An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 2

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My mouth traced down his stomach, tasted his belly button, ran my tongue in lazy circles around it, going wider and wider, down into his groin. When I got to the edge of his hair, all damp and curly from my wetness, I sucked the hair into my mouth, pulling and teasing, while I felt the hardness of his cock lying against my throat.

His hands were entwined in my hair now, silently urging me on…to continue…to NOT stop. I was getting so hot, I didn’t know if I could hold off any longer. I moved down on the bed just a bit more, so I could move around his cock and take his balls into my mouth. One at a time, I caressed, sucked, tongued, loving the fullness and the hardness of them. I knew…I knew I could drain every drop from them. I stroked the insides of his thighs, ending each stroke at the center of his manhood.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I wrapped my mouth around the base of his shaft, and slowly worked my lips and tongue up one side and down the other. His cock was quivering with the wanting of me, but he was waiting to see what I would Antep Escort Bayan do. I had his dick all nicely wet, when I stopped at the tip and opened my mouth wide and pulled in the head, just to the lip, and the cord just beneath. I touched this cord very gently, knowing how sensitive it was. My tongue was going around in slow circles, stopping often to dip into the slit at the tip of his head. Slow drops of precum were oozing out the end and I licked them off, knowing there was more coming.

Maddeningly and slowly, I sunk down on his dick, wrapping my tongue around his shaft, flexing and stroking while pressing tightly against it. Up and down I went. One hand softly massaging his balls and my other hand at the base of his prick, stretching and pushing the skin in rhythm to the up and down movement of my head. I could sense the tightening of his muscles, the clenching of his hands in my hair, and the moans of “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, I can’t stop, I am going to cum. Help me, I need you”.

With one fluid motion, I lifted my mouth off Tony’s cock and, before he could protest, I had straddled him. Poised high, I centered the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy, my wetness slowly oozing down over the juices from my mouth. Tony’s hands found their way to my waist and with a rough motion and a deep groan, he half raised himself, just long enough to impale me on his cock. He pulled me down so hard, I almost bounced, but I let out a scream as I felt it drive deep into the insides of me. No slow entrance, no probing, inch-by-inch. This was a hard, fast jolt that rocked both of us. Nothing could have stopped us now.

Tony’s hips clenched and he drove himself up into me, as I spread my legs and rode him. I wiggled. I went around in circles. I pulled myself up and jammed myself down. Faster and faster I went, matching the hard stroking jamming my insides, the swelling of his tool filling my pussy. I could feel the tip of his head stroking against the inner wall of me, stretching me…pounding me. My tits were swaying back and forth. His hands were tight on them, bruising the tips with the strain of the orgasm that was building up inside me.

Everything became a blur, unaware of the motions, unaware of the sheets or the comforter, sounds…unaware of anything except the blending together of two bodies, melded into one. And then, it started. The cord under his cock started pulsing, swelling even more with the jetstream of hot juices now ejecting from the head of his dick. Again and again, one orgasm after another, each prolonging the climax of the other, until both were in unison, rising into the sky, only to finally ease off, slower and slower. Awareness of the surroundings came back, and the only sound that could be heard was the ragged sound of our breathing, as we tried to catch out breaths. Slowly I sank down on Tony, his softening tool still encased inside me. Tony’s hands slowly stroked my back while I rested on his heaving chest.

No words were spoken…there was no need. We both knew that something very special had just happened and that this would not be the last time for us. I drew my legs together and put them inside Tony’s legs, so his cock would stay inside me. I wrapped my arms around him, gave him one final kiss as we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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