Amber’s Teacher Ch. 04

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As I told Amber that I didn’t want to continue making out in the car, she put her hand on the hard bulge in my pants and said, “Oh, Honey, I want to take care of this so bad, but I really have to go. I swear I’ll make it up to you!”

“I know you will, Baby,” I said. “Maybe you can come over soon.” We kissed briefly as she got out, went to her car and left.

I was still in an extremely high state of arousal. As soon as I got home, I sat on the edge of my bed, dropped my pants, allowing my still-hard cock spring out. It was so hot that the normal temperature aiir in the room felt really cold. Just as I was about to stroke it, my cell phone on the night stand vibrated. It was Amber.

I was surprised to hear from her soon, but answered right away. “Hi”, she said. “What are you doing?”

“Take a guess,” I chuckled, as my hand finally began to soothe my desperately hard cock.

“I bet you are stroking your dick,” she said.

“Good guess,” I replied.

“Oh my God, the things you made me feel tonight!” Amber said excitedly. “I must have orgasmed three times. It was so good the way you touched me, the way your finger felt as it slipped into my pussy!”

Hearing her recount her experience of the event caused me to cum immediately. “Oh God, you just made me cum,” I told her.

“I was hoping you would,” she said. “I can’t wait to suck your cock again. I want to practice so I can do it really good.”

“I still haven’t seen your cute little pussy,” I told Amber. “The next time I see you, I’m going to eat you out so good. The orgasms you had so far will be nothing compared to them.”

“Oh, I can hardly wait for that.,” she moaned. “I am just getting ready to shower. I am totally naked. and still kind of wet from earlier.”

“Are you going to cum again?” I asked.

“I might, she giggled. “Lately, you have me cumming all the time.” I heard a low moan, and she asked me, “Do you want me to cum again?”

“Oh yeah, baby hearing you cum turns me on so much,” I told her.

Gradually, I heard the rate of her breathing increase, and soft little moans escaped her lips. I knew I would not be able to cum again, but Amber’s sexy young voice was getting me hard again. It was not too long before I heard a long moan and giggle. “MMMM,” she sighed. “See what you do to me?”

“I wish I could have seen that,” I replied.

“Maybe you will soon,” she said. “I better get to bed. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Sweet dreams,” I told her, and we hung up.

Just as I was about to go to bed myself, my cell phone alerted me of an incoming message. I picked it up and, as I suspected, it was from Amber. What I didn’t expect, though, was the picture attached. The text read, “You said you wanted to see!” and when I opened the attachment, there was a picture of Amber’s pussy with a finger about halfway inside! I almost fainted! I sent a message back saying “Boy you are naughty tonight,” then went to sleep.

The next day, I struggled through school. Fortunately, I had taught my courses enough that I only needed a portion of my mental capacity to get by. I knew that looking at the picture Amber had sent me would only make it worse, but I could not help myself. Finally, the day was over and I went home. I donned my workout clothes and ran a few miles, then lifted weights. I was only partially successful at diverting some blood flow to some other part of my body besides my constant hard on.

After I finished my workout, I called Amber.. When she answered, I asked her, “Does anyone else know how naughty you are?”

She giggled and said, “No way, I am totally a ‘Nice Girl’. I get good grades, don’t smoke, don’t drink, and until now I hadn’t really done anything naughty.”

I told her, “Girls like you are the sexiest. I always wonder how they are when they get Anadolu Yakası Escort horny.”

“No one ever got me horny like you do,” she told me. “And I am really excited about this weekend. Want to hear why?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Well, my Grandpa is in a nursing home in Houston. So a couple of times a month my Dad goes down there to cut Grandma’s lawn and take care of things. Usually he goes by himself, but this time my Mom is going with him. So I am going to be alone all weekend. I was thinking maybe I could spend some of it at your place and you could show me whatever that thing is that you said would give me the good orgasms,” she said coyly.

“Wow’that would be great,” I said. “Come on over Friday afternoon. Today is Wednesday, so it’s only two days away.”

“But we have to do some studying too,” she said. “I have a test next Monday, and all I have been able to think about is how horny you make me.”

“OK”, I said. “We’ll do some studying.

“I still have to make up to you for leaving you all worked up in the car last night,” she said.

“That picture you sent me made up for that. That was so hot. I kept sneaking looks at it all day.,” I told her.

“I thought about you looking at it all day. I knew you would like it. I got all tingly down there thinking about you looking at my pussy.”

“OK, let’s make a deal. No naughty phone talk or pictures or cumming until you come over on Friday,” I proposed., even though I didn’t think I could stick to the idea myself. “It’ll be worth the wait.”

Amber laughed and said, “Wow, that’s going to be tough. But I’ll try.”

“So what time do you think you will be here?” I asked.

“After school, I work until six,” she said. “So I can be there around six-thirty..”

“We have to be careful because there are a few teachers from your school who live close to me.. So when you come over, I’ll open the garage door and you pull in and in through the garage.”

“OK, we are all set,” she said. “I can’t wait. I don’t know how I’m going to make it until then, though!” she said breathlessly.

“I know, me either. I barely made it through today,” I said.

“I have to go to work now,” Amber said. “Call me tomorrow morning early?”

“Of course,” I said.

The next two days dragged by. Finally, Friday morning came. I called Amber before school. We talked excitedly about the weekend. She then said, “Well, I didn’t exactly stick to our aggreement.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I must have been dreaming about you,” she said. “When I woke up, I felt so horny. I tried to resist, but finally I touched myself and I was already totally wet..

My finger just slipped right in.”

“Well, that was a good warm up for tonight,” I told her.

“I cant wait!” she said.

The day crawled along and finally ended. I raced home and worked out. I wanted my muscles pumped up when Amber and I got undressed. I showered and cooked dinner for us. At six o’clock, Amber called and told me that she was going home from work to change and would be here soon.

I waited eagerly, and finally saw her car come around the corner of my street. She pulled into my garage and I pushed the button to close the door behind her. I was already as hard as a rock. She got out of the car and I was even more excited to see that she was wearing the plaid skirt outfit she wore the first time we hugged, with her hair in a pony tail.

She quickly came inside and put down her overnight bag. We hardly spoke as we fell into each others’ arms and kissed urgently. She thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth, and rubbed herself against my hard on. I put my hands under her skirt and squeezed her firm ass through the silky feel of her panties. I smelled the crisp scent of her perfume Kurtköy Escort as I kissed her neck. Our breathing was heavy and loud, and our tongues and lips made lots of wet smacking sound as we devoured each other.

I lifted her up and her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. In this position, my face was right between her breasts. I carried her to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. She stood in front of me. Her nipples protruded through her tight white shirt and bra. I squeezed her nipples, causing her to let out a soft, sexy moan. We began to hastily unbutton each others’ shirts. We parted for a moment to take our shirts off. I put my face against her cleavage as I reached around to un-fasten her bra. As it fell away her tits jiggled a little. I immediately sucked and licked her nipples. Her aureolas are small and bright pink and her nipples became even more erect as I stimulated them. I put my hands under her skirt again and with the right hand rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked through and the tops of her inner thighs were also wet.

As I started to massage her pussy, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back until the top of my body was flat on the bed “You first this time,” she said. “I left you hanging last time.”

She then unzipped me and unbuckled my belt, and pulled off my pants and underwear. I was now totally naked and my rock hard cock was pointing seven inches into the air. She started with my lips, kissing along my body, running her tongue along the lines of my stomach muscles. As she moved down the soft skin of her nipples and breasts grazed my skin like a feather. Finally, her tongue reached my cock and licked it like a lollipop. I watched the top of her head as ecstasy washed over me. She smiled up at me and said, “I read some instructions on the internet.”

She put her mouth around the head of my cock, “O

yes, that’s good!” I told her.

She looked up at me again and said, “It said you have to try to relax the gag reflex as you try to go down farther. Here goes,” she said with a smile. Slowly she swallowed another inch anid it was incredible, but a little too much. She gagged a little and took my cock out of her mouth. “Good?” she asked.

“Oh my gosh it’s incredible,” I told her “I won’t last long if you keep doing that.

“I’ll try some more,” she said. Agian her mouth enclosed the head of my cock, plus another inch. She did not take in any more, but was able to keep it in and bob up and down a little without gagging this time. Her hand stroked the base of the shaft as she sucked my cock.

“Ohhhh damn, Honey, that was sure a good set of instructions you read!” I told her.

“I think I’m getting the no gag reflex part,” she said as she smiled up at me.

“Rub my balls a little as you suck?” I asked.

“Mmm, I’d love to,” she answered, as she fulfilled my request, and also a thousand fantasies.

She was oriented with her head at my cock and her feet near mine. “Turn a little sideways so I can play with you a little while you suck me'” I told her.

“Mmm? I hadn’t thought of that,” she said as she pivoted around.. Her bare tits were now near my left hand, so I squeezed them gently and tweaked her nipples. She had my cock back in her mouth, and when she moaned in response to the nipple stimulation, I felt the vibration of her voice on my cock. I reached to the back of her “school uniform” skirt and unzipped it. She momentarily stopped sucking me and added it to the pile of our clothes at the end of the bed. I began to tease her dripping wet slit through the fabric of her panties. As she moaned deeply, the vibration brought me to the edge.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned her. She withdrew my cock from her throat so that only the head Pendik Escort was inside. It was still inside as I came and a load of my cum overflowed her mourh and dribbled down her chin and the shaft of my cock. She coughed and gagged a little, but bravely swallowed what remained in her mouth.

.As she recovered, I told her, “Honey, that was the best blowjob I have ever had!”

She smiled and cuddled up next to me. I could feel the softness of her skin against mine, punctuated by the hard points of her nipples into my chest. We kissed deeply as I slipped my hand into her panties. When she sent me the picture of her fingering herself, it was from Amber’s eye level. I was dying to get a nice front view of her young pussy.

“Your turn,” I told her. I could feel her tre.mbling as I kissed her lips, neck, tits, stomach, inner thighs, knees, and toes. I positioned myself between her legs. Initially, probably from years of habit, she kept her legs together. But with the lightest touch, they parted. Finally, I saw her inner thighs and the two inch wide piece of fabric that was all that covered her pussy. Her panties were tight and her aroused pussy pressed outward, making a sexy valley imprint with a wet line down the center.

Finally, I pulled her panties down her legs and off her feet. I parted her legs again and she looked up at me, innocent, yet expectant at the same time. Her pussy was the cutest I had ever seen: a light, thin layer of brown pubic hair, puffy outer lips which almost completely concealed her inner lips which were swollen and bright pink. The tip of her clit barely peeked out and a faint bead of wetness oozed out of her slit

I leaned over her and kissed her mouth hungrily. She returned my kiss and said, “I want you so much. But I’m not sure I am ready to go all the way yet.”

“No problem,” I said. “We can do however much you want.”

She looked at me wide-eyed and said, “You’re so sweet to me,” then grinned and said, “Are you gonna show me that great-orgasm trick now?”

“Hold on, Baby. You ain’t seen nothing yet,” I said as my tongue moved over her again. I nestled in between her legs and lightly touched the tip of my toungue to the head of her clit as it barely peeked out. Amber gasped with surprise and pleasure. Slowly, I licked up her slit, tongue teasing her inner lips with light contact, first the left, then the right. I paused a bit, then repeated the process slowly, avoiding her clit.

Amber began to moan, softly at first, then louder and louder. “JaaaaaAAAaaaAAAck,” she moaned, the pitch of her voice rising and falling in response to the motions of my tongue. I felt my chin and face becoming wet with Amber’s cum. I knew her pussy was now very well lubricated, so I slipped my middle finger inside and rubbed the inside. It was so tight! Amber was in ecstasy, moaning and arching her hips against my face and finger. As her response intensified, I finally licked upward, under the hood of her clit, and around in circles. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth.This caused a long moan and Amber cried out, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” although she was so breathless that the words were almost unintelligible.

I picked up the pace until she shudderred, arched her back, and cried out as she orgasmed on my finger and mouth. Her pussy spasmed hard and it pulsated as it squeezed my finger again and again. As she tapered off, l licked slowly around her pussy, then wiped my face and moved back up and kissed her some more as my hand enjoyed feeling her belly and tits again.

“What did you think?” I asked with a smile.

“I can’t even describe it. A few of my girlfriends told me it felt pretty good, but I didn’t imagine anything like that.”

I slid my hand back down through her now-dripping pubic hair. “God your body is so hot. And you are pretty sweet to me too.”

We showered together, ate dinner, then made a fire in the fireplace. We put a blanket on the floor, then fell asleep together until the fire burned out, then went back to the bed for the rest of the night.

I knew it was going to be a good weekend.

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