into the hallway, and push me face first against the wall. I can feel you rub your dick against my ass, and I beg you for it, beg you to slide it into my pussy. You lean in close to my ear, and you tell me how hot, how slick, how wet and Etimesgut Escort how tight my pussy is, as you grab my hips and push your dick into me hard. I cry out in orgasm, just from the fullness you make me feel. Instead of letting me stop and enjoy the orgasm though, you fuck me harder, faster, pressing me hard against the wall as I scream, pant and curse as you make me cum more times than I can keep up with. Then, you move away from me, and if you hadn’t caught me, I would have fallen to the ground. My knees are weak, my pussy throbbing from the orgasms whose effects still have me humming. I turn to lean against the wall and smile as you turn to walk towards your office.

I giggle now, as I place my hand against the wall where you fucked me. I like knowing you’ll walk down this same hallway tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get hard again, thinking about how hard you fucked me there, and how no one else knows what they could have witnessed in that very spot. I think I’ll have to make it a point to lean in this spot every time I visit your office now, just because the thought makes me wet and ready to beg for your dick inside of me again.

Leaving the wall that was supporting my weight when my knees wouldn’t, I push forward following you in the direction you disappeared to, and as I’d Escort Etimesgut hoped, I found you sitting at your desk. I have a real thing for your desk. I walk around your desk, and sliding between your knees, I drop to mine for a moment. I have not felt your dick in my hands in months, and it’s something I want very badly. I wrap my fingers around you, and with a smirk on my face, I lean in to lick the tip like a lollipop, then stand up and slide my ass back onto your desk.

I hook the heels of my boots on the edge of your desk, and ask, “Well, what are you waiting for?” as I lean back onto my elbows and will you to fuck me again, harder than you had in the hall.

You never disappoint me, you grab my hips, and pulling them farther off the edge of the desk, you slide your dick into me and hold me there. I lean my head back, and knock papers off your desk. You fuck me tortuously slow, letting me feel every inch of your dick as you push into me, then pull out. When I can take no more, I wrap my legs around your waste and pull you hard against me. I lightly dig my heels into your ass, making sure you know what I want, but you only smile at me and keep at your agonizingly slow pace until I feel a surprisingly strong, but slow burning orgasm begin to burn inside of me, and I scream and pull you harder Etimesgut Escort Bayan against me.

Then, you let go of one of my hips, and slide your thumb across my clit and tease it very lightly even as you speed the pace to what I’ve been begging for. You fuck me hard, you fuck me fast, and I am enjoying every fucking second of it. You press your thumb hard against my clit now, and I can feel my ass buck up off of your desk as I ride the orgasm that rips through my body like a mad woman. Once again, you don’t relent, you don’t stop, you keep it up as the next orgasm rolls into another, then another, until I feel you push hard into me, and I feel you cum deep inside of me. You push me hard back onto the desk so that I don’t fall to the floor, then you collapse back into your chair.

As I push myself up to sit on your desk, I smile an extra bright smile this time. I slide off the desk, and on very unstable legs, I manage to round your desk, adjust my skirt, and drop into the chair there. I especially like the idea of you sitting at your computer tomorrow, hard as blue steel thinking about me lying across your desk. Thinking about how loud I screamed when you made me cum. Thinking about how wet I was, how warm, slick and tight my pussy was, and how you had fucked me hard, right there on your desk.

That is, my opinion of what should have happened. Instead, I stayed alone in my office, and you stayed alone in yours. It did make for a very nice fantasy for me though. I may not have cum as often, or as dramatically, but it had me wet and dripping as I pushed my fingers into my pussy and hoped for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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