An Autumn Fantasy

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It had always been a fantasy of hers to make love outside – on one of those gorgeous, warm fall days out in a woodsy setting. She’d been scouting locations for weeks when she found a place that suited her – off the beaten path, no car or pedestrian traffic nearby. There was a place so the car would not draw any notice when parked. Perfect!

She had shared that fantasy with her lover, who was very excited at the prospect. She had told him to be ready at a moment’s notice, as they were at the whim of the weather gods.

And so, on one warm, sunny October Saturday, everything was right. She gave him a call, and they met up and headed out. Down a country road, blazing with fall colors in the sunlight, they drove. She pulled off onto a shoulder, where a fallow field bordered on a woodsy area.

They gathered up a blanket and a picnic basket and hiked through the field, their excitement mounting. She walked ahead, looking for a place that suited her. “Here!” she said, pointing to a small area where the field dipped down next to the woods, shielding them from any occasional passing traffic.

“Are you sure this is OK?” he asked. “I sure don’t want to get hauled in for indecent exposure by the county sheriff!” he joked. She smiled back at him. “Well, that’s part of the excitement, isn’t it?”

They spread the blanket, anchoring the corners with their shoes and the picnic basket. She pulled out a bottle of wine and handed it to him. She set out the wine glasses, plates and cutlery, and the food she’d brought.

He poured the wine while he noted the choices set before him: small sandwiches, crudites, fruit. They sipped the wine, kissing each other between sips, as they fed each other bites of food in that sensual Tom Jones way.

He thanked her for preparing their lovely feast and kissed both her hands, turning the palms over, and then lightly tickling the palms.

She sighed with pleasure as he did this. He continued lightly tickling up the inside of her arms, which she always reacted to with small little intakes of her breath.

He knew she liked this kind of light touching and caressing, and he continued moving his hands up to her neck and face. He circled her lips with one finger, and she sucked it for a brief moment, before he moved on to touch her cheeks, her forehead, and moved back down the neck to her chest.

She was breathing more heavily as his hands moved down to the light cotton of her sundress, his fingers Escort Ankara splayed out over her full breasts. He pressed very lightly against those soft pillowy mounds, as he rubbed his thumbs over the very middles, bringing her nipples to an erect stance, as if they were begging his lips to come and taste them.

She reached up and undid the ties on her right shoulder, then her left, and peeled down the top of the sundress to reveal her bare sun-dappled breasts.

He lightly circled his index fingers on them, making them smaller and smaller until his fingers were poised right over the nipples. She pressed her chest forward to him.

But he stopped, looked at her with a teasing smile, and then cupping her breasts in his hands, he leaned over, and tongued first one, then the other, bringing moans from her, as she lurched a little in her passion. He noticed she had moved one hand underneath the full skirt of her sundress.

Wordlessly, he moved to her feet. He removed her sandals and gently massaged her right foot, then her left. Using just the tips of his fingers, he lightly dragged them up her right leg, pausing to tickle in circles behind her knee. She gasped, as with the inside of her arms, this was one of her non-genital erogenous zones.

He skillfully continued up under her dress, on the skin of her thigh, to the very top, where he encountered her hand pleasuring herself. He smiled at her in a knowing way, and she met his glance with a coy look. She knew he loved watching her do this. He could feel his erection pushing against his pants.

He skipped over her busy hand, and went oh-so-slowly down her other leg, just light enough to be barely felt, but enough to cause her exquisite pleasure. He continued in this way, making the arcs of his touch shorter and shorter, until he pushed up her dress, and saw her fingers touching and tickling between her legs.

He stopped and pulled off his shirt, revealing the light sprinkling of hair on his chest. She sat up, and turned her back to him, so he could unzip her. She knelt on the blanket, and pulled the dress over her head. She had on very thin silky panties, his favorite kind.

She laid back on the blanket and opened her legs slightly. Looking at him, she began to tickle herself through the thin layer of the fabric. She knew how much he loved watching her pleasure herself. He divested himself of his pants in a few swift movements, the sun dancing on his hard cock with Ankara Escort the end glistening from his excitement.

He smiled back at her lasciviously, as he began to touch himself, first his hand roaming over his chest, then working its way down to his thighs. His right hand began to fondle his erection, as he held his balls in the other, gently caressing them.

She slipped her finger inside her panties, tickling herself faster at the sight of him feeling himself. This was part of their uninhibited lovemaking, to be able to watch each other like this.

She pulled aside her panties to show her wet pussy, glistening in the sun. Her fingers were going in circles over her clit, then up and down the length of her pinkness.

He dropped to his knees directly in front of her, stroking firmly now, occasionally rubbing the fluid on the head of his dick with his thumb, causing him to gasp with pleasure.

Then moving closer, he quickly took the sides of her panties and pulled them off. He moved her hands to his cock, and began to play lightly with his fingers in her wetness as she stroked him expertly.

He loved the slick, soft feeling of her pussy against his fingers as he moved them up and down and around. Being out in Nature on this beautiful day, naked as the day they were born, was intensifying the pleasure and sexual tension for them both.

He put his fingers up to his face and inhaled her woman scent, and then tasted her, licking her juice off his fingers. She looked at him lovingly, and then got up and pushed him onto his back.

She tickled his thighs and up to his stomach and his nipples, giving him some of the lovely touching he had given her. She brought her hands back down and began tickling his balls, which drew a sharp gasp from him.

And then her mouth was on him, her tongue swirling around the head, and the shaft as she worked her mouth downwards to take him all in. She took her time, sucking and licking him – he always told her it was the best oral sex he’d ever had – and she made sure it remained so. She kept at him until he signaled that he needed to back down.

She moved up and kissed him squarely on the mouth, making sure he got a taste of himself.

She then laid back on the blanket, spread her legs wide, and began touching herself again. But he wanted to taste her there, to reciprocate for her lovely mouth music, and just because he enjoyed her at the end of his tongue.

He Ankara Escort Bayan slowly got into position, putting their discarded garments underneath her, to raise up her pussy for better access. She watched him as he slowly inched his tongue towards her, which made her moan and beg him even more.

He had to hold her down when the tip of his tongue made contact with her clit. She arched and bucked with just that little bit of touch, and he watched her until she settled.

He began to lick her, from bottom to top, letting his tongue experience her wonderful musky taste. Oh God! He could practically come from this alone! His skillful tongue licked and lapped and tongued and tasted and tickled her into several orgasms.

“Please, please, I want you in me!” she demanded. He raised up over her, kissing her lustily. “Taste how wonderful your pussy is, ” as she sucked on his tongue and licked his face.

Holding his cock, he teased her, rubbing it up and down on her thoroughly slick pussy. He smiled as he watched her face, and then…he pushed himself nto her, causing her to ohhhhhh loudly into the air. It was such an experience, feeling the sun play on his back and over her breasts and face, to feel the air lazily dance over their naked bodies as he slowly pushed in and out of her. It was almost too much – he felt her cunny squeezing him as he fucked her nice and slowly – he didn’t want it to end. His thoughts were interrupted when she said urgently:

“Let’s do it from behind – you like that a lot!”

He watched as she positioned herself with her lovely ass up against him, and he played with her a little more before sliding his cock back into her. She came again, just from his entering. How he loved that! He pushed slowly a few times, then quickly, and stopped still. He reached down and felt her hand playing with her clit. Even more excited now, he fucked her with the slow-fast-stop until she screamed ” oh, baby, please, fuck me hard and fast!!!”

“OK, my love, but I’m going to come like this!” he panted. “That’s fine, I’m ready, so ready!” she yelped.

He pushed hard and fast per her request, until he could feel himself coming. He yelled out into the skies “Oh. My. Gaahhhd!!!!!” and she joined him with her screams as she came too.

His cum flew out of him into her, as he could feel himself almost faint with the release. She had crumpled beneath him, her hand still on her pussy, crying with the strength of her coming.

After he caught his breath, he gathered her into his arms, and they held each other for the longest time, until the shadows grew long, and they knew they must depart their outdoor temple of lovemaking.

It would live on in their memories forever.

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