Becoming A Sensual Woman

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Oh, how I remember that day! It was over 30 years ago, and it is still in my mind as clear as if I was right there.

I grew up in the typical sheltered life. Mom spent a lot of time teaching me that “Good girls don’t” on and on.

The result was, here I sat in the front row of my first year college English class. I was barely 19, a virgin, and I had never even seen a penis other than in drawings. And I was staring at my teacher’s cock hanging down his pants leg!

The teacher was Marion Madden, and he sat on the edge of his desk facing us. One leg was up on the desk, the other on the floor. He had on some soft grey slacks, and I could see the outline of his cock as clear as if he was naked! It was big, and the way he was standing drew the cloth tightly against it as he droned on with a lecture.

I think he knew, because as I watched, it was getting larger. Finally I saw him move to adjust himself, then he stepped back behind the podium. He was looking right at me with an expression I didn’t understand.

I blushed, then felt all tingly inside, and as I sat there I started squeezing my thighs together. I came right there, sitting in my chair.

One odd feature of my body is that I have very large protruding lips, and my clitoris is way larger than normal even when I am not arroused. I always thought it was a defect, because none of the other girls were like that. I saw them in the showers sometimes, they all had a mass of hair and were hidden. I had very little pubic hair, and nothing was hidden at all!

By the time I was barely a teenager, I refused to shower with the others. They teased me about it so much that I was ashamed.

I had masturbated before, of course. I always got a nice good feeling from that, and promptly forgot about it. The same feelings came over me if I rode a bicycle, even on a swing in the yard.

This climax was different, all I could think about was that thing! I could see in my mind the exact size and shape, even the big knob on the end. My orgasm was thundering, I nearly fell off my chair.

I looked up at Mr. Madden, he was staring at me and I was sure he knew. That started me up again, I had to force myself to not clench my legs or I would pass out!

Something changed in me, I became aware.

I was one of those girls that fills out the class. You know what I mean, there are the beautiful upper crust set that hang out with all the jocks, and then the dorks that have no idea at all how to dress or act.

Here was me, smack in the middle! My nose was too thin, my cheekbones a bit high. I was skinny, and worst of all flatchested. I often saw the boys looking at the other girls chests, they seemed to wear them sticking out as far as possible all the time.

The boys didn’t look at my chest at all! Mom knew it bothered me, so she got me a padded bra when I was in high school. I wore it and that was a disaster, one day I was an “A” cup and the next I was a “C”.

I got teased to the point where I ran and hid in the girl’s room. That was it for me, I went to school and did my work, and tried escort bayan ataköy very hard to stay away from everyone.

College was easy for me to get into, I was straight “A”s. Business and accounting, I have no idea why, I just picked that the day I signed up.

Then that day in English class! I tried to masturbate several times after that, to repeat the feeling but it wasn’t the same.

Finally I just went back to being me and doing the work.

The dorm we stayed in was all girls, I bunked with a ditzy blonde named Bonnie. She could best be described as a party girl, and she was a bit of a pig, too. Clothes everywhere, every flat surface on her side of the room was covered with junk, with more junk tossed carelessly on top of that!

My side was neat as a pin, everything put away carefully. Bonnie would think nothing of throwing her stuff on my areas, a never-ending source of irritation to me. I would ask her not to, she would smile sweetly and say “OK!” and go right back to doing it.

She would just walk into the bathroom while I was on the toilet or in the shower, too. This always made me angry. But I was also way too shy to even say anything.

We were allowed to have boys over for visits, Bonnie had one right after the other. I never had any over, and her boyfriends always ignored me anyway.

But I had a new interest, after that day in English class. I suddenly found myself checking out Bonnie’s boyfriend’s crotches. They never seemed to notice, I was part of the furniture.

One day two guys showed up, Bonnie was with Stan, and the other guy, Terry, was just tagging along. Terry smiled at me and asked me to come along, they were heading down to the Tavern. I started to say no but he cut me off with “Hey, they got a great band and I could use some company, it will be fun!”.

I found myself shyly saying, “OK!”.

The place was packed. Terry asked me to dance, I really hadn’t done that very much up to this point, but I tried. After a few fast dances, the band played a slow one and the lights dimmed.

Terry took me in his arms and we stepped on each other’s feet for awhile. I noticed he started to press against me, suddenly I realized what I was feeling! I started to get that same sensation I had in class. I put up a struggle with myself, one I was losing, then it happened!

I shuddered and orgasmed right there. Mortified, I pulled back, then realized he hadn’t noticed. Courage up, I let him pull me close again, it started up again!

I had this crazy urge to grab him and feel his groin, look at it, inspect it, my head was swimming. Terry finally began to catch on, and suggested we leave.

We barely got in the door of his apartment and he was all over me. He reached for my breasts but I stopped him, bashful. He changed his approach and grabbed my behind, and getting no resistance he had my slacks off in seconds.

Then he dropped his pants and there it was! My first real cock, I reached out and grabbed it. It was about 6″ long and hard, I felt it and rubbed it, feeling all excited.

Then escort bayan fatih he pushed me back and it just went in me. There was a little stab of pain, then I started to warm up as new feelings began to overwhelm me.

Suddenly I was all wet and sloppy and he pulled it out! Then he leaned back for a minute, got up and dressed.

He looked at me and said, “That was great!” as I lay there, still naked from the waist down. Suddenly concious of that, I got up and pulled my slacks back on.

Terry took me back to the dorm, kissed me and left. A couple of times after that I would see him at school, he would say Hi but acted like he didn’t want to talk to me or something. I didn’t understand any of that, and I finally gave up trying.

Everything went right back to normal, and I was now 21, still an “A” student. I even actually grew some little breasts, I was now a 34 B cup!

I even had a few dates during that time, I delighted in reaching in their pants and pulling them out. I would give them hand jobs and I got good at it! I could feel them start to pulse and I would squeeze them and stop, then begin again until finally they would shoot off.

Some of them would try to fuck me but I wouldn’t let them. They all were about the same, 5″ to 7″, some were nice and fat, some had big knobs on the end. I loved grabbing them, I was in total control when I did that, I loved the feeling of power.

Then I was in my Senior year. Still business/accounting major, I had no idea why, a future, a job I guess. One of my classes was taught by Mr. Madden, though.

I had seen him in the halls from time to time, he would always look at me and nod and that was it. I would blush and look away, my mind flashing back to him standing there right in front of me, his cock outlined in his slacks as plain as day.

End of semester came, I opened my grade report, he had given me a “B”!! I was in shock, I never had a B before. I almost flew into his office, he was sitting behind his desk with a smile on his face.

I started to complain about the grade, he cut me off with, “I thought that would get you in here!” I just looked at him, not understanding.

“You have developed into a beautiful young woman!” he said, giving me that same look that I had seen in men before.

I flushed, confused. “My grade!” I tried to protest. “No problem, I can change it”, he said. “We can work it out, I am sure!”

It was beginning to hit me what he was meaning. I was used to guys making hints. I just turned and walked to the door, reached down and turned the lock.

I walked over to him, kneeled down and reached for his belt. He simply sat there smiling. I freed him, grabbed his pants at the sides and said, “Lift!” in my firmest tone. He did, and I managed to not gasp as he sprang free.

He was about half hard, and it was easily bigger than anything I had ever felt. “Just like I remembered!” I smiled at him, as I began to stroke his length.

“Yes, I saw you!” was all he managed as I massaged him, feeling him harden even fuller. Then his escort bayan şişli hands came up to my breasts, I didn’t allow the boys I had been out with to touch me, but I let Mr. Madden.

He had my blouse open in no time, and slipped my bra up. My nipples were like little buttons, one feature I have is they stick out a good half inch when I am hot.

He leaned forward and licked me, nuzzling as I kneeled in front of him on the floor. I couldn’t stop myself, I opened my mouth and covered him. My first time ever. It felt great, I could do anything I wanted, total control.

Then he was filling my mouth, I thought I would gag but I didn’t. I felt myself begin to orgasm, too. The last spasms passed, he didn’t even go soft. I leaned back and smiled at him.

“I have wanted to do that for ages!” I told him. Then somehow we were on the carpet, he was kissing and licking my breasts as I straddled him, I loved it. Then I felt his hands slide up the back of my dress, over the back of the soft cotton panties I wore.

It felt good, so I let him. He reached under and slid them off my hips, but they wouldn’t go far because of the way I sat on him. I stood up and stepped out of them, feeling the rush of cool air on me. I watched as his eyes went right to my crotch, then I hiked my skirt and straddled him again. Both his hands came around to the front and pressed up against me, fingers in me, I shuddered with a climax instantly.

His cock was still hard, my hands were on him, his were on me. I felt him push a few times, feeling for my opening. Then he grabbed himself and lifted his cock up at me. He pushed, I felt him bend, it didn’t go in. I squirmed against him, it still wouldn’t.

We were digging and bumping, I was having climax after climax, he pressed a finger up and into me and my head was almost coming off!

In frustration, he rolled me off him and onto my back. He reached down and held me open, his huge cock poised there. Then he pressed, it went in just a little. I let out a gasp, suddenly in terrible pain. He stopped, waiting, I felt it ease off and he pressed some more, more pain. I felt myself relax and open, and suddenly he was in me!

I thrust back at him, waiting for him to shoot off and slide out, he didn’t! He pounded at me, on and on, I had shooting stars, rockets going off, I was being fucked senseless.

I have no idea how long, 10, maybe 20 minutes. I lost count of the orgasms, then he was filling me.

His juices seemed to be everywhere, running down my fanny, squirting out with every stroke. Even when he stopped, he didn’t pull out, he just lay there in me, holding me and kissing my neck.

“That was worth an A+!” he grinned at me.

That was the beginning of a long affair, I didn’t go out with any more of the boys. He even took me with him to a summer seminar, and we made love almost all week in the hotel room.

But that Friday his wife showed up. Let’s just say she was unhappy with the situation, and it was over.

I landed a job, secretary, and moved on. I now walked down the street with my head high, in charge with every step. I would see a man look at me with interest, I would look right back and dazzle them with a wicked smile, all the while wondering what they looked and felt like naked.

If they only knew!

I was already thinking of going to medical school.


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