Another Very Different Massage

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DD had just fucked me. As always it had been great, well at least for me. I think for him too, but I can never really tell with DD or, with most men come to that. Do they really enjoy me? Am I any good? Better than most, average, terrific or pretty poor? Do they confuse my looks, which I think are ok, with my sexual skills? Does my blonde hair, my trim figure, pert 34 b tit, ok legs, a bit chunky at the tops though, and tight bum make them think I am better at sex that I really am?

Who knows and, I suppose who cares? I had just been fucked by my longer term, four years now, older, forty three year old, married lover and I’d loved it.

DD is David Deekins. He was an English lecturer at Bristol Uni when I was there. I didn’t have any lectures from him, so I guess it wasn’t really breaking the college code for him to fuck me, well not the letter, but probably the law of university.

He oversaw the play that the students put on each year. I was one of the stars and assistant producer of our effort of What The Butler Saw and had to run things past him. That meant I had to visit his flat in town away from the campus to explain where we were taking the play. It also meant that I had to tell him that the delightful, large breasted, third year Economics, straight A student and my co star in the play, Stephanie and I would actually be naked in the bed scene. It also meant that I had to tell him that the bed clothes would come off and that the pair of us would bare all for the audience. It didn’t, though, mean that I had to rehearse that scene, without Stephanie, in front of him, but I did. It also didn’t mean that I had to be naked in his sitting room, but I was and it certainly didn’t mean that he had to fuck me on his cold, but rather sticky, dark green leather Chesterfield, but he did.

It just went from there, as things do. We met and shagged probably twice a week for the months between then and when I left, prematurely. We met less frequently after that, but when he came to London we would meet and do what twenty one year old ex students and forty something lecturers tend to do in hotel bedrooms or the backs of cars: it’s bloody hard I can tell you in the back of a MINI!

After I left Bristol, DD also left. I would love to think that he was chasing after me, but I know that isn’t the case. He gained a bigger job and at London University, was the reason he moved, but hey, who cares he was nearer to me and that’s all I was interested in.

The ageing, scrawny bitch, that’s what we called his wife of twenty years, was away. She was away a lot being a civil servant; a senior one at that, involved with the EU, so she visited Brussels and Frankfurt frequently. That suited me perfectly, for not only did it mean I got to be fucked by her husband, but that he could fuck me in their bed; we both got a perverse pleasure from that.

DD and I loved each other, but we knew our affair would go nowhere, other than into beds as frequently as we could. He was over twenty years older than me, he had two children and she was a ruthless bitch who would clean him out if they divorced. To tell the truth that also suited me perfectly. I was not at all sure that I wanted more: being twenty three and having a forty something lover was fine, but the idea of a being forty three and having a sixty something husband was not a massive attraction.

“I have a confession to make,” he said, as I lay in his arms in ‘their’ bed running my fingers through the hairs on his chest after our lovely lunchtime shag.

I felt awful, but managed a slightly strangled. “Go on then.”

“It happened last week.”

“Was she nice?” I asked assuming he was going to tell me he’d pulled a bird and had sex with her.

Laughing he said, “No it’s not that.”

“What is it then?”

He pulled me tighter against him squashing my left boob against his chest. My right hand was resting on his stomach; his right arm was round me, his fingertips just touching my right breast.

“I told you that I hurt my back and knee, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you are far too old to be playing five a side football,” I replied stroking his nicely flat and pleasingly hairy stomach.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” he murmured, stroking the top of my tit. “But don’t be cheeky about my age.”

We both laughed.

“How is it now?”

“Much better, I had some treatment on it.”

“What physio?”


“And it worked?” I asked wondering what this had to do with a confession.

“Yes it did, but more than that.”

“Come on then, spill the beans,” I said.

“Well I stripped down to my tee shirt and boxers and he fiddled around with my knee, bending and twisting my leg until he announced that it wasn’t serious.”

“Typical man,” I said sliding my fingers into the heavier mass of dark, crinkly pubic hairs. “Making mountains out of molehills with illness and injuries.

“True,” he smiled cupping my boob and trying, unsuccessfully, to reach my nipple. I wiggled a bit so he could. That felt nice.

“Just Bayan Escort Antep a strained ligament.”

“So what did he do?”

“I had some electrical treatment, then some acupuncture”

“I didn’t know physios used that sort of voodoo stuff.”

“Oh yes a lot do, it’s become quite well accepted.”

“Did it hurt? The thought of having needles stuck in me is frightening.”

“No not really, you just feel heat moving from one needle to another, it’s amazing really and to think no one really knows what happens or how it works.”

“So was that all?”

“No he put two electrodes on my leg which made me flex and then relax that big muscle.”

“This one?” I asked reaching down and stroking his leg just above his knee, my face going very close to his flaccid cock.

“Yes that one.”

“Then he massaged both legs. He did the acupuncture needles on my back and then gave that a thorough massage. You’ve just strained the muscles to the right of your spine he explained. That was it.”

“And the confession?”

“Be patient, I’m coming to that?”

“If I have to wait that much longer with your hand on my nipple and my face where it is I’ll be coming too, but in a very different way,” I answered honestly.

“Ok, I went back three days later.”

“The day before yesterday?”

“Yes Tuesday.”


“The same treatment, with the electrodes and the needles, then the massage.”

“So what’s the big deal?” I asked, full of curiosity.

“Just listen and stop rabbi ting and asking questions, for a while.”

“Ok sir, but is it ok if I hold this now and then?” I asked taking hold of his limp cock.

“As you wish Sammi, but for fuck’s sake just shut up,” he said, not nastily, but similarly to how other people have said it to me in the past: yes I do talk too much at times.

“I was wearing just a short, hardly beneath my waist, tee shirt and my tight Calvin Klein’s,” he went on as I held his ‘crown jewels’ carefully in my hand, it felt so nice.

“What colour?”

“I told you don’t interrupt. White ones.”

“Ok sorry, no more,” I said stroking his stomach and thighs, as well as his cock.’ Was that a movement?’ I asked myself?

DD carried on, seemingly oblivious to my hands on his genital, although he was squeezing my boob more firmly. “I was lying flat out on the massage table, the tee shirt had ridden up a bit. The physio asked if I would like him to raise the back of the table a little so I was sitting up a bit and I said yes please, so he did.”

“What’s oops sorry.”

“What’s he like? Were you going to ask?”

“Yes, but I’m not allowed to speak,” I giggled.

“About my age. Slim, athletic build, dark hair, nice looking. He was wearing track trousers, dark blue and a white doctor’s jacket, well more like dentist wears. He poured some oil onto my leg just above my knee and worked it into the muscle. He used more pressure than he had before and it hurt a bit. He said sorry, but explained that it was the dead tissue or dried blood pulling that caused the pain and that was part of the recovery. He then told me to remove my tee shirt and turn onto my front, which I did.”

“With the back rest up?” I chimed in, showing him I was paying attention.

“No he put that down as I was turning over.”

“Ok, just making sure we get the detail right,” I murmured loving the sensations of his fingers pinching my nipple.

“He gave my shoulders, then mid and finally my lower, especially to the right side, back a deep, quite strong massage. It was nice; I liked the strength of it. It felt as though it was doing me some good. I felt his hands on the elastic of my boxers turning them down a little so that he could get to the top of my buttocks.”

“You mean your bum?” I asked.

“Well yes I suppose so, I was a little surprised, but I didn’t think much about it, after all he was a qualified physio and I’m not gay.”

“And that’s very sensitive isn’t it?” I said.

“You should know,” he answered before going on. “Anyway he massaged both cheeks quite hard telling me that the big muscles of the bum, the glutes as he called them, are connected to the damaged ones on my back and by treating those on my bum those on my back would be helped. That seemed to make sense, but it felt odd laying there, the waist band of my pants half way down my bum as a man massaged each cheek. I couldn’t help myself thinking, what ifs?”

“What are they?” I asked, holding his cock and moving my face closer to it.

“Oh you know.”

“No I don’t,” I replied thinking’ wouldn’t it be nice to put his cock in my mouth?’

“Well Sammi, use your fucking head,” DD said rather curtly.

For a moment I thought he meant, give me some head and I replied. “What now?” as I lifted his dick towards my mouth.

“I meant your brain, not your mouth, but you could do both if you want.”

“Hmmm blondes aren’t too good at multi-tasking” I muttered, nevertheless giving the tip of his uncircumcised cock a quick lick.

He ignored the question, but I had got what he meant. He went on.

“For some reason he said I should have an all over massage, which of course created even more ‘what ifs,’ but I didn’t say anything. He did my shoulders, which are always a bit tight and that was great, then my neck and upper arms. It was when he moved further down and massaged firstly my wrists and then, particularly, the palms of my hands that I felt some little tingles.”

“What like these?” I asked licking the length of his now obviously hardening cock.

“Yes, in a way, but not quite so obviously, after all he is a man.”

“Hmmmm, yes and I’m not,” I said quietly enjoying the feel of him hardening in my hand and against my face. “Go on.”

“It was very odd. I knew he was a man.”

“Clever boy.”

“Shut up Sam, I’m serious here, it’s important.”


“Yet his touch was that of a woman, no, not a woman, but not that of a man either. It was the touch of anyone, actually just the touch of the massage. He was holding my hand and his fingers were rubbing the palm, quite firmly, it certainly wasn’t a caress, but it had the effect on me that a caress would have. I was drifting off into another world. Half naked, much of my bum bare, laying on my front, my eyes closed I sort of went into a trance. He moved round the table and did my other hand. This time he lifted it up and placed the back of it on his leg to give him something to massage against, I think. It was an amazing sensation and, as I said, that was when the tingling really started. They increased as he massaged my hand more firmly, but also more sensuously, or so it seemed to me, and as he pressed it more firmly against his leg. I couldn’t understand it and, to be absolutely honest, I didn’t try that hard, I just let myself go with the flow, well more with the feelings I suppose.”

Oddly in some ways, for I was listening to my lover tell me about some form of gay experience, the talk was arousing me. Even more oddly, maybe, it was clearly arousing DD as well for he was now semi-erect in my hand; I stroked his growing length as I said, softly. “Go on, love.”

Almost as if saying thank you for my understanding, he squeezed my breasts and pulled on my nipple.

“I felt wonderful, but awful at the same time,” DD continued.

“Why?” I asked.

“I was worried about my feelings for I was becoming aroused by a man.”

“How aroused?” I murmured, licking his now nearly full erection. “As aroused as this?”

“Yes pretty much, I was getting hard.”

“Like now?”

“Yes just like now,” he muttered, sliding his hand down, between our bodies, round my waist and onto my bum. I wiggled a bit and pushed one leg forward from the other, his hand slid between them. “But not as hard as now, after all Sam, I didn’t have you there.”

“Bollocks,” I smiled, pleased though at the jokey compliment.

“Ok David, turn over please? He asked,” DD went on. “Oh fuck I thought he’ll see my hard on, but what could I do? I couldn’t say no could I? So I just did as he asked and laid there waiting for some reaction from him. He was obviously a real pro and possibly quite used to it, for he didn’t say a word. He massaged my chest, again hard and deep, but, I started to think more sensuously, or was it my imagination?”

“Maybe it was in hope?” I said blowing on the very tip of his cock that was bursting out from his foreskin pushing that back so his purple, glistening glans were staring me in the face.

“Actually you may be right,” he said as I felt his fingers find my lips. “It was so odd.”

“How? You had a hard on that’s all. I’ve got aroused on holiday when a girl had massaged me; it is a very sensual experience.”

“It’s different for a girl.”

“Is it, why?”

“Oh you know.”

I let his chauvinistic message pass. After all who wants a row when you are licking your lover’s cock, as I was, avidly? He went on.

“He seemed to focus more on my boobs than I felt he probably should and that made the whole thing more sensual and erotic. He was also moving his hands more slowly and softer. I lost all feelings of man and woman.”

“How do you mean, luv?” I asked. “This feels very man to me,” I said slowly pumping his cock in gently masturbation movements.

“I don’t know really, but the fact that it was man massaging me seemed to vanish, it was almost as if I also ceased being a man. He was working my breasts in a similar way to how I would work yours if I was massaging you,” he said as I grunted when his fingers slid into me, just a little way.

“Wow,” I said “That must have been weird.”

“It was Gender and sexuality didn’t seem to exist. We were both just sensual objects, not male nor female, but simply sexual beings. His hand then started sliding down my lower chest to my waist. Each time one or the other or both went a little further. Firstly just touching the top of the elastic waist of my boxers, several times, then slipping into it, just a little way, a number of times. I was now erect, in fact Sam, I was fucking hard.”

“Like now,” I said, wiggling my bum so that his fingers went deeper inside me and wrapping my lips round his fully erect dick.”

“Yes just like now and I knew he could not possibly have avoided seeing it for those pants are very tight and where I had moved, my cock had reared right up the centre of my stomach. That meant that as his fingers slid down my oiled lower chest and into the waist of my pants they went within an inch or so of the tip of my cock. I was in such a turmoil.”

“Why? How?”

“It slowly dawned on me that I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to hold my cock.”

“Mmmmm, nice,” I grunted my mouth full with his cock. The vision of the masseur holding DD’s cock filled my mind and that excited me. I didn’t understand that. I was as aroused as hell by his account and now I was becoming even more excited by the thought of a man wanking my lover. ‘What the fuck’s the matter with me?’ I thought, but I cast that out of my mind. I rationalised that it was simply sex and that can come in many forms. It isn’t ordained that it has to be male with female. It suddenly hit me, sexual arousal could be genderless, it was the buzz that’s important, not who gives it or how it’s provided. And I knew that, for I recognised it from some of my little adventures! I started to understand how DD had felt with his masseur.

“Suddenly it was as though he had put a red hot poker on the tip of my cock. But as quickly as that feeling arrived so it went away, only to return again shortly after. My body jerked and I groaned, or maybe grunted, I’m not sure, but I know my head rolled from side to side and I sort of thrust myself upwards a touch.”

“He’d touched your cock, I assume?” I asked.

“Yes, just fleetingly, but enough I guess to measure my reaction.”

“What to see if you were up for it?”

“I think so yes, after all if he gets it wrong, he could be in trouble.”

“Mmmmm, I suppose so,” I said easing my body up a bit so that DD could get to my pussy easier.

He went on. “I think I gave him the right reaction for I felt his hands on the waist of my boxers. He slowly lifted it and I heard him say “Yes?” That one syllable word with a clear question mark after it was, I have to admit Sam,” he said rather croakily slipping two fingers right up me to his knuckles, “Probably the most erotic thing that had ever been said to me. ‘Fuck, am I gay?’ I momentarily questioned myself before putting all such concerns to one side and groaning back another yes, but adding rather naively and very unnecessarily, I’m sorry. He replied, don’t be silly as he peeled my pants down baring my total erection to his gaze.”

I was now near to cumming again and was avidly sucking DD’s cock, almost like a kid sucks a lollipop as he slid his two, three or even four fingers rhythmically up and down my pussy. I managed to ask. “What did he do?”

DD replied, “It seemed an age before he said anything and I realised he must have been looking at my cock, and that was an odd, but also highly exciting feeling. He asked quite quietly, “You want me to look after this?” I nodded and whispered ‘Yes please’. He slid my pants down my legs and I bent my knees and lifted my feet so he could remove them; I was totally naked. He ran the back of his fingers across my chest, tweaking each nipple and said. “Just a sec.” I felt and heard him move away and thought he was probably getting some oil or something, for he had left me a few times during the massage to do that.”

I was now fully fellating DD. I knew it would take some time, for he’d shagged me less than an hour ago and at his age men take some time to recover and I know he takes a long time to cum a second time; you should try a third, you could read The Times from cover to cover. Exciting me more and more with both his active fingers and his words, I kept thinking why did I find the concept of him being masturbated by a guy so stirring, as he said.

“I felt him return alongside the table. One hand cupped my breast and the other slithered down my chest and lightly ran along my cock, which, I swear, was as hard as it had ever been. I groaned and my head rolled from side to side as I felt some warm oil pour onto my cock. The feeling as some of the oil trickled round my cock and some of it slid down onto my balls was incredible. “Nice?” He asked me, as he ran his fingertips up and down my length, God it felt good.”

What DD was telling me and the clear excitement in his voice as he said it, got to me and aroused me even more. I wiggled myself so I turned my body with my bottom now more towards his head. That gave him easier access to my aching pussy and made it easier for me to suck his cock, which I could feel was throbbing, almost pulsating against my tongue and lips. That was lovely. “Go on David,” I groaned.

“Ok. His hand was smoothing the oil all over my cock, some onto my stomach and the rest onto my balls and you know how I like this being touched don’t you?”

“Mmmmm, yes,” I said taking his cock out of my mouth and licking his scrotum. “Like this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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