At Hairrow

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It was my first year at teaching at Hairrow. It was an all boys institution and I was getting a little tired of the job. Frankly speaking there wasn’t enough sex. Most of the students were into studies or games and the evenings were lonely. The guy I was seeing was hardly making any attempt to fuck me and I stopped him from coming to my digs near the school within the complex.

This was it I was going to give up the job so I called up Martin the PT instructor who I was trying to seduce. I told him I was getting bored and I would be leaving the job at the end of the week. He came over immediately anxiously trying to dissuade me from chucking up the job. He was in his shorts and he looked well hung. I put my hands on his lap and grasped his huge member. Martin pulled his shorts aside so that his cock sprang up in front of him. It was really big …thick and long, about nine inches. My eyes were riveted on it and I wanted to suck his cock. I looked at the window and I spied three of the naughtiest boys in my class peering in as I stroked the mammoth piece of meat.

Since I was leaving I called them in. John, Robert and the Indian Shiv stood before me John staggered to his feet and moved towards me his cock bobbing stiffly in front of him. He reached for me greedily, filling his hands with those luscious breasts as he pulled on my nipples. I looked down at his huge cock and reached for it wrapping my fingers around it.

“Oh, yeah …this is a big cock.” I whispered as I began to stroke it for him “It’s so big.” I gasped my eyes riveted on the heavy slab of cockmeat in my hand. Shiv took of my tank top and exposed my naked breasts completely. He looked shocked at the enormous rug of jet-black hair in my unshaven armpits. I have never shaved or trimmed my unshaven pits and not only the boys but also Martin looked startled at the masses of hair in my bushy underarms. Shiv put his hands in my grassy lush underarms and played with the long soft silky hair in my bushy armpits. “Aahhhhhhh” he moaned as he pushed his hands into the thicket in my luscious armpits “Ohhhhh its so thick and so soft. It feels so wooly” as leant forward and kissed my bushy armpits.

“I want to suck him,” I whispered, my voice choked with lust as I lowered my face slowly toward Shiv’s thick meat. I bent it down slightly and pressed the slick cockhead to my lips, running it back and forth as he began to push my head up and down, fucking my mouth with his cock. John and Robert pumped their cocks in a steady beat. “I love big cocks …I like them in my mouth …shooting cum down my throat …spurting on my tits and in my unshaven pits. ” I dove down again, swallowing half his cock as guided me up and down on his meat “Oh, God, yes …put it in my mouth …let me suck it Martin put casino oyna your prong in my bushy armpits.” I groaned. Martin needed no second invitation and put his throbbing member into my hairy armpits “aaaaahhhhhhhh I have never put my dick in a bushy armpit before it feels good” he said as he drove in and out of my slick hairy underarms. She went down and took his cock with her mouth and he groaned so loud they all thought he was cumming. “Blow him, you little slut. Suck his massive cock,” Robert shouted as he saw me take Shiv’s dusky organ deep into the recesses of my willing mouth. I asked John to move closer and I grasped his club too and put it against my face as Shiv drove his piston in and out of my mouth. Martin was unrelenting, as his meat got lost in the heavy shrubs in my underarms.

My pussy was dripping thick rivulets of juice as I tried not to gag on his big dusky dick and then I was slipping my mouth off his cock and running my tongue around on the head, tasting his juice, running my warm tongue down the thick shaft, licking the hot flesh of Shiv’s thick cock. Shiv spasmed and grabbed me with both hands, pushing his cock into my mouth, fucking my mouth now while John slapped his throbbing member against my flushed face. He jerked me by the hair, pulling my mouth off his cock. I closed my eyes and turned my face up so that his cock was poised inches from my chin. I reached up and wrapped my hand around the thick slab of meat and jacked him off. It took maybe five or six strokes for Shiv to start spurting cum all over my face. Thick, white streams of sperm splattered across my chin and mouth but I was past caring as John filled the empty space in my mouth stuffing his massive prick deep into my mouth. Robert had moved alongside and shoved his dick into my right hairy underarm while Martin was wanking his dick in my other hairy armpit. They were moving in unison slamming my wet sweaty hairy armpits with their massive dicks

Soon I was on all fours on the bed, with four men around her. One guy was fucking my cunt from behind while another was pumping my face. The other two fondled my hairy body while I jerked them off.

I was so pre-occupied with my lovers that I hadn’t noticed Samuel the Principal enter. Obviously Martin had alerted him about my disillusionment but had forgotten it while shagging me. He shook his head with disbelief as he watched me hump back and forth, impaling my mouth and cunt on the two cocks inside me.

He gripped the back of my head and removed his massive dong and slowly crammed his giant stalk back down my throat. I gurgled with passion as both of my ends were fucked while my hands continued to pump the other two erections. “Hhmmmmmmm” Samuel moaned as I took his member into my mouth. “I never knew any woman canlı casino could have such hairy underarms” as he pulled my bushy armpits. “My wife too keeps her armpits hairy as I love hairy underarms but you have such a mass of jet-black under your arms” I never knew the principal was so horny and the boys too were taken aback at seeing their Principal shoving his fat tool in my mouth. I was on top of Martin fucking him while Shiv was trying to put his organ up my hairy ass. John and Robert were now putting their tools into my bushy underarms. Mt body was oozing with perspiration as they slid their prongs in and out of my bushy underarms, which were slick and wet. Samuel couldn’t hold back as he started trembling as thick jets of creamy cum shot from the man’s pulsating tool and splattered against my face. I then took the man’s slackening member in my mouth again and lovingly sucked off the rest of his jism. My mouth was not vacant for long, however. Robert fed his own massive shaft to my lips and buried himself down my throat in one long, slow thrust.

Soon my body was trembling in a long, massive orgasm Martin with his horse sized cock slowly lodged himself in the snug mouth of my hairy pussy. “Oh, God, you’re huge! You’re tearing my cunt apart! Oh, fuck me you stud! Give me every inch of your great big cock!” I wailed as he stuffed his enormous club inside me. Samuel had grown flaccid but was rubbing his dick in my bushy underarms as it slowly swelled as his foreskin brushed the lush carpet of hair in my unshaven pits. Robert plunged his own bloated shaft down my throat as I was getting cunt and throat reamed with hard, massive cock. Martin had the fat knob of his cock buried in the wide-stretched mouth of my pussy, he slowly thrust forward, causing me to squirm and moan with passion. The man began to slowly fuck me pumping the full length of his monstrous pole in and out of my bushy cunt.

I spread my lips around the Robert’s swollen knob and began to suck him off. I moaned hotly as the hunk drove his massive tool into my pussy to the hilt. His enormous balls slapped against my stretched slit as he unloaded into me. Her hairy body shook in another orgasm while Samuel’s hard dick now started pounding the heavy pelt of hair in my furry pits. Soon Martin was spewing his hot cum into my already sopping quim, as I could see thick rivulets of sperm gush his flexing shaft.

Now John the guy with the biggest cock knelt between my spread thighs and thumped his meaty log against my dewy hairy mound. I squealed with delight when he shoved his hard, thick pole up my seething twat. I humped my ass off the mattress, skewering my wet, clasping cunt on his giant tool.

I writhed and moaned deliriously as Shiv and Martin erect once again fucked my mouth. kaçak casino My lips rode up and down the stiff cock pumping my face while my hips gyrated around the fleshy spike reaming my spasming pussy. I was gorged on cock, in my mouth, my cunt, waiting above me. There was so much hard fuckmeat around me, all waiting to fill my willing holes.

“Hey, darling, suck me too,” Martin, said hoarsely as he gripped my hair, pulled me off of his student’s dick, and thrust his cock into my mouth. He held onto the back of my head and guided it up and down his throbbing shaft. Feeling neglected, the two other guys took my hands and placed them on their hard pricks and then shoved it into my hairy armpits “Oh, yeah. Drink my jism, slut,” he rasped as his cock swelled between my lips and spewed gobs of sperm down my throat. “Mmmmph!” I gurgled as I swallowed the creamy scoops of cum. He held my head down on his erupting shaft, so I had no choice but to continue to suck and drink. I gulped down the tangy fuckjuice and greedily breathed in air when he finally pulled his sated organ from my lips. A hard one quickly replaced one softening cock. My mouth gooey with sperm, the other guy began pumping my face with his engorged tool. John plugging my cunt then slammed in balls-deep and groaned as he came. I came with him, squealing around the cockmeat stuffed down my throat while my pussy sheath contracted around the thick, discharging member. Samuel wasn’t having enough of my bushy armpits. “I want to cum in your hairy underarms” he shouted as he drove his member in and out of my hairy armpits “My wife doesn’t let me fuck her hairy armpits and I love putting my dick in your enormously furry underarms” he continued “I am ccccmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggggggg” he screamed as he shot spurts of thick sperm in my hairy underarms. The Principal too had played with me along with his students.

The young stud John too filled my cunt with his hot seed, making his own contribution to an already brimming reservoir of sperm. I was jerking off Robert and I allowed him to turn me over on my hands and knees. I then sighed with satisfaction when he mounted me from behind. Shiv fed me his swollen cock and I was again filled with dick on both ends. I rocked back and forth between the two studs. My lips slid down one thick, pulsating shaft, then I bucked back and rammed my enflamed cunt against the other hard slab of cockmeat. I moaned constantly as my fuckholes were pumped full with virile boy-flesh. It was soon the two men’s turn to cum. I gurgled with joy as one shaft flexed between my lips and erupted while the other hosed down the inner recesses of my pussy. I guzzled down the torrent of hot sperm gushing into my mouth while my cunt milked my other lover’s throbbing organ.

I then collapsed on the bed exhausted. My armpits were oozing with white cum plastered against he matted hair in my bushy armpits. My mouth was filled with sperm and my pussy fucked till it ached. Was I ever going to leave this institution?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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