Barnes , Noble Girl Part IV

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Adria Rae

Barnes & Noble Girl Part IV

Sandra was still thinking through her plan when Jenny walked back into the room. She walked passed her and went into the kitchen. Sandra knew she could tell Jenny her story but she didn’t really know how to react to the story she had heard. She decided to be honest and tell her she liked everything about her story. Jenny sat down next to her; she had grabbed a bottle of water and a plate of cut up fruit. She awkwardly opened the bottle and drank it as Sandra politely waited for her. Sandra decided to break the silence,
“I loved your story.” She said with a smile on her face.

“What did you like about it?” Jenny asked. Sandra was not expecting such a question.

“Well everything.” She replied not knowing what to say.

“Come on, be detailed and don’t be shy.” Jenny said excitedly.

“Well I liked your experience, having a threesome I mean, and um how you described Cassie and Patrick, and his penis.” Sandra replied shyly. She thought she was off the hook but she realized she was wrong when jenny asked “and?”

“And the part where Cassie and later on you, spreading your butt cheeks when you deep throated Patrick was a turn on.” Her cheeks were getting red and she was finding it hard to make eye contact with Jenny.

“I know what you mean, since then every time I um masturbate I sit on my knees and rub myself with one hand and spread my cheek with other but it’s really hard.” Jenny said. Sandra didn’t know what to say to that. She had not told Jenny the entire truth, picturing Jenny spreading herself as she deep throated a big cock was actually what had turned her on more than the rest of her story. Jenny seemed to be excited about telling Sandra her little sexual secrets.

There was a moment of silence before Sandra decided she wanted to tell her friend about all that had happened to her over the past few days.
“Hey Jenny, so since you told me a personal story I’m gonna tell you one, what do you say?” Sandra asked causing Jenny to smile excitedly. “Ok.” Jenny replied not being able to hide her big smile.

Sandra didn’t know how to start. She had thought of telling her story but had never actually had to say anything. She was having a hard time finding the right words, and wasn’t even sure where to start.

“Well a few days ago I got an email from someone named Edward, and at first I thought it was spam but when I read it, it was not a spam. The email was asking me if I wanted to be introduced to a new sexual world I should reply.” Sandra paused, studying every emotion in Jenny’s face so she can stop if Jenny seemed even a bit judgmental. But Jenny was far from any negative emotions, or at least that’s what showed on her face. She seemed excited, holding a pillow and squeezing it while listening to Sandra.

“I replied and the person replied by saying that my identity will be kept secret and I can stop at any point and that I would be introduced to sexual fantasies. I can’t lie, that did sound exciting. The person, I mean Edward replied with simple and direct instructions of me going to a club.” She continued. “I don’t know how he knew me, or even knew where I lived which is kinda scary when you think about it but I was, I don’t know, bored, or needed some excitement in my life, and I decided to go. Instruction in the email had told me to go to a club and order a vodka drink. After getting to the club I realized it was a gay club and at first I thought someone was messing with me. The bartender gave me the vodka drink I had ordered and an envelope that he had placed under my drink. There was a note in the envelope telling me to go to the last restroom and wait. I was a bit afraid, it seemed kinda dark and dirty in there but I managed to do as I was told. I noticed a hole in the wood wall that separated the restrooms; it was covered with a curtain on the other side. I knew what it was, I sat down and waited. After a few seconds I noticed someone was on the other side of the wall. I saw the curtain removed and a, um, very large penis was passed through the hole.” She noticed her cheeks getting warm and looked at Jenny to study her reactions again. Jenny’s eyes were wide open and the smile had not left her face. “And?” she asked to make Sandra hurry and continue. “Well I gave him a blow job.” Sandra replied shyly.

“Oh come on, you gotta give more details when you tell sex stories!” Jenny said impatiently. Sandra didn’t know how much detail she could give because she was too shy to share everything but she tried to satisfy Jenny.

“His penis was big” she continued.

“Cock” Jenny interrupted her. “Come one, we’re both old enough to call it that, besides I like the word ‘cock’ it turns me on.” She winked.
Sandra didn’t know what to do, it was harder to casually use that word but she didn’t want to disappoint her.

“His um cock was big, I mean the biggest I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t reach around its thickness with my hand, I slowly massaged it and started to suck it but I could hardly take it, I don’t know who was behind that wall, I mean for all I know it could be a gay guy thinking I’m another man but for some reason I didn’t really care, I was just so turned on, I felt so naughty for doing something so taboo. The fact that I had managed to come to a random place just to please someone was the riskiest thing I had ever done in my life and I was loving every second of it. I wanted to give him the best blowjob I had ever given. I drooled all over his cock and tried my best to take it deeper. I got on my knees and sucked him and deep throated him until my throat started to loosen up and tried harder, I was gagging and choking and now that I think about it I’m pretty sure whoever else was in that bathroom could easily hear me . I took it out and looked at it, it was the biggest and thickest penis, I mean cock and it was covered in my saliva, I tried my best and pushed It’s head passed a tight part of my throat and I had managed to swallow more than half of it, I slowly pushed my head and swallowed more. I could feel the pulse in his cock. I knew I had all of his cock in my throat when I felt his balls touch my chin.” She was finding it easier to use to word “cock” and that had given her a little more courage to be more graphic. She could see Jenny breathing heavily and knew she had turned her on with her story. She continued, “Just like you I felt proud of being able to overcome his gigantic cock. I sucked him and swallowed him, I held on to my hills and kept deep throating him as tears ran down my face till he came in my throat. I swallowed as much as I could and when I took him out of my throat I could feel the gap it had left behind. It was amazing, his cock looked rugged and his head still had some cum left on it and I proudly licked and cleaned his cock for him.”

Jenny was slowly grinding herself against the pillow and it seemed as if she was not trying to hide it from Sandra anymore. Sandra had noticed it too but she did not care as much as she thought she would. It took a minute for Jenny to realize story had finished, she was sitting there and rubbing herself against the pillow and breathing heavily. “Oh my god, I love rugged cocks too, wish there was one here right now.” She looked at Sandra for confirmation. Sandra didn’t know what to say, “Yeah that would be nice.” She replied a bit awkwardly. Sandra was awaiting the flood of questions that were about to come towards her. “Has he emailed you today?” Jenna asked eagerly. Sandra was surprised by her question, she was expecting Jenny to question her decision to trust an email and risk her life by going out but Jenny did not seem to judge her decision and that had relaxed her a bit. It was after Jenny’s question that she had realized she had not checked her email at all day. She reached for her phone on the table and looked through her email.

“Actually I have two unread emails.” Sandra told Jenny.
“Open them!” she quickly replied.


I hope you enjoyed the fantasy I had prepared for you yesterday. The boys were very happy with you as well.

She didn’t read the email out loud and she was glad she hadn’t. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to share her last night experience along with her other story so she quickly looked to the newer email.


I have prepared another fantasy for you and if you are interested I will send you further information tomorrow.

She read this one to Jenny. The content of the email seemed to have disappointed her but she kept asking her about it. “What do you think it is?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know, he didn’t say” Sandra replied casually.

“Wish he had something planned for tonight.” she said dissatisfied. Sandra didn’t know what Jenny meant by that. She could not take Jenny with her if there was something planned but she thought maybe Jenna felt as if she was part of it but that did not bother Sandra. “Wait” Jenna got up and walked to her room in a hurry. Sandra could hear she was shuffling stuff around. Sandra got up and walked to Jenny’s bedroom. Jenny had taken out a box out of her closet. “Here it is” Jenny said happily. In her hand there was a rather large cream colored dildo, wobbling around as she moved it. It looked very real and she could see veins covering its shaft with a pair of big testicles at the very base of it. “What is this?” Sandra asked in awe.

“It’s a rugged cock, just like you like it.” She burst in laughing. Jenny handed her the plastic penis, it felt heavy and its texture felt more realistic than she had imagined. It was almost as big as her arm. Sandra was still examining the dildo when Jenny grabbed it from her hands and told her to get out of the room for a minute. She did and waited outside. Shuffling noise started again till she heard jenny calling her back into the room.
Sandra was shocked by what she was seeing. Jenny was fully naked on her knees facing her mirror. The dildo was attached to the mirror facing her and Jenny had her hands on her buttocks as she looked over her shoulder to face Sandra. “Oh my god.” Sandra squealed as she turned around in embarrassment unable to look at her friend’s naked body.

“Oh come on, don’t you wanna see how it looked when I sucked Patrick?” Jenna tried to convince her to turn around. Sandra didn’t know what to say. She was not a lesbian, she could appreciate the sexuality of female body but never on its own, it was always in the process of a heterosexual act. She did enjoy the scenery and that made her slowly turn around, she was a bit shy about making eye contact with Jenny but she managed to look at her. She didn’t say anything and Jenna did not wait for her to say anything. Jenny’s body was very sexy she thought to herself. She had the ultimate feminine body with large breasts and even larger buttocks that looked like round, soft globes that jiggled with her body movement.

Jenny gave the fake penis a few licks before she started to suck on its tip but quickly she was chocking herself with her large dildo. Sandra watched Jenny in awe as her gagging and chocking noises echoed in the bedroom. She noticed Jenny’s hand starting to grab and squeeze her butt cheeks and spreading them. The view was as attractive as she had imagined. Jenny’s breasts were hitting the mirror and her eyes were rolled to the back of her head as she seemed to enjoy deep throating the large manhood. Jenny was right, Sandra could see everything as she would spread her buttocks; she seemed to brutally squeeze and spread them, stretching her sphincter as she spread herself. That wasn’t the only way Jenny was rough on herself, she could not swallow the entire giant dildo but that did not seem to stop her from slamming it to the back of her throat with every back and forth movement.

Sandra caught herself breathing heavily as she watched Jenny; Her hand almost uncontrollably reaching for her own wetness. She rubbed herself from over her pants, she knew she was soaking wet and she could feel it. She pushed on her clit and sent a shiver throughout her body. When she opened her eyes she noticed Jenny’s eyes locked on hers. She felt embarrassed but continued to look at what her friend was doing. Jenny closed her eyes to enjoy her dildo. Sandra slowly walked closer to Jenny and sat right behind her staring at Jenny’s ass. She could now see how wet jenny was without even touching herself. Jenny slowly got up on her knees and arched her back, still spreading her cheeks to give Sandra the best view of her holes. Sandra could reach and feel how wet her friend had gotten but could not get herself to do such a bold move. Jenny was digging her nails into her buttocks and spreading them, showing Sandra that the show was in fact for her. Sandra had her hand between her legs, rubbing herself gently as she sat on her knees. Heavy breathes and gagging noise echoed, Sandra had gotten louder but she did not care anymore. In her disappointment Jenny let go of her buttocks and reached between her legs, her fingers pressing but not quiet entering her wet hole. Sandra had realized there was something about her friend spreading herself that turned her on but she didn’t know how to tell her. Jenny seemed to have forgotten about everything and was closing on an orgasm.

Sandra finally got on her knees, reluctantly closing on her friend. Jenny only noticed her when she was next to her. Sandra watched her as she swallowed the entire dildo over and over while she drooled over herself. Jenny noticed Sandra turning around. Sandra was still not sure about what she was about to do. She sat on her knees next to Jenny but in opposing direction slowly reaching her left hand over her back gently feeling her right buttock, with her right hand she softly felt Jenny’s left buttock, her hands shaking and her heart was beating so hard she could feel the pounding in her chest. Jenny’s skin felt soft and warm, her cheeks, pale and soft, were almost mesmerizing. Jenny let out a loud moan in pleasure as Sandra slowly squeezed her butt. Sandra had never touched anyone like that, she never thought she could even enjoy such thing but now she knew for whatever reason she was turned on more than ever.

With her new found courage she slowly spread her cheeks leaning forward to get a better view of her. She could see Jenny’s hands hard at work rubbing herself. She let go of Jenny’s buttocks and firmly grabbed them back, this time spreading harder, her brown hole almost gaping from the force. Jenny was loving it and that was driving Sandra to do more. It was almost involuntarily when she smacked her right cheek. The sound of her hand slamming against Jenny’s body echoed around the room. Jenny squealed and paused for a second. Sandra had just realized what she had done and froze. “harder” she heard Jenny whisper from next to her. She was too embarrassed to do it again and awkwardly tried again. “harder” she heard again. With a little more courage she tried her other cheek, Jenny squealing with every blow. Sandra was enjoying the spanking more than she thought she would; a wave running through her buttocks with every hit and her cheeks turning to round bright red spheres.

From the noise she knew Jenny had gone back to deepthroating her dildo. “You like getting spanked, don’t you?” she heard herself talk. She did not know why she was engaging in a conversation with her friend as she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. “mhm” Jenny replied without taking the dildo out of her mouth. She gave her another blow but started to feel out of place.

“You like to spank me, don’t you?” She heard, Jenna sounding out of breath. Sandra did not know how to reply.
“Come one spank me again, I know you like my ass.” Jenna continued as Sandra spanked her again.

“You like big asses don’t you? You like spreading my ass cheeks? You like looking at my ass hole? Yeah?”

Sandra knew she didn’t need to reply. Jenny was enjoying her own fantasy and she was happy to help her besides Jenny’s dirty talk was turning her on. She gave her another blow and another. “Yes, spank me, spank my big ass; spread my ass, YEAHH.” Jenny screamed topkapı escort as she had managed to give herself and orgasm. Sandra waited, her friend’s buttocks still in her hands, while Jenny caught her breath.

“Oh my god, that was the best.” Jenny said breathing heavily. Sandra let go of her but before she could turn to face her Jenny gave her a kiss on the cheek and got up to go to the restroom. Jenny’s butt was red from the spanking she had just received and she looked quite sexy as she walked away. Once Jenny was in the restroom Sandra got up and walked to the living room, gathering her stuff to leave. She felt anxious and light headed. She felt as if she had done something wrong. The person she had just engaged in a sexual act wasn’t someone random or anonymous; she was a friend, a co worker who she knew. She wanted to walk out of the apartment but decided to wait till Jenny was back. Her heart was beating fast and thoughts were running wild in her head. Jenny finally walked back with a towel wrapped around her body. Sandra quickly said goodbye, hardly making eye contact with her friends. “You leaving?” Jenna asked surprisingly.

“Yes I have to get up early tomorrow.” Sandra replied with a shaky voice as she opened the door.

“Ok goodnight.” Jenny said sounding confused. By the time Sandra said goodnight back to her friend she was halfway in the hallway walking towards her car. She could hardly breathe as she got to her car. This was bad she thought to herself. There was one other person who knew everything about her secret and she had done so much she hadn’t done with anyone before.

She didn’t remember how she had gotten home. She was so upset she had spent the entire drive thinking and rethinking different scenarios where everything could go wrong. Jenny could tell someone about her secret or even worse, tell them about what they did. She unlocked her apartment door and walked in. Her anxious feeling kept her from feeling sleepy. She took a warm shower and tried to stop thinking about what she had done. The water was hot and felt amazing against her skin. After the shower she wrapped herself with towels and got under her blankets. She was asleep before she knew it.

The next day she didn’t have to work. She spent most of the day cleaning her apartment and watch TV. Images from last night would occasionally visit her but she was not upset about them anymore. She knew she had nothing to worry about. Jenny was a good friend but her actions from last night had perhaps surprised Sandra. Even her own actions had stunned her. She had never thought she could find another woman sexually arousing and at the least she knew she was a butt woman. The name “butt woman” made her laugh inside, almost feeling manly in a cliché way. The fact that she had not been able to pleasure herself frustrated her but she was happy she had experienced everything she had last night. She was already day dreaming about what she could have done more was she a little more daring. She didn’t know why but she liked being rough to Jenny; her curvy body seemed to be able to take pain.

She was bored of watching TV and she had grabbed her laptop when she realized she had a few new emails. There was an email from Edward. She eagerly clicked on them to read the content.

“Hi Sandra,

This afternoon you will be attending a masquerade. The event is at 9120 W Memphis st @ 6 pm.
Please dress in nothing but black and make sure you put on a mask of your choice.
Hope I’ll get to meet you there.


She was surprised again. She knew there was a plan for tonight but the fact that there would be other people had frightened her. She knew she had nothing to worry about; she was not obligated to attend the party but the fact that there were other people around and there was a chance she could have been recognized worried her. She was also excited about the fact that Edward would be there. She wanted to know who he was, whether he was old or young, or even a man or a woman. She got up excited and walked to her closet in search of a black dress. She didn’t have a hard time finding a black dress, she had several choices and she chose a tight bodycon strapless dress that pushed her breasts up exposing her cleavage. She always liked this dress but its reviling features made it hard for her to be able to wear it in most occasions. For the mask she had to move a few boxes. She knew she had a few from all the hollowing costumes throughout the years. She finally found the box she stored most of her costumes in. there were a few masks but the only one that matched her outfit was a black cat woman mask that covered the top half of her face. The mask was completely black with firm solid cat ears poking from its top. She tried her mask on in front of the mirror, making sure it covered enough of her face to keep her identity safe. She had found her outfit for the party and she had a few hours to get ready.
She wondered what this masquerade was for, maybe it was to introduce the members of their “social club” together or perhaps it was for them to find partners before retiring to the bedrooms. She smiled, exposing her white teeth; feeling naughty for thinking those thoughts. She was excited about her night. Her phone vibrated to indicate she had received a text message. She picked up her cell phone and noticed the text was from Jenny.

“Hey, I hope everything is alright” the text said.

“Yeah, I’m ok; sorry I was just a bit anxious. I’ve never done something like that” she replied.

She was glad Jenny had decided to talk to her about it. She wanted everything to be normal between them.
“Me neither, but I liked it ;)” Jenny had replied. She was about to text her back when she received another text. “Hope u did too.”
“I did, A LOT” she replied again starting to feel embarrassed for expressing her liking of their actions.

“What did you like about it?” Jenny questioned her. This time she was not sitting in front of her friend and she felt more comfortable being as detailed as she wanted to be and after last night Jenny and she had gotten much closer, consequently she felt capable of sharing everything with her.

She sat on the corner of her couch in the living room and made sure she told her exactly how she felt in detail.
“Well I think you’re very sexy. I love your body; you look curvy and have prefect breasts and ass. I think you look very feminine and I’m a bit jealous to tell you the truth.” She hit send but did not stop. “I loved it when you were sucking your dildo and spreading your cheeks, for some reason that turns me on a lot. Your ass felt so good in my hands and it’s so big.” She pressed send again. “To be more specific I love to watch your butthole when you play with yourself. When I was spanking you I was turning myself on. I love being rough to you.” She hit send and waited for Jenny’s response while reading her texts over and over. There was no taking it back. She didn’t know whether Jenny would be weirded out or not but from last night she was pretty sure she would enjoy her honesty.

Her phone vibrated again. “wow” Jenny had replied. That was not the message she wanted to see. She didn’t know what she meant by that and started to doubt herself. She started to type again. “Is that weir…” and another text interrupted her. “I loved it when you held my ass cheeks and spread them apart, it’s the best feeling. Honestly what you did made me cum much faster than usual. I knew you were looking at my butthole. I started getting interested in anal when Cassie licked me there. It felt so good and I got fascinated by the idea of pleasing someone with my butthole or even the idea of something invading my butt turned me on a lot, it’s kinda taboo and sexy. Do you like anal too?” Sandra read the text over and over. She was happy Jenny had replied but didn’t know how to react to her text. She had thought of anal but the fact that it could be painful or messy had kept her from trying anything. But just like Jenny she fantasized about it. In her fantasies her imaginary man would hold her hair in the palm of his hand as he would push on her anal hole, without her consent, causing pain and pleasure, but she never knew how that would really feel. She imagined she would feel a sense of being full and that turned her on. She had left it to that. She had tried anal with her ex boyfriend once but before he could enter her, the pain had stopped them from trying any further.

“I have never tried anal but I think about it too.” She replied. It was obvious that Jenny was really into this conversation by how fast she would reply to her text. “It takes a little practice but it’s the best feeling, I have never had anal sex but I always practice with my dildos and sometimes I can’t cum unless I have something in there. I can help you.” The last line made her cheeks red. She was embarrassed to say yes but she wanted to. “Ok” she replied while biting on her nails. She was worried and felt uneasy. Her phone vibrated and she gasped as she saw the picture message Jenny had sent her with the title “does this look good?” it was jenny with her back towards her mirror sitting on her knees. Her wide hips unable to fit in the frame. With one hand she was holding her cell phone and with the other she was spreading her cheek. A circular pink crystal piece that looked like jewelry was in her butt. She received another text. “It’s my butt plug” She couldn’t ignore how beautiful Jenny looked in that picture. “Wow you look sexy like that; that’s so hot.”She texted back.

“Don’t worry I’ll get you one just like that. I’m gonna go to work, have fun tonight ;)” Jenny replied. Sandra quickly read her text and scrolled up to see the picture she had sent again. Something about all this made her so wet. Maybe it was the fact that she was having this kind of relationship with another woman or maybe because her friend was sharing a forbidden picture with her. She didn’t know for sure, she only knew between Jenny’s body, specially her butt, her own desire to be rough to Jenny, and her friends willingness to send her this picture, she had become sexually aroused. She put her hand inside her pajamas and touched herself through her underwear. She was very sensitive and her panties were soaking wet. She squeezed her crotch, pushing on her entrance trough her panties. She moaned in pleasure and desperately needed to release herself. She opened her eyes and it was past four. She had to start getting ready and knew she will probably be able to release herself tonight.

After taking a shower, drying her hair and putting on her dress she sat in front of her mirror to do her makeup. She always paid attention to her eye makeup and took her time with it. When she was done her eyes had a shadowy look that would compliment her black mask when she would put it on. She decided to use her bright red lip stick and with that she was ready and after putting her hills on she took one last look at herself in the mirror. Her dress was tight and showed her curves perfectly. She had used her curling iron to give an elegant wavy look to her hair but she was not too sure about how it would work with her mask straps but she didn’t have much time to change it. Her black dress was shorter than she remembered and was covering her butt as long as she did not do any sudden movement or bend. She had chosen her black stiletto hills that held on to her ankles by a thin strap. She was enjoying looking at herself.

It was fifteen minutes past five and she had to hurry. She sat in her SUV and punched in the address to her GPS. It was not far but she would still be late with traffic.

It was ten minutes past six and she still hadn’t gotten to her destination. Driving through the neighbor hood she noticed how big and glamorous houses in this neighborhood were. Some modern and some colonial, they all looked beautiful. She was a bit confused when she heard the soft voice of her GPS, telling her she had arrived at her destination. There was nothing on the narrow road she was on. On the left side trees had covered the entire area and were no houses and on the right side there was nothing but a wall that was covered with climbing vines. She noticed two cars in front of her at the end of the road as she approached them. A large gate was slowly opening by the time she stopped behind the cars waiting. She followed the cars into the gated area. Behind the wall was nothing but trees and there was no sight of a house as all three cars slowly drove through the road. When they were finally out of the trees she saw the house, or better yet the mansion. The ground was perfectly covered with trimmed grass that showed the hilly nature of the earth beneath it. A large fountain was directly in front of the mansion acting as a roundabout for approaching automobiles.

A long line of cars were awaiting as several valets in red vests and black pants quickly ran around and to the guest cars and quickly drove their cars to the right side of the mansion. She was still looking at the scenery when she realized she had not put her mask on. In a hurry she slid her mask on but the rubber straps were wrapping her hair, she quickly decided to put her hair in a bun over her head. After putting her mask on she took a look at herself in the mirror. A few curly bunches of hair were hanging from over her ears and almost touched her shoulders but they looked as if they were deliberately and perfectly made to do so. She could not believe that it looked so much better than when she had taken so much time to do her hair. She smiled, excited about the event she was about to attend. The amount of people attending the masquerade had made her less anxious than the times she was alone when setting off to her adventures but she was also a bit disappointed knowing that she would perhaps not feel as comfortable since there are others around her.

A masked valet approached her door as she slowly moved around the fountain and parked before the entrance of the mansion. He opened her door, properly waiting for her to get out. He extended his arm in sign to hold her hand and helped her out of the car. She stepped out and smiled, thanking him as she walked along side other guests to the white and gold marble stairs that led to mansion. She was checking other guests as she walked in; most guests were couples or at least were walking together as if they knew each other, there were even groups of people who had arrived together. She doubted this even was going to be like her other experiences. The marble floors continued into the mansion, gloving under yellow lights of a large chandler that laminated the room. She could hear the echo of a rather large public when she entered the building. A soft piano sound was coming from the hall that everyone was going to. She stopped in awe as she stood at the entrance of the hall.

The marble was darker now almost brown and gold. The walls were white and large, thick half columns that were designed to look like huge trees were dividing them to equal sections. Half Columns would continue to the tall ceiling of the hall becoming branches of gigantic trees that covered the entire ceiling beautifully. Lamps in the shape of apples were hanging by long and short strings from the branches on top. She had never seen anything so beautifully done. The entire hall looked like a enchanted forest. Two large fire places were facing each other on both sides of the hall with beautiful thick furniture spread all over the room on top of beautiful rugs of different designs. She only noticed she was blocking other guessed when she felt someone softly touching her back, indicating she had to move. She realized and walked forward not knowing where she was going. Everyone seemed to have started to socialize between each other as maids and butlers in masks walked around with what seemed to be champagne or sparkling wine and treats, offering them to the guests.

Butlers had dressed aksaray escort in classic short black jacket tuxedos and a bowtie while maids had dressed in French maid outfits that seemed rather like a sexy costume for Halloween. Their short dresses barely covered their butts showing garters that held their stockings in place as they walked around. She walked almost to the middle of the hall when she decided to stand by a piece of furniture. She felt out of place, like an uninvited guess, she didn’t know what to do with herself.

“Champagne?” she heard from behind, almost making her jump. There was a maid standing near her, smiling as she was holding a tray filled with champagne glasses in one hand. She couldn’t help but notice her large breast, pushed together showing her cleavage. She softly whispered “sure” before the tray was moved towards her to pick her glass. She picked a glass, thanking the maid before taking a sip of her drink and cleared her throat as she started to look around the room more freely. On the wall sections between the tree columns there were large beautiful oil paintings of different animals, covering almost the entire wall, lionesses napping under hot African sun while the lion looked into distance; a tiger furiously attacking it’s pray jumping out of water, and a buck gloriously standing at the edge of a cliff were among many paintings. Guests had stopped walking into the hall and when two butlers shot the large wooden doors of the hall she knew perhaps everyone had arrived.

She heard the clinking of something hitting a glass trying to get everyone’s attention as more guests joined and in a few seconds almost everyone was making the clinking noise. The hall quieted down awaiting a speech.
“Thank you all for being here tonight for the celebration of our hundredth year.” He said trying to be loud but not yell. A few cheers and claps came from across the room. Sandra stood on her toes to be able to see the person who was speaking. She could hardly see him. He had gray hair and sounded old. “What if that’s Edward?” she thought to herself.

“Let the next century be as exciting as the past century has been and with that I welcome you to our annual masquerade. Most of you have been to the previous events and some of you are new. My only advice to our new guests is, just know that you’re here to enjoy yourself and this event is for you. Thank You.” The older gentleman concluded. The crowd cheered and clinked their glasses and went back to socializing. She took another sip of her drink and stood there awkwardly. The guests smiled at her while passing. Some would node or say hi to her. She was feeling more comfortable as everyone seemed very friendly. She noticed a few people looking at her as if they knew she was new to this event from her body language. She moved trying to look relaxed and casual but elegant as she felt people scanning her from around the room.

“Hi” a female guest had stopped by her. She was wearing a black dress that softly covered her body with thin straps holding to her shoulders.
She was too wearing a bright red lipstick but her hair was blond and she seemed taller than Sandra.

“Hi” she said as she smiled back at her.

“I take it you’re new too, right?” she had a feminine voice, high pitch and perky. Sandra nodded back.

“Doesn’t this place look great? I’m amazed by this mansion” she said as she looked around the hall, “Were you invited by George too?” she asked. Sandra shook her head to say no. The girl didn’t seem to be bothered by Sandra’s lack of words.
“I feel awkward just standing by myself, what’s your name?” she asked.


“My name is Rose, nice to meet you. What do you think this is all about? I did not think this is going to be like this based on the past experiences.” she smiled and widened her eyes, trying her best to show her excitement from behind her venetian red mask. Sandra knew Rose must have had experiences like hers.

“How long have you been part of this?” she asked waiting for her answer.

“Only a few days actually.” She responded almost nervously.

“And you were invited to the masquerade?” she asked rhetorically and enviously. “This is my second year, I was not invited the first year because it was only for the special members, I wonder what you’ve done to be considered special.” She had a teasing tone to her voice but Sandra knew she didn’t mean it in a bad way. There was no judgment here; everyone had perhaps done what she had at the very least. Rose seemed to be more interested in talking than listening to her.

“Well, let me tell you something, you are in for a treat, I mean the whole thing not just tonight, I have never been happier in my life. When I got the letter from George I thought someone was messing with me but I decided to give it a try. I remember my first assignment, I was so anxious I almost ran away.” She laughed as she told her the story .Sandra smiled but in the back of her head she thought it was funny that Rose was referring to her experience as assignment. She never felt she was obligated to do anything and that was one of the most important reasons she had felt comfortable enough to give it a try. She wondered what Rose had done on her first assignment and by the way it looked she was about to tell her but she was interrupted as a rather older gentleman walked up to them. He was balled and had a thick white beard. He was not tall but taller than Sandra and he seemed over weight but looked normal for a man his age.

“How are you ladies?” he asked, they both nodded. He held Roses hand and gently kissed it causing her to smile. “Perhaps you should join me for the evening.” He told Rose, not asking but not ordering her either. He was not a dream man by any means but he sounded confident. “Have a good night.” Rose told Sandra as she walked with him to the end of the hall where at the end a small hallway just wide enough to put a car through would start. She felt uncanny to witness it but also glad he hadn’t asked her. Everyone was still enjoying their time but she had noticed quite a lot of people were going to the hallway at the end of the room. She scanned through the room again. There were people kissing here and there but nothing too outrages. Some were sitting on the couch and were passionately making out as some women were walking around kissing any man they wanted. A black man in a tuxedo was standing not far from her with two girls making out right in front of him. They seem to enjoy each other but it was clear they were doing it for him. She noticed his hands caressing their back and butts softly; A few people cheering them not so loudly. A woman was sitting on the couch as two men sat beside her. She was passionately making out with one as she pulled on the others neck tie. She stopped and turned her attention to the man on her other side and continued making out, this time with him.

People were starting to gather around and tease each other, they seemed careless. She could hear laughs, moans, cheers all around her. She was feeling awkward again and didn’t know what to do. When she realized she couldn’t stand there all night she decided to walk to the halls. She passed by the black man who now had firmly grabbing each girls butt cheek in his hands as they were making out and moaning. She looked at him as she passed by and could see his eyes looking back at her. She looked away and walked to the end of the room and the beginning of the hallway. She could already see the doors on each side. Next to each door there were large rectangular windows with a one piece glass resembling the windows in police interrogation rooms. Some people had gathered by some of the windows and she decided to walk there and see what was going on.

She walked past the first window, the first room was empty. Inside was a round shape bed covered with red silk bed sheets. The room was lid with a black chandelier. The walls were covered in a black and red wall paper that shone under the light. The room across the hall was also empty. This room was furnished the same way as the opposing room. The second window had a couple standing by it and since the window across had more than a few people in front of it she decided to go to the one with less people. She looked inside the similar room but this one had people in there. A woman was lying on her back with her legs wide open and her head hanging from the edge of the bed as two men where on top of her, one between her legs, hard at work, pounding her while the other was on to of her head pounding her mouth almost with the same intensity. Both men seemed extremely muscular with short hair cuts. The woman’s hands were holding on the butt cheeks of the man who was forcing his penis into her mouth. Both men were sweating but did not seem to slow down. She heard “let’s hear them” the man next to her whispered to the woman he was with. She pressed on a button next to the window and suddenly everyone could hear the people inside the room. It wasn’t loud but it was enough for the people by the window to hear everything. Everyone’s moaning sounds alongside the sound of the slamming of bodies was coming out of the speakers. The scene was amazing. There was an instant tingling feeling that ran through out her body. Her breathing had quickened but she was trying hard to keep quiet. The man between the woman’s legs grabbed her ankles and united her feet passing them to the man in front. The man in front held her feet and pulled them towards himself causing her pelvis to lift and help his partner to go deeper. The woman moaned as she sucked the thick manhood in her mouth.

She could watch them all night but she was already wondering what was going on in the room with more people at its window. She walked across the hall and she could hardly see anything. She could somewhat hear the sounds that were coming out of the speaker. It sounded like someone was talking.

“Come on, take it, all the way” She could hear a man’s voice. She slowly found the gap where she could squeeze through and as the men saw her they politely let her get in front as they had the height advantage to still be able to see while women stood in front. What was going on inside instantly turned her on. A woman on her knees, naked with only her hills and pink mask on, her hands cuffed behind her with a pair of hand cuffs that were also pink, and a man skinny and middle age standing in front of her was forcing her to take more of his penis in her mouth. The woman was obviously not capable of taking him all the way, he did not look very thick but he was long. He was rather rough and did not care that the woman was choking and gagging every time he forced his penis down her throat. He pushed his penis halfway inside, holding it there, the woman clearly not capable of breathing but he did not seem to care. She was trying to pull back but he had her hair in his hands holding her still. Her hands struggling out of control tying to get out of her cuffs. Her face was red and she gasped for air as the man pulled his cock out. He slapped her face and that made Sandra jump in shock. It was unexpected but somehow very arousing. Sandra bit her lower lip as she continued to watch them. “You’re going to take my cock balls deep by the time I’m done with you. Open your mouth!” he ordered her, she was breathing heavily and followed her order.

“And pull your tongue out.” The man ordered again before starting to hit her in the face with his penis. He gathers all her hair in one hand again and pushed his cock in, hitting the back of her throat, the woman immediately seemed to gag. He held her in place and started to push her head down on his cock, he would let her go back a little before pushing further on his penis. She was drooling and excessive amount of saliva was running down her chin and on to her breasts. She was skinny and looked young, her breasts not bigger than a B size. He pushed his cock so deep that she almost had all of it in her mouth, he held her there. She was struggling but he would not let her go. She coughed and a large amount of thick saliva came out and onto his shaft and balls. “Yeah that’s it, good girl, you see it wasn’t so hard.” he let her go again. She gasped for air and went back to sucking him. He let go of her hair and this time it was her who would gag herself. She seemed to be as rough as the man. He stood there in a superman position, smiling in satisfaction as the woman held herself and almost reached his balls with her lips. Sandra heard a moan coming from next to her. The woman next to her was holding the edge of the window and watching them as she occasionally licked her lips. Sandra was enjoying it too. Submissive behavior was very sexy to her as was the dominatrix manners of the man. She found herself wondering what was going on in other rooms. She slowly turned around to leave but as she turned she saw a man who was standing behind the moaning woman next to her had his hand up her dress. She quickly realized what was going on with the woman and smiled at the man who was responsible for it.

The next room didn’t have anyone in front of it. In fact not many people were in the halls and only a few people were still watching from outside. What she saw was interesting. A blond woman was on her knees and giving an older gentleman blow job. She recognized both of them. The woman was Rose and the man was the person who had walked away with her. His penis wasn’t so big and his big belly almost blocked him from seeing rose deep throating him, licking his rather large balls. Roses pale body was sexy. She had an hour glass body. She decided to press the button and hear what was going on.

“You like sucking daddy’s cock don’t you?” the man was saying while moaning every time she deep throated him.

“Yes daddy. I love your cock.” She sounded like a little girl.

She had never thought it was sexy when women called their boyfriend or husbands “daddy” in fact she didn’t like it at all but in this case the man was much older than Rose and he could as well be her dad. She found herself not grossed out by the idea and kept watching them and the fact that no one else was there with her made her feel more comfortable.

“What do you want daddy do to you?” he asked.

“I want daddy to fuck me like his little slut” she replied sounding like a little girl again.

“That’s my little girl” he picked her up with her hair like a bunny rabbit caught by its ears. She squealed and got up. She was taller than him and she had to slightly bend forward. He walked to the bed and she had to follow him with her hair in his hand. He let go of her and she got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. He spanked her and she jumped and squealed again.

“Yes daddy, spank me, spank your little girl.” She arched her back and put her head on the bed looking over her shoulder. He hit her again and again. Her pale skin was now pink and it looked like it was starting to hurt from rose’s squeals. She was a big woman; she was neither fat nor skinny. Her legs were thick and her breasts were large enough to be considered big. The old man seemed to have heavy hands as every hit would cause a wave through her buttocks and legs while the smacking sound would echo in the room. “Are you getting wet for daddy?” he smiled and sounded satisfied.

“mhm” was all rose replied with a sheepish look on her face.

He positioned himself behind her, grabbing her buttocks and spread them as he pushed his cock in. She let out a moan and turned her head over her shoulder again to look at him again. He was heavy and would put most of his weight on her as he started pounding her.

“Fuck…Me…Daddy.” She managed to say between every heavy pound. Sandra was enjoying this more than she thought. She was already horny from everything going on in her surroundings; being teased from last night all the way till now was making her get impatient. She decided to touch herself, slightly moving her tight dress up as she reached to feel her wet love hole. Her panties were so wet she was surprised at the touch of nişantaşı escort them. She watched the older man pound Rose. He put one hand on her butt crack and pushed his thumb in her brown hole, looking to see her reaction.

“O Daddy, you want your daughter’s asshole?” she said while looking directly in his eyes. An expression of pain and pleasure was on her face as he pushed his thumb deeper and started to stretch her, Using his thumb as a hook to stretch her sphincter. Sandra found herself wishing she could see what was going on from a better angle. The older man let go of Roses buttock and pushed his other thumb into her already stretch anal hole.

“Oh my god daddy you’re stretching me so much, it hurts daddy.” Rose closed her eyes, moaning in pain and pleasure. Sandra could only imagine what he was doing as she could not see much from outside. She wished she could walk in and stand next to him as he played with rose’s asshole, maybe even sit next to Rose facing the old man, spreading her ass cheeks for him. Imagining what she wanted to do had caused her rub her clitoris from over her panties and breathe heavily. She had forgotten about her dress and how short and tight it was. From behind her buttocks were halfway out, creating a beautiful view for the passing guests. The old man had slowed down his pounding and it seemed like he was now concentrating on Roses brown hole. He slowly pulled out his cock out of her wetness and adjusted her ass by pushing on her back to lower her butt. Sandra watched eagerly, wishing she had a better view.

“Daddy is going to fuck your little asshole now.” He said almost out of breath.

“O daddy no, it’s going to hurt daddy.” She was begging him no to do it but she wasn’t doing anything to stop him. From Roses facial expression Sandra knew he had started to push the head of his cock into her ass. Rose squeezed shot her eyes and opened her mouth as if she was about to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. She kept gasping for air. The old man pushed himself all the way in. Rose’s body was subconsciously moving forward to stop the pain and that only caused the old man to fall on her, pushing his cock as deep as it could go. The old man put his knees on the bed on each side of her as Rose kept her back arched, curling her toes in pain. This made Sandra be able to see what was going on better. Roses brown hole was tightly wrapped around his cock as his big balls rested on her love hole. The view was amazing and Sandra was sending shivers throughout her body, rubbing herself, moaning carelessly in the hallway.

The old man had started to fuck Rose. It was obvious how much pressure and weight her body was under every time the old man would land another pounding to her pale body. Sandra was imagining all kinds of scenarios, involving herself with them. She wanted to be fucked like her; she wanted to be his little daughter that he anally molested. She closed her eyes and imagined herself in Rose’s place, thinking how it would feel to have a cock in her ass. She was more turned on by the idea of an invading cock than the physical sensation of the action. Rose had her head down, her fists tightly grabbing the red silk bed sheets as the old man slammed his heavy body against hers. Tiny droplets of sweat were appearing on his bald head as he sped his pace.

“Ah daddy is cuming in your tight little ass, yesss.” The old man let out a groan and his body stiffened. Sandra felt her body stiffen too as she had made herself cum. When the old man pulled out his cock, Rose’s sphincter slowly closed down. The old man dropped down on her side. Sandra watched as a tear drop of his cum slowly appeared out of her anal hole, sliding down and mixing with her juices.

Sandra loved everything about what she had seen and the orgasm that she had given herself but was growing more aroused and frustrated. She looked around and fixed her dress. She had an anxious feeling. She knew this kind of opportunity will not come along and she will never be able to be in a place with people who were so sexually open. She walked to the next room as she was running her plan in her head. The sound of people moaning, screaming in pleasure echoed through the hallway. She wanted to do something extreme tonight. Something she had never done. The next room seemed empty so she twisted the door knob and walked in. the room was quiet and felt warm. She put her drink on the side table and reached behind her dress and unzipped it reviling her tiny bra that barely covered the lower half of her breasts, squeezing them together. When the dress fell on the floor she was standing there with nothing but her black bra and her g-string panties that barely covered her carefully trimmed pubic hair. She put her dress on bed and walked back towards the door, opened it and walked out the door.

There were still less than two dozen people in the hall and hallway. She felt butterfly in her stomach. It was the most daring thing she had ever done. Walking half naked, not caring who saw her, in fact she wanted everyone to see her, to lust after her. She wanted to walk back to the hall but she was too curious about what was going on in the other rooms. There was only one more pair of doors on each side before the hallway would divide in two in both directions. She tried the window next her room. What she saw shocked her. This was not what she expected. An older masculine man was pounding and slamming a much smaller younger boy. This was her first time witnessing gay sex. The man seemed rough as he would spank the young boy’s hairless buttocks. He seemed to have very large manhood, stretching the boy’s rectum while the boys genitals were dangling, semi hard under him. The man seemed very strong. He was on his feet, squatting down to push himself in the boy while pulling the boys short hair with one hand and simultaneously reaching around his head to push his fingers in his mouth, pulling on his lips with the other. Gay sex did not seem so arousing to her but she liked the fact that the bigger male was dominating the smaller male.

She turned around in search of her own adventure. When she got to the end of the hall two men were walking past her. She froze and watched them as they scanned her over. They seemed as though they had already had a good time. Their outfits were messy and their neck ties were in their hands. Both men slowed down once they noticed her and stopped on each side of her. She felt nervous and her heart beat had quickened. Without saying a word both men started to feel her body; their hands reaching for her buttocks. They grabbed each soft globe in their hands, squeezing and pulling them. She was having a hard time standing still as both men would make her loose her balance on her hills. The man on her right reached for one of her breasts and after a few squeezes he pinched her nipple. She squealed and gasped. Her nipples were sensitive and being half naked had gotten them hard. She was a bit embarrassed and thrilled when a group of people walked past them, looking at the men feeling her body as she stood between them.

It was a bit surprising when one of the men blind folded her with his neck tie while the other one used his neck tie to strap her hands behind her. She was getting worried but at the same time turned on while she waited for them to secure the knots. When they were done, they stood there, not touching her, perhaps admiring the view. A beautiful girl, in sexy revealing lingerie standing in front of them, blind folded, and her hands tied behind her back, helpless, out there to be used by anyone for their pleasure. The same thought was making Sandra wet. The fact that some guests were witnessing all this excited her even more. One of the men reached from behind and felt between her legs. She knew she was soaking wet. “She is so wet.” The man on her right whispered to the other. She felt a pair of hands her shoulders pushing her forward, making her walk. She could hear the sound of her hills echoing in the halls. The hands forced her to turn right and walked her further down the hallway.
She had walked at least fifteen feet when same force that pushed her forward stopped her. She didn’t know exactly where she was but she knew she must have been still in the hallway. Then without saying a word she heard both men’s footsteps, walking away from her. They had left her in the middle of the hallway and now she was truly feeling helpless. A few times she heard a mixture of footsteps and laughter approaching but the sounds would fade into distance as they walked past her. No one was going to free her so she started to struggle to free a hand but the silk tie around her wrists had been tightly tied. She jumped when she felt a hand holding one of her arm pulling her. The person must have been bare footed or else she could hear him or her approach. She was taken through a door and suddenly she felt cold. She was anxious and a bit scared. She gasped as her face came in contact with the cold concrete wall. A rather strong hand holding her heard in place from behind. Her g-string was pulled down to her knees and she felt the head of his manhood rubbing against her wet lips. He was still holding to her head against the wall and his other hand on her side as he pushed himself all the way in her.

Sandra gasped and moaned as he pushed the full length of his cock in her. He was thick and large. There was no time given to her body to adjust to the intruding organ. He started to pound her, hard. She squealed and let out short breaths. Sound of his body slamming against her buttocks echoed around her as her face was being pushed into the wall with every hit. She had no time to think and was just enjoying the cock in her love hole. He kept his speed and power for at least five minute when Sandra felt an orgasm approaching. The unknown man was strong and much bigger than her. Thoughts were running through her head. She was picturing him, and picturing the scene she was evolved in but every imagination was interrupted with a great sensation his cock was causing in her body.

“I’m cumming.” She moaned. She wanted to let him know how good of a job he was doing. He did not seem to care and kept pounding as her body stiffened and she almost fell on her knees. She let out a loud and long moan and her knees bent, touching the wall causing her body to lower on his cock. The lower she went the harder every pound felt. A hand pulling on her hair made her squeal again and arch her back giving him the best position to go as deep as he wanted. He did not seem he was going to stop. He kept pounding, fucking her from behind as she stood bent over, her knees touching and her face pushed against the wall. She could feel her juice almost squirting out of her as his cock pumped her like a prefect sex machine. Her body had relaxed and now was just enjoying the shivers he was sending throughout her body. She had never been fucked like this before. It was almost ten minutes and he still kept going with the same pace he started. She could now hear him breath hard. She was closing on another orgasm and she felt he might be too as his cock felt larger inside her.

“Keep going, keep fucking me, I love how you fuck me” she told him as he kept going and pounding. She knew she couldn’t last any longer. “You fuck me so good, yes, yes, YES!” her body stiffened again. She started to shake and convulse and violently gasped for air as she had her second orgasm in less than five minutes. She moaned again, making noises she had never made. She hummed and moaned like a dying doe, gently taking her last breath. This orgasm lasted much longer and her knees were completely giving up on her. He removed his cock from inside her and with a quick pull on her hair he had her on her knees as he started cumming. Her mouth was open as the first shot landed on her lips; she kept her mouth open wide as he kept squirting her prize, filling her mouth. A mouth full of semen and the echoing sounds of him groaning were the most satisfying things she had experienced all night. She waited as he hit his cock against her lower lip and shook off his last drop of cum. It felt warm and was almost dripping out of her mouth. She swallowed all of it but a drop had escaped her lips and was running down her chin. She felt a finger, bringing the loose drop back to her lips and she hungrily sucked the last drop off of his fingers. He reached around her and loosened the tie around her wrists but before she could break free she heard the clicking and slamming of the door. She reached and removed the blind fold and let her eyes adjust to the light of the florescent lamps. She was not in a room. It looked like it was an emergency stairway. She slowly got up on her feet, still feeling light headed she reached and felt between her legs. Her juice running down her legs she grabbed her wetness and softly squeezed. She was still very sensitive causing shivers run throughout her body. She was still in shock, not because she did not know the identity of the man who had invaded her body with his thick cock but because she had never experienced this rough, fast and continues pounding in her life. She could not help but smile while breathing heavily as he recovered from the fucking of her life.

Once she was ready she pulled her panties up, took a deep breath and opened the door to walk back into the hallway. She didn’t know exactly where in the hallways she was but tried to walk back the same path that had gotten her there. She wanted to find the room she had left her dress in. there were no windows by the rooms in this section but she could hear some noises coming out of the rooms. She wondered if these rooms were different from the rooms that had windows and she was contemplating on to open one but she was afraid of interrupting guests.

She was passing by another hallway when the spotted the bright lights of the hall room at the end of it. She realized were she was and quickly walked to the door of the room she had left her dress on. She opened the door and walked in only to notice other guests had already occupied the room. She gasped in embarrassment as the occupants paused to look at the intruder before a man told them to continue. She recognized them all. A black man standing on the bed naked as the two white girls were on their knees; one sucking on his large testicles as the other was bobbing her head back and forth in fast pace. She didn’t know what to do. She noticed his eyes scanning her again as he had done earlier. Staring right into her eyes she saw him moan and groan as he started to cum in the girl’s mouth. The girl slowed down and gently suckled on his head while he came. He looked down on her as she leaned back and opened her mouth to show his gift in her mouth. The other girl leaned towards her and kissed her on her lips. Drops of cum were leaking from the corner of their mouths as the first girl shared their prize with the second. The black man holding their heads in their hands as they passionately kissed and licked each other. The cum sharing of the two girls did not look too appealing to Sandra as she thought it was a bit gross but the black man’s large cock had gotten her attention.

“Why don’t you join us?” she heard the black man say in a deep voice as he was still trying to catch is breathe. Sandra shook her head as she declined but quickly looked down in shame. She had never been with a black guy before. She was not racist but growing up white she was never close to African Americans, let alone date one or have sex with one. She slowly picked her dress and without making any more eye contact she walked out and closed the door behind her. She put on her dress outside the room and walked back to the hall room. There were a few people around but they were mostly butlers and maids who were cleaning up the area.

She walked through the hall to the front door while looking around. Most guests had either left or were still in their rooms. It didn’t take long for the valet to bring her SUV and park in front of her. She turned around and took a last look at the beautiful mansion and realized she wasn’t too sure going home. After all this kind of opportunity would not come around for another year; but all good things had to come to an end, and she just had the best orgasm of her life and knew perhaps she would soon be introduced to more pleasure when Edward would contact her again.

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