An Ordinary Housewife

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Sally had a dreamy look in her eyes as Brian’s cock thrust in and out of her cunt. Her hands gripped his shoulders as he fucked her. “Uhh… Uhh… Uh! Uhh!” she exclaimed in time to his driving his impatient cock into her. Soon he panted heavily and squirmed as he spurted. Every pulse of cum that traversed his cock and shot into her pussy wracked his nuts.

Then it was over. Like it had always been.

After a few moments, Brian pulled out and got dressed for work. He bent down and kissed his wife, and left. Sally usually used the slippery semen as lubricant to bring herself to orgasm. This time she heaved a big sigh and lay there in bed for a while. At least he thinks I’m attractive, she told herself. At least he’s not fucking another woman. Then she giggled out loud. What other woman would see a man who just sticks it in, cums, and leaves?

She got up and put on a clean pair of panties, a shift dress, and sandals.

After breakfast, Sally went outside to tend to the plants in the front yard, and was surprised when her neighbor Rick drove up and stopped in his driveway. She waved at him as he got out of his car, and asked if he was okay.

“I’m taking the week off work to get things done around the house. I just got back from the hardware store. Hey, you look great today, Sally!”

She blushed. I wonder how much I should tell him, she asked herself. “Actually, I’m okay. Kind of frustrated, but okay. How is Sherry?”

“We aren’t seeing each other any more. We had different expectations. You said you were frustrated. Is it something you can talk about?”

She looked down for a moment. She did feel that she needed to talk to someone. “Come in and I’ll fix us some coffee and we can talk.”

While the coffee was brewing she wondered how much she should tell Rick about her situation. As she poured the coffee she decided to confide in him and tell him everything.

As they sipped coffee and made small talk, Sally felt Rick’s eyes on her bare legs. She also felt him scan her up and down a few times and knew that there was some hunger there. She idly wondered what his cock looked like, and how long he’d thrust inside a woman before surrendering to a healthy series of spurts. She wondered if Rick cared about the woman’s orgasms, or ate pussy, something that Brian refused to do.

Rick pressed her for details about her frustration.

Sally Antep Bayan Escort broke down and told Rick how Brian fucks her frequently, and that their lovemaking only lasts until he spurts inside her, and there’s almost never any foreplay, and how she has to take care of her own orgasms after he pulls out and leaves. “He fucks me almost every morning. I let him, because I’m his wife, and I should, right? He never eats my pussy – he thinks men shouldn’t do that. I’ve started to read erotic stories now for some satisfaction, and I haven’t had my pussy eaten since before I met Brian. All my orgasms are from my own hand now. At least he’s not cheating on me, so maybe I should just accept it, and counseling’s not an option, I’ve already suggested it.”

She paused a moment, then put her hand on his arm. “I’m sorry, Rick, I guess I had to tell someone. Please don’t think badly of me.”

Rick was momentarily stunned by Sally’s revelation. Her need was almost tangible. His cock was hard in his pants and he tried not to show it. He slowly put one hand behind her head, and drew near. First their lips lightly touched. Then, in a burst of passion, they both pressed in for kisses like anxious teenagers. Finally Sally, with wide, excited eyes, said, “Rick – I’m married.”

“I know, Sally.”

He knelt before her and slowly ran his hands up and down her bare legs from her ankles to her knees. She liked the attention and the touching. Then he removed her sandals and lightly rubbed her feet, and brought them up to his lips for tender kisses. She trembled, letting him know how good it felt without saying a word. With each passing moment, her wanting got feverishly more intense.

“Sally,” he whispered, “Let me lick your pussy.”

She gasped. “Rick – I can’t, he fucked me this morning, and I didn’t clean up.”

“It doesn’t matter, Sally.”

Rick put his hands under her dress and reached for her panties. A little tug, and she raised her hips in spite of herself. He managed to slip them off without much trouble, and grasped her knees and spread them apart. Her “dirty blonde” pussy hair between her spread wifely legs caused his heart to race. He pulled her forward and inhaled the sweet and musky scent of her used and aroused pussy. His cock pulsed in his jeans and ejected a spurt of pre-cum.

Sally gasped at the first lick of Rick’s tongue on her pussy. He licked several times, and she softly moaned. Delving deeper, he planted firm kisses on her snatch, and her breathing deepened. He aggressively ate her starved pussy, and in short order she crested. “Unnnh! Mnnnnuh! Unnghhh!” A little of the mixture of spent sperm and her love juices came out, and he fervently licked and swallowed.

He allowed a moment, and said, “There’s more in there. Get on top of me.” Then he lay back on the rug, and Sally, without any hesitation, straddled his mouth. Rick looked up at her orgasm-flushed face, and began to lick and kiss her oft-fucked pussy.

Sally made sexy wordless sounds as Rick aggressively extracted Sally’s husband’s sperm from her snatch. She vigorously rocked her hips as she again climaxed, and a few moments later, again.

“Oh God, Rick,” she panted, “I can’t take any more!”

She lay on the rug beside him, panting and smiling. She pulled Rick on top of her and gave him intense, grateful kisses. She said, “Let me see your cock. I want to see what Sherry used to get inside her.”

In an instant, his jeans and briefs were on the floor and he knelt between Sally’s open legs. She wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock, and pumped it. When Rick saw the teasing gleam in her eyes, and her bright smile, he could not hold back any more.

“Aaaaugh!” he exclaimed as his ample sperm jetted out from his cock onto her cunt and her pussy hair. His ejaculation went on and on, and Sally giggled. When she released her grip on his cock, he bent down where he had spurted.

“Rick, what are you – Oh God, you’re licking it up! How sexy! Oh my God, I can’t believe it!”

When he finished his cleanup task, he put his clothes back on, and said, “I’d better get back. You don’t know how sexy you are, Sally.”


The next morning Rick heard a timid knock at his front door. When he opened it, he saw that it was Sally and invited her in. He had been thinking of his experience with her the previous day, and when he saw how she looked, his cock immediately hardened. Sally wore a long T-shirt that came down over her shorts, and she was barefoot.

“Wow, Sally, you look hot!”

She smiled. “I’m just an ordinary housewife, Rick.” Then she cocked her head to one side. “I really enjoyed what you did yesterday. I didn’t realize I was missing out on so much pleasure. We can’t do that at my place, it’s too risky. Can we go to your bedroom?”

Rick took her by the hand and led her to his room. Sally removed her long T-shirt, shorts and her panties and stood naked before him. “Will you take your clothes off too?” she suggested. Rick didn’t have to be asked twice to undress in front of an attractive naked woman in his bedroom. He quickly shed his clothes and stood there, his cock throbbing, and wondered what her agenda was.

“Brian was a little late to work this morning,” she giggled. “After he fucked me, I kept him inside me and told him to fuck me again. It took him a little longer, but I got another serving from him. Yesterday felt so good – would you do that again?”

When she saw the assent in his eyes, she continued, “Would you let me be on top?”

Rick immediately lay back on the bed and motioned for Sally to climb on board. Her insides trembled as she positioned herself straddling Rick’s mouth, and settled in. He began to extract his neighbor’s payload as Sally rocked her hips. She was completely uninhibited as she displayed a sensuous fluidity of movement as she rode him.

As much as she tried to make it last, she couldn’t help but give in and surrender to one, two, three orgasms by the time Rick had gotten (and swallowed) all that he could.

She lay on top of him and they lightly kissed for a while. After some cuddling Rick rolled over on top of her and aggressively kissed her. She reached down and grasped his steel-hard member. “I shouldn’t do this,” she whispered, “because I’m married.” Then she guided his cock into her pussy.

He slid in easily, and took care to keep from crossing the line as he thrust inside her. Eventually nature took its course and he swore he saw stars as he spurted and spurted.

He silently lay on top of her for several minutes, recovering from a most intense sexual experience. Finally, Sally giggled, and whispered, “Rick… would you -“

“Yes!” he interrupted, and gave her two more orgasms as he fervently extracted what he had exuberantly spurted inside her moments earlier.

Two to three times a week, Sally the ordinary housewife goes next door. In a completely wordless dance, they discard their clothes, he eats her creampie to more than one tumultuous orgasm, and proceeds to fuck her silly, after which he has more creamy dessert.

Sally wonders how she is going to cope when Rick finds a girlfriend he can go out with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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