Based on an Untrue Story Ch. 03

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At first, the drive home wasn’t awkward, but about midway through, I felt like I had to say something. I told Matt, “You know, for all the fucking and sucking we’ve done, that trip to the museum was the closest thing I’ve had to a date since we started. How ’bout you?”

“Once, about a month in, but getting together once a week was so easy that I stopped trying.”

“Well, what do you say? Wanna go out?”

“You’re just asking that ’cause you wanna keep fucking me.”

“That hurts, Matt.” I paused. It did. “The truth is, I was so comfortable being your date—Well, I guess the wedding was a date, too. But anyway, I was so comfortable doing it, I was hoping we could go on a normal date.”

Matt didn’t answer at first. “I’ll check my schedule when I get home. I’ve got an oil change and a chiropractor visit coming up, but I can’t remember which day is which.”

“I’ll do the same,” I said. I put my hand on his knee briefly, and I was at ease for the rest of the drive.

An hour after he dropped me off at my apartment, he called. “Glad I checked, Jerome. I don’t have a night open till Thursday, and the weekend’s shaky.”

“Damn,” I said. “That movie you wanted to see doesn’t open till Friday.”

“Yeah, but there are a couple of movies already out that I wouldn’t mind seeing. There’s a theatre just a couple blocks from here. How ’bout if we just go and see what’s showing?”

I had the TV on mute, and I saw an ad for a movie that looked good as well. “That works! Dinner first?”

“Only if it’s fast food or concessions. I don’t want the best movie to be off the table because we got there too late.”

“Before I leave, I’ll order a pizza for delivery to your place. We’ll have time to eat enough before we go.”

“Do it,” Matt said.

“I’m setting a reminder on my phone,” I replied.

“See you tomorrow,” Matt told me. “Bye!”

I said, “Love ya!” as I hung up. I didn’t mean romantic love, and if he took it that way, he didn’t say anything.

On Thursday, I did what I was supposed to. I made the pizza a medium so he could eat the rest whenever he wanted instead of working out how much I should take home, and pepperoni because it seemed like a safe choice. We walked to the theatre like two friends and chose a WWII drama. On the way back, we were talking about one of the subplots when we got to an intersection. Matt turned to face me while he spoke and didn’t notice the curb. He landed with one foot in a pothole and lurched forward. “Oh, God!” he yelled.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think I twisted my ankle.”

I saw headlights, and I realized that the driver of the oncoming car wasn’t stopping. “Take my hand, fast!” I yelled. He took it, and I pulled him into the other side of the street just as the car passed where he’d fallen.

He held his ankle, yelled, “Shit! I think it’s worse,” and went to the ground again. I gave him my hand again, and when he stood up, he kissed me. “I mean, not as bad as if he’d run me over, but worse than it was before.”

I kissed him on the lips. “I’m glad you’re alright. Well, relatively.” I looked forward and back. There was a bench next to a bus stop halfway down the street we’d just crossed. “Sit here,” I said. “I’ll get my car and take you to the ER.”

Three hours later, he was in his apartment. I don’t remember the technical name for his injury, but he was going to be off work for a couple weeks. “Sorry I didn’t go all the way on our first date,” he laughed.

“Cock tease,” I said.

“You kissed me back,” Matt said. “In public.”

“We just had an emotional moment. What else would I do?”

Matt smiled. “Nothing. Did you call Abby?” She’s our contact for missing work.

“I tried. It was a dead zone in there,” I told him.

“Just as well. I’ll call her when you go.”

I looked at my cell phone. “I better go. Let me know if you need anything,” I said.

“I will,” Matt assured me. “At least I’m supposed to be ready in time for the Pride Parade. Remember, you made a deal.”

“I’ll be there even if I have to push you in a wheelchair,” I told him, and I headed home.

I couldn’t deny that I had some sort of feelings for Matt, but I wanted to have sex with a woman once more before things got serious. Getting a date would be harder if a picture of us holding hands at the Pride Parade made the news. Mind you, I had every intention of doing it; it just meant that I had a narrow window of opportunity. I browsed a couple dating sites just like I had when I first decided to try fucking a guy, but I decided that I didn’t want to hurry someone into sex just to meet a deadline. Tuesday night I left my cell phone on the dining room table while I answered the door, and I missed a call from an unknown number. It took me a second to recognize it as Georgia’s!

I quickly called her back. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Did I call you?” she asked.

“My Recent Calls list says you did,” I answered.

“I must have butt-dialed you,” she explained. I didn’t say anything, but I immediately made the connection that she’d added me as a contact.

I made up an excuse. antalya travesti escort “Well, as long as you did, I’m going to a team-building exercise up your way next Thursday and Friday. Wanna get together when it’s over?”

“Where is it? I’ll pick you up.”

I didn’t know where I’d find a vacancy, so I stalled. “Um, I forgot the name. Someone else made the arrangements. But I’ll call you when I get out.”

“Friday you said?”

“Yeah. I hope I don’t have to stay too late.”

“That’s okay. Most of what I have in mind was for late in the night anyway,” Georgia said.

“We can finish that fantasy we started,” I suggested.

“I’ve got the perfect ugly dress for it,” she said.

“I look forward to taking it off,” I replied.

“See you Friday!”

I looked up hotels and convention centers in her town. I booked one night at a room near a convention center so I could tell her the name of the place. On Thursday, I bought a half-gallon bucket of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream and brought it over to Matt’s place. He wasn’t ready to fuck yet, but I gave him a blow job, and his smile let me know he enjoyed it as much as I did. I hoped it would keep him from calling me before I came back.

On Friday, I got off work at five and I was checked into my room by quarter to eight. I called Georgia. “The exercise ran way longer than it was supposed to, but I’m free for the rest of the weekend!”

“Cool! Where’s the hotel?” I gave her the address. She continued, “Get ready for a wild time. I improved on our little fantasy thanks to a post I saw on one of those anonymous sites. I can be there in an hour. What room are you in?”

“Room 312,” I answered. “I’m dressed for the occasion.”

Earlier in the week, I’d gone to a novelty shop and bought one of those mock-tuxedo T-shirts. I changed into that and a pair of black jeans. I waited to see what kind of ugly dress she’d have. It was barely 45 minutes later when I heard a knock on my door. I opened it, and told Georgia, “Great minds think alike!” She was wearing a T-shirt that looked like a wedding dress, and she was holding plastic flowers.

She also had another guy with her. “This is Bill,” she said.

“Hey,” he said, and we shook hands. He didn’t look like he’d needed any coaxing to be here. He was about six feet tall, and he looked really muscular under his dark blue suit. His skin and facial features reminded me of a couple Native American actors I’ve seen.

“Come on in,” I told them, and I tried to process what I was seeing.

As soon as the door was closed, Georgia told me, “I saw this post from a new bride. She said she and her husband had a three-way with the best man.”

I tried to contain my excitement. “That sounds fantastic!” I didn’t let on about the foursome I’d been part of.

Bill took his coat off to reveal a pastor’s robe. He had the cardboard stay from a new shirt under his collar, and he looked like every generic Protestant preacher on TV shows. He said, “You may now kiss the bride,” in the accent-free, pious voice that matched his costume.

Georgia handed Bill the flowers, turned to me and kissed me.

I opened my mouth, and Georgia did the same. Reverend Bill said, “That’s what I call kissing the bride!” We kissed like this for a minute, feeling each other’s butts and grinding our crotches together. “I mean, really kissing the bride!”

I broke the kiss, and without looking back, I said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” I kissed a line down Georgia’s chest until I got to the zipper on her jeans. Bill was still imitating the reverend. “The guests have all departed, children.”

Georgia started unbuttoning my jeans and I asked, “A three-way with the preacher?”

“Maybe another time. That was just to set up the scene,” she explained. Bill pulled her jeans past her butt and then removed his “collar.”

I said, “I think we should finish what we started last time.”

“I like that idea,” Georgia said, and she lay on her back on the floor. I got between her knees and pulled her jeans the rest of the way off. She pushed her panties down to her knees, and I pulled them the rest of the way off.

“What’s that leave for me?” Bill asked. He had stripped below the waist while Georgia and I were talking.

“I’m sure my lovely bride can keep you busy,” I told him, and then I looked down at the pussy I’d last seen at a real wedding. I licked a figure eight around her clit and bush. I followed that with a vertical line over her clit and the ridge that her lips formed. I used the tip of my tongue to separate her lips. As I dragged it toward the top, I looked up. Bill was kneeling next to her head with his dick pointing across. It must have been at least eight inches long. Georgia was licking his balls, and then she licked the bottom half of his shaft. “Lucky you,” I said.

“Yeah, she’s a great cocksucker,” Bill said.

I didn’t tell him that I was talking to Georgia. Instead, I held her lips apart and swiped my tongue around the outer edge. I pushed in a little closer and antalya escort bayan did the same. Then I leaned forward so my moustache grazed her clit while I ate her. Bill pulled back and pointed his hips down. That made it easier for Georgia to take his dick in her mouth. I sucked her pussy flesh against the roof of my mouth, and Bill moved over her so she could take more of him. “I hope I’m gonna get some of that,” I said.

“I’m sure you will,” Bill told me. “She loves dick.”

I didn’t tell him I was talking about his ass. Georgia was starting to release the aroma of sex. It was so intoxicating that it compelled me to probe her deeper. I pulled my tongue back out slowly and licked her clit before I dove back in. She had put her hands on Bill’s butt and was holding him steady. She groaned and Bill followed suit. Bill started moving backward. I stopped eating her to give him room, and also so I could watch. The first few bursts of his cum shot up into the air and went straight into Georgia’s mouth. The last couple landed on her neck and chest. She made a show of swallowing what she’d caught. She got on all fours and looked back at me. “Don’t you think it’s time we consummated our marriage?”

“What about my blow job?” I asked.

“You’ll get that soon enough,” she promised. She looked at Bill and then back at me. “Now take me!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I replied, and I got behind her. If it had been months since I saw a pussy before the wedding, it had easily been a year since I fucked a woman in any position but missionary. I started by enjoying the vertical pussy view that’s so common in unscripted porn. I ran my fingers through the lubrication that she’d already produced. I lined my cock up underneath her, letting the shaft run between her lips. When I could feel that the head was barely between her thighs, I raised it up and slid into her. Fucking a pussy felt as good as I’d remembered it. I thrust a couple times and then put my hands inside her “wedding dress” so I could fondle her tits.

Bill took his shirt off. He got on his back, with his face under Georgia’s. “May I kiss the bride?” he asked.

Georgia didn’t answer; she just kissed him briefly, and then she lifted her arm. I had to do the same, and Bill slid underneath her. She started sucking his dick again. I felt something touching my dick at the edge of her pussy, and then I felt the same thing on my balls. “I told you you’d get your blow job,” Georgia said.

I pulled all the way out so Bill could lick my shaft. He got the spot under the cockhead too. When I slipped back into Georgia’s pussy, I felt his tongue on my balls again. “How did you know I’d like it from Bill?” I asked.

Georgia let Bill’s dick out of her mouth. It was curving, the way I like to see Matt’s dick when I’m sucking it. “I asked Tom what he knew about you. He told me one of the groomsmen brought you as his date.”

“You don’t mind?” I asked.

“If I don’t mind that my friend here likes both, why would I mind if you do?” I got hard in a hurry and fucked her more forcefully. I felt awkward moving around with Bill there, but I must have hit a good spot. “Oh, shit, that’s good!” Georgia groaned. “Do it like that!”

“I will if he does,” I told her. Bill had left my balls for the time and was licking my shaft as it went in and out of her pussy.

Georgia tried to say something, but Bill’s cock filled her mouth so much that I couldn’t understand her.

“Yeah, he’s ready,” Bill told her. “And so am I.”

I pulled Georgia close to me, and she put her hands on Bill’s hips so his dick would stay in her mouth. “Here comes the bubbly. Who’s ready for the toast?” I asked.

Georgia said, “I’ll raise a glass!”

Bill said, “I am!” Then he told Georgia, “You’re already gonna get mine. Let me have his!”

I told him, “I promise you’ll get it later. I’ve been dreaming about coming in this pussy for weeks now!”

“Okay, but I’m gonna make sure you follow through,” Bill said.

I was coming so hard in her cunt that I expected my jizz to shoot out of her mouth. She was clearly enjoying her second load of Bill’s cum in her mouth as much as my first load in her pussy. When Bill and I had both stopped, she complained. “You’ve both come, but I haven’t!”

“I’ll fix that,” Bill said. I got back and he knelt in front of Georgia.

They stood up, and I guided his cock into her dripping cunt. I stayed on my knees so I could watch her cunt lips separate and rejoin while he fucked her.

I stood up to take my T-shirt off. Then I got behind her and raised the hem of hers. She raised her arms, and I got it the rest of the way off. I caressed her tits and told her, “You look hungry, Darling. Would you like a sandwich from room service?”

Bill had just started, so Georgia was able to answer clearly, “Yes, my dear.”

I got behind her, licked my finger and used it to open up her ass a little. “What kind of bread do you want?”

Bill said, “Judging by how she’s grinding back at me, I’d say she’s fond of ‘pump-her-nickel’.”

I replaced my finger antalya escort with my dick. The lube I’d picked up from playing with her pussy loosened her up a little. I got the head in without too much trouble. “She didn’t tell me you have such a ‘rye’ send of humor.”

Georgia said, “Just fuck me, you two. Your jokes are really going against the grain.”

Bill and I moved in closer. I could almost have kissed him if I wanted to. We took turns pumping into Georgia’s openings. When he thrust toward her, her butt moved up my dick. We’d loosen up; then I’d thrust forward, and her cunt would move down on his dick. I briefly wished she’d invited a fourth person to record the image on their cell phone. After a few minutes of this, Bill announced, “I’m gonna come, Georgia!”

“Do it!” she yelled.

I pulled out and moved behind Bill. I got my cockhead between Bill’s buttocks and pulled Georgia toward us. When he came back, my cock moved up into his ass. “Oh, shit!” he moaned.

“I’ve been thinking about this since I saw your ass,” I told him.

Georgia pulled me back so Bill’s cock wouldn’t leave her. “I saw the look on his face,” she told me. “He’s been thinking about it since he saw your dick.”

“Have you ever seen a dick like his?” I asked her.

“His brother’s isn’t quite as long, but it’s so much thicker!”

I turned toward Bill’s ear. “You mean you and—?”

“Not a chance,” Bill said. “But I did watch ’em.”

“Hurry!” Georgia groaned. I knew she was talking to Bill, but she spurred me on, and I picked up the pace. I could feel each inch of his flesh gripping the skin of my cock while I went deep.

“I’m coming!” Bill announced.

I wanted to fuck him even harder, so I put my arm around his chest. He turned his head back, and I kissed him on the lips. I loosened my grip on Bill. Georgia held him as close as I had, but his ass was tight enough that I didn’t come out of it. I could tell by his expression that he was filling her pussy with his cum, and soon I was filling his ass with mine.

Once I’d finished coming, I turned Bill around and stroked his cock. “I may never see another dick like this again. I gotta see how much I can take.”

“You already sucked him,” Georgia pointed out. “What about me?”

“Yeah, but we weren’t in a position for me to deep-throat him,” I explained.

“Well, then, have at it!” she said.

I got on my knees and kissed Bill’s balls like Georgia had done. I sniffed all the juices that had built up. I moved to the side and ran the shaft over my lips just so I could see how big it looked from that angle. I turned back and took the head into the left side of my mouth, making that gesture that shows off what I was doing. I could feel Georgia running her fingertips up and down my sides and occasionally rubbing my ass. I took the head straight in this time and moved down slowly. I’d go down an inch or so and come back half an inch, each time keeping a little more in my mouth and leaving a little less in sight. I almost had the head at the edge of my throat when I noticed that Georgia wasn’t touching me any more. I let Bill out again and asked, “She’s masturbating, isn’t she?” Bill had to look up because he’d been watching me so intently. He nodded. Then I felt the mattress moving up and down behind me and knew it was true. I took the head back in and swirled my tongue around it, then took it almost as far as I’d gotten before. I could hear Bill moaning his satisfaction and I stopped for a moment to savor his approval. I made sure my throat and jaws were relaxed, and in only two more moves, I had my nose right up against his waist. I’d taken this magnificent dick all the way! I went back and forth few times as sort of a victory lap. Bill put his hands on my shoulders and fucked my mouth. I managed to grunt something that meant, “Oh, shit! Keep doing that!” I could feel him swell up, and then I could feel him pull back. I got the biggest first spurt of cum I’d ever had the pleasure of swallowing.

When Bill stopped coming, Georgia led us to the bed so we could finish the night lying down. When we’d all gathered our breath, Georgia told me, “I hope you meant what you said about trading places.”

“I was, but not just yet,” I told her. I crawled on top of her and sucked on her tits for a moment. I kissed a line down her chest until I got to her pussy. I put two fingers in and pistoned her while I licked her bush. When her back was arched, I pulled her lips out and licked the spaces between the folds.

“You already ate me once,” she reminded me. “You can skip the foreplay.”

“Yeah, but I’ve never had the pleasure of eating another guy’s cum out of a woman.” I put my tongue in and swirled it around a couple times. “That I know of.” I went deeper and inhaled the scent while I sucked her outer flesh. “And if this is what it smells and tastes like, I think I would have known the difference.” I put my fingers back in and went back to finger-fucking her.

“Dammit, I want a cock in me!” Georgia growled.

I laughed and said, “So do I!” I moved up until my cockhead was at her opening, and entered her effortlessly. She was so moist I was afraid I’d slip out. I didn’t have to worry. After only a couple of thrusts, I felt Bill’s dick at my ass, and soon I was as full as she was. “Fuck! Shit!” I groaned. “I’ve never had a dick this long inside me.” I let him go deeper, and he ran his fingers up my sides. “Oh, God, this is better than I imagined!”

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