…Are Better Than One

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“So I says, do we really need those foreigners, comin’ to our country, stealin’ our jobs, eatin’ our dogs and what do I know? It’s about time somebody does somethin’ about that, and if we needs to break some international laws, so what? Not our fault that those stinkin’ fishguzzlers are too stupid to keep their own country runnin’, namsayn? You with me there, right?” the cabdriver asked Ioana, while she was busy staring out of the windows and acting as if she hadn’t heard a single word he had said in the last couple of minutes.

“Mh, sure.” she answered, eager not to provoke another monologue about “the future of the country” and how he “wasn’t no racist, but…” while thinking about the things that were waiting for her. Damn, she was almost as nervous as that one time in high school, when she had asked her crush if he wanted to go eat some ice cream with her. His rejection had definitely left a mark on her and even though she hadn’t completely given up dating, Mr. Right was still bidding his time.

“…and so me cousin says to me, if we don’t eat them, they be eatin’ us, namsayn?” the cabdriver put her out of her daydream and back into reality. “Anyways, we’re here, this be the address you gave me. I’ll be getting’ fitty bucks please.”

“Already? I mean, sure, just a second.” Ioana murmured and fished six bills out of her purse. She gave it to the cabdriver, murmuring a “Keep the rest.” and started turning around before he could continue his political rambling.

“Thanks, Ma’am, too generous of you. And if you needs a lift home, just be callin’ me, kay? Captain’s Cab-Service, where you be there, before you even starteded. I wish you good funs and remember: Keep Our Country Awesome.” he answered, tipped his yellow KOCA-basecap and gave his car’s engine a loud roar, before disappearing in a big cloud of exhaustion fumes.

“Fucking weirdos, no wonder the country is going down the drain…” Ioana said to herself, dusting of the dirt that was swirled up by the speeding car. She looked down at herself, her miniskirt was a bit wrinkled from the trip, but a few strokes of her hand made her look presentable again. Her red pumps gave her a sensual, but not too slutty look, which was accentuated by her yellow blouse. Yes, she could be either an innocent schoolgirl, or play a sultry seductress with that look. That’s what she thought at least, her experiences as a luring temptress were … limited, to say the least.

She looked up from her clothes and finally took in the location where the cabdriver had dropped her off. To call it a nice place would be the same as calling Mount Everest “of adequate height”. No, she stood in front of the biggest mansion she had ever seen outside of TLC. Four floors with more windows than she could count, balconies and little towers as well as a long maze-like garden made it as if appeared directly from a fantasy movie. She wondered if the goblin king would take her, should she enter the big steel gate…

Ioana shook her head, was this really the right place? She fumbled the small business card out of her pocket and compared the address on the door sign with the one on the paper. It had a simple design, with the words “The Pink Cauldron” written in a cursive font and the slogan “Give in to pleasure” beneath it. The bright pink lettering stood in stark contrast with the black background, but other than those words and the address on the backside, the business card was completely devoid of any information.

“Oh well, the address matches, here goes nothing.” Ioana said to herself and rang the bell. Only a couple seconds later a man in a black smoking appeared in front of the gate and opened it a bit. For a few moments nobody said a word, the man looking at Ioana, who just stared back. Finally the butler/bellboy/doorman broke the silence.

“You are here.” he stated matter-of-factly, but made no move to let her in. “Yes, you see, I have this business card and…” Ioana replied, but was silenced by a sharp “Come!” from the man, who opened the door of the fence and let her enter the premises, rushing towards the big entrance door of the mansion. She had actually trouble keeping up the pace and only barely registered the expensive cars that were parked in the driveway. “It seems I am the only one to take a cab.” Ioana thought to herself, trying to keep up.

As they arrived, the doorman opened the huge entrance door and ushered the confused Ioana inside, only to lock the portal again behind her. He seemed to expect an armed assault of a small army, because the gargantuan door had no less than 19 locks, each of which he used to seal the door as best as possible. All the while he muttered “Better safe than sorry, we don’t want a repetition of the humdinger incident…”

After he finally seemed to be satisfied with the latching, the doorman turned back to Ioana and gave her another long look. Ioana felt a bit uncomfortable by the way his eyes seemed to linger a tad too long on her bosom and gaziantep escortlar the way his tongue licked over his dry lips as he took in her curvy hips and long legs.

“Sit down.” he suddenly commanded and pointed to a chair on the side, only to disappear behind a red curtain probably leading to a different room. Not wanting to be rude, Ioana sat down on the richly ornamented armchair and finally had a look around in the room her host had brought her.

The lobby had the dimensions of a small single-family house and was designed with expensive carpets. A big door in the middle of the opposite wall led to an adjoining room and Ioana could hear faint music coming from there. The walls of the lobby were decorated with paintings of famous movie posters, but something seemed … odd about them.

There was the notorious poster of American Beauty, but … was Mena Suvari really that busty in that movie? And weren’t there supposed to be rose petals covering her naughty parts, instead of the rest of her body? She remembered the iconic scene of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. But something about Jack Nicholson kicking in the door and screaming “Here’s my Johnny!” seemed off to her. And wasn’t The Thing from another World a movie about an alien invasion instead of …

“DARLIN’! There you are, I was worried, you wouldn’t make it. Did you find your way, was everything alright? Oh darling, we definitely have to do something about those shoes.” Ioana was taken out of her thoughts by the appearance of a sex-bomb on two legs who was masquerading as a woman and came running up to her.

“Oh, I am so glad that you are finally here, did Riff-Raff not even offer you a glass of champagne, darlin’? You know those domestics, lazier than people east of the border. We pay them for top service, but what do we get? Neglected guest that we have to pick up on our own. But anyway, I am glad you found your way here” the woman said and sandwiched Ioana’s head between her boobs.

Even though Ioana was definitely proud of her 85D cup breasts, they were dwarfed by the huge amount of tit-flesh that was sitting atop her host’s chest. They were obviously fake, but the cosmetic surgeon definitely did know his trade. Ioana guessed her size about an 75HH, but while it was obvious she was not wearing a bra, the wonders of modern medicine made her tits almost float and reject gravity. They must have cost more than Ioana made in a year, but it somehow seemed like money invested wisely.

“Right, first things first, we can’t have you walking around like this, your clothes just reek of … of … I don’t even know what they are reeking of, but we definitely need to change them. Also, your hair is way to tangled, what conditioner are you using? And don’t get me started on your make-up, we have a long way to go. But fear not, we are here to help you and make you beautiful for your great evening. Whoosh, I cannot wait, let’s go, darlin'” the lady said and dragged her confused visitor through another door into a different room, which looked like the make-up department in Moulin Rouge.

“Ok, first we need to get you out of these clothes, they make my eyes burn just by looking at them. Shoo, off with them.” the lady said and began stripping Ioana without giving her a chance to react. Ioana’s faint protests were also ignored and soon she stood completely naked in the thankfully warm room.

“Is that really necessary? I choose the sexiest clothes I had and …” Ioana started, but was silenced by the look of the busty matron, who was now moving to a clothes rack, holding enough dresses and costumes for the whole cast of Burlesque. But her host was already diving headfirst into the gowns, moving them from side to side.

Meanwhile Ioana was standing in the middle of the room, unsure of how to proceed. At first, she had covered her private parts, but figured that this lady seeing her naked would probably the least embarrassing thing happening to her today.

“Ok, darlin’, I have the perfect outfit for you. The girls will envy you and the boys probably cum in their pants, hehe. Here, try this on, I get the make-up ready.” the lady said and handed Ioana a pile of clothes, only to vanish to the dressing table, pouring out different types of brushes, powder boxes and other tools Ioana couldn’t even name.

Not wanting to offend her, Ioana tried on the (of course braless) baby doll, which had a reinforced breast-part, lifting up her bust a bit, while simultaneously shielding her nipples from view. Next came a glorified belt, that tried to pass as a micro skirt, but only barely covered her private parts. The smallest breeze would give everyone a good view of her pussy, but Ioana got the impression, that this was exactly the intention. Topping of the clothes were a pair of nylon pantyhose which hugged her legs and made her feel all tingly. Before she would proceed to the make-up, Ioana put on the pair of black high heel stilettos her host had prepared for her.

As soon as she was finished dressing, the madam gestured for Ioana to sit and instantly produced a pair of scissors, which she used to cut Ioana’s thick black hair. Ioana’s half-hearted protest were quickly silenced and after only a few minutes the hairstyle of the lady in the mirror had little resemblance to the old Ioana. Gone were the long locks she used to have on her head, replaced with curtain bangs that would make even professional hair models green with envy.

Next, she took out the make-up tool and began applying layers and layers of different powders and rouge, until Ioana had the face of a porcelain doll. She then started applying different shadings and colours to the canvas, while rubbing off excessive foundation. Every time Ioana thought they would be finished, her host conjured up another tool, which she used to amplify Ioana’s natural beautiful face even more.

Finally, after around 40 minutes, the face in the mirror could only be described as inhumanely bewitching and oozing sexiness. Whatever small blemishes she had before were now replaced by an almost unnaturally pretty image of beauty that would put a spell on anyone laying eyes upon here.

“Darlin’, I gotta say, you are my masterpiece. Not to say I am not a talented sculptor, but having the perfect marble to work with makes the result so much better. Goddess, I almost want to ravage you myself, handsome.” the madam said adoringly and stroked Ioana’s hair. The addressed could not take her eyes off her reflection, that lady in the mirror was her? Before today she had more of a “nice girl next door”-vibe, but seeing herself now, she was almost getting jealous of the men that would get to have sex with her. But while she was busy staring at herself in the mirror, her eyes caught something that threw her off guard. Her beautifier stood next to her and drove her fingers through Ioana’s hair. While doing so, her skirt had risen up and her tight black panties were in full display. Ioana’s eyes widened in shock at the telltale bulge that was slowly straining the fabric. Was the lady after all…

“But enough chit-chat, we have a long evening in front of us. Giddy up, the audience is waiting already.” Ioana’s thoughts were interrupted and she was forced to abandon her thoughts, because the madam was basically shoving her into the adjacent room, leaving her no time to comprehend this new development.

“Ok, darlin’, here’s how this is gonna work: You stay behind that curtain, I announce you and then you just do what comes natural, you understand? Of course you do, you ain’t stupid. I am just so excited, this is you first performance, right? Don’t worry, it will be alright. Well then, no more delays, here goes nothin’.” the lady said more to herself then to Ioana and disappeared behind a huge red curtain, that seemed to lead into the main hall.

Ioana could hear music playing and the chattering of a lot of people, but stayed put, just as she was told. She did not yet have time to comprehend the situation she got herself into, was she really ready for this? Maybe if she would be fast, she could leave before she was forced on stage. God, this whole idea was stupid, what was she thinking? Yes, she would back out now before she made a fool out of herself. Now where was that…

“Gentlemen and ladies, and I use that term veeeeery loosely, I want to welcome you to the Pink Cauldron.” Ioana heard her host speaking and knew, that it was now too late to leave. Oh well, then she would have to endure the evening, what was the worst that could happen?

“Thank you for appearing so numerous and thank you for giving us another chance after that humdinger incident.” Faint laughter was heard and Ioana really started wondering about that occurrence. What was that all about?

“But enough about the past, let’s look forward to today’s main event. Please give a hearty applause to the incredible … Candice!” The room exploded with clapping and Ioana needed a second to realize that this was her cue. Frantically she rushed to the stage and was momentarily blinded by the light that were directed into her face. After a couple of seconds, she could make out the crowd that was filling the room.

About 40 people were sitting in comfy armchairs, all dressed up in various fetish gears. Almost everybody was wearing a venetian mask, except for the servants, that were basically naked and on their knees, servicing their masters and mistresses. Most had a collar around their necks and their leashes were tucked on, when the service was not 100% satisfactory.

But she had no time to study her surroundings extensively, for as soon as she entered the stage, the music started. A slow beat, underplayed with some fancy keyboard sounds and a blaring baseline was booming out of the heavy boxes that stood next to the imposing stage.

At first, she didn’t know what to do and bobbed her hips to the beat of the music, while moving her arms in an almost running fashion to give the illusion of her knowing what she was doing. But after a while she could feel the music getting into her and she almost forgot her observers. Slowly she was raising her arms over head, while still moving to the beat and exposing her midriff in the process. The cheers from the audience proved her right and she continued moving to the now increasingly sexy music track.

“Ok, darlin’, that wasn’t too shabby. But do you have what it takes, to show the audience, what they really wanna see?” Ioana heard the voice of the MC and a cold shiver ran down her back. Was she really ready for things to come?

But there was no way turning back now, the audience wanted a show, and a show is what they would get. So instead of running away, Ioana just intensified her movements and felt even sexier than before. Sweat was running down her body and she was pretty sure, that it made her baby doll even more see through than before. But was that necessarily a bad thing?

Ioana was so entranced by her own dancing and the leering stares she got from the audience, that she didn’t notice her visitor until he was putting his hands on her hips and slowly started stroking her outer pelvis region. With a quiet gasp she turned around and saw a topless man wearing black sunglasses behind her. His whole body seemed to be oiled up and he was glistening in the spotlights that were aimed at them.

For a few seconds nobody said a word, even the audience seemed to be holding their collective breath. Meanwhile the visitor did not stop roaming her hands over Ioana’s hips and she slowly raised her fingertips, until they met his chest. Slowly she began caressing him as well and took in the form of her new visitor.

The bald man was only dressed in black boxer briefs and wore tinted aviators that covered his eyes. His lower face was chiselled and covered by a short beard, but an arrogant smile was formed on his lips. His whole posture oozed confidence and Ioana had to inhale sharply due to his overpowering presence. While he was not very muscled per se, his body was toned and had just the right proportions to be considered good-looking.

Nobody said a word, but slowly their faces began inching towards each other until their lips touched. Passive at first, the man soon started invading her mouth with his tongue and gave her a long and passionate French kiss. Ioana started melting, as his fingers did not become tired roaming over her body.

Slowly he began breaking the kiss and they both stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Despite his sunglasses she could still feel a spark of closeness to him, even though she just met him minutes ago, didn’t know his name nor had even spoken a word to him. But sometimes … sometimes you just feel those kinds of things.

With a smirk the visitor began moving his hands upwards and started kneading Ioana’s full breasts through her baby doll, eliciting a soft moan from her. His fingers soon found her erect nipples and started giving them a rough treatment of kneading, twisting and pinching. But after those heated moments before this was exactly what Ioana was craving right now.

“RITSCH!”. With a loud sound the stranger began tearing Ioana’s baby doll apart, exposing her amble breast to the audience. But before she could react ashamed, his hands began kneading them again, completely distracting her from any feelings of embarrassment.

She suppressed a loud moaning, but when his nimble fingers were joined by his mouth, which started sucking on her supple mounds, a throaty groan revealed her lust to the leering audience. Not only was he suckling as if his life depended on it, his frequent switching between her breasts made sure that no breasts was feeling left out.

After five, ten, or ninety minutes of sucking (Ioana was losing track of time), he slowly started his decent across her tummy, giving her belly button a few kisses while passing by. He soon arrived at her mini skirt and managed to open it and undress her using only his mouth, without the help of his fingers. She now stood only dressed in pantyhose and her stilettos, excited about the things to come.

The man looked up to her from his knees, smirked and then dove straight into her treasure chest. In less than a second her pantyhose had a big hole and the man’s tongue was lodged in her pussy. Ioana had no time to scream or yell, for the man’s organ was lapping at her clitoris and sending shockwaves through her body.

“Oh, wow, that’s … wow, that’s just … huh …” Ioana was blabbering, careful not to collapse, for her knees had trouble keeping her upright. The stranger’s tongue was lapping around on her pussy, careful not to put too much pressure on her clit, almost only touching it as if by accident, riling her up even more.

To make matters worse, his probing tongue was soon joined by his curious fingers, that delved into her hole as well, as if looking for gold. But what they found, was her g-spot, eliciting a loud yelp from Ioana, that was met with applause from the almost forgotten audience.

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