Angel in the Night 05

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This is part of a series. It should make sense by itself, but the preceding Angel stories will help. Please enjoy, and votes and comments are welcome. Nick and Thien finally…

I got a postcard. Proper stamp and all.

“You are invited to a special picnic. Saturday, 12 o’clock, we will pick you up. Yours, Thien.” This was a bit odd. A written invite, to a picnic? Why not just yell over the back fence?

That’s how I replied, to Mrs Phuong later that day. I bought a nice Riesling and had it chilled ready. I had absolutely no idea what to expect after our cafe trip earlier on, when I took advantage of her.

I didn’t actually know if Thien could drive; that topic had never come up, so I was puzzled by that part of the note as well. I found out on Saturday when a creaky old car pulled up and two Asian girls stepped out.

“Hello Nick, I’d like you to meet Thuy. Thuy is my very best friend. She gives me lots of good advice and she knows everything about me.” Everything?

Her name was said “tuwee” but with the same breathy T sound as Thien. I liked the sound of it, but I wasn’t sure of the name’s owner. She was appraising me, like a horse-buyer checking a colt. And how much of ‘everything’ did she know? But let’s be polite; Thien thinks I’m a nice boy, at least I think she does…

“Hello Thuy, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Thuy is lending us her car today. She’s also kindly going to drive us. She knows a perfect picnic spot. She’ll drop us off, do some errands and then pick us up. How good is that?” Too good, was my first thought, what’s going on here; but then thought, c’mon, give her a break.

“Thanks Thuy, that’s really generous. It sounds like a lot of trouble for you.”

“Not really. I’m visiting a friend not far away, and I can get some shopping done. No trouble.” Her voice was deeper than Thien’s, but had the same musical lilt. Mostly she was the opposite of Thien: her hair was short and dyed when Thien’s was long and black; she was a bit plump and more endowed than Thien; her eyes roamed around but they did not show her emotions. Thien had a gaze that held you like a netted fish.

I offered the wine and a dessert from the freezer. Thien appreciated the dessert and the right drink to go with it. We got into Thuy’s car, which had a wonderful old vinyl and motor oil smell. A smell to remember.

I was in the back, the girls in the front. They started to chat rapidly in Vietnamese, I was sure I was the subject of the talk. Then Thien said, “We should speak English.” She almost said “Engris”, which made me smile. I spoke English, they spoke a mixture, but we all enjoyed the drive.

Thuy drove well. The car, being older than she was, was in no hurry but managed to keep up with the highway traffic. Not very far from town we came to a large inlet, in fact an ancient flooded valley that opened to the sea some distance downstream. We arrived at Brooklyn.

Not that Brooklyn. This Brooklyn has about a hundred houses, a marina and a huge railway bridge. I guess it was the settlement for the workers who built the bridge, with the name being a joke: at the time there would have been nothing but wilderness all around. Thuy took us through the place and up the hill above it. She stopped at a small car park. The sign said,


Seriously. I found the picnic case, Thien took a backpack.

Thuy started in Vietnamese until Thien squinted at her. In English she said, “Down the trac’, then you go leff. You see a ledge, you go up. You there.” She had a huge smile.

“Good good. Now you go, quick quick!” Their English had been damaged by all the Vietnamese chit-chat.

“Three hours. See you la’er, little sista!”

The directions were good. They led us to a broad ledge of sandstone, with a slight slope of warm grass behind it. We were surrounded entirely by bushland, with a view across the water. The Bayan Eskort sun shone, there was no breeze. In the distance a train rolled over the bridge, then disappeared into a tunnel. That and the far-off seagulls were the only sound. It was a small piece of paradise. Thien unrolled a camping mattress and put a towel over it.

The picnic was worthy of the scene. Spring rolls, dumplings, special meatballs that we ate with fragrant rice, all wrapped in a lettuce leaf. We fed each other. My Riesling was still cool enough and we sipped each other’s drinks. Thien’s hair shone in the sunlight. Her smile made time slow down for me. She laughed, I laughed. We sat, leaning back on our elbows, comfortably leaning against each other.

Then Thien stood up. She looked out to sea, thinking. Then she slowly turned around, undoing the buttons of her blouse one by one.

She turned sideways on and flicked her blouse off her shoulders. Staring at me intently, she slid the fabric down. She took one arm out and let the blouse drift to the ground. She unclipped her bra and slid the straps sensuously down over one arm, then the other. She twisted towards me with her head tilted so her hair brushed her bare shoulders. I had a vision of our first meeting, in her room when she stripped for me. That had been at night, but here in the full sun I could see every detail. Her coffee-brown nipples, standing above small areoles on honey-brown skin. Fine downy hair. The faint outline of her ribs, beneath her beautiful tiny breasts. Her belly button on a flat tummy. Her hands slid past it and into her skirt. Her thumbs caught the material and slowly pushed the waistband down. Her hips widened very slightly, then her dark bush appeared. Skirt past her knees, she lifted one leg and swung it out. This exposed her pussy lips and pushed the skirt to her ankles. She stepped out, naked in the sun. She ran her hands up from her thighs, over her breasts and up into her hair, running the strands through her fingers. A goddess. A vision from heaven. The goddess reached her hand out to me.

As I rose, she turned us round slowly so that she sat where I had been. It was my turn to undress. I tried to remember my moves in my own bedroom, so long ago it seemed. I felt such a big clunky Anglo beside this Asian deity, but I had to do my best. Maybe not overdoing it was the trick.

I stood with my shoulders back. I undid my shirt buttons, exposing my chest. I’m fairly slim, with a few muscles here and there, but I got the sense from Thien it was how you moved that made you look good. I spun around and let the shirt tails rise up. I undid my shorts, but my hard-on was in the way. I worked the shorts over it, let them fall to the ground, then, using an old trick of mine, I flicked them up into my hand. I snatched them out of the air and tossed them aside. I pushed down my jocks, exposing my cock standing proud. I flicked them up, grabbed them and tossed them. I turned and stood naked looking out over the ledge, legs apart. I stroked the backs of my thighs and my buttocks. I twisted my arm behind my head and flexed. I looked back to Thien and smiled.

Thien approved. Sitting cross-legged she was stroking her thighs and already had two fingers in her pussy, fondling her clit. Her eyes were half-closed. She was starting to roll her thighs. I knelt down in front of her. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her lips. I breathed in her spicy scent of arousal. She sighed.

I was liking the track we going down, but I was also worried. “Thien, I love this. I love you. I think I know where this is going, but, should we, have… protection?” How clumsy did that sound!

“You lovely boy! It’s all right: I’ve waited this long because I’m now on the Pill. I started after our time on the hilltop. A whole cycle ago. And we’re both virgins.” Are we? I know I am, but Thien? I always assumed she was experienced, but in fact it was with Talaya at uni, and with Anadolu Yakası Escort me.

“Your, you know, your family culture. Am I the right one? I don’t want to make it all wrong- “

Thien laughed, but kindly. “You’re silly! It’s the same as yours. Used to be very strict, controlling, but nowadays it’s more relaxed. Just be discrete.”

With that she put a finger on my lips and gently pushed me down onto the towel-covered mattress. She stroked my whole body, from my feet up, over my shins to my thigh muscles, flexing under her touch. Up my torso, carefully avoiding my cock sitting up in the middle, across my chest, rubbing my shoulder muscles hard, then going down the arms simultaneously. She held my hands and stared into my eyes, her eyes full of tenderness and lust (somehow). She stroked up my arms and held my head in both hands. She kissed my lips, pushing her tongue in. Our tongues brushed and re-brushed, I felt her teeth, she felt mine. She tasted faintly of Riesling and exotic spice.

She put down my head gently, then stroked my neck and down my chest, when she got past my waist she gracefully lifted one leg over my face so I was straddled. She put her head at the top of my thigh in the classic 69 position. I could feel her sun-warmed skin near my cheek.

What a sight! Thien’s precious centre, all for me. Her tight round bottom above all, with her tiny puckered anus between her cheeks. Her outer lips were puffy and dark with arousal, with a few wispy hairs curling around. Her inner lips were peeping out, impossibly wrinkled. Further on her furry mound was the boundary of this garden of pleasure. I gently parted her outer lips so her inner lips hung free. I saw the most perfect thing.

Her inner lips went up to her clit, standing out as a little white button, but further down, a teardrop formed, a drop of her her crystal-clear fluid. I watched it slowly grow and hang from her lips. The bright light made it glisten. My Thien, her precious nectar, dripping for me.

The drop hung from one wrinkle. I could see sky and honeyed skin through it. I just stared. Thien, who’d been idly pulling the skin of my shaft, sensed I had stopped and she paused.

The drop extended more and was about to fall. I stretched out my tongue and caught it. It was Thien’s spicy smell as a drink. Wonderful. I pulled her inner lips apart to reveal pink shiny walls of her juices. My greedy tongue lapped it all up, pushed its way into her vagina so that my chin brushed her clit. Thien gasped and squirmed. I licked her inner lips, her outer lips, I pulled her hairs with my teeth. I ran my hands over her bottom and into her crack. Thien whimpered.

“Nick I have to watch you eat me!” Thien sprang off me, spun around and lowered her crotch onto my mouth. I put my hands up for her to sit on and went back to tasting her sweet fluids. My view now was over her hairy mound, up her slim body to those tiny breasts to her face, gazing down in a halo of shiny black hair. Her face was filled with lust. She murmured my name.

“Ah, Nick I’m getting close…”

“Come for me, Angel. Come in my mouth, love.” Thien giggled, hearing her own words.

I could feel her pleasure building up. Her juices were everywhere now, tasting and smelling wonderful. She had been stroking her breasts and legs but now she put her hands down beside my head. She was impossibly curled over, with creases in her tummy and her breasts hanging upside down (barely changing their shape). I had fingers in her vagina and round her anus, my other hand was strumming her clit as she came, gasping and panting. Her thighs quivered and I let her sit on my chest. Her smell was everywhere.

She gave me her naughty look and wriggled her legs down my body, smearing her juices down through my chest hairs. Oh Thien, some angel you are. She lay on me, still breathing heavily. “Nick. So good,” she managed after a while. “I want to make Pendik Escort love to you.”

“Sweet Thien, we are. This is. I’ve been making love with you for weeks. Don’t make yourself do anything more than you want.”

“But I want you.” Thien propped herself up. “I want you inside me. I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you come.” She got up on hands and knees.

“Thuy says this is the best way if I’m small and you’re big.”

Thuy! The “big sista”! Thuy with the car, Thuy who knew this spot. How much had they planned this? I could guess now, she did know everything. She had been looking me up and down before; now I think I know why. She was looking after Thien. If I hadn’t made the grade, would the picnic have been cancelled?

Thien was kneeling over my cock. It manfully stayed hard through Thien’s climax, but the tender lying had softened it. It didn’t take long to respond to Thien’s little hand and wet pussy lips.

She rubbed it up and down between her lips, finally positioning it, a long way back I thought. My cockhead could feel warmth and wetness everywhere. She put it in and pushed down. It felt very tight. She frowned.

“If this is hurting, don’t do it, Thien.”

“It’s a surprise, that’s all. I’m relaxing, thinking sexy thoughts. I’m thinking of us in the lane outside the cafe. You had me for the taking then. Could have fucked me hard.”

“Could I? It was weird, that’s for sure. I felt I could’ve used you and abused you.”

“Yeah. Thanks for being so kind. I wasn’t sure about the birth control yet, but I would’ve taken it for you, you had me so turned on. Fucked me against the fence. You dog!” Thien had now started moving up and down on my shaft. It still felt so tight, but fantastic.

“Angel, be careful.” She was now tilted over, nearly over my face.

“Nick. I love you. I fucking love you. I fucking love you. I fucking love you.” With each sentence she pushed her way down my pole. She closed her eyes. One tear rolled out. My cock was now buried in her cunt, bone to bone. I thought I’d come straight away, but my concern for my lover had put my pleasure second. Another tear trickled across her cheek.

“Kiss me, boy.”

I kissed and kissed. I kissed the tear, her eyes, her lips. “Thien I love you, love you, love your hair, love your walk your smell your breasts your laugh. I love my cock inside you in the sunshine, outdoors…”

“I know, lover boy. I love you. Fuck me gently. I still want to feel you come.”

“You won’t be waiting long!”

Long, short, I don’t know what time we took. When she lay on me I ran my hands over her thighs and felt her cunt lips stretched around my shaft. She sat up and I watched my cock sliding into her furry cunt.

“I’m getting close.”



“Call out when you come. I want to hear you and feel you. Feel you spurting inside me. Come for me!”

Now I was thrusting into her, so hard her tiny breasts were actually wobbling. “Oh Thien I’m close oh Thien Thien Thieeeeeen!”

I held her hips to mine. My cock launched my semen, a long sustained pulse of come rose from my balls and out of my shaft. Another smaller one followed. The last things I remember were her brown Asian nipples against the sky, her black hair sparkling in the light.

I awoke. Thien was still sitting on me. My throat was dry. Tears had dried in the corners of my eyes.

“Hello lover. Welcome back. I felt your come.”

I couldn’t talk. I just smiled. She smiled back.

“Drink,” I croaked.

She squirmed around, reached over and found the wine bottle. She tipped the bottle to her lips, took some, then bent down to me. Warm white wine slipped over my tongue, reviving me.

“You’re still inside me. I’ve been feeling you shrink and feeling your come leak out. It’s thicker than mine.”

My Thien. So matter-of-fact sometimes.

“You said my name. That was beautiful, thank you. You looked so fine as you came underneath me. All your muscles stood out. And I’ve never seen a smile like that on your face! I want to do it again!”

“Thien, I think maybe- “

“But I’m aching a bit now. Maybe tomorrow!” She gave me her naughtiest smile.

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